32 Most Unique Black Cat Breeds In The World

While black cats are often stereotyped as unlucky, they are beloved by many owners for their unique personalities and beautiful fur coats.

In fact, there are many different types of black cats, from the sleek British Shorthair to the big and cuddly Maine Coon.

If you’re thinking of adding a furry friend to your family, consider one of these 32 amazing black cat breeds!

32. Mandalay

Image from Instagram:@bahaticattery

Originating from New Zealand, the Mandalay cats are the result of crossbreeding Burmese cats and non-pedigree domestic cat breeds. Owing to their Burmese heritage, these cats are friendly, sweet nature, and love being showered with attention.

They are great pets to have for families with children and also get along well with other pets. They are confined to having solid coat colors like black, grey, silver, and many more.

31. Neva Masquerade

Image from ChomChom Roller

The Neva Masquerade, originally from Russia, was once thought to be Siberian cats that are just in different coat colors. But soon, cat experts officially recognized them as a distinct breed. They were named after the Neva river where they were first developed.

These cats are lively, intelligent, and enjoy playing a lot. These affectionate cats come in various colors including blue, red, cream, black, and tabby.

30. British Longhair

Image from ChomChom Roller

This furry cat breed is relatively newer compared to its shorthair counterpart. The British Longhair cats were produced from crossing the British Shorthairs with Persian cats. The resulting breed has the unique coat features of a Persian cat with a temperament of British Shorthairs.

Like their ancestors, these cats come in a variety of colors and patterns including black, white, cream, and tabby.

29. Havana Brown

Image from Instagram:@oridisia_cats

Havana Browns are named as such because of the rich and even shade of brown throughout their glossy short coats. But variations in the intensity of this color occur in some members of this black cat breed. Although most Havana Brown cats tend toward the mahogany color, some cats also come in brown-black coat colors.

They are intelligent and affectionate pets that know how to effectively charm their way to you.

28. Chausie

Image from Instagram:@katyaschelkova

The very energetic and active cat breed with a matching athletic body is known as the Chausie. Although these cats are large, their long, lean bodies are well-balanced and move gracefully. They are known for having long limbs which adorably match the kitten-like personalities that they tend to retain into adulthood.

These cats are covered in short coats that can be brown-ticked tabby, solid black, or grizzled tabby.

27. York Chocolate

Image from Instagram:@kermitelmopeach

Known for being farm cats once, the York Chocolate cats still retained much of their farm cat traits until today. These large cats are still vigorous and strong thanks to their Siamese ancestry. They are affectionate and loyal cats that love bonding with their humans.

Most commonly in chocolate brown coat color, these cats also come in lavender coats and dark brown that almost look black.

26. Kurilian Bobtail

Image from Instagram:@kurilbobua

Another cat breed of Russian origin in this list is the Kurilian Bobtail. These cats are either short- or long-haired, and have cobby bodies and distinct short, fluffy tails. They have been popular in Russia for their rodent-hunting abilities.

But despite their skills in the wild, they exhibit clever and gentle behavior. Their coats come in all possible colors, solid colors like black and grey are allowed.

25. Burmilla

Image from Instagram:@healingandreadingswithlauren

This cat breed of British origin is a member of the Asian cat breed group. Burmilla cats were developed from breeding a Burmese cat with a Chinchilla cat in 1981. 

The result of the two cat breeds gave rise to a breed with a beautiful combination. These cats had the temperament and behavior of Burmese cats and the stunning coat colors of Chinchillas ranging from silver to black.

24. LaPerm

Image from Instagram:@sco_lapa

The LaPerm’s curly fur is a result of a genetic mutation. Some kittens are born hairless, but most have short wavy hair or straight hair at birth. Those born bald will eventually grow curly hair that can range from a wavy coat to ringlet-type curls. 

The tight ringlets or long corkscrew curls can come in every recognized color and coat pattern such as black, white, and more shades.

23. American Wirehair

Image from Instagram:@richard.kate.rhh

A uniquely American cat breed, the aptly called American Wirehair cats are known for their wirehair coats. This distinct coat characteristic separates these cats from all other American cat breeds. 

However, not all cats born with wirehair will maintain it until adulthood. To produce the best wiring, both parents must have a hard coat. These quiet and reserved cats can come in white, black, and cream coats.

22. Ojos Azules

Image from PetHonesty

Ojos Azules is Spanish for blue eyes. This is a fitting name for this cat breed because its members feature beautiful deep blue eyes. Because this breed is rare, little is known about their personality.

