Dog Pokemons: Revealed & Ranked!

Some Pokemon monsters are clearly either a cat or a dog. But others… They are not very straightforward. This leaves many folks scratching their heads. Which among these monsters are actually dog Pokemons?

So today, the spotlight is on dog Pokemons! We prepared a list of 49 dog Pokemons you never knew. Besides common dog Pokemons like Growlithe and Houndoom, our list includes Yamper and Swirlix, as well as controversial ones like Raikou and Silvally. These are either definitely inspired by canines or at least possess very obvious dog-like features.

So, let’s check out these dog Pokemons – all 49 of them! But first, I’ll start off with the controversial ones…

49. Growlithe

Image from Instagram:@andythai.01

This Pokemon dog looks like a tiger because of its orange and black stripes on the back. However, the underbelly and chest are beige, as well as the fur on its head. It is a very loyal Pokemon that is always ready to defend its territory and its trainer. 

Growlithe has a powerful roar that wards off intruders. It can also smell perfectly well – even reading the emotions of humans and other Pokemons by simply smelling them.

48. Yamper

Image from Instagram:@tarasandsla

Yamper has brown and yellow fur on its body. It is short and pudgy quite like a Corgi dog. The tail is shaped like a lightning bolt while the rear features a heart-shaped figure. There is a light green and yellow color inside its ears.

This endearing creature loves to chase after vehicles, other Pokemon, and humans. It generates electricity on its tail each time it runs to give it more speed. Do take note that Yamper is rather gluttonous and will only help those who would give it treats.

47. Alolan Vulpix (Controversial)

Image from Instagram:@june.buns

Alolan Vulpix has a white pelt, allowing it to survive in its frigid habitat on mountain peaks. It has a pointed snout, blue eyes, and pale blue paws. This Pokemon canine also travels in small packs or skulks, led by Ninetales.

The primary power of Alolan Vulpix is its ability to expel very cold breath that freezes just about anything. As it has lived most of its life in the snow-capped mountain, it is unable to adapt to warmer areas. However, its tail produces ice to reduce the ambient temperature if need be.

46. Vulpix (Controversial)

Image from Instagram:@pokemon_world_model

At first glance, Vulpix appears quite like a fox. It has pointed ears, brown eyes, and a light-colored underbelly with a reddish-brown pelt. This creature has orange fur on its head, appearing as three curly locks of hair. Most adult Vulpix has six tails but they are born with one whitetail.

Vulpix is the opposite of Alolan Vulpix as the former can survive in hot weather, mainly on grassy plains. When the outside temperature rises, it breathes out flames through its mouth as a way to cool the body off.

45. Glaceon (Controversial)

Image from Instagram:@anevybevy

Glaceon has a light blue fur all over its body, which freezes into very sharp quills as its protective mechanism. Because of this ability, it is capable of tackling its prey successfully. This Pokemon can control its body temperature and is capable of bringing it down to -75 degrees F and under. 

Another feature of this dog Pokemon is it can turn the ground into powdery snow, making it well-loved in ski resorts and the like. It thrives in cold weather, and it is fond of urban areas where humans live.

44. Leafeon (Controversial)

Image from Instagram:@glowiebeach

As the name suggests, Leafeon resembles some kind of vegetation. Its ears and tail appear like tattered leaves and instead of fur, it has small leaves sticking out of its body. This canine Pokemon has traits quite like a plant in terms of its physical appearance and behavior.

Leafeon is a pacifist. It prefers to live in harmony with others and dislikes fights. Most of the day is spent performing photosynthesis (like a plant!) and basking in the sunlight. Thus, its preferred habitat is in the forest surrounded by clean rivers.

43. Zorua (Controversial)

Image from

Zorua has fox-like features. It has triangular ears and a body covered in slate gray with red and black markings on its face. The tail is bushy and short just like a fox. 

