Bracco Italiano

You may be interested in Bracco Italiano breeds and want to know more about them before adopting one. After all, Bracco Italiano is AKC’s newest recognized breed in 2022. Why wouldn’t you want to get one?

Also known as Italian Pointers, Bracco Italiano is a large dog breed developed for hunting or sports. These Braccos are gentle and highly trainable. Moreover, this dog breed has a short fur coat, which doesn’t require special grooming.

So, Bracco Italiano is an excellent breed to be a pet. To help you know more and care better about your Bracco, we will discuss personality, instincts, temperament, and grooming tips for Braccos. We will also discuss whether Braccos are good with children and other doggies. But first, let’s go into the details of the Bracco breed!

What Kind Of A Dog Is The Bracco Italiano?

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Bracco Italiano is a hunting gundog from Italy with long floppy ears and a lean but muscular body. Bracco’s are popular in Italy for their companionship and hunting specialty but are rare in the United States.


Bracco Italianos first originated in Northern Italy.

Although it was officially registered in breed standard in 1949, its beginnings were also found in the 4th and 5th centuries. Bracco had two species when it was first bred.

Later, in the 1800s, when Bracco was near extinction, some people repopulated them. The repopulation process brought two varieties together. Bracco’s are related to both Gundog and Sports groups of United Kennel Club.


The Bracco Italianos have oval-shaped and relatively large eyes. The eye color of these furry friends ranges between dark amber and orange-brown. These canines have long floppy ears that are half as wide as their length.

You can take their ear’s end to their nose tip without being stretched. Compared to their long ears and muscular build, they have a relatively short tail, which may be straight or curved.

Fur Coat

These canines have dense, smooth, and short fur coats, requiring less grooming. They usually occur in white, white, and orange or white and chestnut. Most of the Bracco breed has a color combination of white and orange. Their fur has a pattern of several patches and speckles of orange and white.


The average height of Bracco Italianos is between 29 to 34 inches. Male pups usually have a withers height of 22 to 26 inches. At the same time, female dogs have withers 22 to 24 inches long.

Bracco Italianos are compact and muscular dogs that typically weigh between 55 and 80 pounds. They have a long head with a slightly convex skull. The muzzle is fairly short and slightly tapering.

How Long Do Bracco Italianos Live?

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Bracco Italianos have a lifespan of 10 to 14 years.

Your dog may not be able to live its life to the fullest if he falls victim to the common health issues of this breed. Below are some of these diseases, their symptoms, and diagnoses that you need to look out for.

Eye Anomalies

Like humans, Bracco may also suffer from cataracts. Cataracts form cloudy pouches on their eyes which leads to dog blindness. Some other eye diseases found in Bracco are cherry eye, entropion, and ectropion. Symptoms of entropion in Bracco Italianos are:

  • Severe irritation
  • Inward rolling of the eyelid
  • Excess tear production
  • Excess blinking
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Corneal ulceration
  • Keratitis

The diagnosis is quite simple as it is easier to notice inward eyelid turning in general check-ups. Some common symptoms of ectropion are:

  • Outward rolling of the eyelid
  • Excess tear discharge
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Dry eye

Hip And Elbow Dysplasia

Hip and elbow dysplasia is caused by the weakening of muscles and dogs’ joints as they grow up. Bracco may require surgeries to live a comfortable life ahead in severe cases. Symptoms of hip dysplasia are:

  • Lameness
  • Painful arthritis
  • Abnormal functioning of the hip socket

Symptoms of elbow dysplasia in Bracco pups are:

  • Intermittent lameness
  • Thickening on the outside of one or both elbow joints
  • Feet and pasterns will turn outward

Hip and elbow dysplasia can be diagnosed by X-ray.

Kidney Disorders

Kidney disease can have slow or quick progress in Bracco Italianos. But both conditions are risky and can be fatal to your Bracco pup. The most common kidney disorder found in Bracco Italianos is amyloidosis. Amyloidosis can be deadly for your dog as there is no cure. Here are some symptoms of kidney disorders:

  • Joint pain
  • Weight loss
  • Coughing
  • Eyelid swelling
  • Loss of appetite
  • Increased thirst and urination


The only way to prevent these diseases is to visit your veterinarian regularly and take proper care of your pup’s nutritional diet and exercise. Cleanliness is also crucial to avoid fatal diseases in Bracco Italianos.

Reputable breeders often perform tests to check if the Bracco has any inherited disease before breeding. You must check the tests of the pups before getting one for yourself.

How Do You Take Care Of A Bracco Italiano?

Bracco Italianos are highly energized doggies. As long as your pup gets an essential diet and regular exercise, it will be easier to take care of their grooming and training. Proper care will also result in an active and affectionate Bracco pup. So, here are some tips for taking proper care of your pup.

Nutritional Diet

Your Bracco’s daily food requirements depend upon how much they exercise. If your Bracco pup exercises more, it will require more food. But if your Bracco is lazy and doesn’t exercise, you should give them less food to avoid weight gain because weight gain may lead to health issues like diabetes and hip dysplasia.

