Cutest Mixed Breed Dogs

Mixed breed dogs offer the best of both worlds – a combination of two (or more) breeds’ finest features. So, if you’re torn between two purebreds, the cutest mixed breed dogs are the perfect choice for you!

When it comes to cuteness, Goldendoodles are inarguably at the top of the ranks. After all, they inherit their parent’s irresistible good looks and charms. Internet sensation Pomskys are just as adorable as Dorgis with their adorable Corgi looks and Doxie build.

Let’s cut to the chase and round up these cutest mixed breed dogs you’d want to call your own. With their show-stopping looks and fascinating personalities, these pups are sure to steal your hearts!

33. Goldendoodle: Golden Retriever + Poodle

Image from Instagram:@ollieethecockapoo

The Goldendoodle is among the cutest mixed breed dogs for a good reason. After all, they’re the outcome of combining two of the most lovable breeds on the planet – the Golden Retriever and Poodle.

Goldendoodles have a Poodle’s curly hair and a Golden Retriever’s signature broad face, soulful eyes, and rich, golden coat color. They are the perfect companion for long walks on the beach, road trips, and nap times.

32. Pomsky: Pomeranian + Husky

Image from Instagram:@thetailofloki

Medium-build Husky meets tiny Pomeranians in this unique but adorable mixed breed. The Pomsky is a foxy-looking pooch with the Siberian Husky’s trademark coat colors but a Pom’s modest size.

These are great lap dogs that will love some cuddle time with you. But they certainly won’t say no to playtime as they love to romp around just as much as snuggle up and watch Netflix on the sofa.

31. Frenchton: French Bulldog + Boston Terrier

Image from Instagram:@benjithefrenchton

Frenchtons are your typical robust and compact pups. They take after their Boston Terrier parent’s black and white colors and a Frenchie’s bat-like ears. The result? Cuteness plus in one portable package!

A bit of caution for novice owners, though. Frenchtons are a tad stubborn, which makes training sessions somewhat challenging. These mixed breeds are better off with experienced owners, in that case.

30. Spreagle: Springer Spaniel + Beagle

Image from Instagram:@mickeythespreagle

Hunting enthusiasts in need of a four-legged companion will find the Spreagle a delight to bring along. These medium-sized pooches have a Beagle’s impeccable “nose power” and a Springer Spaniel’s retrieving skills.

Spreagles are rugged pups that are always on the go. Looks-wise, they are definitely one of the cutest mixed breeds in dogdom. Floppy Beagle ears mixed with a Spaniels’ ticked coats and dark face mask makes for a delightful combo.

29. Bernedoodle: Bernese Mountain Dog + Poodle

Image from Instagram:@georgethebernedood

With an abundance of a curly coat like a Poodle and the gorgeous color combination of a Bernese Mountain Dog, the Bernedoodle is no doubt a stunning mixed breed. Despite having all that hair, they don’t shed as much as you can expect for Doodle pups.

Depending on the Poodle size that Berners are bred with, Bernedoodle can be as compact as 10 lbs or as massive as 90 lbs. That gives you good options that would fit the amount of space you’ve got at home for this delightful pooch.

28. Schnoodle: Schnauzer + Poodle

Image from Instagram:@rubyann_schnoodle

A true-blue cuddle bug, the Schnoodle has a Schnauzer’s signature arched eyebrows and thick beard and a Poodle’s wavy coat. These darling pups come in different sizes – varying between 8 lbs and up to 70 lbs.

If you prefer a mixed breed with a mellow personality that’s easy to train, the Schnoodle is a solid bet. And with their fantastic looks, they’re bound to be one of the cutest pups at the dog park.

27. Puggle: Pug + Beagle

Image from Instagram:@emi_pug

Comical pug meets an adventurous Beagle in this fun mixed breed. Puggles have a Pug’s trademark dark muzzle and furrowed face and a Beagle’s floppy ears and slightly longer snouts.

These adorable pooches come in different colors, although the most common one is fawn or tan that’s typical of a Pug. Overall, it’s a great pup to be with on adventures, snuggle times, and anything in between.

26. Gerberian Shepsky: German Shepherd + Siberian Husky

Image from Instagram:@dogs_in_wolfsuits

This half German Shepherd and half Husky sure is a delightful mix of two popular breeds. They have a GSD’s erect ears and keen eyes and a Husky’s dense coat and broad face. Their coats are closer to a GSD’s typical hues, though.