It is interesting to note that Zorua is capable of changing forms to keep safe. For instance, it can appear as other Pokemon to ward off opponents. Whilst it is known for its timid nature, Zorua is rather mischievous and sly.

42. Eevee (Controversial)

Image from

Eevee has brown fur all over its body with a cream-colored furry collar and a bushy tail. It has long pointy ears and bulging round eyes like a Chihuahua. What’s unique about this Pokemon is its genetic structure. It is irregularly shaped, which allows it to evolve into different Pokemon. This process is called “Eeveelutions.”

It is not very common to find Eevee in games. However, it can survive in most environments due to its ability to evolve to fit the requirements of its surroundings.

41. Galarian Linoone (Controversial)

Image from Instagram:@pokedex_dailys

The striking feature of Galarian Linoone is its color scheme – a combination of black and white. It has sharp teeth, red eyes, and long claws. These features allow this Pokemon canine to survive in tough situations.

Galarian Linoone prefers to tackle challenging opponents. This fearless and reckless Pokemon charges at a maximum speed of 60 mph, allowing it to deliver destructive headbutts and tackles to enemies. With every miss, however, it can lose its balance, leaving it in a vulnerable condition.

40. Linoone (Controversial)

Image from Instagram:@wolfserenade25

Sleek and slender, Linoone has mostly white fur on its body with some brown stripes. Its teeth are small and pointed, and it has sharp claws used for catching prey. It also has a fancy for orb-shaped objects.

Linoone utilizes two things to take down prey or snatch anything it desires – the razor-sharp claws and lightning-speed movement. This Pokemon dashes toward its prey yet tend to miss because of its inability to make a quick turn. Thus, its main weakness is in running along winding or curving roads.

39. Obstagoon (Controversial)

Image from Instagram:@_rebriko_100

Obstagoon is a highly combative Pokemon. Its impeccable survival instincts can be traced from the Galarian Linoone’s ability to live in tough conditions and battle with fierce opponents. Thus, it is believed that Galarian Linoone evolved into Obstagoon.

In spite of its combative trait, Obstagoon does not initiate the attack. It merely taunts its enemy and delivers the  “Obstruct Move”, resulting in its victory.

38. Galarian Zigzagoon (Controversial)

Image from Instagram:@ns_newkid

Another combative Pokemon, the Galarian Zigzagoon craves battles. It even provokes anyone that comes its way, which often results in a fight. However, this does not work as expected with humans as the latter takes this tendency as a desire to receive affection.

Galarian Zigzagoon hardly settles down. It moves swiftly and constantly, mainly in a zigzag manner.

37. Zigzagoon (Controversial)

Image from Instagram:@twentyonepidgeys

The name comes from the unique zigzag pattern on its fur. Zigzagoon looks like a raccoon, with a black mask and brown eyes. Its body has a striped design featuring brown and cream, alternately. The older form of this Pokemon is mostly black and white with a spiked black mask surrounding its red eyes.

Zigzagoon is a curious creature. It paces back and forth and sniffs the ground as though it is looking for something. With its strong sense of smell, this Pokemon is successful in locating lost items even when concealed in the ground or grassy areas.

36. Slurpuff (Controversial)

Image from Instagram:@pokeconomist

Slurpuff appears as a white pudgy dog, with its reddish eyes, pink feet, and stubby arms. It has a thick mass of pink fluff on its head while the sides have ear-like fur. This bipedal Pokemon is often seen with its tongue sticking out of its mouth.

Its olfactory sense is so powerful that it can easily distinguish anything it smells. This unique ability makes Slurpuff a great help in the kitchen, especially with pastry chefs. It is also able to determine a human’s physical and mental condition by simply taking a whiff of their scent.

35. Jolteon (Controversial)

Image from Instagram:@godzillaandgigan

This yellow-furred dog Pokemon has black ears, nose, and eyes. The legs are slender with three toes and tiny, pink paw pads. Jolteon is high-strung with an ever-shifting mood. This makes it tricky for anyone to deal with, specifically among trainers whom Jolteon lives with. 

