Bulldog Breeds

Grumpy face, undershot jaws, broad bodies, and wrinkly facesโ€ฆ These are typical trademark looks of a Bulldog. But did you know that while these are common features, there are a few Bulldog breeds on the planet with slightly different appearances.

A French Bulldog is a little on the smaller side with bat-like ears. As for an American Bulldog and Olde English Bulldogge, they have flat faces and oversized bodies. They also have those adorable stumpy tails and small ears.

Although Bulldog breeds appear intimidating because of their muscular physique and wrinkled faces, they are certainly one of the sweetest and most affectionate pups there are. Learn more about these breeds and why theyโ€™re special.

13. French Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@thefrenchiebilly

Fondly called โ€œFrenchieโ€, the French Bulldog is one of the smallest Bulldog breeds. They have bat-like ears that stick out of their heads and large, expressive eyes. Their faces are flat with a short muzzle.

Frenchies are outgoing dogs. They love to entertain their families with their silly antics and tricks. Overall, these pups are excellent family dogs.

12. American Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@murdough88

American Bulldogs are affectionate canines in spite of their rather large and hefty stature. They also tend to act like lap dogs โ€“ an oversized one! 

These pups are very active creatures. They require ample exercise, which makes them well-suited to families with children or folks with an active lifestyle.

11. Valley Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@khan_valleybulldog

Hailing from Nova Scotia, in the Annapolis Valley, this type of Bulldog is quite rare. They are a mix of Boxers and English Bulldogs, which gives them an athletic but less bulky build. They also have the familiar goofy look common with Boxers.

Valley Bulldogs are great working pups that protect and guard properties. They are also alert and aloof with strangers, which make them suitable watchdogs.

10. Australian Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@haveyouseenwally

At first glance, you may mistake the Australian Bulldog for an English Bulldog for their similar appearance. But as you look closely, Aussie Bulldogs are actually much bigger than their English cousins.

Aussies are also more tolerant of heat, which helps them to adapt to the climate down under. While they may not be great guard dogs, they are excellent watchdogs because of their innate alertness and bullish look.

9. Campeiro Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@veraneobulldogslife

The Brazilian Bulldog descends from the Old English Bulldog but with a slight difference. They have wide and short muzzles, small floppy ears, and smooth coats. These bulldogs come in a range of coat colors including brindle, fawn, and brown.

As for their personality, they are energetic and tenacious creatures. While they may not be the most affectionate pups, they are indeed outstanding companion dogs and can get along with most people.

8. Serrano Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@serranobulldogsca

Built for hard work, the Serrano Bulldog is one tough pooch. They have bulky, powerful bodies that allow them to do strenuous work in the farm and elsewhere.

These are courageous and determine dogs. They are not aggressive by nature but they will not hesitate to fight back when threatened.

7. Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@francis_wrinkles_and_co

Well-muscled and thick-set, these sourmug-faced canines are a vision of tenacity and determination. But if you look past their intimidating features, they are actually docile and affectionate pups just wanting to be loved by their owners.

Bulldogs come in various colors including fawn, red, black, brown, and some white markings. They are also rather heavy at about 50 lbs, yet they love to get on your lap and give you plenty of kisses to show their affection.

6. Continental Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@hektor_the_conti

The Conti is a Swiss Bulldog breed that is a more agile and healthier counterpart to the rather more docile English Bulldog. While it is not yet officially recognized in the United States, it is popular in Switzerland and Germany.

These are medium-sized dogs with an athletic build and a square body. Their coats are smooth and short, and they come in a range of colors including brown, fawn, white, or a combination of these.

5. Ca De Bou

Image from Instagram:@jippi_cadebou

Bred as a fighting dog, the Ca De Bou is one powerful pup. They have a big head and their jaws are broad and sturdy โ€“ capable of gripping another dog or even a bull. Their rough coats are often black, brindle, or fawn in color.

Hailing from Spain, this pooch has inherited traits of Mastiff dogs. They are territorial and independent, which is why they are not quite suitable for first-time dog owners.

4. Alano Espanol

Image from Instagram:@iron_lan_alano

One of the largest bulldog breeds, the Alano Espanol originally served as bull fighting dogs. Their black face mask, massive head, and wrinkled face give them a tough and rough appearance. Their tails are also low-set unlike other Bulldog types.

They may appear intimidating but these dogs are quite calm and mellow. However, they can be dominating due to their hunting and fighting instincts. Thus, early training is essential when owning an Alano Espanol.

3. Olde English Bulldogge

Image from Instagram:@pumothebulldog

Olde English Bulldogge is an American Bulldog breed with similar features to that of an English Bulldog. However, they are more active and energetic fellows. Their bodies are broad and large, and their muscles are well-developed.

Since they are not as flat-faced as an English Bulldog, these pups are not predisposed to breathing difficulties. This is also why they are healthier and easier to care for.

2. Victorian Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@olk9_central_florida

A canine breed produced by mixing Bull Terriers, Staffy Terriers, Bull Mastiffs and English Bulldogs, the Victorian Bulldog has the familiar strong build sans the squished faces typical in most Bulldog breeds.

Victorian Bulldogs are also tall pups with a leaner body. Their tails are also not your usual corkscrew type, which sets them apart from other bulldogs.

1. Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@alapahabluebloodbulldogs

Bred originally as a catch dog, the Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog are skilled in chasing cattle and catching them. They are robust and powerful dogs with a squarish body and a short coat in a variety of colors.

These bulldogs are playful creatures. They love children and enjoy running around with them. With proper training, they should be able to get along with all types of people.

Which Bulldog Breed Is The Healthiest? Bulldogs live an average lifespan of 8 to 10 years, although some Bulldog breeds are healthier than others. For instance, the Continental Bulldog is one of the healthiest breeds with a lifespan of 12 to 14 years because of its more athletic build and higher activity level. They also donโ€™t have very flat faces, so they donโ€™t suffer from breathing difficulties that are common with bulldogs.

Do Bulldogs Poop A Lot? Yes, they do, at about 3 or even 5 times a day. Since they eat a lot, they also poop a lot! Giving them a ton of dry treats also cause them to poop more, as well as increase their weight.

Is There Such Thing As A Mini Bulldog? Yes, there is. Mini Bulldogs are a hybrid pooch that is a combination of a purebred Pug and English Bulldog. They are small dogs that weigh no more than 40 lbs and measure up to 14 inches at the shoulder.

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