Both dry nutrient-dense dog foods and canned foods are suitable for Bracco Italianos. Adding Pet Plate to your furry friends’ food covers all the requirements of multivitamins. If you’re unsure how much you should feed your dog, you should visit your veterinarian to develop a diet plan according to your pup’s age, weight, and activity level.

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Regular Exercise

Bracco is a large athletic breed that can play all day on fields. If the exercise requirements of your Bracco pup are met daily, your dog will be more obedient and affectionate at home. An adult Bracco may require 90 minutes of exercise daily.

Exercise should include hunting, jogging, running, swimming, and other playful and vigorous activities. Otherwise, if the exercise requirements of Bracco are not met, your pup will be bored and lazy at home.

Taking Care Of Hygiene

Bracco has long floppy ears, which are more prone to ear infections. So, you should clean and check their ears for any infection once every week. Use a cotton ball instead of a cotton swab to avoid damaging the inner ear structure of your pup.

Your Bracco doggies also require regular trimming of nails and brushing teeth to maintain hygiene. It would help if you also massaged your furry friend with a grooming glove to remove the dead hair. You should also make use of dental water additives to prevent dental diseases in your pups.

Is A Bracco Italiano A Good Family Dog? Temperaments Of The Italian Pointer

Bracco Italianos are known for their friendly and loyal behavior toward their owners and other household pets. But remember that this Italiano Pointer is a hunting dog, so it requires regular outdoor activities. Your Bracco will be energetic and happiest while playing outside and calm at home.

Do Bracco Italianos Suffer From Separation Anxiety?

It is necessary to take care of the physical and mental health of Braccos. Otherwise, Braccos may act opposite to their usual self. Braccos may feel separation anxiety if left alone for a longer period.

Do Bracco Italianos Bark A Lot?

Braccos are calm, intelligent, and super friendly pups who rarely bark. According to AKC, Bracco Italianos only bark when they need to alert you about a situation. Otherwise, these furry friends show a peaceful persona.

Are Bracco Italianos Friendly With Kids?

Braccos often treat kids as their best friends. They have a high level of tolerance and are patient with young kids. You should still supervise your Bracco around young kids as it’s a large breed.

Here are additional notes on the temperaments found in Bracco Italianos:


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Due to high energy levels, Bracco is easier to train and eager to please. Braccos love to be trained if you give them lots of treats and praise. They can play with you all day in the fields.


Braccos may sometimes act aggressively towards the same breed of dogs. But they are super friendly and protective of their family and other household pets.

Hunting Instincts

Bracco Italiano means hunting hound. So, these furry friends are known for their hunting instincts. These doggies use slow and methodical hunting to catch their prey. Their usual targets are birds.

Do Bracco Italiano Smell? Grooming Tips For The Italian Pointing Dog Breed

Bracco Italianos does smell but on an average level. Regular washing and using deodorants or perfumes on your Barcco pup is the best way to eliminate the scent. Although Bracco doesn’t require specific grooming, regular cleaning is essential to maintain hygiene.

Is A Bracco Italiano Hypoallergenic?

Bracco Italianos are not hypoallergenic, so any cleaning accessories work well on them. Here are some tips for grooming your Bracco pups:


If your Bracco Italiano stinks, then you must wash it. But cleaning your pup only once a month is recommended to avoid damaging your pup’s skin.

The most effective way to wash a Bracco is with water and a good dog shampoo like Paws & Pals 6-in-1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo. Braccos shed on average level. But excess washing may lead to more shedding in Bracco Italianos. Washing your Bracco after 4 to 6 weeks is sufficient to avoid the smell and maintain hygiene.

Hair Combing And Trimming

Like our hairs, Bracco’s fur also requires necessary maintenance to avoid over-shedding, tangling, and flees. Your pup requires regular massage with a grooming glove or FURminator Undercoat Tool to maintain the attractiveness of their fur coat. It would help if you considered doing your pup’s hair trimming or combing every two weeks.

Trimming Nails

It would be best if you clipped your Bracco Italiano’s nails every 3 to 4 weeks. Consider using a good-quality dog nail clipper to avoid injury to the pup’s skin.

How Much Do Bracco Italiano Puppies Cost? The cost of Bracco Italiano puppies is between $1,200 to $2,500. The price may differ depending on various factors. Bracco Italianos are still rare in the US. Therefore, they are often expensive, depending on their health condition and lineage which may also affect their adoption costs.

Do Bracco Italiano Dogs Drool? Yes, Bracco Italianos drool a lot. Drooling is a part of digestive mechanisms that prove that your pet is in good health. But if your puppy drools too much, consider reaching out to your veterinarian. Excessive drooling might be due to health concerns, such as nausea, upset stomach, irritation, or dental issues.

What Is The National Dog Of Italy? The national dog of Italy is an Italian hunting breed known as Spinone Italiano. It is somewhat related to the Bracco Italiano breed. Spinone Italiano is known for their excellent hunting skills. These Italian hounds are used for hunting, tracking, retrieving, and pointing games.

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