Its prickly fur can generate negatively-charged ions, as well as lightning bolts at 10,000 volts. Along with its electrically-charged fur and a lung that produces electricity, this results in a sparking sound with its every movement.

34. Flareon (Controversial)

Image from Instagram:@ordinarydemiguy

Flareon is a mammalian with flame orange fur all over its body and a mass of yellow hair on its head. It has a muzzle like a dog and long ears like a rabbit. The paws are bulky without claws. In its normal state, this Pokemon is cheerful, loyal to its trainer, and warm-hearted.

The fur releases heat to prevent its body from suffocating. Prior to a battle, it can bring its body temperature to as high as 1,650 degrees Fahrenheit. Flareon also expels fire from its mouth which is enough to scorch its opponents.

33. Umbreon (Controversial)

Image from Instagram:@lillayusensei

Covered in a blanket of black fur, Umbreon appears as a combination of 5 different animals – rabbit, cat, wolf, dog, and fox. Its tail and ears have luminous yellow rings that glow when struck by moonlight. 

Its dark-colored fur allows it to stalk its prey inconspicuously at night. Once the enemy comes within close range, the rings on its ears and tails give off a blinding light to defeat its opponent. Additionally, Umbreon sprays toxic fumes through its sweat glands when agitated.

32. Raikou (Controversial)

Image from Instagram:@gumbyandbambi

This tiger-like Pokemon has a yellow body with black stripes. The tail is thin and light blue in color, with the tip featuring its characteristic spark shape. It has large claws that join together to create a single, ultra-sharp point as a defense mechanism.

Raikou has the ability to fly and creates storm clouds. It is always ready to help other Pokemons in danger, specifically Electric-type ones. On the other hand, it does not easily trust humans.

31. Entei (Controversial)

Image from Instagram:@ilovewotc

This massive Pokemon possesses traits like that of a mastiff. Its body has a blanket of brown fur all over, with a signature cloud of smoke that runs straight down its back. The paws are gray, as well as the mustache-like covering on its muzzle.

It is believed that the birth of an Entei comes alongside the rise of a new volcano. Moreover, Entei’s roar causes a volcano to erupt due to its enormous power.

30. Suicune (Controversial)

Image from Instagram:@experiment282

This slim mammalian is mostly blue-colored with some white markings on its body, shaped like a diamond. It has a mass of purple mane quite like the Aurora Borealis. The blue crest sticking out of its forehead resembles a Qilin’s antlers. 

Suicune has a natural ability to walk on water. It can also purify murky water with just a single touch. This courageous dog Pokemon is a heroic figure that remains calm even in difficult situations.

29. Zamazenta (Wolf)

Image from Instagram:@alphaguilty

Zamazenta has battle scars all over its bulky body. The thick fur on its neck and head appears as though a shield, serving as a protective feature during battles. When in a Crowned Shield state, Zamazenta generates a golden armor that protects it from an opponent’s frontal attacks.

This Pokemon has a number of natural abilities. For instance, it can change forms and turn into a statue to rest for a long period of time. It also uses its golden shield as protection and uses it to bash enemies (Behemoth Bash).

28. Zacian (Wolf)

Image from Instagram:@naraku_tcg

Legend has it that Zacian is Zamazenta’s rival or elder sister. This Pokemon appears like a majestic wolf with pink braids, a pink tail, and pink fringes of fur on the back. It also has battle scars on the side of its body.

Its main ability is to attack opponents with a graceful dance that tends to captivate them. Then, it strikes enemies with the sword in its mouth. The movement is so swift that anyone slashed by this sharp sword hardly feels any pain – not until it falls to the ground. This is also known as the Behemoth Blade, a unique ability that only Zacian possesses.

