Dachshund Mixes

Dachshund designer dog breeds are the way to go if you’re in need of an extremely clever and playful creature, with a tint of some of other popular dog breeds. That’s why we’re here to familiarize you with some of the most wanted, never seen before dachshund mixes you really need to have a look at.

Out of these Dachshund mixes, Pekehund is the hybrid dog breed that you can’t afford to miss checking out. Dashalier and Papshund are definitely the names you haven’t heard before, but believe us, these are two very awesome Dachshund mixes. Let’s explore all of them one by one as they deserve to be heard!

43. Pekehund

Image from Instagram:@hersheyandcrumpet

The distinctive appearance of the Pekehund is bound to turn some eyeballs around. This cross of the Pekingese and the Dachshund dog breeds yields a family friendly designer dog breed with a gentle temperament.

The energy level of the Pekehunds is moderate, they’re neither too dull nor too playful, striking a perfect balance between its parent dog breeds.

The Pekehund may exhibit fur color, length, and shape of multiple varieties depending on which parent’s genes show their magic more remarkably.

42. Dashalier

Image from Instagram:@minniethefoodiepup

Dashalier is the latest Dachshund mix that is developed by crossbreeding the Cavalier King Charles with the Dachshund.

Other than pet food, the Dashaliers can get hungry for attention, if left alone for too long. However, they’ve sociable pets who need constant human interaction.

Dashaliers love to play with adults as well as children of a family. In fact, they’re one of the most socializing Dachshund mixes you’ll ever come across.

41. Silkshund

Image from Instagram:@mr_shaggy_pants

The Silkshund hybrid mix is an ideally traited dog breed that manages to retain vigilant eyes of Dachshunds and alert mindedness of Silky Terriers.

Owing to their hunting genes, Silkshunds tend to have high prey drive which can be brought down by providing them with ample training in the early age.

Overall, the Silkhund is a fairly good dog breed for households of all sorts. Though, their barking problem needs to be rectified via training.

40. Dusky

Image from Instagram:@div.and.daph

Dusky is one handsome looking, attractive dog breed that was developed by crossing Siberian Husky with Dachshund. Duskies owe their demand to their dramatic looks.

Other than that, Dusky designer dogs tend to be mischievous and disobedient. That’s why a firm hand is needed to train and manage them. It makes them unsuitable for first time pet owners.

Though, there’s no denying that Dusky is a playful, clever dog breed which can be put to use for multiple brainy jobs.

39. Toy Rat Doxie

Image from Instagram:@louisbean19

Toy Rat Doxie is a hybrid mix originating from two small-sized purebred parents namely Rat Terrier and Dachshund. 

Both the parent dog breeds being hunting dogs, bestow the Toy Rat Doxie with a strong sense of smell and a brave persona.

Training Toy Rat Doxies isn’t that difficult but requires exhibition of patience from the owner as their moods are very volatile. One moment they’re playful, the next moment they’re stubborn.

38. Dach Griffon

Image from Instagram:@winston_the_rescue00

The Dach Griffon is an interesting mix dog breed that combines the good bits of Brussels Griffon and Dachshund.

This Dachshund mix inherits the smartness of Dach Griffin and the fearless demeanor of Dachshund. It’s because the parent breeds of Dach Griffon are herding and hunting dogs respectively.

With that being said, Dach Griffons tend to be calm and affectionate dogs when it suits them or playful and protective dogs when they feel some danger incoming.

37. Wire Foxie Doxie

Image from Instagram:@mr.dingi

A cross between the Wire Fox Terrier and the Dachshund yields the Wire Foxie Doxie designer dog breed.

The Wire Foxie Doxie weighs under 20 lbs but usually gets taller than the purebred Dachshund.

They’ve people pleasing tendencies and don’t show aggressive behavior at all. However, Wire Foxie Doxie has a self respect and respects its privacy, neither of which should be intruded by the kids.

36. Shibadox

Image from Instagram:@tiffanyrjohns

Shibadox is a strange yet successful cross between the Shiba Inu and Dachshund dog breeds. To some, this breed may look odd by appearance, but their temperament is praiseworthy. 

Inheriting a bit of stubbornness from its parents, you should expect a Shibadox to show scrupulous behavior as well.

Sihabdox makes a great pet for a variety of reasons, all of which the most important one being its gentle temperament while the other being its low maintenance nature.

35. Golden Dox

Image from Instagram:@the.golden.lexie

When the Golden Retriever is crossed with the Dachshund, we get the highly energetic, fun loving designer dog breed we call Golden Dox.

