American Bulldog VS English Bulldog

Brawny and muscular, both American Bulldogs and English Bulldogs are powerful-looking pups. However, thereโ€™s more to these canines than what meets the eye – and there are more differences between them than what some people think!

One major difference is that English Bulldogs have shorter muzzles and flatter noses than their American cousins. American Bulldogs are more active pups with a higher energy level than their British counterparts. This will explain why they generally live longer and healthier than English Bulldogs.

Discover more about the fascinating differences between the American Bulldog and the English Bulldog. Whether you are just generally curious about these doggos or you are looking to own either one as a pet, keep reading to find out more about these robust cuties!

22. Eye Color

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American Bulldogs usually have brown eyes, which may be a shade of dark brown or medium brown. This eye color is also the preferred shade or the standard for American Bulldogs.

On the other hand, English Bulldogs can either have brown or blue eyes. For instance, the Blue English Bulldog is one variation of the conventional English Bulldog, which has blue eyes and short coats in white and gray colors.

21. Leg Length

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At first glance, the American Bulldog and English Bulldog may look alike when it comes to their facial features. However, when standing right next to each other, one is obviously taller and with longer limbs while the other one is on the shorter, stubbier side.

American Bulldogs are athletic-looking pups with lighter bones and longer legs. On the other hand, English Bulldogs have short and sturdy limbs, which also contribute to their trademark shuffling gait.

20. Coat Color

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American Bulldogs and English Bulldogs may come in solid white coat color, yet there are more color options for one over the other. This is one of the easiest ways to tell these two Bully dogs apart.

American Bulldogs have coats in a wide range of colors such as brindle, black and white, tan and white, solid white, and brindle and white. On the other hand, English Bulldogs commonly come in these coat colors – brindle black, brindle fawn, red, gray, red pied, and white pied.

19. Shedding

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If you are searching for a hypoallergenic dog that will not trigger allergy symptoms, then the English Bulldog is a better choice than the American Bulldog. English Bulldogs are low shedders, which is why they are better tolerated by folks with allergies.

Both have short hair, yet English Bulldogs have coats that are easier to maintain. This makes them ideal for busy people who want a low-maintenance pet in their home.

18. Height And Weight

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An average adult American Bulldog is slightly bigger than a fully mature English Bulldog. The typical height of American Bulldogs is between 20 to 28 inches at the shoulder, while English Bulldogs can grow from 12 to 15 inches.

As for their average weight, English Bulldogs are lighter and can weigh about 50 to 80 lbs. But American Bulldogs are typically heavier at around 60 to 120 lbs.

17. Origins

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As the name implies, English Bulldogs originated from the United Kingdom. They were bred for bull-baiting, which is now an illegal sport. These canines have been around for a long time, since the early 13th century.

American Bulldogs, on the other hand, descended from their English cousins. These dogs were first brought to the United States in the early 1800s by immigrants who bred them as working animals to help with farm work.

16. Wrinkles

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While both Bulldogs are known for their wrinkly faces and bodies, American Bulldogs have fewer wrinkles than the British ones. In fact, the former looks a bit more like a Pit Bull with a boxy head and not a whole lot of wrinkles on their faces.

English Bulldogs have more wrinkles throughout their bodies, as well. American Bulldogs have a more stretched-out appearance, which is why they donโ€™t have as many folds on their bodies and their faces.

15. Physical Appearance

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English Bulldogs exude an aggressive appearance because of their droopier faces and wrinkly faces. They also have loose skin all around and with a trademark dewlap that hangs from their throat.

American Bulldogs have larger heads, more apparent musculature, and longer and leaner legs than their British cousins. This is also why they are taller and more agile than English Bulldogs.

14. Lifespan

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With a proper diet, exercise, and good maintenance, the American Bulldog can live up to 15 years, with an average lifespan of 10 years. They have fewer medical issues than British ones.

English Bulldogs have a lifespan of 7 to 12 years when raised well with the right nutrition and moderate physical activity. These Bully dogs are naturally less active, which is one of the reasons why they have a shorter lifespan than their American counterparts.

13. Aggression

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Towards their owners and families, both Bulldogs are naturally loving and affectionate. But when it comes to strangers, English Bulldogs tend to be more aggressive than American Bulldogs. This is why early socialization is a must for them.

American Bulldogs are protective of their favorite humans, yet they are not too wary of strangers. They are both, however, not pet-friendly pups because of their strong prey drive and difficulty in dealing with other household pets.

12. Trainability

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With the high energy level of the American Bulldog, they can be a bit too much for the inexperienced dog owner. They have a decent intelligence level, yet their stubborn streak makes them challenging to train.

But as for the English Bulldog, this pooch has a strong desire to please its owners. They are also able to focus more and have a greater ability to follow and learn commands during training sessions.

