Black Lab Mixes

Hardworking, friendly, and affectionate, Black Lab mixes are some of the best pups for canine lovers of all walks of life. These dogs are versatile all-rounders that will be more than happy whether on an outdoor adventure or a cozy time at home.

The Pugador is a compact pooch with the Lab’s proportionate body shape and a Pug’s signature overbite. If you prefer a hypoallergenic black Lab mix, then a Labradoodle is a fine choice with a Poodle’s tight, low-shedding curls. Huskadors, on the other hand, are for active folks who love an agile and active pooch.

Get to know more about these Black Lab mixes – they may come in just one shade, but their personalities are every color of the rainbow!

46. Labrakita: Black Labrador + Akita

Image from Instagram:@fio_explore

The Labrakita has the muscular build of an Akita and the distinct puppy-dog eyes of a Labrador. It also possesses a fox-like appearance, such as a long snout and triangular, erect ears. Think of an Akita in a black coat, and that’s how we picture a Labrakita to be!

Although this pooch has a short coat, some shedding may still be expected. Daily brushing is ideal for keeping the fur under control.

45. Borador: Black Labrador + Border Collie

Image from Best Bully Sticks

Boradors are a combination of Labradors and Border Collies. These pooches are medium-sized canines that can grow up to 80 lbs, since both parents are not your small and compact dog breeds.

Because of their dense double coats, these dogs are moderate shedders, with more shedding going on in the fall and spring. They require regular grooming to keep them looking nice and sharp.

44. Goldador: Black Labrador + Golden Retriever

Image from Instagram:@nalathegoldador_

When you mix two of the world’s most popular dog breeds – the Black Labrador and the Golden Retriever – this results in the gorgeous Goldador. They are large and robust pups weighing as much as 90 lbs.

Bright and sunny, Goldadors are excellent companions for your outdoor adventures. They need a couple of hours of exercise daily to keep them physically fit. Training is also relatively easy with these dogs because of their intelligence and eagerness to please their owners.

43. Beagador: Black Labrador + Beagle

Image from Petsies

Think of a Beagle’s floppy ears and rectangular face in the body of a Labrador (except more compact), and you’ve got a charming Beagador. If you prefer a small four-legged pal, this Black Lab mix is perfect, as it should not go over 24 inches tall and weigh about 40 lbs.

Folks with limited space in their home and yard should be perfect fur parents to this mixed breed. A Beagador, however, can be a challenge to train because of its stubborn streak, so an experienced owner is a better fit for this pooch.

42. Malinois Black Lab Mix: Black Labrador + Belgian Malinois

Image from Instagram:@13n144e

Tall and lean, the Malinois Black Lab mix possesses the Malinois’ lean and muscular build and a Labrador’s big, floppy ears. This dog is pretty large, which is why a roomy yard and indoor space are a must to keep them happy and content.

As for the personality, this mixed breed is naturally smart and alert. This is why it is a suitable choice for a guard dog because of its strong desire to protect its owners, along with its fearless personality.

41. Doberdor: Black Labrador + Doberman Pinscher

Image from Instagram:@india.doberdor

Doberdors are large and powerful dogs that can weigh as much as 100 lbs or so. They have a softer look about them, unlike a Doberman’s more intimidating features. Regular exercise is an important part of their daily life to keep them healthy and fit.

These short-coated pups are a good choice for people who don’t like dealing with many shedding issues. They still shed but only seasonally and not as profusely as densely-coated canines.

40. Whipador: Black Labrador + Whippet

Image from Instagram:@rubislawa

A Labrador crossed with a Whippet results in a streamlined Whipador. This pup looks like a lankier Lab or a more meaty Whippet. The head is bulbous with upright ears, somewhat in-between rounded and long.

If you want a dog that loves the great outdoors, then you will find the Whipador a fine choice for you. This is the kind of pooch that you can go hiking and running with or take on your road trips because of its adventurous spirit.

39. Woflador: Black Labrador + Grey Wolf

Image from Instagram:@breannaleigh88

The Wolfador is not your ordinary Black Lab mix. This pooch is quite rare and with an unpredictable personality, depending on which parent has a more dominant gene. For instance, it may look more like a wolf with a denser coat and pointy snout or closer to a Lab’s appearance with a shorter coat and drop ears.

As for the temperament, Wolfladors may either be outgoing as a Labrador or more reserved and shy like a Grey Wolf. Early training is a must for these pups, especially while living with younger kids and other household pets under the same roof.