At most, we can say that this is a perfectly balanced pair where we get to see the stubbornness of Dachshunds being clouded by the affectionate nature of the Golden Retriever. 

The long fur of Golden Dox retains the coloration of Golden Retriever which makes it look amazing, but the shedding problem also comes with it.

34. Doxle

Image from Instagram:@nachothebeaglemix

Beagles, being the beacon of affection, when crossed with Dachshunds are capable of outshining the stubborn nature of the purebred Dachshunds. 

The coat color of Doxles can take a variety of shades, most commonly brown, black, white, etc. depending upon the genetic mixup. 

Doxles are affectionate by nature, but it’s recommended to socialize them at a tender age in order to avoid turning them into shy creatures. The training will also help with turning down the protective nature of Doxles.

33. German Hund Pointer

Image from Instagram:@stickstotherescue

An interesting Dachshund mix was developed by mixing the German Wirehaired Pointer with the Dachshund, which are both German dogs, thus the name German Hund Pointer.

The dogs of German Hund Pointer breed tend to be larger in size, if not the largest. They are pretty easy to maintain because nothing special other than weekly combing and basic grooming is required.

Talking about their temperament, German Hund pointers are brave and clingy pets, as both the parents are hunting dogs.

32. Bo Dach

Image from Instagram:@scoobins

We get a family friendly hybrid dog breed, Bo Dach, by crossing the Boston Terrier with the Dachshund.

The Bo Dach is an easy-going dog breed that’s moderately energetic and pretty simple to maintain. It just needs weekly brushing and a dose of exercise to stay healthy and happy.

The barking problem of Bo Dachs makes them not so suitable for apartment living. They have a tendency to bark when trying to express an emotion.

31. Doxie Chin

Image from Instagram:@hazeleid1

Finally an ideal family-friendly dog breed, Doxie Chin, has made it to the list, thanks to its royal Japanese parent the Japanese Chin and German parent the Dachshund.

With a gentle temperament and sociable nature, the Doxie Chin will fit in well whether in an apartment or a house.

Though like its parents, the Doxie Chin is a heavy shedder. To keep your home clean, you’ll need to comb this dog’s fur at least twice a week.

30. Dorkie

Image from Instagram:@crista.tappan

The Dorkie is a furry, little creature that’s a result of a cross between the Yorkshire Terrier and the Dachshund.

If you’re a travel freak, the Dorkie is for you. They’re compact in size, less than 10 lbs in weight, and can be carried everywhere you go.

Dorkies possess energy to play for days. It’ll be good to give them a bit of space to spend that energy. Also, their hypoallergenic coat is something that makes Dorkies very popular.

29. French Bull Weiner

Image from Instagram:@milos_house77

The French Bull Weiner is a Dachshund mix you get by crossing the French Bulldog with the Dachshund. Owing to its French Bulldog traits, this dog breed is a fun loving addition to any family.

Besides being very playful in nature, French Bull Wieners have a reserved and docile temperament, thus making a good pet for individuals as well as families.

Their interactive nature makes French Bull Wieners ideal for large households, in fact,they’ve thrive in a large, affectionate, and fun loving family.

28. Chiweenie

Image from Instagram:@groomingbyhayles

Chiweenie is one of the smallest dogs on this list, all thanks to its two small-sized parents, Chihuahua and Dachshund.

Since both the parents have a bit of spark in their demeanor, the Chiweenie exactly replicates the same, this dog breed can get clumsy at times. Though it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll show aggressive behavior.

Chiweenies usually love their owners passionately, unless their Dachshund side dominates. In that case, Chiweenies may show a tendency for stubbornness.

27. Schweenie

Image from Instagram:@shaqtheschweenie

The Schweenie is a Dachshund crossbreed that was developed from the Shih Tzu of Tibet and the Dachshund of Germany.

These passionate, loving creatures are usually nice to everyone, but Schweenies can act anxiously towards kids, if provoked.

The Schweenie dog breed doesn’t shed much fur, so minimal grooming is needed. Also, they’re ideal for families with an indoor lifestyle, as these dogs don’t have special fitness requirements. Just a walk once or twice a week should be enough exercise for this fella.

26. Mauxie

Image from Instagram:@miss.lily.and.daisy

The mauxie is a special Maltese and Dachshund mix that comes with some special traits like gentle temperament, plenty of love for their owners, docile and sociable nature, making them perfect dogs for new pet owners.

