American Bulldog Lab Mix – Your Complete Breed Guide To American Bullador

It’s no doubt that the healthiest dog breeds are products of mixed genes from different parents, of which the American Bulldog Lab Mix is a prime example. So, what exactly is an American Bulldog Lab Mix?

The American Bulldog Lab Mix is the resulting hybrid offspring from mating the American Bulldog and the Labrador Retriever. Generally known as the American Bullador, you will be surprised to know that this dog is one of distinct designer breeds that exhibit different temperaments that differ from dog to dog.

Many folks like to call this breed a Bullador, for short, but they are mistaken. And that’s because the Bullador is a crossbreed of the English Bulldog, not the American one, and the Labrador Retriever. A close cousin, yes, but different all the same. In this article, we shall take a look at everything you need to know about these gorgeous canine buddies before bringing their warmth into your home. So let’s dive in.

How Big Do American Bulldog Lab Mixes Get?

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From general observance, an average American Bulldog Lab Mix will weigh between 55 to 85 lbs and have a height range of 22 to 27 inches. In terms of gender difference, the male American Bullador is the heavier of both sexes, though by only a tiny margin.

The fascinating thing about American Bulldog Lab Mixes is that they come in different sizes. The reason for this is that the genes of both parents can manifest in many unpredictable ways, giving rise to puppies with different physical appearances. You can identify them with the following features.


Most American Bulladors typically have a sturdy, muscular build with medium-length legs. However, the breed will have a more compact form when the parent American Bulldog’s genes dominate the genetic mix.

The American Bullador’s head is squarish, reminiscent of the Rottweiler. It also has brown round eyes and droopy ears. The rear end of its muscular body hangs a curved tail that narrows at the tip.

Coat Colors And Patterns

Given that the American Bullador can display either parent’s fur color or a combination of both, it’s hard to determine the exact coat an American Bulldog Lab Mix will have.

Standard colors are red, brown, black, and yellow. However, sometimes a dog will have a beautiful blend of many tones with patches of white and black plastered throughout its body.

How Long Do American Bulldog Lab Mixes Live?

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The American Bulldog Lab Mix’s lifespan ranges from 11 to 16 years.

As a crossbreed, your mixed pooch is expected to live about one or two years longer than purebred dogs since it combines the best traits of its ancestry. Quality health care also plays a pivotal part in ensuring that your canine buddy lives well into old age.

Sometimes, as with every living creature, diseases may set in that threaten the life of your dear fido. Knowing the common health issues peculiar to your American Bullador can help you prepare a prevention plan. Here are some of them:


Glaucoma occurrence in the American Bulldog Lab Mix is an inherited disease from the American BulldogThe growth blocks the pupil and causes inflammation that clogs vessels supplying blood to the dog’s eyes, leading to partial blindness.

As a result, some dogs might display symptoms of a swollen eye. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for glaucoma in American Bulladors yet, but regular veterinary care can help with early detection and management.


The American Bulldog Lab Mix has a high susceptibility to becoming obese, which could shorten its lifespan. However, the cause of obesity is not so much the consumption of too much food as is the mutated obesity gene inherited from the parent Labrador.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a known occurrence among dogs that weigh more and exert pressure on their joints. The resulting pain reduces the agility and mobility of your pooch and may cause irritations and maddening bursts of anger.

Other health-related diseases of the American Bullador are skin allergies, retinal atrophy, and juvenile cataracts.

How To Take Care Of Your American Bulldog Lab Mix?

The higher the quality of healthcare your American Bulldog Lab Mix receives, the longer the length of years your furry companion will spend with you.

Below are some helpful tips to take better care of your doggie:

Exercise Routine

The American Bullador possesses an inherent capacity to become obese, even with measured meals. Therefore, it’s of great importance that you prioritize regular exercise in your four-legged companion’s life.

Observance of the American Bullador’s parents shows that they have varied energy levels. The American Bulldog is a war tank of energy with little endurance, while the Labrador possesses high energy and stamina levels.

Your canine buddy may inherit either of both parents’ energy levels, so you have to go on several walks to determine how much exercise would be enough.

High-Quality Dog Food

Cutting costs and feeding your dog a high-calorie diet is a harmful act that can potentially backfire. You want to be especially careful to scrutinize every dog food during purchase, making sure to avoid diets with additives given your American Bullador’s obesity-prone nature and risk of hip dysplasia.

It is recommended to give your American Bulldog Lab Mix 3 to 4 cups of food every day, splitting into three meals each day. Do your best to avoid giving your pooch additional food during the intervals or risk obesity issues.

If you’re worried about additives in your dog’s diet and what food is quality enough, Pet Plate boasts a wide array of great dog food made from high-quality ingredients in a hygienic environment.


