Can Dogs Eat Biscuits? Yes, But What Kinds?

Does your pup keep bugging you when you’re having your biscuits? But, you just cannot make yourself give your puppy a bite, thinking if the biscuits will be safe or not. So, before feeding your pup biscuits, make sure that the canine is not allergic to any ingredient included in biscuits.

Biscuits generally do not harm dogs if fed only in moderate amounts. The best biscuits you should feed your dog are homemade ones specifically made using safe ingredients. However, make sure that your puppy does not eat more than the required amount of biscuits because it can lead to an upset stomach.

We know that your dog must be used to sneaking biscuits from your plate like other pups. Therefore, from this article, you can collect information about which biscuits are good for your puppy. Also, you will find out some health benefits of biscuits if fed carefully. So let’s get started!

Which Biscuits Are Best For Dogs?

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Homemade biscuits and regular dog biscuits are perfectly safe for your puppy

Street dogs can also eat biscuits, especially when properly baked, because it is hard to find treats for dogs that are not hard on their stomachs. Dogs’ love for biscuits is evident because they comprise flour, milk, and eggs.

So, to let your dog in on this baked treat, we have briefly described both types of biscuits for you.

Dog Biscuits

As compared to human biscuits, dog biscuits are safest for your pup’s health. Because of the high sugar content and the use of artificial sweeteners, biscuits made for humans are not considered good for your puppy’s health.

On the other hand, biscuits, specially made for dogs, contain natural sugar, which isn’t harmful.

Homemade Biscuits

Homemade biscuits do not contain chemicals and the same fat and preservatives as in commercially manufactured biscuits. So, it has the most natural and organic ingredients in it.

Other than that, homemade biscuits also don’t have to stay in plastic bags for weeks, so they stay fresh. Moreover, homemade biscuits can be healthy treats to reward your dog for their activities.

Fig Biscuits

Fig biscuits are good for your dog as they are rich in dietary fibers. Figs also contain natural sugar. So, when combined with biscuit ingredients, it provides a type of dog treat that is healthy and safe for the digestive system of your furry baby.

Other than that, fig biscuits are also an energy-boosting treat for your pooch as it supports the bones and increases the calcium level in your pup.

Sardine Dog Biscuits

If you have a fish-loving pooch, then sardine biscuits are the perfect ones for you. Feeding your dog one sardine biscuit a day helps develop your furball’s muscles and connective tissues. Moreover, sardine biscuits boost the dog’s immune system and protect your pup from kidney diseases. 

Other than that, it helps increase your puppy’s dental and physical health as it contains omega-3, which keeps your canine’s fur soft and nice.

Peanut Butter Biscuits

Peanut butter is already an addictive yet healthy snack for dogs. Therefore, peanut butter biscuits also bring your dog health benefits as they comprise nutrients, proteins, healthy fats, and fiber. 

Other than that, peanut butter biscuits are an excellent source of folic acid for your dogs for cell growth. Plus, this treatment can also help heal your pup’s irritated skin and dry coats.

Chicken Biscuits

You can also bake chicken biscuits for your pup as they’re not only tasty but have a bulk of protein. Biscuits made with natural chicken help boost the stamina and blood cells growth of your pooch. 

Besides that, chicken biscuits are not much soft and moist, so you can also use them for training your pup to jump higher without breaking the treats. Moreover, omega 6 in chicken biscuits helps keep your dog coat shiny and healthy.

Frozen Apple Biscuits

Frozen Apple biscuits are one of the easiest biscuit recipes for you to make your pooch happy. You don’t even have to bake it! Just take an iced tray, slice two apples, and put in some plain yogurt. Leave it in the freezer for a couple of hours, and voila! It’s ready! 

Not only is it convenient to make but, it also contains plenty of fiber, especially in its peel. These yummy frozen apple biscuits help your dog maintain a healthy weight without creating issues with digestion.

Pumpkin Carrot Cookies

Pumpkin Carrot Cookies are one of the healthiest bite-size treats. It is nutrient-rich and boosts the immune health of your canine. Plus, it also doesn’t require you to spend your hours in the kitchen. 

All you have to do is add ¼ cups of canned pumpkin, ¼ cup of shredded carrots, 1 cup of whole wheat flour, and an egg. Mix all the ingredients nicely and place them on a baking sheet in bite sizes. Now bake it for 30 to 35 minutes, and it’s ready! Mix all the ingredients nicely and place them on a baking sheet in bite sizes.