The Mauxie flaunts silky, long fur which needs to be groomed on a regular basis. It’s because this dog breed comprises heavy shedders.

This funny, cute-looking dog is full of life and would love to have fun, but remember to handle your Mauxie with care, he’s a fragile one.

25. Crestoxie

Image from Instagram:@pepijadogo

The Crestoxie designer dog breed comprises small-sized dogs with a clingy temperament, all thanks to its parents, the Chinese Crested and the Dachshund.

Having a good history of serving as working dogs, the Crestoxie dogs are very smart, spirited, and people-loving in nature. However, they do tend to be mischievous, but in a funny way, so it’s nothing to worry about.

Croestoxies need a firm leadership and consistent training so as to keep them well-mannered and under your grip.

24. Basschshund

Image from Instagram:@teddytwohounds

With the long floppy ears of the Basset hound and short legs of the Dachshund, the Basschshund mix breed looks warm-hearted by shape.

Staying true to its amiable appearance, Basschshunds are indeed very warm-hearted, people-loving dogs by heart.

They may either retain the curious nature of Basset Hounds or the stubbornness of Dachshunds, or maybe both. So, with firm and consistent training they can be tamed into excellent tracking dogs.

23. Dachsador

Image from Instagram:@wheelsdavis

As is expected from a Labrador Retriever and Dachshund lab mix, the Dachsador is an amazing dachsador mix that packs the friendly and playful nature of Labradors.

Dachsador is a highly adaptable dog breed, they can be reserved and loving at one moment and full-on fun-loving at the next moment.

Other than being better equipped to fight with different health issues, Dachsadors have a less-shedding fur that just requires basic grooming to stay in shape.

22. Smooth Foxie Doxie

Image from Instagram:@reesarei

This Dachshund mix is a blend of the Smooth Fox Terrier’s enthusiasm and the Dachshund’s playfulness, thus the name Smooth Foxie Doxie.

Smooth Foxie Doxies make good family dogs, but aren’t suitable for families who have kids or other smaller pets such as rats, rabbits, etc. It’s because they’ve a tendency to chase smaller creatures away.

A firm leader who can impart consistent learning experience to Smooth Foxie Doxies wil love to have them around. So, by now, the first time pet owners know what’s up.

21. Doxie Pit

Image from Instagram:@sage.and.juniperr

The Doxie Pit comes with the facial features of its Pit Bull Terrier parent and the demeanor of Dachshunds.

Other than that, Doxie Pits retain the musculature of Pit Bulls but the long body and short legs of Dachshunds.

The Doxie Pit combies the sensitive nature of Pit Bulls with the stubbornness of Dachshunds, so not a recommended dog breed for novice pet owners.If provided with good training and firm leadership, they can be loving pets as well.

20. Toy Foxie Doxie

Image from Instagram:@sintherb

The Toy Foxie Doxie is a long-eared, adorable looking designer dog breed obtained by crossing the Toy Fox Terrier with the Dachshund.

These energetic dogs are up for playtime anytime of the day. The Toy Foxie Doxies do tend to get noisy so not an ideal pet for apartment living. However, there’s nothing that cannot be controlled with strict training.

The Toy Foxie Doxie may act mischievous at times, but you should never question their love for the owners.

19. West Highland Doxie

Image from Instagram:@yiart.hundefotografie

The West Highland Doxie is a designer dog breed of tiny, adorable creatures that was developed by breeders from a cross between the Westie Terrier and the Dachshund.

Both the parent breeds being stubborn in nature, the West Highland Doxies reflect the same temperament.

These tiny, furry little pets are fragile, so they’re suitable pets for older kids who can handle them with care. With firm and consistent training, they can be tamed into ideal pets.

18. Dameranian

Image from Instagram:@hongttami

The Dameranian is a small-sized dog which owes its compactness to its two small statured parents, the Pomeranian and the Dachshund.

Their presence can cheer up the ambience of any household. Dameranians love their owners immensely and are in constant need of attention. They’re not ideal pets for busy people, as they can’t be left alone at home for longer periods.

The coat color of Dameranians varies as per the coloration of parent breeds. Like their Pomaranian parents, this pet breed sheds as well, so grooming is a necessity.

17. Doxiemo

Image from Instagram:@pdx.perlita.phillip

The American Eskimo and the Dachshund cross gives an unusual, paradoxical designer dog breed as an outcome, rightly named as the Doxiemo.

The Doxiemo is a playful Dachshund mix, with a tint of private nature. Both the traits are inherited from the respective parent breeds.

