Bugg: A Complete Guide To This Boston Terrier Pug Breed

I thought I had seen cute dogs before, but the Boston Terrier Pug is on another level. So I decided to research this adorable little pooch. Here’s what I found:

So what is a Boston Terrier Pug? The Boston Terrier Pug is the result of crossbreeding between a Boston Terrier and a Pug. Other names of this pooch include the Bugg and Pugin. The Bugg is adorable, intelligent, energetic, affectionate and loves to have fun – it’s the best of both breeds.

I know you’re excited to know everything about this little pooch before you adopt one. This guide contains everything you need to know, including the Bugg’s lifespan, care tips, grooming needs and temperament. We’ll get to all that in a bit (and more), but first, allow me to paint a picture of what the Boston Terrier Pug looks like.

What Does A Pug And Boston Terrier Mix Look Like?

Since Pug and Boston Terrier Mix is called a Bugg, you can expect the pooch to inherit the looks of both its parents. With that said, it is best to first talk about the appearance of its parent breeds. This will give us a good idea about the Boston Terrier Pug mix’s characteristics.

Boston Terrier Appearance

Image from Instagram:@emboradogs

The Boston Terrier is a compact and muscular little pup.

Boston Terriers have a square-shaped head with a short muzzle and large, erect ears.

The Boston Terrier has been nicknamed “The Gentlemen” because the white part of its coat has a pattern that resembles a tuxedo.

Pug Appearance

Image from Instagram:@skenari.35

Pugs have a small, sturdy and muscular body with short legs and a curly tail.

The Pug breed has a flat and wrinkly face with a short muzzle and large, floppy ears. This pup’s coat usually comes in fawn, black and white and is short (it hardly ever grows past an inch).

Bugg Appearance

Image from Instagram:@rustythebugg

When it comes to appearance, a Pugin will usually have an even mix of Boston Terrier and Pug characteristics. So you can expect a short and sturdy little pup.

As for how big Boston Terrier Pugs get, they are about 10-17 inches tall and weigh 15-25 lbs.

A Bugg will have a square-shaped head, flat face, short muzzle and curly tail. Normally, a Boston Terrier Pug will have large, floppy ears. The pooch will have either a black, white or brown coat. If the coat is black, the Pugin might have the Boston Terrier’s white “tuxedo”.

How Long Do Boston Terrier Pug Mixes Live? Common Health Problems Of A Bugg

Bugg Dogs live 10-15 years on average.

However, there are few health problems you need to know about. These can lower the lifespan of Buggs and/or affect their quality of life. 

The Boston Terrier and Pug breeds have some common health problems that can, sadly, transfer over to your Bugg. Here are the major ones to look out for:

Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome

Both the Boston Terrier and Pug breeds have a short nose, which is also inherited by a Bugg.

Unfortunately, this can lead to a syndrome known as Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome (BAOS), which can lead to breathing problems.

Be sure not to engage your Bugg in intense physical sessions due to their innate breathing difficulty.


Boston Terrier Pugs are aggressive overeaters – a behavior inherited from their Pug parents. Due to their small size, this puts them at high risk of becoming obese.

Obesity puts the Boston Terrier pugs at a further risk of developing other health problems, such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure. Make sure to monitor your Bugg’s food intake to prevent overeating.

Eye Disease

Your Bugg will have protruding eyes. Protruding eyes are common to both the Boston Terrier and Pug breeds.

A recurring problem with protruding eyes is that debris can easily enter them and cause eye problems. You should also take your furry companion to the vet to check for proptosis, which can cause the eye to pop out if left unchecked.

How To Take Care Of A Boston Terrier Pug Mix

Image from Instagram:@buggsydoo

Feed Your Bugg A Healthy Diet

A unique and healthy diet is one of the most important considerations when you own a Bugg. This is where Pet Plate comes into the mix with their healthy and vet-designed meals. No matter the flavor you choose (beef, chicken, lamb and/or turkey), the pup-loving folks at Pet Plate will:

  • Get to know your Pugin in order to create a personalized and perfect meal plan
  • Cook the meals in a USDA facility using human-grade ingredients containing all the necessary essential vitamins and nutrients
  • Deliver the meals straight to your doorstep on a regular basis

All you have to do is serve your pup the right potions and watch them lick their plate clean.