Active and agile, these pups are unstoppable. Be sure to take them on plenty of walks, outdoor adventures, and give them plenty of exercises to keep these energetic fellows happy and healthy.

25. Chorkie: Chihuahua + Yorkshire Terrier

Image from Instagram:@visiblepets

These perky pups are a fun combo of two cheerful, happy-go-lucky small breeds – the Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier. They roughly grow over 10 inches and weigh under 11 lbs, so they’re pretty compact and space-friendly.

Chorkies have Chihuahua’s big, round eyes and perky ears on their apple-shaped heads. But they usually take after their Yorkie parent’s coat color in shades of brown, black, and red.

24. Poochon: Poodle + Bichon Frise

Image from Instagram:@cockapoo_nala_

Bichpoos or Poochons are small, fluffy sweeties that are barely a foot tall. They have a Bichon’s cottony-soft, thick fur but with some gentle waves like a Poodle’s signature coat style.

Affectionate, mellow, and playful, these are laid-back pups that adore cuddles just as much as exploration and playtime. Plus, they are light-shedders, so that’s great news for folks with allergies.

23. Shepweiler: German Shepherd + Rottweiler

Image from Instagram:@roxandrubes

The gorgeous Shepweiler possesses a German Shepherd’s color combination and a Rottweiler’s muscular build. But their muzzles lean more toward a GSD’s – leaner and longer. Combine these two breeds, and you’ve got one robust four-legged pal.

Shepweilers are some of the most loyal – and cutest – mixed breed pooches. They will do anything to protect their owners, which makes them amazing guard dogs.

22. Labradinger: Labrador + English Springer Spaniel

Image from Instagram:@patricia_hoschekova

Labradingers are your bright and sunny pooches with a Labrador’s solid build and a Spaniel’s drop ears. Their tails are slightly wavy with some feathering towards the tip, which is also an unmistakable Spaniel feature.

Now mind you, Labradingers are not the type that just lazes around in the house. They thrive on activity – and lots of it. So, if you like adventures, these pups are perfect to tag along.

21. Porkie: Pomeranian + Poodle

Image from Instagram:@macie.the.bear

Small and compact Porkies are your handy pups with a Poodle’s wavy coat and a Pom’s tri-color design. They also lean more towards a Pom’s round and full body and signature fluffy beard.

Clever and active, Porkies got a lot of spunk in them. They are a bit too vocal, though, which can be a concern for apartment dwellers. Thankfully, it’s nothing that early training sessions can’t fix.

20. Swissneese: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog + Great Pyrenees

Image from Instagram:@crivello85

If you’re a huge fan of big dogs, then the Swissneese is a perfect match for you. They possess their parents’ massive build – the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and Great Pyrenees. Everything about them is great, indeed!

Expect them to grow as massive as 120 lbs and about 30 inches at the shoulder. But that only means they’re got a lot of love to give! Just be sure they have plenty of space to romp around to keep them healthy.

19. Bullmatian: Bulldog + Dalmatian

Image from Instagram:@trinitybulls_alfred

Mix a spotty-coated Dalmatian with a muscular Bulldog, and you’ve got an adorable Bullmatian. These are robust, powerful pups that would love to love you for hours on end.

We don’t recommend these pups for novice owners, though. They can really test your training skills because of their stubborn streak. So they are better off with folks who have more experience with pups.

18. Goldador: Golden Retriever + Labrador Retriever

Image from Instagram:@littleleaderdog

The Goldador is the offspring of two adorable Retrievers – the Golden and the Labrador. Combine these two sweethearts, and you’ve got a super affectionate, fun-loving, and gorgeous-looking mixed breed.

Goldadors have a medium-length coat with colors that can range from golden to tan. They’re also a little leaner like a Lab and a Golden’s friendly, sweet eyes.

17. Siberian Retriever: Siberian Husky + Labrador Retriever

Image from Instagram:@jaxthehuskador

Fluffy Husky meets lean and muscular Labrador in this adorable mix. The Siberian Retriever has a medium-length coat with colors closer to a Lab’s signature shades of tan and brown. They may possess a Husky’s blue eyes, a Lab’s dark peepers, or a combination of both.