About the size of Doxiemos, they come in diverse sizes and shapes. You should expect this breed to be an intelligent one, since both its parents are smart-mindset fellows.

16. Doxiepoo

Image from Instagram:@otis_thedoxiepoo

The beacon of elegance, the Poodle and the good-spirited Dachshund breeds were mixed to develop the Dachshund mix, Doxiepoo.

The Doxiepoo has great looks and is fun to train, though occasional mischief can be expected due to their Dachshund genes.

One of the best things about Doxiepoos is their hypoallergenic coats which they inherit from their poodle parents. The body shape and size may vary a lot, since the parents show great diversity in sizes as well.

15. Miniature Schnoxie

Image from Instagram:@rhodri_the_schnoxie

The attractive personality of the Mini Schnauzer and the bodily features of the Dachshund get perfectly described in the Miniature Schnoxie.

If you’re lucky enough, your Miniature Schnoxie may retain the hypoallergenic coat of its Mini Schnauzer parent.

The Miniature Schnoxies are quick learners and no special maintenance is needed to keep them up and running. However, you may need to work on training them to control their tendency to bark a lot.

14. Doxie Cairn

Image from Instagram:@meeko.tiny

The Doxie Cairn hybrid dog breed is a result of crossbreeding between the Cairn Terrier and the Dachshund, a perfect power punch.

This dog breed is all about playfulness, and its utmost devotion towards excelling in pet-related activities makes Doxie Cairns worth the praise.

The barking tendency of the Doxie Cairn makes them unsuitable for apartment living. Also, their hair requires regular grooming sessions, so not that low maintenance after all.

13. Jackshund

Image from Instagram:@snickersthetripawd

The Jackshund owes its origin to the tunnel-dwelling hunter, Jack Russell Terrier and the fox chasing hunting dog, Dachshund.

Being the offspring of two hunters, the Jackshund turns out to be a sneaky, athletic, and smart canine. It’s better to socialize this dog early because the Jack Russell Terrier side may hamper its socializing capabilities. 

Also, the Jackshund is a very lively personality, so this dog may overdo his part when in close proximity to children.

12. Doxie Chon

Image from Instagram:@sweetbaby.olive

This is that family-friendly Bichon Frise and Dachshund mix that you’ve been looking for. Doxie Chons have awesome personalities that everyone falls in love with.

Thoe Doxie Chon is a highly sociable, playful, people oriented dog breed that’s a perfect fit for families living in cities as well as suburbs.

This pet breed does great with kids. In fact, they love to play with kids, though it’s always better to keep infants and toddler at a safe distance.

11. Dachsi Apso

Image from Instagram:@frank_doggy_dog

The Dachsi Apso is a compact-sized yet courageous dog breed, owing its compact stature to the Lhasa Apso parent and its courageous nature to both the Lhasa Apso and the Dachshund.

Early training is a must, if you don’t want your Dachsi Apso to turn into a barking dog. They’ve a good deal of energy to be a playful companion.

The Dachsi Apso loves the presence of children and thrives in an engaging household. It can be easily trained into being your cuddly buddy.

10. Docker

Image from Instagram:@maxthegroucho

The Cocker Spaniel is well known for being a happy go lucky dog breed and the Dachshund is all about boldness, so you can expect a perfect balance of both in a Docker.

The Docker has a playful, friendly, and happy personality, which when added with the outrightness of its Dachshund parent, creates an adorable pet.

The coloration, shape, and size of a Docker depends on the extent to genetic mixup between the two parent breeds. Though you should expect them to grow around 12 inches tall.

9. Doxie-Pin

Image from Instagram:@disinfectingsun

The Doxie-Pin is a floppy eared, cuddle buddy type mixed dog breed that can be derived by mixing the Mini Pinscher and the Dachshund.

When it comes to socializing and playfulness, the Doxie-pin is nearly there but not totally into it.

The temperament of the Doxie-Pin is reserved, with a pinch of shyness added to it. However, they won’t mind spending hours lying on your couch with you.

8. Dachsweiler

Image from Instagram:@colliercountydas

The Dachsweiler is a hybrid dog breed that has been developed by crossing the Rottweiler with the Dachshund.

One parent breed is tall and musculine while the other is lengthened and slender, thus giving a plenty of room for how the Dachsweiler is going to look.

The watchdog capabilities of its Rottweiler parent and the courage and smartness of the dachshund makes the Dachsweiler a vigilant protector of its family.