38. Labmaraner: Black Labrador + Weimaraner

Image from Instagram:@ola_ashley

A stunning cross between a Labrador and a Weimaraner, the athletic Labmaraner is an agile and social pup. This canine has a large build, grows up to 20 inches tall, and weighs about 90 lbs. The short coat is smooth and sheer, with minimal shedding all year round.

Labmaraners are active dogs that require plenty of exercises daily. If you have kids at home, these canines should get along well with them. They thrive on activity and will be more than happy to go jogging or hiking with you.

37. Labratzu: Black Labrador + Shih Tzu

Image from Instagram:@the_hounds_of_house_m

Scruffy like a Shih Tzu and with a well-proportioned body shape like a Labrador, a Labratzu is one unique pooch. It is a compact, hairy fellow that should fit perfectly well in a modest-sized home.

Easy-going Labratzus should not be a problem with younger children as these dogs are mellow-tempered and patient with little ones. They should be fine with moderate exercise daily and would be more than happy with quiet times at home.

36. Labernard: Black Labrador + Saint Bernard

Image from Instagram:@brunothelabernard

Massive and bulky, the Labernard is a fascinating combination of Saint Bernard and Black Labrador. Think of it as a hairier and larger Labrador, yet with a puppy-like personality. In fact, most Labernards behave like giant lap dogs because of their affectionate nature.

Although these dogs are not quite as densely-coated as a Saint Bernard, Labernards still shed more than a purebred Lab. They need daily brushing and grooming to keep the shedding under control and away from your furniture.

35. Rottador: Black Labrador + Rottweiler

Image from Instagram:@mama_and_the_goslings

Rottadors are large-pawed, round-faced, bulky-bodied pups that are a fascinating mix of the Black Labrador and the Rottweiler. They have rounded ears as a Rottweiler but floppy as a Lab. As for their build, they are large and powerful with defined muscles.

These dogs are natural guard dogs because of their strong desire to protect their owners. They can also be quite territorial, which is why early socialization and training are a must for these pups.

34. Pitador: Black Labrador + American Pitbull Terrier

Image from Instagram:@chopinthefakepitlab

Unlike a purebred Pitbull, the Pitador has a narrower face and a more proportionate body. It still has a Pittie’s muscular build but is less stocky and leaning more toward a lanky body shape as a Labrador.

Affectionate and loving, owners can easily fall in love with a Pitador’s sweet demeanor. They do require ample exercise daily to prevent boredom that leads to undesirable behaviors.

33. Chabrador: Black Labrador + Chow Chow

Image from Instagram:@chowbradorblu

Chabradors are like fluffy Labs because of Chow Chow’s dense and profuse coat. They possess a Chow’s neck ruff and deep facial wrinkles, making them look like black lions. With that in mind, heavy shedding issues are to be expected from these doggos.

In terms of personality, Chabradors are reserved and independent fellows. They are not quite happy-go-lucky and laid-back as a Lab but a bit more aloof as a Chow Chow. This is why they are better off in a home without other pets or young children around.

32. Pointerdor: Black Labrador + Pointer

Image from Instagram:@randy_thelabpointer

If a sporting dog is what you look for, then the Pointerdor is a perfect match for your needs. This pooch has a Pointer’s lean body and a Labrador’s round eyes and floppy ears. The coat is short and smooth, which makes it low-maintenance and requires minimal grooming.

These dogs are medium-sized and can grow up to 80 lbs. Overall, they are healthy canines and can live up to 17 years without serious medical issues.

31. Bassador: Black Labrador + Basset Hound

Image from Instagram:@lovefrom1969

The Bassador is much like a compact Basset Hound but with a Labrador’s proportionate body shape. This pooch has large paws, an elongated face like a Basset Hound, and one pair of long and floppy ears.

If you prefer a pet that does not require much exercise, then the Bassador is a fine match for you. This Black Lab mix can do without intensive physical activity and should be fine with more time spent indoors.

30. Alaskan Malador: Black Labrador + Alaskan Malamute

Image from Instagram:@pineypups

Alaskan Maladors are thick-coated pups that can be as tall as 25 inches at the shoulder and weigh a little over 100 lbs. They have a double coat that needs frequent brushing. With that being said, this is not the kind of pet for folks with allergies.

Smart and trainable, Maladors can easily learn new tricks and commands. They are, however, more suitable for experienced owners because of their stubborn streak.

29. American Bullador: Black Labrador + American Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@bulladorablemochi

A fun mix between a wrinkly-faced Bulldog and a short-coated Lab, this pooch is a charming crossbreed for canine lovers. This is a fairly low-maintenance pup that needs very minimal grooming and weekly brushing.

Depending on which parent’s trait is more dominant, Bulldadors may have a short and flat muzzle, resulting in respiratory problems. They are also more suited to a cooler climate since they experience breathing issues when it is hot and humid.

