Anatolian Shepherd Mixes

Anatolian Shepherds are intelligent and robust dogs that make them one of the most loved breeds by canine lovers. But for those who want to get the best of both worlds, they combine this breed with another one, and voila – you’ve got the cutest Anatolian Shepherd Mixes!

Speaking of cuteness, the Akita Anatolian Shepherd Mix is a ball of fluff with a spunky personality. But if you want all-muscle and hyper-loyal pups, the Tibetan Mastiff Anatolian Shepherd Mix rocks this department. Got allergies? The Anatolian Shepherd Poodle Mix should make things easy for you.

Ready to meet these adorable Anatolian Shepherd Mixes? Here are 11 of them and why they are so popular among canine fanciers.

11. Akita Anatolian Shepherd Mix

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Akita Anatolian Shepherd Mixes are furry and large pups. But although their fur may be dense, they are not as difficult to groom as a purebred Akita. However, they do shed a lot, so that poses a problem for people with allergies.

These dogs are obedient and easy to train. This makes them suitable for first-time dog owners. But they are not exactly the best with kids, and they are ideal for singles, couples, or folks who have no young kids at home.

10. Tibetan Mastiff Anatolian Shepherd Mix

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Combine a massive and muscular 200-lb Tibetan Mastiff with an equally large Anatolian Shepherd, and you have a big pooch by your side. As seen with the characteristic luscious mane of a Tibetan Mastiff, this Tibetan Mastiff Anatolian Shepherd Mix has a medium-length coat in various shades, such as fawn, apricot, brindle, and brown.

Also known as the American Mastiffs, these dogs may seem intimidating because of their size, but they are actually one of the sweetest Anatolian Shepherd Mixes you can ever have. These pups will not hesitate to curl up on the sofa with you for some cuddles.

9. Anatolian Labrador Retriever Mix

Image from Instagram:@beau_in_kc

Another popular dog breed is the Labrador Retriever. With its popularity, it is not a surprise that it’s mixed with a lovable Anatolian. So what have you got? A furry, fluffy, and large cuddle bug of a pooch!

The Anatolian Labrador Retriever mix has a strong desire to please its owner. They love to play but will never pass up some snuggle time. These are very loyal dogs that want nothing more than to keep their owners safe.

8. Anatolian Australian Shepherd Mix

Image from Instagram:@wishfulimagesphotography

Aussies are a cowboy’s four-legged pal. They are bred to herd, just like the Anatolian Shepherds. So, when put together, you get a crossbreed that’s a combo of beauty, brains, and brawn. They have the colors of an Aussie but the massive build of an Anatolian Shepherd.

The aloof Anatolian Shepherd meets the outgoing Australian Shepherd in this unique mix. And when that happens, you have a loving, affectionate, and obedient pup right by your side. But one note for allergy sufferers – these pooches shed a lot!

7. Anatolian Siberian Husky Mix

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The Anatolian Siberian Husky Mix is one strong and hardworking big ball of fur. They have a Husky’s colors mixed in with the Anatolian’s massive size. If you have plenty of space at home, then this crossbreed should fit right in.

For folks who like to stay active, this Anatolian Shepherd Mix should be a perfect companion. These dogs love to run around and play, so it’s best to keep them engaged in physical activities.

6. Anatolian Shepherd Great Dane Mix

Image from Instagram:@indyruerue

When you mix a gentle giant Great Dane with a similarly large canine as an Anatolian Shepherd, you can expect to have a massive lap dog. They are highly affectionate canines that are always up for cuddle times.

Big and smart, that’s what the Anatolian Shepherd Great Dane Mix is all about. But as with all large dogs, this crossbreed does not have a very long life expectancy.

5. German Anatolian Shepherd Mix

Image from Instagram:@fallingfortimber

German Anatolian Shepherd Mixes are hardworking pups. They possess a GSD’s colors and coat texture and an Anatolian’s medium-length fur. But they do shed excessively, which may be too much for folks who like to keep their furniture fur-free.

Like other Anatolian Shepherd Mixes, this fluffy mixed pooch is a classic brains and brawn fellow. They do well with families and singles but will require further supervision when playing with kids because of their humongous size.

4. Anatolian Shepherd Boxer Mix

Image from Instagram:@breemiller_xo

Boxers are regarded for their courageous spirit. So when mixed with a loyal Anatolian, you have a four-legged BFF that’s always ready to protect you. And yep, they’re plenty huggable and cuddle-worthy, too!

But as with all dogs with a protective nature, the Anatolian Shepherd Boxer Mix needs early socialization. Firm training with ample positive reinforcement is what you need to tame their stubborn nature while bringing out their best qualities.

3. Anatolian Shepherd Poodle Mix

Image from Instagram:@spoodmama

Rugged Anatolian Shepherd meets wavy-haired Poodle in this adorable, gorgeous mix. They may either have rough coats like an Anatolian or smooth like a Poodle. As for their coat colors, these can range from fawn to brindle and a wide variety of hues.

These Anatolian Shepherd Poodle Mixes are independent and hardy creatures, which makes them great on the farm. Although they don’t shed as much as a purebred Anatolian Shepherd, this mix still sheds a bit – but not excessively that they become an issue for folks with allergies.

2. Anatolian Shepherd Golden Mix

Image from Instagram:@karenfultzgreene

Golden Retrievers are among the most well-loved dog breeds of all time, so no wonder dog fanciers have created this adorable Anatolian Shepherd Mix! They have a Goldie’s dense and long coat and an Anatolian Shepherd’s leaner build.

With the Anatolian Shepherd Golden mix, you get the best of both worlds – the intelligence of an Anatolian and a Goldie’s playful and friendly demeanor. Newbie owners or not, this crossbreed should fit right into your home.

1. Anatolian Pyrenees Shepherd Mix

Image from Instagram:@zeta_ginger

Massive and super fluffy, the Anatolian Pyrenees Shepherd Mix takes after both parents. They have the fluffiness and gargantuan size of the Great Pyrenees and the Anatolian’s robust body. These dogs have an abundance of charm and good looks, too!

The Anatolian Pyrenees Shepherd Mix is easy to train because of its inherent intelligence and desire to please its owners. They are also quite protective of their owners, so early socialization is a must for these big pups.

Are Kangals And Anatolian Shepherds The Same Breed? Yes, to date, the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes the Kangal and the Anatolian Shepherd as the same breed because of their Turkish descent. Despite this, there is still a visible difference between the two dogs. The Kangal dog is widely known to be the larger version of the Anatolian Shepherd.

What Is The Difference Between An Anatolian Shepherd And A Kangal Dog? Kangals are heavier and stockier than Anatolian Shepherds. Apart from their physique, these Kangal dogs have been around since 700 A.D. They are widely regarded as Turkey’s national dog. On the other hand, Anatolian Shepherds have been around as early as 4000 B.C. in Turkey. They are also regarded for their protective nature and loyalty to owners.

How Big Will An Anatolian Shepherd Mix Get? An Anatolian Shepherd Mix can typically grow up to 150 lbs. Males have an average weight of 110 to 150 lbs and stand as tall as 29 inches. As for females, they are lighter at 80 to 120 lbs and stand around 27 inches tall at the shoulder.

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