Make Sure Your Boston Terrier Pug is Active

Buggs love to play since they have a lot of energy to burn off. However, you shouldn’t leave them to their own devices or they’ll put that energy to use in ways you won’t approve. Luckily, a brisk walk or a short game of fetch can easily tire them out.

Take Your Pugin For Regular Vet Checkups

You can’t always spot when something is wrong with your Pugin, but a vet will. Take your pup for regular check-ups with the vet to ensure they’re healthy and have no serious health conditions. If something is wrong, your vet will recommend treatment.

How Much Do Buggs Shed? Grooming Tips Of A Bugg

Image from Instagram:@rudithebugg

Dogs shed and it is something every dog owner has to deal with.

The last thing anyone wants is to adopt a cute little Bugg and have to vacuum piles of dog hair regularly, especially if they’re allergic.

This is why it’s good to know how much Pugins shed.

How Much Will Your Bugg Shed

Boston Terriers are low-to-moderate shedders while Pugs are moderate-to-heavy shedders – both dogs are not hypoallergenic breeds.

Your Bugg will have a single coat and will be a moderate shedder. So while you won’t be dealing with tons of dog hair, you will be dealing with a fair amount.

Grooming Your Boston Terrier Pug’s Coat

To prevent your Bugg from shedding all over your floors and furniture, brushing their coat once a week will do the trick.

Brushing removes any loose and/or dead hairs, as well as any dirt on your pup’s coat.

While any good dog brush will do, slicker brushes are an excellent choice for de-shedding your pooch with a brush.


You should also give your Boston Terrier Pug a bath once a month to make sure all the loose hairs are removed.

The plus side of baths is that they also keep your little Pugin clean and odor-free.

In addition, the brushing and the baths will keep your pup’s coat feeling and looking healthy.

Clip Those Nails

With the shedding under control, you should also clip your Pugin’s nails once every few weeks.

Overly grown nails can cause your pup pain due to the added pressure from stepping on the floor. Plus, the nails can damage your floors and furniture.

Temperament Of A Bugg

Image from Instagram:@alliethebug

Boston Terrier Pugs are known to be dogs with a pleasant personality. This is something that they inherit from their parent breeds (they have similar personalities).

Let us look into the parents’ temperaments to see why Bugg’s make for such lovely pets.

Boston Terrier Temperament

Boston Terriers are intelligent, energetic and affectionate dogs.

Boston Terriers love to play with everyone (this makes them a poor choice for a guard dog), and will even play with cats if proper introductions are made.

Besides that, they can be stubborn and irritable at times, but that can be offset with the proper training.

Pug Temperament

Pugs are charming and people-pleasing dogs.

Pugs are also extremely playful and will often get up to no good since they love clowning around (watch them closely when they are in a playful mood).

They are also quite intelligent, which makes training them significantly easier when picking up new tricks or habits.

However, they can be pretty stubborn and training them to change their old habits can be tedious.

Boston Terrier Pug Temperament

If the personalities of the parents are anything to go by, you will have an energetic, fun-loving and clownish Bugg on your hands. You will also have a great companion, who is lovely and compassionate to the core.

Your Bugg will love to be the center of attention, but not so much that it will wear you out.

Since both parent breeds have a stubborn streak, expect your Boston Terrier Pug to be no different. But since the parents are intelligent as well, your Bugg will be one smart pup.

This means training the pooch will be easier. You can even make the training fun to take advantage of their fun-loving nature.

How Much Is A Bugg Puppy? Bugg puppies are not particularly rare to find. After all, these dogs have become extremely popular mixed breeds over the past few years. However, a puppy will not come cheap. You can expect to pay anywhere between $500 and $1500 to get your hands on a Boston Terrier Pug puppy.

Are Pug Mixes Healthier? With Pug mixes, it is understandable to expect the mixture with other dogs will cancel out the weakness in their genes. However, Pug mixes usually inherit the health vulnerabilities of Pugs and the other dog breeds. But as long as you take care of them, they will live a long and healthy life.

Are Bugg Smart? Both the Boston Terrier and Pug breeds are very smart dogs. This means your Bugg will definitely be smart as a result. This is something you can use to your advantage in training your furry little companion to be well-behaved, on top of being lovely, affectionate and fun-loving.

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