28. Bloodhound Lab: Black Labrador + Bloodhound

Image from Instagram:@rosieaky

Bloodhound Labs are floppy-eared, muscular, and short-coated pups that possess the best of both worlds that their parents have to offer. They have puppy-dog eyes as a Lab and long ears like a Bloodhound.

These canines are the perfect companions for your outdoor trips. They enjoy exploring and discovering new things because of their curious personalities. Daily exercise is also a must for these active four-legged pals.

27. Aussiedor: Black Labrador + Australian Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@evietheaussiedor

A cross between the Black Labrador and the Australian Shepherd, the energetic and active Aussiedor is a fantastic outdoor companion. Since one parent is from the herding group, this pooch loves to play and romp, so a large, fenced backyard is a must.

These pups are more densely-coated than a purebred Labrador. Because of this, they tend to shed a lot and will require regular grooming to keep the fur situation on your furniture under control.

26. Bullmassador: Black Labrador + Bullmastiff

Image from Instagram:@pitbull.passed.gracefully

A massive and muscular pup, the Bullmassador is a mix of the Labrador Retriever and the bulky Bull Mastiff. This enormous pooch can weigh as heavy as 140 lbs and stand over 20 inches tall.

Bullmassadors are excellent family dogs. They are loyal and protective companions, so you can count on them as watchdogs and guard dogs. Despite their large build, training is relatively easy with these intelligent and alert canines.

25. Labrador Corso: Black Labrador + Cane Corso

Image from Instagram:@damarispaolone

The Labrador Corso is what you get when you mix the Labrador with the Cane Corso. It is a tall and heavy pup that can reach about 28 inches in height and weigh about 100 lbs. This is why a spacious fenced area is a must if you plan on owning this mixed breed.

When it comes to training a Labrador Corso, expect it to be a bit trickier than usual. This canine lean more towards domineering, so you need to be firm and patient.

24. Laberner: Black Labrador + Bernese Mountain Dog

Image from Instagram:@cosmicinquisition

Another hefty and massive pooch, the Laberner, is a combination of the large Bernese Mountain dog and muscular Labrador. This is the kind of pooch you want if you prefer a furbaby that has a Berner’s affectionate charm and a Lab’s more manageable short coat.

Laberners love to play. In fact, they tend to remain puppy-like for a while, despite their large build. This is why a roomy area for playtime and exercise should keep them happy and content.

23. Labraheeler: Black Labrador + Blue Heeler

Image from Instagram:@kentucky_puppy

A Black Labrador mixed with the Blue Heeler results in a compact pooch with a spunky character. The Labraheeler looks a lot like a smaller Labrador with familiar floppy ears and a leaner, more streamlined body.

Since both parents are active and energetic, Labraheelers thrive in a spacious area that allows them to run around to their heart’s content. They also require early training to keep their strong prey drive under control.

22. Dutch Lab: Black Labrador + Dutch Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@silk0113

Dutch Labs are a crossbreed between the Dutch Shepherd and the Black Labrador. These dogs are versatile and should be perfect whether in the countryside or in urban areas, considering there are more opportunities for activities.

Unlike a purebred Dutch Shepherd, though, the Dutch Lab has drop ears instead of triangular, erect ears. They are also a bit heavier and with more well-defined muscles.

21. Schnauzador: Black Labrador + Schnauzer

Image from Instagram:@seamustheschnauzador

It is not quite common to find the Schnauzador as it is one of the rarest Black Lab mixes. This crossbreed has a Lab’s short coat but with a wiry quality like a Schnauzer. Grooming is more manageable, making them perfect for busy folks.

Schnauzadors are larger than the average Labrador or Schnauzer. Adults often weigh as much as 80 lbs. Training should be easy because of their inherent smarts and desire to please their owners.

20. Labrastaff: Black Labrador + Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Image from Instagram:@number1ryker

The Labrastaff is a powerful heavyweight that possesses a Staffie’s enormous build and a Lab’s short and sheer coat. This canine sheds but not as much as a few other Black Lab mixes on our list.

Unlike a purebred Lab’s sunny and friendly looks, these dogs can appear to be intimidating. But they can be very loyal to their owners and are always ready to protect their families.

19. Cavador: Black Labrador + Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Image from Instagram:@ameliaburagas

The Cavador is a social butterfly that inherits the chirpy personality of the Cavalier King Charles and the Lab’s sunny and mellow temperament. This is a medium-sized pooch that can weigh no more than 55 lbs, so it should be perfect in an apartment.

