Can Dogs Eat Broccoli Stems? Watch Out! These Stalks Can Be A Choking Hazard

While eating or preparing dinner, you might be tempted to give your dog a taste of the new recipe. Remember that not all ingredients are fit for your dog, and this includes broccoli stems too.

Can dogs eat broccoli stems? Yes, dogs can eat broccoli stems, but they are a choking hazard. That’s why it is recommended to keep an eye out for signs of choking or intestinal blockage while and after your dog is consuming broccoli.

Remember to cook, puree, or blanch the broccoli stems before giving them to your dog. The best you can do is cut the broccoli into small pieces and never give your dog more than 10% of their daily caloric intake in broccoli.

This article will tell you all about broccoli stems, why dogs shouldn’t eat them, how they can hurt your dog, and how you can prepare them. Stay tuned to learn more about your pooch’s healthy but also safe diet.

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli Stems?

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Yes, dogs can eat broccoli stems, but they are a choking hazard. This means your dog can have some broccoli in moderation and under supervision. Remember that broccoli should only be an occasional treat for your pet. 

Most veterinarians agree that broccoli is acceptable for dogs, but it offers no additional nutrition. You should always keep it at a maximum of 10% of the daily food intake of your pooch.

Broccoli stems can be a choking hazard and should only be given to your dogs if they were cut into small pieces or cooked beforehand. Never give your dog raw broccoli, and never give your puppy any broccoli stems. 

The stems of the broccoli plant can be nutritious and tasteful to humans, but for dogs, it can be a hazard. Big pieces of broccoli stems can get stuck in your dog’s esophagus and pose a choking hazard. Also, if a big piece of stem is taken in, it can cause intestinal blockages in the small or large intestine of the canine.

What Parts Of Broccoli Are Safe For My Dog To Eat?

The safest part of the broccoli plant to give to your dog is the flower head. The broccoli plant has its stem, leaves, and flower head. To most humans, the broccoli head is the most nutritious part of the plant and is often consumed alone.

If you want to stay on the safe side, look to feed your dog only the broccoli flowers. If you also add the stem, make sure the vegetable is cooked or sliced, so it does not pose a choking hazard to your dog.

The best idea is to keep an eye out for your dog while they eat any parts of the broccoli plant. This means you should keep a lookout for any choking signs and behavioral changes that can suggest an internal blockage or other health risks with your pooch.

Will Broccoli Hurt My Dog?

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Yes, broccoli can hurt your dog if not appropriately prepared and given in excess amounts. If given in moderation and cut into small pieces or cooked, it is hazardless for your pooch. Remember never to give your puppy any broccoli.

Typically, feeding your dog broccoli is not considered dangerous. Here is what big amounts of broccoli intake can cause with your pooch:

These are some worst-case scenarios, and if taken in small amounts and in moderation, broccoli will cause no harm. If your pooch’s daily intake of any cruciferous vegetable is bigger than 10% or 25%, an obstruction may arise.

Aside from being a choking hazard for your four-legged friend, broccoli is also full of isothiocyanate. This is a chemical compound found in many vegetables. If a dog’s daily food intake surpasses 10% of isothiocyanate-rich foods, it can cause some intestinal problems for your pooch. 

How Much Broccoli Can A Dog Eat?

A dog can have up to 10% of its daily food intake from broccoli. Everything above 25% is considered toxic to the dog. Therefore, the caloric intake of broccoli for any dog should never surpass ¼ daily.

Also, these numbers depend on the size and age of the dog. If broccoli is a new treat you are introducing, continuously monitor your dog after consumption. Some dogs will react differently than others to broccoli. 

The amount of 10% of daily food intake of broccoli differs from dog to dog and is individual. Here are the mounts of broccoli we would recommend:

  • Puppies: No broccoli
  • Small adult dogs: One big broccoli head daily
  • Big adult dogs: Two big broccoli heads daily

Can I Feed My Dog Broccoli Every Day?

No, you should not feed your dog broccoli every day. Broccoli should be an occasional treat to your pooch and should not be considered a full meal. Since the vegetable is full of fiber, it would be hard for a dog to digest it. 

This goes especially if a dog eats it every day. Daily intake of cruciferous vegetables, or collard greens, can lead to gas and tummy problems with your pooch. If you are introducing broccoli to your dog for the first time, monitor their health afterward. Also, try to feed your dog broccoli on rare occasions and in moderate amounts.

How To Feed My Dog Broccoli?

You can feed your dog broccoli with their food or alone since it is a great treat for them. If your dog likes to eat broccoli solo, that’s a great pro for you. You can prepare the broccoli with your food and then fish it out and give the vegetable to them as a treat. 

On the other hand, if your dog can’t or won’t eat broccoli by itself, you can always combine it with their food. You can do this with either treats or their daily meals. The best way you can feed your dog broccoli is to mix it in with their food, either cut up into small pieces or in a puree. 

Vegetable Preparation Methods: Broccoli

You can prepare broccoli for your dog by cooking, blanching, or serving the broccoli raw. Remember that your dog’s food should not have any added fats, seasonings, or sauces on it. This means that you can prepare your dog’s vegetables with your food, but be sure to remove their portion before adding seasonings and fat. 

These ingredients can be a bad combination for your pooch’s intestine, so always make sure there are no added fats in their portion. Broccoli is an excellent treat for your dog, and while it holds no nutritional value to dogs, it is full of fiber and minerals.

If you’re out of ideas, you can serve broccoli in these forms to your dog: 

  • Cut into small pieces
  • Purree
  • Mashed
  • Juice
  • Frozen

Next up are the ways you can prepare broccoli for your pooch:

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Cooking broccoli is the best way of preparation for your dog since it makes the vegetable easy to digest and light. If you want to be extra safe, cut the broccoli flower and stems into small pieces before cooking.

Blanched Or Roasted

You can blanch or roast the dog’s vegetable portion, which might make it more appealing to your four-legged friend. When preparing the vegetables this way, don’t add any seasonings, onions, or fats. Always make sure the broccoli is cut into small pieces. 


While eating raw broccoli stems is not recommended, you can still serve your dog’s vegetables raw. Remember that this is a choking hazard and should be cut into small pieces before offering it to your dog. Also, monitor them both while eating the broccoli portion and afterward.

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