Those few who were able to own described the cats as affectionate, loyal, and friendly. These cats come in a variety of coat colors like cream and black because all colors are allowed.

21. Egyptian Mau

Image from Instagram:@maukujablogi

Owing to their exotic looks from their Cheetah ancestors, the Egyptian Maus are easily one of the most popular black cat breeds. These cats are naturally spotted and are the only domestic cat breed that looks so.

Because they are a naturally occurring cat breed, their coat colors are also limited to natural colors. You will notice that they are only covered in silver, bronze, smoke, and black coat colors.

20. Munchkin Cat

Image from Basepaws

Because of their short legs which is a result of genetic mutation, these adorable cats look like walking cotton balls. But you’d be surprised to learn that Munchkins can be agile and quick when needed. They are warm-hearted yet cheeky, and outgoing pets.

Their coats can come in any color or pattern that is genetically possible, so they can be black, white, or a combination of both.

19. Chantilly-Tiffany

Image from House Carers

In the early years of developing the Chantilly-Tiffany cats, they were originally known to be only in chocolate brown colored coats. But as breeding for this fluffy cat became widespread, a more varied color palette, including black, blue, cinnamon, fawn, and lilac were seen.

These lapcats covered in soft and plush single-coat fur are ideal house and travel companions because of their ability to stay still when needed.

18. European Shorthair

Image from Instagram:@blackbeauty_mila

Hailing from Sweden, cat enthusiasts consider the European Shorthair cats to be another variant of British Shorthair and American Shorthair. These medium-sized cats have a muscular build and are equipped with strong legs.

Their short, dense coats are glossy and come in various colors like black, red, blue, and cream. They are also known for having springy fur that lies down spontaneously after being ruffled during petting.

17. Siberian Cat

Image from Basepaws

Because of the extremely cold climate of their homeland in Russia, Siberians have very dense, medium to long, water repellent triple coats. Their fluffy fur that comes in a full spectrum of colors and patterns including black, cream, gold, and silver give them a powerful look.

They are active and intelligent cats that many people adore. Their athleticism allows them to climb heights and play in the water.

16. Manx Cat

Image from Instagram:@manx.mania

Known as a tailless cat breed, Manx cats are very similar in almost every aspect to another tailless breed, the Cymric cats. According to cat experts, one tip to differentiate the two is to check the fur length. The former has longer fur that comes in black, white, and other colors.

These cats are very energetic, playful, and smart and they can easily be trained like dogs.

15. Selkirk Rex

Image from Instagram:@chlo_rox_cats

The Selkirk Rex cats are naturally curly cats that were discovered and officially recognized relatively more recently. These head-turners come in all genetically possible colors but white, cream, and black are the most common ones.

For any potential owners, you must know that brushing their coats should not be done frequently no matter how disheveled they look. This is to keep their curly coat from becoming brittle.

14. American Bobtail

Image from Instagram:@torbjornandmimi

These large cats with a distinctive wild appearance are described as extremely interactive by those who own one. American Bobtails thrive on attention. They will often initiate games with their owners and play for hours on end.

They have short tails that appear differently among individual members. They also come in all colors and patterns, although colors and patterns that enhance the wild appearance are preferred.

13. Norwegian Forest Cat

Image from House Carers

Norweigan Forest Cats are popular options as household pets among cat lovers not only in Norway but in other parts of the globe too. These Skogkatts, as they’re locally known, are fluffy cats covered in insulated, waterproof double coats.

Although they are commonly found in brown tabby and white coats, they can come in a wide range of colors, from white to gray and black.

12. Sphynx Cat

Image from House Carers

It may be surprising for some to know that the Sphynx isn’t always totally hairless. Members of this cat breed exhibit different degrees of hairlessness. 

And regardless if they are hairless and or not, these cats can show all possible colors and patterns at any stage of maturity. They can be white, black, red, and cream, and these colors intensify depending on the amount of sun exposure.

11. Devon Rex

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

Because of their impish faces and crinkly coats, Devon Rex cats don’t always give off a friendly impression. But the truth is they are lively, sociable, and extroverted cats. 

They sport a diverse curly to soft suede-like coat with colors that can be anywhere in the color spectrum. From white to blue to black, these cats can be covered in a wide range of shades and patterns.

