Cool Dog Collars

Trendsetters, are you looking for a classy dog collar that will make your pooch stand out? The right collar should be a combination of comfort, toughness, and style – and we’ve got you covered in this list!

The Lionet Paws dog collar is made of 100-percent cotton with stainless steel D-rings for comfort and durability. We were also impressed with Ilumiseen dog collar that comes with 6 hours of illumination for maximum visibility. And then there’s the Tuff Pupper fray-proof and super comfy nylon collar that’s absolutely adorable.

We’ve got plenty more options for you, which we’re sure will pique your interest. So, have a look at these cool dog collars that will make your pooch a showstopper anywhere!

26. Top Luxury Personalized 18K Gold Big Dog Training Collar Cuban Link With Zirconia Lock Necklace Chain

Taking up the top spot in our cool dog collars list is the Lionet Paws. Featuring a cute bowtie on a 100-percent cotton fabric, this collar is soft and smooth on your pet’s skin. It also comes with eco-friendly plastic buckles and stainless steel D-rings for maximum security.

These dog collars are machine washable. But you will have to remove the bowties from the collar and wash them with soap and water. Then, put them back on to keep your pooch stylin’ and strutting his stuff while getting plenty of admiring looks from folks. Sweet!

25. Illumiseen LED Dog Necklace Collar – USB Rechargeable Loop

Be seen and be safe – that’s what this LED dog collar is all about. The Ilumiseen collar comes with LED lights that increase visibility when you and your pooch are out walking late at night. Charge it for an hour, and it should give you the illumination you need for 1 to 3 or so hours.

This is a lightweight and comfortable collar for your pet. It does the job of providing safety to your pet without the extra heft… Like it’s not even there!

24. RUFFWEAR, Knot-A-Collar Dog Collar, Climbing Rope

The Ruffwear dog collar keeps your pup looking classy anytime, anywhere. It is a low-profile rope that sits nicely into your pet’s fur without causing any matting. Use the sliding knots to adjust the fit and loosen to take it off – it’s so quick and easy!

Looking to walk your pooch at night? This collar gives an added protection by incorporating a reflective feature for increased visibility in dim-light situations. And with the silicone tag silencer, this reduces noise for maximum comfort.

23. Buckle-Down Dog Collar Seatbelt Buckle Star Wars The Child

Star Wars fans will adore this unique-looking dog collar for their precious pet. Made of polyester with steel components, this gorgeous collar is durable and chic at the same time. It features a super cool Star Wars themed artwork, which should complement a matching leash (sold separately).

The buckle closure is reminiscent of a seat belt’s buckle, except a smaller version. Give the center button a little press and this releases the clasp. So easy! This collar is an inch wide and can fit neck sizes between 15 and 26 inches – great for any breeds.

22. Ihoming Dog Collar And Leash Combo Safety Set

Add some style to your pup with this matching collar and leash combo. Crafted from soft, yet durable polyester, the collar fits nicely on your canine’s neck. It even comes with a leash attachment and a D-ring for your pet’s tag.

We find the catchy pattern quite charming, which is a big step up to plain and basic colors found in other collars. What a great way to make your pooch stand out from the rest and keep him by your side at all times.

21. Buckle-Down Seatbelt Buckle Dog Collar – Batman Shield

If you’re a self-confessed Batman fan, then this Batman-themed dog collar should be perfect for your canine. It comes in black and yellow or blue and yellow combo, so you’ve got options for the colors.

The buckles are sturdy and secure as these are made of stainless steel. You can easily take the collar off or put it on by pressing the button for the buckles. Lastly, the color stays vibrant for a long time. No amount of playing in the mud can even put a dent on this collar’s coolness factor!

20. OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar With Metal D Ring & Buckle

The One Tigris military style dog collar is one eye-catching collar for your pooch. It comes in a dark olive color, which complements any coat color. But beyond the great looks, it works perfectly well – secure, comfortable, and sturdy.

This color comes with 5 adjustment options. This helps you to achieve the right fit for your pooch. And with 3 sizes available for this collar, you can find the perfect one that should match your dog’s needs.

19. Timos Floral Print Puppy Dog Collar

Give your precious girl an equally charming collar such as this Timos floral print dog collar. It works for all breeds whether teacups or giant ones. The length is adjustable, and you only need to work on the sliders to achieve a good fit.

Made of abrasion resistant and sturdy polyester, this collar is durable. There is also a D-ring with a weatherproof quality, so it should last a long time. The collar is tough, yet soft and comfy. So not only will you love how great it looks but your pooch will adore how it feels on their skin.

18. BTDCFY PU Leather Adjustable Spiked Studded Dog Collar

A very special pup deserves an equally special collar such as this beauty. It is made of sturdy PU leather, which adds lightness to it without compromising elegance. There are 5 adjustment settings, so you can choose the right tightness suitable for your pet.