Salmon And Sweet Potato Biscuits

You can bake salmon and sweet potato biscuits for your dogs. It is tasty and rich in omega-3 and potassium, which are superb for reducing the risk of cancer in dogs. 

Other than that, a combo of salmon and sweet potato cookies keeps your pooch shiny and decreases inflammation. Moreover, this recipe has disease-fighting antioxidants and also provides a healthy vision to your pup.

Which Biscuits Should Not Be Given To Dogs?

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Biscuits that include xylitol, salt, chocolatemilk, and raisins should not be given to dogs.

Here we have listed some reasons why dogs should avoid such kinds of biscuits.

Biscuits With Xylitol

Some manufacturers add xylitol in dog biscuits as an artificial sweetener. However, xylitol is not good for dogs in any case. Even a small quantity of xylitol can lead to hypoglycemia, liver failure, seizure in your pup. Moreover, xylitol in dog biscuits can also cause constant vomiting, incoordination, staggering, weakness, and sometimes even death.

Biscuits With Excessive Salt

Salt in dog biscuits is not as bad as xylitol. But, if given in excessive quantities, it can also lead to high blood pressure and heart attack. Plus, salted biscuits can also cause diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting in your puppy.

You can sprinkle a little bit of it in your dog’s food, but it shouldn’t be more than 0.05 oz for every pound of dog weight. Otherwise, it can cause sodium poisoning, excessive urination, and thirst in your pup.

Raisin Biscuits

Raisin and grape-flavored biscuits are also not good for your pooch health. It can cause liver and kidney failure in dogs.

Also, raisin biscuits can cause raisin poisoning in dogs. Although it won’t show any symptoms during the first two days, it can still bring difficult situations to your dog, such as death due to kidney failure.

Chocolate Biscuits

Chocolate biscuits must be your favorite snack, but they’re toxic to your little furry friend. It contains theobromine and can cause your dog diarrhea, excessive thirst, and vomiting. Theobromine is mostly found in baking chocolate which is the main ingredient of chocolate biscuits. 

Besides all the diseases, chocolate biscuits can cause tremors, seizures, and abnormal heart rhythm. Therefore, save the sweets for yourself and not for your dogs.

What Happens If A Dog Eats Biscuits?

If you opt for healthy flavored biscuits, they can deliver plenty of health benefits to your puppy. Biscuits can increase the nutrients, proteins, and energy levels of your pup. 

Here is a detailed list of what will happen if a dog eats biscuits.

Healthy Fur Coat 

Healthy dog biscuits contain omega-3 fatty acids that are quite beneficial for your puppy’s fur coat. Such fatty acids help in keeping the dog’s coat healthy and nourished. Moreover, healthy dog biscuits also help in preventing flaky and dry skin of your pooch.

Healthy Bones And Muscles

Biscuits are protein-rich and bring heaps of benefits to your furry friend. They support muscles and become a source of energy. Moreover, biscuits also help relieve joint discomfort by providing a good amount of fatty acids.

Besides all that, biscuits contain milk, which is calcium-rich and keeps the bones and teeth healthy.

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Nutritionally Balanced

Biscuits are packed with fortified vitamins, essential fatty acids, and minerals. Each of these components is pretty crucial for your pup to lead a happy, healthy life. Moreover, consuming one to two biscuits a day will provide your pooch relief if your dog has arthritis.

Perfect Training

You can offer biscuits to your dogs as a training reward. When you provide your pup with biscuits, it will work harder and more energetically than when you give it dried liver. It will develop more interest in training and boost the energy level.

How Many Biscuits Can I Give My Dog?

If your puppy is up to 50 lbs, you can give it one biscuit a day. However, if your pup weighs between 51 to 100 lbs, you can let your dog have two biscuits a day. 

Generally, dogs should not take more than 10% of their regular treats. Here are some factors to feed biscuits to your pooch safely:

Take Care Of Special Diet

First of all, make sure your dog isn’t on any special diet and can eat biscuits. If your dog is overweight and on a strict diet, you should consult your vet before feeding biscuits.

Serve In Moderate Amounts

Make sure to serve biscuits to your dogs in moderate amounts. Other than that, ensure your pup is in weight standards like other pooches of its size.

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Introduce Biscuits Gradually

Introduce your dog to biscuits gradually by starting with one biscuit a day only. Once your dog is comfortable, start feeding two biscuits after around five days. 

Consult Your Vet

After feeding biscuits to your dog, check out the reactions. If your pooch seems uncomfortable right after having a biscuit, consult your vet straight away. This sign can indicate something severe other than not liking the taste.

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