Training should be relatively easy for novice owners, thanks to a Lab’s obedient nature. They do need plenty of exercises, so be sure to take them out for walks regularly.

16. Shorkie: Shih Tzu + Yorkshire Terrier

Image from Instagram:@southernrhoda

Shorkies are handy pups that you can easily bring along with you anywhere you go. They have a Yorkie’s dense coat in shades of brown, white, and black but fur that’s silky smooth to the touch like a Shih-Tzu’s crowning glory.

Sweet and cuddly, these small pooches are barely a foot tall and roughly 15 lbs in weight. They’re a fantastic lap dog and a great apartment pooch that will be more than happy to romp around indoors.

15. Chowski: Chow Chow + Siberian Husky

Image from Instagram:@owenthelobo

Chowskies, or Chusky dogs, are some of the most densely coated pups. That’s no surprise considering both parents have such an abundance of fluff all over! They have rounded ears like a Chow, while some may have a Husky’s upright ears, depending on the more dominant gene.

As both breeds are a tad stubborn, Chowskies are not suitable for first-time dog owners. They may test your patience during training sessions but once trained well, they can be quite loving and loyal canine buddies.

14. Chiweenie: Chihuahua + Dachshund

Image from Instagram:@cooperandmilothechiweenies

This pint-size mixed breed is just as cute as its name. Chiweenies are a combo of the apple-shaped head Chihuahua and short-legged Dachshund. They have long bodies and coat colors, mostly in black and brown.

Chiweenies are a delight to be with because of their spirited nature and zest for life. They are also some of the most intelligent pups, making them easy to train.

13. Border Sheltie: Border Collie + Shetland Sheepdog

Image from Instagram:@jackthebordersheepdog

A combination of two cattle dog breeds, the Border Sheltie is part Border Collie and part Sheltie. They often have a Sheltie’s coat in shades of white, black, and red. As for their build, these pups are medium-sized and well-balanced.

Just like any cattle dog, Border Shelties are energetic and full of vigor. They thrive in environments that give them an opportunity to run around, play, and explore.

12. Cavachon: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel + Bichon Frise

Image from Instagram:@cavachon_sisters_

Cavachons are tiny fluff balls with a Cavalier’s colors in brown and white and a Bichon’s soft, cotton-like coat. They are “Velcro” dogs that would do nothing more than to be with their owners all the time. 

Because of their compact size, these dogs are ideal for apartment living or any small space. They do not require much exercise but would certainly appreciate some playtime with their owners.

11. Poovanese: Poodle + Havanese

Image from Instagram:@havapooworld

This curly sweetheart is a delight to anyone. After all, it is a mashup of two lovable breeds – the Poodle and the Havanese. They have a Havanese’s rectangular muzzle, silky smooth fur, and folded over ears.

Not a huge fan of shedder dogs? These babies are light shedders, so they fit right into your doggie’s hair-free home.

10. Morkie: Maltese + Yorkie

Image from Instagram:@_.milo.the.morkie._

Morkies are a mashup of some of the cutest breeds on the planet – the Maltese and Yorkie. They are tiny pups with a Yorkie’s tri-color coat and a Maltese’s waves and curls.

These adorable darling nuggets don’t have a problem with socializing. They love people but can be a bit feisty toward strangers. Early socialization is a must to keep them at their best behavior.

9. Chilier: Chihuahua + Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Image from Instagram:@cosmo.the.chihuahua

Pint-sized Chiliers are an adorable combo of two of the most well-loved purebreds, the spunky Chihuahua and cuddle bug Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They possess their parent’s signature large, round eyes and the Cavalier’s droopy ears and fluffy coat.

When it comes to personality, the Chilier has a pretty big one for a small pooch. These canines love to get plenty of attention and are some of the most loyal pups out there.

8. Cockapoo: Cocker Spaniel + Poodle

Image from Instagram:@poodlescorporation

A combination of a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle, the Cockapoo gives you the best of both worlds. They have a Cocker Spaniel’s dreamy eyes and lush, long ears and a Poodle’s wavy coat.

As these are compact pups, they are perfect lap dogs that should be perfectly content in a modest-sized space. Got kids in the house? Cockapoos do well with children!