27. Lycanroc Midnight Form (Wolf)

Image from Instagram:@5ic_k

The Midnight form of Lycanroc is reckless. The eyes glow with excitement and are ready for battle. It is able to defeat its opponent by countering every attack with an explosive blow. This immediately knocks out the enemy. 

Additionally, the Midnight form can perform powerful headbutts that are so forceful, that these are enough to break through massive boulders. One last thing –  it looks a tad like a husky dog!

26. Lycanroc Dusk Form (Wolf)

Image from Instagram:@wamboart

This is the rarest form of the Lycanroc canine Pokemon. Moreover, it is the most challenging to train because of its highly temperamental tendencies.

The Dusk form can vary from one trait to another. It can be calm and loyal as the Midday form or explosive and combative as the Midnight Form. This form only arises at sunset, just as the name implies.

25. Lycanroc Midday Form (Wolf)

Image from Instagram:@slayer_layer

The Lycanroc’s Midday Form is solitary by nature. It tends to live without any companion nor travels in a pack of its kind.

Its main characteristics are its cautious and calm demeanor. However, when in combat, it dashes towards its opponents and hits them with hard rocks hiding in its mane. As a final move, this dog Pokemon uses its sharp fangs to pierce through an opponent’s most vulnerable spot.

24. Rockruff

Image from Instagram:@eevanko_

This light-brown canine Pokemon has a face reminiscent of a pug. It is known for its friendly nature. This is why it works well with beginners due to its tendency to bond with its trainer quickly.  Rockruff’s keen sense of smell is also what allows it to find its way back to its owner.

While Rockruff is amiable during its younger years, it tends to become more independent and a bit on the wild side over time. As a fighter, this Pokemon is quite persistent and intimidates its foes with its strength.

23. Riolu

Image from Instagram:@appie.up

Riolu is a Fighting-Type canine Pokemon. It possesses impressive endurance, stamina, and strength that enables it to complete long journeys in a short period of time. Although it may be small, it is highly energetic and fast.

This Pokemon is sensitive to Aura but unable to utilize these powers. Yet it is capable of sensing and communicating this energy in ripples. It can also manipulate the aura that it senses.

22. Lucario

Image from Instagram:@sector_norte_pgo

Lucario appears like a canine, albeit standing on two legs. It has black and blue fur on its body while the torso is cream-colored, making it look like it is wearing shorts. There are black appendages that hang from its head, and these rises each time it reads an aura sensed.

Interestingly, Lucario is capable of comprehending human speech. It also uses telepathy as a means of communicating with humans. This Pokemon is fiercely loyal and devoted to its trainer.

21. Mega Lucario

Image from Instagram:@chaos_infinity24

As a fighter, Mega Lucario shows no mercy to its opponent. Its heartless and relentless combative moves can quickly defeat foes. When triggered, the aura forms a black marking on the blue portion of its body.

The fur also extends longer while the thighs become slimmer. Its eyes get lighter and the appendages that sense aura become longer. This is a powerful Pokemon that stands its ground and never backs away from any battle.

20. Snubbull

Image from

Small yet bulky and with its characteristic underbite, Snubbull resembles a bulldog. This Pokemon appears to be wearing a dress but mainly it is the loose skin sagging toward its lower body.

Although it appears to be fierce and intimidating, Snubbull is actually quite affectionate and fun-loving. It has a light-hearted personality and would rather scare away foes instead of engaging in combat.

19. Granbull

Image from Instagram:@mrsbobbypin_

Granbull is a tough canine Pokemon with features a tad similar to Snubbull, or the bulldog. It has a prominent lower jaw and heavy fangs. Thus, this Pokemon maintains its balance by tipping its head back while walking. 

It is an easy-going creature that will never bite unless startled. The most powerful moves that can take it down are Poison and Steel.