As for the hardware, it is heavy-duty and nickel-plated. There is a sturdy D-ring added in for the leash. Choose from multiple prints and patterns available including purple, pink, blue, leopard print, and so on!

17. Native Pup American Flag Dog Collar

Flaunt your love for the country with this American Flag dog collar. It comes in vibrant colors and a no-fade quality that should look great for a long time. 

This collar suits every dog breed – from giant ones to miniature pups – so it’s absolutely versatile. Just be sure to check the size chart to determine the correct collar size to buy for your pooch. Overall, it is an excellent collar that’s fitting to be your pup’s single piece of clothing.

16. GoTags Reflective Personalized Dog Collar, Custom Embroidered

Add visibility to your pet with this reflective dog collar. It is highly reflective, which is great for those night walks with the doggo. There is even an option to personalize this collar and have your pet’s name and phone number embroidered on it for identification purposes.

Available in 3 sizes, this collar works for small and large breeds, as well as anything in between. The stainless steel D-ring is useful for clipping the leash on, and it is very secure at the same time.

15. Wolfgang Man & Beast Premium USA Webbing Puppy Dog Collar

If you need just one accessory for your pooch, the Wolfgang Man & Beast dog collar is an outstanding option. It is made of abrasion resistant and no-fray polyester to ensure maximum durability. Plus, the D-Ring is stainless steel and powder-coated for smoothness and corrosion-resistance.

Tested for toughness, this collar can handle up to 800 lbs of muscle. This is why it is absolutely fantastic for large dogs. Even if Fido loves to pull, this solid dog collar will not budge. That’s how tough and secure it is!

14. Diezel Pet Products Dog Collars K9 Harness Tactical Military Style

Strong and sturdy, this military style dog collar is perfect larger canine breeds. It comes with a padded buckle and a USA flag design, which is ideal for working dogs, therapy dogs, and K9. There is a reflective threading added in for optimum protection.

With a smooth padding on the underside of the collar, it is comfortable around your pet’s neck. It also comes with a rugged webbing, so it does not fray or fall apart too easily. A great accessory for your pet’s safety and for your peace of mind.

13. Excellent Elite Spanker Tactical Nylon Adjustable K9 Military Dog Collar

Durable, yet lightweight, the Excellent Elite Spanker dog collar is definitely a bang for your buck. This tough canine collar is crafted from nylon material with a soft padding, so it is gentle on your dog’s hair and skin.

When it comes to security, this military dog collar got you covered. It offers double protection by letting you close it with a magic sticker then lock it up with a buckle. Thus, not even the strongest pooch can rip this collar off.

12. Native Pup Halloween Dog Collar

Keep the spirit of Halloween alive everyday with this neat dog collar. Featuring different patterns and colors, you have dozens of options to choose from. And best of all – it is tear-free and secure around your pet’s neck.

Available in various sizes, this collar is for canines of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have a teacup Pom or a massive St. Bernard, there is a size perfect for your pooch. It is also adjustable, allowing you to tighten or loosen it to your pup’s comfort.

11. Max And Neo NEO Nylon Buckle Reflective Dog Collar

Crafted from sturdy nylon with a secure buckle, the Max and Neo Neo dog collar means business. There is a metal adjustment slider for your pup’s charms and tags, as well as a lockable tab to keep the collar on – no accidental release possible!

More than the good looks and security you get from this dog collar, this is a company with a big heart. Buy a collar and they donate the exact same collar to a pooch in a rescue center. It’s a fun way to give back while making sure your pup looks stylin’.

10. American Flag Dog Collar

Flaunt your patriotism with your pooch donning this American flag dog collar around his neck. This polyester collar features a protective plastic buckle to keep it locked when needed. And with a zinc alloy heavy-duty D-ring, you can easily snap the leash or the tag on.

It’s a no-fluff collar with all the basics you want: Sturdy, secure, and stylish. So, whether you have a 10-pounder or a whopping 140 lbs of a dog, this cute dog collar can fit your dear four-legged pooch.

9. Beirui Spiked Leather Dog Collar – 3 Rows Bullet Rivets Studded PU Leather

Everything about this dog collar screams “Toughness.” From the sturdy PU leather to the cool-looking rivets around it, this should instantly make your pooch a showstopper at the dog park and elsewhere!

Tough as it is, this collar is actually quite comfortable for your pooch. It is skin-friendly, thick, yet soft and anything but stiff. Set the trend immediately with this eye-catching dog collar where fashion meets functionality.

