Can Dogs Have Dates?

Dates are summer fruits with physical similarities to raisins. We know dogs shouldn’t eat raisins, but dates differ in origin and nutritional content. This Middle Eastern fruit comes from the date palm tree and has no relation to currants like raisins. So, with that settled, can dogs have dates?

Yes, dogs can have dates and often find them delicious, too. Beyond their sweet taste, dates have tremendous benefits for your canine friend. This nutrient-rich fruit can help boost your dog’s digestive system, especially when consumed in moderation.

Although your dog can have dates, there are reasons for caution. This article reviews best practices when feeding dogs dates and the best serving size to follow when giving your dog dates. Would you like to know more benefits of dates and how you maximize those benefits to help your furry friend? Keep reading to find out. But first, let’s review some nutritional information for dates.

Are Dates OK For Dogs To Eat?

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Yes, it is perfectly okay for dogs to eat dates in moderate amounts. Small amounts don’t typically pose problems for doggies. Just don’t let your pooch eat too many at a time or too often.

The nutritional composition of dates is quite amazing—fiber, minerals, natural sugar, protein, and vitamins—this fruit has it all. But be careful not to allow your dog to eat the date’s seed. The seed is not safe for canines to swallow, but the rest is nutritious and safe.

Can All Dogs Eat Dates?

No, dogs with certain health issues, such as obesity or diabetes, should not eat dates.

Canines with health issues like obesity or a propensity to gain weight should not eat dates. The reason is that dates are high in sugar and calories. So eating dates can worsen these dogs’ health conditions.

Also, if your canine friend does not exercise but loves to cuddle up on the couch all day instead, do not give them dates. Canines with diabetes should also avoid dates. If your pooch doesn’t burn the many calories and natural sugar in dates, it would be better not to feed them this fruit.

Can Dates Hurt Dogs?

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Yes, dates can hurt dogs if they swallow the seed or eat too many dates too often.

Dates can be especially harmful to small breed dogs because the seed may be a choking hazard and cause an internal blockage.

Dates contain high amounts of sugar. So when dogs eat too many dates, their chances of bloating, diarrhea, and indigestion increase.

Another concern is that dried fruits like dates often contain sulfites that act as a preservative and eliminate harmful bacteria. While sulfites are not often toxic to canines, if your furry friend has digestive issues, dates may make them worse.

Why Can’t Dogs Eat Dates?

Some dogs would avoid eating dates, which are naturally high in sugar. Also, make sure your dog doesn’t eat the pit or seed, which is a choking hazard.

If your dog is prone to weight gain, feeding dates to your furry friend can be a recipe for disaster. Dates may spike your dog’s blood sugar, contributing to stomach troubles and other health issues.

How Many Dates Can A Dog Eat?

If you have a small dog breed, ½ to 1 date is a good single serving. Large breeds can have two dates per single serving.

Your furry friend should only have dates periodically, not more than once a week. Leave dates as an occasional treat, not a regular part of your canine’s diet.

How Can I Safely Feed Dates To My Dog?

Some precautions to take when feeding your Fido dates include removing the pit or seed and making sure the fruit is whole and small enough to eat safely. Some more precautions include the following:

  • Inspect the fruit for insects. Dates should be shiny with few tears and no holes.
  • Smell the date and check for a distinctive odor. There shouldn’t be a strong smell.
  • Do not feed compromised dates to your dog in order to avoid parasites.
  • Wash the fruit well to remove preservatives as much as possible.
  • Never serve the date whole to your furry canine because they could bite hard on the seed and damage their teeth. The seed also poses a potential choking hazard.
  • Cut open the fruit and remove the pit.
  • Dice the fruit into small bits and feed them to your dog.
  • Watch your dog for any reaction after eating the fruit.

Can Dogs Eat Dates And Raisins?

Dogs can eat dates, but no, raisins are not safe for dogs to eat.

Raisins are toxic to dogs, no matter the quantity. Dogs that have consumed raisins risk kidney failure.

Although there isn’t yet a study revealing the ingredient in raisins that is harmful to dogs, there is no arguing their toxicity to dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Dates And Coconut?

Dates and coconut in small quantities can benefit your four-legged friend without causing any harm.

Coconut, in small portions, provides dogs with enough nutrients to fight viruses like influenza and to treat yeast infections and certain skin diseases.

In addition, coconut is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. In short, dates and coconut are a fine combination for your canine friend occasionally. Of course, do not serve the coconut shell to your canine.

Are Dates Good For Dogs?

Dates are good for dogs if you serve the proper amount in proportion to your dog’s size and only occasionally.

Dates contain dietary fibers, flavonoids, phenolic compounds, protein, sugar, and vitamins. So your furry friend would benefit from eating dates as a snack. A list of more benefits is below:

Contributes To Bone Health

Dates have nutrients beneficial to your furry friend’s bone and teeth formation and maintenance. These nutrients include calcium, the main constituent in bones.

Dates also have potassium, which minimizes calcium loss from bones and improves bone density and vitamin D. Other beneficial nutrients include magnesium, phosphorous, and vitamin D. Feeding dates to your dog may help prevent bone diseases later in life.

Aids Brain Function

An animal-based study revealed that antioxidant-rich diets help canines improve brain function and reduce brain aging and memory loss. Antioxidants prevent oxidative stress on the brain, which impairs cognitive functions.

Dates are an excellent source of these crucial antioxidants owing to their phenolic compounds. Feeding dates to your Fido may keep them mentally alert as they age.

Excellent Energy Booster

Dates contain natural sugars, and some studies report sugar to be 80% of the fruit’s mass. So dates are an excellent energy source for canines with high activity levels. Consider dates as a snack for your dog after going on a long stroll.

Improves Heart Condition

Any snack that doesn’t increase your canine’s cholesterol level is a welcome treat. Dates are low in cholesterol, so they don’t add to your dog’s cardiovascular concerns.

Potassium in dates is a win for your canine’s heart. The mineral aids the heart’s muscle contraction and functioning of electrical charges.

High In Fiber

Dates are high in fiber and make a good snack for pet owners looking to increase their dog’s fiber consumption. About 8 g of a 100 g date is found to be fiber, and that’s quite impressive for any fruit. The fiber in a dog’s food is essential to help digestion.

Also, insoluble fiber is a good breeding ground for healthy bacteria, which helps to maintain a healthy gut.

Do Dates Help Dogs Poop?

Yes, dates can help dogs to improve their bowel movements and help them poop.

According to reliable reports, dates provide 6.5% to 11.5% of total dietary fiber, of which 90% is insoluble. That’s good news for your canine buddy because this helps to soften your dog’s excreta by absorbing water from the colon to the mass.

Can Dogs Have Dates For Constipation?

Dogs can have dates for constipation, thanks to their high fiber content.

Dietary fiber adds mass to stool, decreasing the chances of constipation. Insoluble fiber can also help ease constipation by absorbing moisture from the stool, thereby solidifying it.

But be careful not to overdo it with your canine friend. Too much fiber can actually worsen constipation. It is common for some dogs to respond negatively to the introduction of fiber to their diet when constipated. Watch your dog and see how they react to more fiber.

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Can Dogs Have Pitted Dates?

Yes, dogs can definitely have pitted dates. In fact, it is recommended to only serve dogs pitted dates to prevent them from accidentally swallowing the seed or choking. You can buy already pitted dates or remove the seeds yourself. Simply cut it open and remove the stone. Do not serve whole dates to your canine buddy.

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