18. Furfrou

Image from Instagram:@pokedexnow

Furfrou is a dedicated guard of the king in Kalos during ancient times. Its thick white fur covers most of its body except for the face and paws. It almost looks like a poodle with its thick, fluffy coat.  In some images, it can be seen that this dog Pokemon has dyed and trimmed fur styled in different ways.

When the fur is shorter, Furfrou can move much quicker. However, it only allows people it trusts to trim its fur. In most cases, it is only the trainer who is able to do so.

17. Lillipup

Image from Instagram:@emilliondreams

This adorable canine Pokemon has a light brown body and cream fur covering its face, a little bit like a teacup Yorkie. This fur serves as its radar, allowing it to obtain information about its surroundings. Trainers are fond of this creature because of its easy-going personality.

Lillipup is a brave and intelligent Pokemon. Its memory is impressive as it remembers every single time its trainer has abused or has shown love towards it. With its built-in radar, Lillipup can check its opponent’s condition using its radar, which enables it to attack appropriately.

16. Herdier

Image from Instagram:@wolfserenade25

It is believed that Herdier is the very first Pokemon who worked with humans. This light brown canine has a long cream-colored fur on its face, resembling a mustache. Its features make it look like a standard Yorkshire Terrier. The thick fur on its body serves as a protective element from opponents’ attacks.

Another fascinating feature of the fur is its ability to stop sharp fangs and claws to penetrate the body. On the flip side, this very same quality of fur is considered undesirable by trainers because of how challenging and costly it is to groom it.

15. Stoutland

Image from Instagram:@trainermake

Stoutland is another Yorkshire Terrier-like dog Pokemon with dark blue shaggy fur that turns grayish blue on the legs. There are also white-tipped plumes on the face that extends throughout the entire body.  With its thick fur, it is able to survive in freezing temperatures.

This good-natured Pokemon prefers to be with humans. It can develop a close relationship with trainers in a few days. Thus, it is easy to be with and ideal for beginners.

14. Electrike

Image from Instagram:@silver.linings.72

This is another one of those Electric-Type canine Pokemons. Its fur has an electric charge, which stimulates the leg muscles and causes this creature to move faster. 

Electrike generates electricity by utilizing friction present in the atmosphere. As a result, the body releases sparks right before a storm or whenever the air is arid. It prefers to live in grasslands and savannas.

13. Manectric

Image from Instagram:@pokemon_daily_pokedex

The Manectric has a long, yellow mane that sticks up in 3 straight points. The upper jaw is jagged and it has red eyes. As for the tail, it appears like a spike and is bent to form a sharp angle. 

This Pokemon has a natural ability to discharge electricity in its mane, which creates thunderclouds. It is used in battle to intimidate enemies. Additionally, it is believed that Manectric is born from lightning.

12. Mega Manectric

Image from Instagram:@pokemon_figure_collection

Mega Manectric has a much larger yellow mane unlike when it is still in its normal state. The main extends down its body and creates 4 more spikes. The fur located on the haunches turns blue and produces thinner, multiple points.

While the previous state has a bend on its tail, Mega Manectric has red claws and two head spikes that have become longer and thinner.

11. Poochyena

Image from Instagram:@cheetah.boii9

Poochyena appears like a cross between canines and hyenas. The body is grey while the belly, throat, face, and paws are black.  It also has shaggy fur at the base portion of the tail – something like that of a husky!

With its strong olfactory sense, it can quickly find and catch its prey. This canine Pokemon also ruffles its tail hair to intimidate opponents. As a tenacious hunter, it never gives up on chasing its prey until it gives in.

10. Mightyena

Image from Instagram:@survivorkina1

Mightyena is a husky-like dog Pokemon. It has short, grey fur with a bunch of shaggy dark fur on the tail and legs. There is a triangular pattern below the eyes to give a distinct look. 

It prefers to live in the wild with its pack. Moreover, it obeys its leader’s orders and captures its prey. When it is ready to attack, it tends to let out a deep growl and keeps its body flat on the ground.