11. Social Engagement

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Generally, both of these Bulldog types are easy-going and calm. They want to be with people and can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for a long time. But one of them is better in social situations than the other.

English Bulldogs have a more sensitive and gentle temperament. But these dogs are more reserved and not as good towards strangers as American Bulldogs are. Once well-socialized, however, they can both be sociable creatures.

10. Head

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American Bulldogs have a boxy head with a slightly longer appearance than an English Bulldog. This is why they appear a little like a Pit Bull with more well-defined facial muscles.

As for the English Bulldog, they, too, have a big head with a broader profile. Their heads are wider than longer, and when combined with a shorter neck, this makes the head appear more massive than it really is.

9. Apartment-Friendly

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With the more compact size of the English Bulldog, this pooch can easily fit in an apartment. These pups are also ideal for a modest-spaced home since they do not require much space for running around and playing.

On the other hand, American Bulldogs are more agile and active canines. They need regular exercise, whether itโ€™s a brisk walk or a jog. These dogs thrive better in a more spacious environment to keep their muscles healthy.

8. Guarding Ability

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American Bulldogs are loyal to their owners, yet they are not the best guard dogs because, unlike English Bulldogs, they are not as reserved towards strangers. Hence, this is why their guarding ability is weaker than that of the English Bulldogs.

On the other hand, English Bulldogs are typically more aloof towards people outside of their household. They may see strangers as potential threats, which is why they are generally good at guarding your property and family.

7. Heat Tolerance

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Because of their short muzzles, both American and English Bulldogs are not good with the heat. This is why it is best to keep them nice and cool and away from humidity as much as possible.

But when it comes to better heat tolerance, American Bulldogs do well in this category. Their faces are not as pushed in as the English Bulldogs. This is why it is best to schedule a morning or evening walk for their British cousins as they donโ€™t do well in heat and humidity.

6. Function

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With their smaller stature, gentler and milder temperaments, and lower activity levels, English Bulldogs are better as lap dogs or companion pups. They are more content being at home than being out and about a few hours a day.

But this is not the case with American Bulldogs. In fact, they need lots of exercise, which is why they are good as working or hunting dogs. They like to stay active and can be your farm work helper.

5. Preferred Environment

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English Bulldogs have a quieter temperament and prefer some peace and quiet most of the time. They are couch potatoes and are content just being indoors. 

American Bulldogs, however, are athletic pups. They want to be outdoors most of the time, whether out in the field, the woods, or playing in the garden. This is why they are a good fit for active individuals.

4. Build

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The English Bulldogโ€™s appearance is what often comes to mind when you think of a Bulldog – stocky, wrinkly face and that distinct jowl. Their bodies are long and oval-shaped, with some wrinkles all over.

But while American Bulldogs have a muscular build, they are much longer and larger than their British counterparts. Their limbs have a more apparent length, which is why they move in a more explosive and agile manner.

3. Health Issues

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For the most part, English Bulldogs are lap dogs because of their lower energy levels. They donโ€™t like to move around as much and can be perfect cuddle buddies all day long. This is why their health is not as good as their American cousins, and they can be more prone to various medical issues.

On the other hand, American Bulldogs have a tendency to suffer from hip dysplasia and obesity. They have a higher activity requirement, yet they also have huge appetites. This is why it is best to watch their diet to prevent overweight issues that can lead to serious health concerns.

2. Energy Level

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If what you are looking for is an exercise buddy, an outdoor adventure companion, and someone to jog with, then the American Bulldog is for you. They enjoy plenty of playtimes and will never hesitate to go to the dog park with you.

English Bulldogs, however, are not the most active pups there are. They can tolerate a short walk in the neighborhood, but thatโ€™s about it for these canines.

1. Muzzle Size

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American Bulldogs have short noses relative to a few other dog breeds. But they donโ€™t have muzzles that have a concave profile, just like an English Bulldog.

Nevertheless, both Bulldogs have shorter muzzles that account for breathing difficulties. They also tend to snort and snore a lot, which is typical for pups with such nose structure.

Are Bulldog And English Bulldog The Same? Yes, they are. Bulldogs are English dog breeds that are a Mastiff type. Thus, when one talks about a Bulldog and an English Bulldog, it means the same thing.

What Is A Mammut Bulldog? A Mammut Bulldog hails from a German bloodline and is a recreation of the 1800s version of a long-haired, massive working Bulldog. This Bulldog variety is a combination of various breeds, including the American Bulldog, English Bulldog, Bullmastiff, Bandogge, and Olde English Bulldogge.

Do American Bulldogs Have Pitbull In Them? Although American Bulldogs may have some similarities with the Pitbull in terms of facial features, they are completely different from each other. American Pit Bull Terriers are terrier dogs, as the name implies, while an American Bulldog originates from the Mastiff family.

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