Just like its Cavalier parent, the Cavador has silky coats. Although the fur is longer than a purebred Lab, it’s low-maintenance and does not shed heavily.

18. Labrahuahua: Black Labrador + Chihuahua

Image from Instagram:@denver_the_dogosaur

Labrahuahuas are not very common, but they are definitely one of the most interesting Black Lab mixes. These dogs are like oversized Chihuahuas but with the physical features of a Lab, with their floppy ears and narrower faces.

When you like activity, then the Labrahuahua is a fine choice. Since the size is relatively compact, you shouldn’t have a hard time caring for this dog, even without a large home.

17. Labrahound: Black Labrador + Greyhound

Image from Instagram:@jodi_nicholls

Next up, we have the Labrahounds. These are lean pups, just like a purebred Greyhound except a little shorter in build. When fully grown, they should weigh about 75 lbs and are taller than a typical Labrador.

Since both parents are short-coated, these dogs have sheer and smooth coats. They are low-maintenance and should be fine for people who suffer from allergies because of the low-shedding quality.

16. Spanador: Black Labrador + Cocker Spaniel

Image from Best Bully Sticks

The Spanador is much like a Cocker Spaniel with its long, rectangular face but with shorter coats like a Labrador. These dogs are medium-built and can weigh under 100 lbs. They are excellent hunting companions because of their alert and agile nature.

However, the Spanador is not suitable for allergy sufferers because of its shedding nature. This dog would also require more tedious grooming requirements than a purebred Lab, so be prepared for regular brushing to keep shedding issues under control.

15. Laboundland: Black Labrador + Newfoundland

Image from Instagram:@happydaleranch

An adorable hybrid dog that’s a mix of a Labrador and a Newfoundland, a Laboundland or Newfiedor is a large pup. Newfiedors look like larger Labs but with long black coats, just like a purebred Newfoundland.

These pooches are quite reserved and shy towards strangers. This is why early socialization is a must for these canines. Plenty of exercises is also important to keep them healthy and happy.

14. Lab Pei: Black Labrador + Shar Pei

Image from Instagram:@mydogpennybear

Lab Peis have the Shar-Pei’s signature crumpled face and a Labrador’s short coat. They are medium-sized in build and would need bi-weekly brushing for general grooming. As these pups are generally healthy, their average lifespan should be about 8 to 10 years.

Families with young kids and pets will find the Lab Pei a suitable pet for them. This mixed breed is relatively easy to train and can easily fit in any type of household.

13. Boxador: Black Labrador + Boxer

Image from Majestic Pet Products

Lively and agile, Boxadors are large canines with an average weight of 80 lbs and a height of 18 inches. They are short-coated dogs, which means grooming needs are kept to a minimum. A spacious yard with ample room for them to run around in is an ideal place for these canines.

Boxadors are naturally sweet and loyal to their families. They behave like young pups even during their adulthood and would never hesitate to jump onto your lap even if they have reached their fullest size potential!

12. Kelpador: Black Labrador + Australian Kelpie

Image from Instagram:@jackjackie93

Always full of energy, the Kelpador inherits its Australia Kelpie parent’s energetic and springy nature. This is a compact-sized pup, although some of them may be a bit larger but smaller than a purebred Labrador.

Kelpadors have short, black coats, which are easy to groom and care for. Only a weekly brushing should suffice, as well as basic grooming techniques, to keep these pups neat and tidy.

11. Dalmador: Black Labrador + Dalmatian

Image from

Unlike a purebred Dalmatian, the Dalmador lacks the signature spots. When bred with the Black Labrador, these dogs adopt a solid raven-colored coat that is short in length. This makes these hybrid pups low-maintenance and suitable for busy folks.

But just like Dals, these canines require regular exercise to keep them physically fit. Mental stimulation is also necessary to prevent them from getting bored and anxious, which can lead to behavioral issues.

10. Labradane: Black Labrador + Great Dane

Image from Instagram:@wanhahala

Labradanes are majestic canines yet with a gentle temperament. These short-coated cuties are sweet-natured and can easily get along with people of all ages. No wonder these crossbreeds are amazing family pets!

As for their physical appearance, they look more like a Labrador but just a tad taller and leaner. Labradanes are also generally healthy pups except for some common medical conditions such as hip and elbow dysplasia, which are common among large canines.

9. Labrasetter: Black Labrador + Irish Setter

Image from Instagram:@enhagelangtnord

Smaller than an Irish Setter and hairier than a Labrador, the Labrasetter offers the best of both worlds. This canine has the intelligence of an Irish Setter and a Labrador’s sociable nature. You will love tagging this pooch along on your outdoor adventures as it loves to explore and stay active.