Multivitamin supplementation is not only good for humans, but it also works wonders in dogs like your American Bulldog Lab Mix. When added to a high-quality dog meal, supplements like omega-3 and vitamin A, supply additional nutrients that help to boost your pooch’s immunity and skin health, thereby ensuring longevity.

Use Dental Water Additives

Typical of many dogs, countless bacteria exist in the mouth of your American Bulldog Lab Mix that could cause dental issues asides from the telltale discomforting bad breath. You can brush your dear fido’s teeth and apply dental water additives periodically to fight off mouth bacteria.

Are American Bulldog Lab Mixes Smart? Temperaments Of American Bulldog Lab Mixes

American Bulldog Lab Mixes have a high smartness level. Both parents have high IQs, consequently conferring it with increased intellect and emotional intelligence.

However, they also have different temperaments determined by the genetics of their ancestry. They can either be aggressivehighly social, or have a perfectly balanced combination of both. Here’s a look at other personalities of the American Bullador:

Loyal And Affectionate

American Bulladors make excellent family dogs because of a strong innate affection toward their owners. Hence, they form lovely relationships with kids.

Even if you have a stubborn puppy on your hands, be rest assured that you’ll always have a lifelong companion looking out for you and your loved ones all through.

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Labrador Retrievers are famous for their friendly disposition, while American Bulldogs have protective and territorial instincts, and your American Lab Mix can be either of two. However, you can groom it from puppyhood to be a better, well-rounded, or at least well-behaved companion.

Docile American Bulladors take commands readily and make training sessions easy. Aggressive American Bulladors will exhibit some stubbornness that could be anything from mild to nerve-wracking.

Pay closer attention when your puppy is just about to enter adulthood. A firmer approach should follow any signs of increased reluctance to receive instructions in training.

What’s lovely about this breed’s personality is that you can choose from among different American Bullador temperaments, a luxury that other purebred dog owners can’t enjoy.

Prey Drive

The ever-excitable nature of the Labrador, melded with the aggressive instinct of the American Bulldog, leads to a prey drive in your American Bullador, creating an irresistible urge to chase after smaller animals or objects.

Of course, you could train your puppy to socialize with cats and other smaller animals around, but don’t be surprised when the prey instinct takes over, forcing it to give chase.

Do American Bulladors Shed? Grooming Tips For American Bulldog Lab Mixes

American Bulldog Lab Mixes shed their fur, albeit not as heavily as other breeds. They can pass for a hypoallergenic breed because most loose hair gets trapped within their fine coat when they shed.

Below are some helpful grooming tips:

Brush Your Dog’s Coat

The American Bulldog Lab Mix’s coat requires constant brushing to help get rid of dead fur. Brushing three times a week is optimal and highly recommended. Two times is acceptable. Brushing once is not recommended as it invites skin-related diseases which could potentially harm your canine friend and you.

Coat brushes come in all sizes, and getting the right fit for your companion is essential to avoid discomfort and bruises during grooming.

The FURminator Undercoat Tool helps ease the grooming process because the bristles are gentle on your doggy’s body and do not cause bruising. Also, since it’s an item you’ll be using regularly, its ergonomic handle is comfortable to use, precluding the possibility of you developing a sore palm after every brushing session.

Give Your Pooch a Regular Bath

Bacteria from your dead skin cells, loose fur, and dust particles can cause skin diseases if your canine companion doesn’t get a regular bath. The frequency of washing should be twice a month, though washing once will suffice.

Do well to ensure that you select a shampoo that doesn’t cause skin irritations to your pooch. The Paws & Pals 6-In-1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo comes in handy and is universally compatible with all, if not most, dog furs and skins.

How Much Are American Bullador Puppies Worth? The price of an American Bullador puppy ranges from $200 to $300 for unauthorized breeders and about $500 to $1,000 for legal and reputable breeders. This dog breed is fairly uncommon because not many seasoned breeders breed American Bullador puppies since the AKC does not recognize this mixed dog breed.

Can American Bulladors Swim? Yes, American Bulladors can swim. But don’t expect your dear fido to be enthusiastic about wading into every pool. The American Bulldog’s head and body shape don’t permit it to swim for long periods. But when you temper that with the Labrador Retriever’s form and natural diving ability, you get an offspring that fairs a little well in water.

Are American Bulldogs Good Retrievers? American Bulldog Lab Mixes can be either good or bad retrievers, as you will need to find out for yourself by having the pooch retrieve something for you. Generally, the Labrador Retriever qualifies as one of the best gun dogs in the world, whereas the American Bulldog doesn’t come anywhere near that list because of its pigheaded nature. So, whether or not a hybrid offspring makes a good retriever depends on the dominant gene it receives.

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