8. BSEEN LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable, Glowing Pet Collar for Night Safety, Fashion Light up Collar

If you and your pooch like those late night walks, this glowing dog collar is a must-have to stay safe. It features a LED light that’s visible from 500 meters away at low-light or pitch-black conditions.

You can customize the glow mode to what you like: Quick flash, steady glow, or slow flash. And with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, you can simply charge it up when needed. No need to keep replacing the battery, so it’s eco-friendly and practical to use.

7. Blueberry Pet 5 Patterns Made Well Floral Dog Collars

This Blueberry floral dog collar is what your pooch needs to look chic and classy. It comes with a removable felt flower for a dressy vibe, which you can also take off for a low-key style. Made of smooth and sturdy polyester with plastic buckles, this collar is well-made and long-lasting.

Do take note that this collar is not stretchy. You will need to leave ample space between the neck and the collar to achieve the finest comfort level. Sold in multiple sizes, there should be the perfect collar fit for your darling pooch.

6. CollarDirect Aztec Dog Collar Adjustable Nylon Tribal Pattern Geometric

Handmade with love, the CollarDirect Aztec adjustable dog collar spells out P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N in every single way. The tribal pattern is classy and the nylon material is durable, yet smooth. Plus, this collar is lightweight to provide optimum ease and comfort to your canine friend.

There are 3 color variations to choose from. No matter what pattern you choose, it is guaranteed to be fade-proof. Great for puppies and adult pups, you can certainly find the right fit for your beloved pooch.

5. Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar – USB Rechargeable With Water Resistant Flashing Light

The Blazin’ Safety dog collar is a combo of style and safety for your pooch. It comes with a slim bulb strip, which lights up and offers visibility up to 350 yards. On a single charge, the light should run for more than 8 hours. 

But most of all, this collar looks great. It comes in different colors and sizes to meet your pet’s unique needs. Whether you are out camping, hiking at night, or taking a stroll in the park after sunset, this LED dog collar does the job perfectly well.

4. Lucky Love Dog Floral Collars For Girl Dogs

Practical and posh, this floral dog collar is for every girl pooch that deserves to stand out from the rest. It comes in various color combinations and patterns, so you can find one that matches your pup’s unique personality.

Made of high-density nylon and weatherproof D-ring and buckle, this collar is absolutely sturdy. But at the same time, it’s undeniably comfortable and soft against the skin. Your pooch will easily fall in love with this collar that is sure to become an instant favorite accessory!

3. Tuff Pupper Ballistic Nylon Heavy Duty Collar

Tough and sturdy, this Tuff Pupper nylon dog collar is made to last for a long time. It is crafted from no-fray ballistic nylon with an equally durable metal buckle. So, it should stand the test of time. There is also a reflective padding and a mesh material to add comfort and breathability. 

Perfect for any breed, this dog collar is suitable for just about any four-legged friend. It has a good width for better control and security. Thus, there’s zero pull or tear no matter how tough your baby may be.

2. Matching Dog Collar Bow Tie & Owner Friendship Bracelet

Make your pooch the coolest pup in town with this dog collar bow tie. It’s cute and catchy, so expect a lot of admiring looks coming your way! The vibrant pattern complements all breeds or coat color since it is versatile and stylish.

Another thing to love about this dog collar is it’s lightweight and gentle to your pet’s skin. It is made of canvas and hemp, which makes it absolutely soft and smooth. Plus, it is adjustable, too, so you can ensure the perfect fit for dear Fido.

1. Lionet Paws Dog Collar With Bowtie Grid

Classy and comfy, the Top Luxury dog collar is an excellent accessory for your precious pooch. It is made of stainless steel, so it is guaranteed to be sturdy. This collar is half an inch wide, which is just the right thickness for your dog’s comfort.

With the metal button as a closure, it keeps the collar secure around your pet’s neck. This makes it virtually difficult to break off. And with a zero-fade design, you can be sure that it stays looking brand new for a long time.

Related Questions

How Do I Know What Size Collar To Get My Dog? First, get your pet’s neck circumference by using a measuring tape. You will need to add an inch for small dog breeds or 10 lbs and under, 2 inches for medium breeds, and 3 inches for dogs weighing more than 80 lbs.

Should Dogs Wear Collar All The Time? Your pooch may be happy with a collar but experts recommend that you take it off at night. Practically speaking, wearing a collar constantly can cause damage to your pooch’s skin and fur around the neck. The material tends to rub against these portions all the time, which can have a long-term negative effect on the quality of fur. By giving your pooch a break from his collar, you are letting his skin “air out”, which is just what it needs.

Can A Collar Damage A Dog’s Throat? The short answer is yes, depending on the type of collar your pet has. Traditional collars hurt dogs when they are too tight or if their owner pulls them around using force. These two situations can cause damage to the neck over time.

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