Do take note that this mixed breed is prone to separation anxiety. This is why it is not ideal for owners who need to be away for work during most parts of the day. Regular exercise is also needed to keep this pup fit and boredom-free.

8. Afador: Black Labrador + Afghan Hound

Image from Instagram:@sir_fable_and_lady_tsuki_of_tx

Sporting the Afghan Hound’s lush and smooth coat and a Labrador’s sweet eyes and floppy ears, the Afador is one good-looking pooch. This is an athletic canine that thrives on physical activity, which is why an equally active owner is a good fit for it.

Overall, Afadors are cheery, bright, and pleasant dogs. They are, however, strong-willed and challenging to train. So, these canines are much better off with experienced owners who can give them firm and consistent training.

7. Springador: Black Labrador + Springer Spaniel

Image from Instagram:@finnley_the_springador

Springadors look very much like purebred Labradors, except for their longer ears and thicker coats. After all, they have densely-coated Springer Spaniel parents, which account for the extra fluff!

In terms of their temperament, these are social butterflies that can easily get along with anyone. They need early training because of their high prey drive. A large, fenced yard is a suitable space to give these dogs plenty of opportunities to run around and play.

6. Corgidor: Black Labrador + Corgi

Image from Instagram:@jackson_the_corgidor

Compact and stocky, Corgidors are portable pups that are no taller than 15 inches. Although they are short-legged, these pooches are not as stubby as purebred Corgis. They have rectangular and sturdy bodies and narrower faces like a Labrador.

Corgidors are clown-like pups that are famous for their silly antics. They get along fine with kids and other pets, too, which makes them an all-around family dog.

5. Dachsador: Black Labrador + Dachshund

Image from Instagram:@adognameddiggy

Think of a Dachsador as a smaller Labrador but with stubby legs and a longer muzzle. This canine has a shorter body than a purebred Dachshund and is slightly taller, as well. The coat is short and low-maintenance.

These are compact pups that tip the scale as under 50 lbs and grow as tall as 25 inches. Although they are fairly healthy, most Dachsadors tend to inherit their parent’s tendency to develop hip dysplasia later in life.

4. Sheprador: Black Labrador + German Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@imyelling__kimber

One of the most popular Black Lab mixes, the Sheprador, is a lean and muscular mixed breed. This canine has a short double coat that is a little on the thick side. So, expect moderate shedding from this pup!

Sherpradors have varied temperaments. For instance, they may be sociable and easy-going like a Labrador or aloof and protective like a German Shepherd. Whatever their personality may turn out to be, early training is a must for these agile pooches.

3. Huskador: Black Labrador + Siberian Husky

Image from Instagram:@bothelabsky

Not quite as fluffy as a purebred Husky and a little shorter than a Labrador, the Huskador is a large pooch with an average weight of 80 lbs. This canine does have a luxurious, dense coat, which makes it a heavy shedder.

Huskadors are sociable creatures that love the company of people. They also pick up new tricks and commands easily because of their smart and witty nature. First-time owners should not have any issues with these dogs.

2. Labradoodle: Black Labrador + Poodle

Image from Bully Beds

A designer Black Lab mix, the Labradoodle comes in different sizes – miniature or toy, medium, and standard. It may weigh as light as 25 lbs or somewhere close to 100 lbs. Overall, this canine is healthy and can live as long as 18 years.

Labradoodles are a good choice for folks who suffer from allergies. Although these canines have thick coats, they do not shed as much and are easy to groom.

1. Pugador: Black Labrador + Pug

Image from Instagram:@tatyaviles

The charming Pugador joins our list of Black Lab mixes that are well-loved by canine fanciers. This cutie is compact and barely tips the scale at over 50 lbs. The coat is short and sheer just like both parents, although it can also be shed seasonally. Its nose is not as flat as a purebred Pug but shorter than a Lab’s muzzle.

A Pugador can easily fit in any home with its outgoing personality, whether with families, singles, or couples. This is a sweet and affectionate canine that will never hesitate to shower you with love.

What Color Puppies Will 2 Black Labs Have? When two black Labs have offspring, they may come in different colors. In fact, a litter of black Labs can come in chocolate- or yellow-colored coats, as well as solid black.

How Long Do Black Labs Mixes Live? Black Lab mixes are healthy dogs with an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years. Others, however, can live longer than 17 years, particularly smaller Black Lab mixes.

Is A Black Labrador Rare? According to statistics, Black Labradors are quite common. In fact, there are more Labradors with black coats than other color variations. On the other hand, silver Labs are rare, and these dogs have light blue coats that look silvery in the sunlight.

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