10. Cornish Rex

Image from Instagram:@jacaranda1

A close relative of the previously-mentioned breed in this list, the Cornish Rex cats are also known for having curly waves on their coats that lie close to their bodies. Their fur is incredibly soft to the touch that many people consider these cats as luxury.

Their curly coats can come in every color and pattern imaginable such as solid colors like white, black, red, and cream.

9. American Curl

Image from Basepaws

Just like many cats in this list, the American Curl’s unique feature is also a result of genetic mutation. The breeders decided to preserve the trait because it has made these cats iconic in their own ways. 

Their small size and quirky personalities are already attracting many potential pet owners. But their beautiful coat that comes in many colors like cream, red, and black seals the deal.

8. Oriental Shorthair

Image from ChomChom Roller

The Oriental Cats are the most versatile cat breed because they are available in an astonishing 150 coat colors. Do you have a preferred color in mind? Name it, this cat breed has it.

This is the result of countless breeding experiments done to explore all possibilities of cat color and patterns. These clingy cats are not only beautiful they are also safe, as they are hypoallergenic.

7. Scottish Fold

Image from Basepaws

Ever wondered why Scottish Fold has a unique look? Specifically, their ears are folded forward and downward on their heads. If you guessed that it’s a result of a genetic mutation, you’re right. The mutation is a common theme among cat breeds.

These owl-looking cats can have a short-hair or long-hair coat that can come in many colors. They can be white, black, blue, or shaded silver.

6. Japanese Bobtail

Image from Instagram:@_not_another_one_

Japanese Bobtails are famous for being a good fortune bringer to anyone who owns them. These legendary cats in Japan are produced in many colors. But the most sought-after is the combination of black, red, and white which are lucky colors. 

But owners are happy with whatever color this cat breed comes in. Another unique trait they have is their bobbed tails from which their name was derived.

5. Maine Coon

Image from Darwin’s Pet

Known for their rodent-hunting abilities, you wouldn’t expect these large cats to be gentle and sweet-natured creatures. The Maine Coon is loved by many because they are the perfect combination of easy-going and active house pets. They also adapt well anywhere they go.

Commonly these cats are seen with tabby coat patterns, but they come in a variety of coat colors and patterns, including black and white.

4. American Shorthair

Image from WOpet

American Shorthair cats are preferred by families with young children because of their longevity and robust health. Because they are known to live longer, they make excellent life companions. These cats also have a sweet demeanor and are friendly with other animals.

These beautiful cats covered in short, dense coats can come in several colors and patterns. They can be in black, white, shaded colors, and more.

3. British Shorthair

Image from WOpet

Unlike the other shorthair cats on this list, what sets the British Shorthair apart is its calm nature. They like to spend most of their days just sitting quietly but are always up for a quality bonding time with their humans. 

These large cats are covered in plush coats that come in various colors like white, grey, and black. They are sometimes referred to as teddy bears.

2. Persian Cat

Image from CatsPlay

The quintessential cat breed of all, the Persian cat is probably the most photographed. Because of their popularity, they have been bred consistently producing a variety of colors within the breed. Sure an all-white version is iconic but the black cats are just as beautiful.

Their silky fur needs proper maintenance with daily combing. These cats are adored by many because they are sweet and gentle-natured.

1. Bombay Cat

Image from Instagram:@petihtiyac

Seeing a Bombay cat for the first time will have you do a double-take because it resembles a black panther, only smaller. This breed was produced by combining characteristics of black American Shorthairs and sable Burmese cats. The goal was to produce cats that look like panthers.

The breeder, fortunately, succeeded and created cats covered in shiny black coats with brilliant gold to copper eyes.

What Breed Is A Fluffy Black Cat? 

Main Coons are fluffy cats in general, and fortunately, they come in black coats to make them look even more charming. These large cats are notoriously friendly hence they are ideal pet options for families with kids and other animal pests. They are excellent companions that enjoy the water and the outdoors.

Do Black Cats Have Black Whiskers?

Yes, black cats can be completely black by having black whiskers and paw pads according to cat experts. But this isn’t always common because whiskers are thicker than fur and originate deeper in the skin. They usually bypass the layer where pigment is stored resulting in white whiskers in some.

Do Black Cats Live Longer? 

Yes, black cats can live longer because they have the traits that help them avoid getting sick. According to researchers, black cats have genetic mutations that give them black coats. These same genes were discovered to offer these cats some immunity from diseases making them less likely to fall ill.

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