7. Dalmachshund

Image from Instagram:@daddy_the_dope_dog

An experimental mix between the Dalmatian and the Dachshund yields the Dalmachshund, also known as, Dachsatian.

Depending upon the genetic mixup, compact sized Dalmachshund can weigh between 16 to 33 lbs whereas large sized versions can weigh between 35 to 70 lbs.

The Dalmachshund is overall a friendly mixed dog breed that gets along well with family members and other pet animals. These moderately will have no problem in being your couch buddies.

6. Daug

Image from Instagram:@milothedaug

The Daug is a small to medium sized Dachshund mix developed by crossbreeding the Dachshund with the Pug.

Being an affectionate, friendly and a dedicated fellow, Daug will make an exceptionally well-mannered family dog. If socialized early, they will love to hangout with children and other pet buddies.

The curious nature of Daugs makes them wary towards strangers making them ideal as watchdogs. However, once familiarised, daug will cause no discomfort to a person.

5. Italian Doxie

Image from Instagram:@the_adventures_of_finnley

The Italian Doxie is a designer dog breed that was developed by crossing the Dachshund with the Italian Greyhound.

They are free to inherit either the short body of the Dachshunds or the long and sleek body of the Italian Greyhound, anything in between is possible as well. 

The Italian Doxie is a dog breed with a gentle temperament, harboring loyalty to their genes, and affectionate towards their owners. These features combined with low maintenance and low exercise requirements make this breed ideal for apartment dwellers.

4. Shethund

Image from Instagram:@mymarshypoo

Whether it’s the Shetland Sheepdog or the Dachshund, both the lineages of the Shethund have served as hunting and herding dogs once upon a time.

As expected, Shethunds are smart dogs with an active and energetic lifestyle. They may also come equipped with strong hunting instincts. That’s why early socialization is boo if you’re interested in harboring other smaller pets.

When it comes to the demeanor of Shethunds, these pets are affectionate and loyal canines who’ll always be by your side.

3. Papshund

Image from Instagram:@stampingwithbibiana

The inheritance of butterfly ears of the Papillon makes the Papshund an incredible looking pet accompanied by the Dachshund’s long body.

The Papshunds love to socialize, have fun outdoors, and are jam packed with energy, but their fragile nature demands vigilant supervision of their owner.

The Papsunds being sensitive, should be dealt with gently. They shouldn’t be kept with younger children as their fragile bodies can get easily damaged.

2. Dorgi

Image from Instagram:@rienutsgoose

Dorgi is a long-bodied, short-legged mix that owes its genesis to Welsh Corgi and Dachshund dog breeds. The short legs totally don’t affect their speeding prowess.

The physical characteristics of both the parent dog breeds are similar, except that Dorgis are a bit bulkier than purebred Dachshunds, due to their Corgi genes.

Dorgis are very agile, energetic, and exceptionally fast runners. You’ll need to give this dog plenty of exercise in order to keep its weight under control.

1. Welshund

Image from Instagram:@rupertbearandpals

Welshund is a Dachshund mix that breeders were able to develop by crossing Welsh Terrier and Dachshund. The Welshund designer breed comprises playful and highly energetic dogs that have you totally involved with them.

With proper training and management, this dog breed can become your favorite hangout buddy. However, lack of ample training tends to make Welshunds stubborn.

Let’s make it clear that Welshunds are not meant to be cuddle buddies; they’d want to have fun with you all the time, just so you know what you’re signing up for.

Related Questions

Do Dachshund Mix Shed? Yes, but in comparison to other designer dog breeds, Dachshund mixes are moderate shedders. Among all the Dachshund mixes, DorkieDoxiepoo, and Miniature Schnooxie are the Dachshund mixes that possess hypoallergenic coats. Most of the Dachshund mix dog breeds need brushing of fur hardly once or twice a week.

How Big Does A Dachshund Mix Get? The size and weight of a Dachshund mix dog breed largely depends on its parent breeds. A Dachsador, for instance, weighs 30 to 40 lbs and can grow 15 to 25 inches tall. Likewise, a Docker grows 12 inches tall. On an average, a Dachshund mix can weigh 12 to 32 lbs and grow 3 to 11 inches tall, though it can vary drastically.

How Can You Tell If A Dachshund Is Purebred? The purebred Dachshunds have long bodies, straight and short legs, broad front feet, long ears, straight tail, non-wrinkly skin, and a confident gait. These are the features which differentiate designer Dachshunds from the purebred ones. Any variation from the above mentioned features is a clear indicative of your Dachshund being a mixed dog breed.

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