9. Mega Houndoom

Image from

Mega Houndoom has a longer neck than its previous state. The thicker ridges on the back and increase in rings around its tail serve as a protective component during battle. It also has dark red claws that produce heat to fight enemies.

This Pokemon generates an intense amount of heat in its body to attach foes. It also has a powerful fiery breath that can immediately turn opponents into ashes.

8. Houndoom

Image from Instagram:@sinnoheveryday

Houndoom is a black canine Pokemon with an orange underbelly. It wears a white band around its neck with a pendant shaped like a skull. The tail is thin and long, and it has sharp claws on its toes.

A unique feature of Houndoom is its gut, as it is packed with toxins. When combined with poison, this produces fire with a foul odor and devastating effects to anyone inflicted with it. This Pokemon is also famous for the terrifying howl that gives it its nickname, “The Grim Reaper.”

7. Houndour

Image from Instagram:@poketmonster96

This well-loved dog Pokemon has a short black coat. Its fangs stick out even with its mouth closed. The forehead has a stylized design that appears as though it has eyebrows. 

Houndour is obedient to trainers. It is also loyal to its pack and stays with them until death. Its means of communicating is through different kinds of howls and barks. As for its physical appearance, it is somewhat similar to a Rottweiler.

6. Boltund

Image from Instagram:@alphaguilty

Boltund is a yellow and green canine Pokemon. The tail appears like a lightning bolt when raised. There is a light yellow ring around its eyes. 

This Pokemon runs fast at a maximum of 50 mph. It generates electricity for its legs, allowing them to stay strong and endure long days of running nonstop. Boltund is a persistent and courageous creature that never fears its opponents.

5. Arcanine

Image from Instagram:@dandesperart

Another fast runner, Arcanine is an orange Pokemon dog with black stripes on its body. There is a long wispy coat growing around its ankles and behind its elbows. As for the tail, it has a bend in the middle. 

This Pokemon can easily run up to 6,200 miles in one full day. Its signature move is the Extreme Speed, in which motion resembles flight. Arcanine prefers to live in prairies and active volcanoes.

4. Smeargle

Image from Instagram:@cattellkara

Smeargle is a Pokemon canine that looks like a Beagle. Its tail functions as a paintbrush, oozing with different paint colors. These colors depend on the current emotion of this creature. It also uses paint to Sketch or copy other Pokemons’ moves. 

It prefers to live in urban areas. When with its trainer, it remains faithful and friendly.

3. Swirlix

Image from Instagram:@shopcollectandplay

This pudgy Pokemon is a tiny fluff of white fur. The eyes and nose are pink, and it often has its tongue sticking out of its mouth. Although it does have feet, these are mostly hidden in its fur. When visible, the feet appear to be light pink in color.

Swirlix is fond of sweets, particularly sticky ones. When deprived of sugar, it tends to be grumpy.  As its combative instinct, it uses white sticky thread to entangle foes and hold them in captivity.

2. Silvally (Controversial)

Image from Instagram:@ichoosegengar

This quadruped Pokemon features a mammalian head with a metallic blunt snout and bright silver eyes void of pupils. Its characteristic axe-like, feather crest is clearly visible at the top portion of the head. As for the lower body, it is mainly black with gray spikes on the top spine.

Silvally possesses traits from different creatures – appearing mainly as a mammalian, yet with legs rather similar to an insect and a bird. Additionally, it has a tail like that of a fish with a white fin between each spine.

1. Type: Null (Controversial)

Image from Instagram:@pokefinder2017

Type: Null or Synthetic Pokemon first appeared in Generation 7. It has a unique shape for its hind and front legs. The reason for this specific design is to allow it to adapt quickly to various situations. 

Moreover, Type: Null wears a special mask, enabling this “normal” type of Pokemon to have full control of its powers.  The downside of this mask, however, is its heavyweight. This limits the Pokemon’s agility and speed.

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