12 Beautiful Blue Eyed Cat Breeds You Need To See

There’s something special about a cat with blue eyes. Maybe it’s the striking color that stands out from all the other cats’ dilated pupils, or maybe it’s their mysterious aura that always seems to captivate us.

No matter what the reason, there’s no denying that these felines are simply beautiful.

If you’re looking for a feline friend with striking blue eyes, then you’ll want to check out these 12 breeds. From the Siamese and British Shorthair to the Russian Blue and Norwegian Forest Cat, these cats all have mesmerizing blue peepers that are sure to catch your eye!

12. Ojos Azules

Image from ChomChom Roller

Ojos Azules literally translates to blue eyes in Spanish. It’s a fitting name for this cat breed because of their unusually deep blue eyes. Unusual because this extremely rare cat breed is not a pointed cat which is a cat group that is expected to have blue eyes.

Unfortunately, although they are beautiful, little is known about their temperament as there is only a handful of them.

11. Himalayan Cat

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The Himalayan cat is a type of Persian cat that was developed to create a Persian cat with the pointed coat of a Siamese. The resulting breed had eyes that are always a vivid blue in color like that of a Siamese.

Their Persian traits are shown by their stature and shape with differences only in coat patterns. Unique to this cat breed is their calm nature.

10. British Shorthair

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The teddy bear of the cat kingdom, British Shorthairs are stocky in appearance. This is because their medium-sized bodies are covered in dense and plush coats of various colors. Not only do their coats vary in colors and patterns, but so do their eyes.

If the cats come in white coats, it is likely that they will also have blue eyes as it is always the natural combination.

9. Tonkinese Cat

Image from House Carers

The Tonkinese cats are a result of interbreeding blue-eyed cat breeds, the Siamese and Burmese. As a result, the product breed comes in 12 color and pattern varieties as well as contrasting blue or aqua eyes in different shades.

These cats are known to be vocal and people-oriented, so when they are around people they show off their silly antiques. They are also affectionate and intelligent cats.

8. Snowshoe Cat

Image from Darwin’s Pet

Another descendant of the blue-eyed Siamese cat, from which they also got their blue eyes, Snowshoe cats are nosy pets that want to join in with everything. At the same time, they are also easy to train, a trait which they got from their American Shorthair ancestors.

These rare cats got their name from their white mittened paws that look like they have been dipped in snow.

7. Ragdoll

Image from Darwin’s Pet

Ragdoll cats got their name because of their tendency to go limp when picked up, just like a ragdoll. They tend to be more interested in humans than any other cat breeds which show in their cuddly nature. They don’t mind being carried unlike most cats making them ideal lapcats.

Aside from their clingy nature, they are also popular among pet lovers because of their sparkling sapphire eyes.

6. Birman

Image from Instagram:@lapka_fm

Considered a sacred cat from Burma, Birmans are a prominent figure in their folklore. It’s said that these cats acquired their plush coats and mesmerizingly blue eyes as a reward from a goddess because of their immense devotion.

They are also one of the most adorable cat breeds because of their gentle, affectionate, and playful temperament. They have a charm you will not be able to resist.

5. Balinese Cat

Image from Instagram:@igpashko

Named after the graceful dancers of Bali, the Balinese cats are known as the longhaired variety of Siamese cats. Owing to their ancestry, these cats also possess deep blue eyes and silky, flowing coats that cover their long and elegant bodies.

Not only do they have captivating looks, but they also have wonderful personalities to match them. They are intelligent and playful cats at home with their families.

4. Javanese Cat

Image from Instagram:@javanesecats

Known as a highly active cat breed, the Javanese cats are the result of breeding three cats which are Siamese, Colorpoint, and Balinese. These cats have bodies that are built long and covered in silky coats, plus sapphire eyes.

These are active and social cats who prefer to be around people. Because of their level of intelligence, they tend to be very inquisitive and can be trained.

3. Siamese Cat

Image from Petmate

The parent breed of almost all blue-eyed cats in this list, the Siamese cats are perhaps the most popular cat breed with blue eyes. They are also one of the oldest cat breeds and were once considered sacred cats.

They are known to have striking blue eyes and elegant physiques. Personality-wise they love to be showered with attention and use their loud voice to attract their owners.

2. Turkish Angora

Image from CatsPlay

While this cat breed comes in many combinations of coat and eye colors, the all-white Turkish Angoras almost always have blue eyes. And this version of the cat breed is the more popular one among others.

But the colored versions are also known to be just as lovely because all members are equally outgoing and affectionate. They are also playful and adaptable, perfect for families with kids.

1. Khao Manee

Image from CatsPlay

The cat breed with different color for each eye is the Khao Manee. This condition is medically known as complete heterochromia iridis in which one iris is a different color from the other. 

Because of this wonderfully unique trait, this cat breed from Thailand, covered in a matching pure, glistening white coat, is becoming increasingly popular. They are also known to be devoted pets to their owners.

Are Blue-Eyed Cats Common? 

No, blue-eyed cats are not common because the gene responsible for producing blue eyes is also not common. The albinism gene that gives pointed cat breeds blue eyes is recessive and will not be expressed in the offspring unless the mating partner cat breed also has the same gene.

What Breed Of Cat Is Gray With Blue Eyes? 

The Himalayans are gray cats with blue eyes. Generally, all newborn gray cats have blue eyes because cats don’t develop eye pigmentation until they’re 6 weeks old when melanin production starts. As they become adults, they will eventually manifest their breed’s eye color, but some gray Himalayans retain blue eyes.

Are All Cats With Blue Eyes Deaf? 

No, not all cats with blue eyes are deaf. A small population of white cats with blue eyes is known to have congenital sensorineural deafness because of the presence and expression of the identified KIT gene. This is a dominant masking gene that suppresses both pigmentation and hearing in cats.

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