7. Shih-Poo: Shih Tzu + Poodle

Image from Instagram:@nellietheshihpoo

A Poodle’s tight curls and a Shih’s rectangular body shape are some of the hallmarks of this mixed breed. The Shih Poo is a true family dog – loyal, devoted, and friendly to its owners.

One thing to note about this cutie-pie, though – they have a bit of a stubborn streak. So, if you’ve never trained a dog before, they may not be the perfect choice for newbies like you.

6. Chug: Chihuahua + Pug

Image from Instagram:@buddy_and_max_chugbrothers

Another sweetie pie in our list of the cutest mixed breed dogs is the endearing Chug. With a Pug’s smashed-in face and a Chi’s large, round eyes, this little baby is a real darling.

They easily develop a strong bond with their owners, so these pups are an instant BFF for you. But they hate to be left alone and can get depressed when you’re out of sight. If you’re a home buddy, this pooch will be a fantastic companion for you.

5. Maltipom: Maltese + Pomeranian

Image from Instagram:@maltipoo_mona

A mash-up of a Pom’s foxy face and fluffy coat and a Maltese’s white wavy coat and plume-like tail, the Maltipom is a charming tiny pup. They enjoy getting their daily dose of cuddles just as much as their playtime.

These pooches have a moderate energy level, so they should be fine in an apartment. Combining that with their compact sizes, you won’t have any problem giving this pup a home in a small space.

4. Rotterman: Rottweiler + Doberman Pinscher

Image from Instagram:@tyson_therotterman

Brain and brawn are what you get from the muscular Rotterman. Part Rottweiler and part Doberman, this play-it-cool pooch is an excellent companion and guard dog.

They are a little on the heavy side, somewhere around 65 to 120 lbs. Rottermans have a Dobie’s lean legs and a Rottie’s broad and strong chest – a vision of courage that can be intimidating to folks outside of this pup’s family.

3. Dorgi: Dachshund + Corgi

Image from Instagram:@rosiethedorgi

Stumpy-legged Dorgis take after their Corgi and Dachshund parents. They also have a long, oval-shaped body and rounded fluffy ears. As for their typical coat color, it’s often somewhere along with the shades of fawn or tan like a Corgi.

Loyal and friendly, the Dorgi can easily get along with its family members. They also don’t bark as much, so it’s fantastic news for apartment dwellers looking to own a pooch that won’t be a problem for the neighbors.

2. Aussiedoodle: Australian Shepherd + Poodle

Image from Instagram:@lakewoodlabradoodles

With wavy furs like a Poodle and an Aussie Shepherd’s tri-color coat, the Aussiedoodle is one heck of a charmer. They may either have an Aussie’s bright blue eyes or a Poodle’s brown eyes. No matter what, they’re absolute darlings.

Thanks to the Poodle gene, Aussiedoodles are not much of a shedder. That’s great news for allergy sufferers that are looking to welcome this pooch to their homes.

1. Boxador: Boxer + Labrador

Image from Instagram:@jaxtheboxador_

Part Boxer and part Labrador, the Boxador is one of the cutest mixed-breed dogs out there. With a Boxer’s signature masked face and fawn-colored short coat, combined with a Lab’s sweet, gentle eyes, this pooch is a keeper.

They’re pretty big canines, though, so be sure you have plenty of room in the house and yard for this big guy/gal. It would also help if you could match this active pup’s love for movement, making the Boxador an excellent adventure buddy.

Are Mixed Dogs Healthier Than Purebreds? In general, mixed breed dogs are healthier and live longer than purebreds. This is because they don’t inherit a purebred’s hereditary ailments and have better genetic diversity, which is why healthy mixed breeds have a longer lifespan.

Are Mixed Breed Dogs Smarter Than Purebreds? Mixed breed dogs are smarter than purebreds. In the research conducted in 2013 at the California State Science Fair, mixed breeds garnered a score of 463 while purebreds had 417 points in the four tests they took. The tests conducted were to evaluate the dogs’ level of smell, visual perception, and responsiveness.

Do Mixed Breed Dogs Take After Mom Or Dad? Mixed breed dogs may take after either their mom or dad, depending on the dominant gene that has been expressed. If both parents have dominant genes, the mixed breed pup will inherit both of their physical appearance and personalities.

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