German Shepherd Mixes

German Shepherd mixes come in different shapes and sizes. This is part of this hybrid dog’s appeal – and you can get the best of both worlds by mixing a GSD with another breed. Want them small? Or bigger? Or less of a shedder? Take your pick from a GSD that suits your preferences!

Among the most popular German Shepherd mixes out there, there’s the short-legged Corman Shepherd, which is a cross between a Corgi and a GSD and the massive Saint Shepherd – a hybrid dog with a Saint Bernard’s and GSD’s genes. And yes, there are 31 more of these German Shepherd mixes to choose from.

Discover the diversity of these GSD mixes in our list below. Who knows, you might just find your dream pup you never thought existed!

33. Corman Shepherd: German Shepherd + Corgi

Image from Instagram:@beauman_meets_world

Last but not least, we have the Corman Shepherd. They may not be as tall as a GSD (thanks to the Corgi gene) but they are still a bundle of fun. These dogs have the GSD’s fluffy hair and coat color and the Corgi’s short legs and oval-shaped torso.

But pay close attention to this active dynamo’s need for stimulation. They require ample stimulation to eliminate boredom and slightly destructive tendencies. Early training should help and regular exercise, without a doubt!

32. Saint Shepherd: German Shepherd + Saint Bernard

Image from Instagram:@myla_thedog20

One look at this pooch, and you can easily tell that they are a mix of a fluffy Saint Bernard and a black-muzzled German Shepherd. These are giant dogs, though, so make sure they have ample space to exhaust all that spare energy!

This gentle giant is a protective and loving pup. And with this behemoth’s massive size, they do well as a watchdog (and an intimidating one, to say the least)!

31. Alaskan Shepherd: German Shepherd + Alaskan Malamute

Image from Instagram:@mookieandmaisie

Another interesting German Shepherd mix, the Alaskan Shepherd has the familiar fluffy coat of a Malamute and the black snout of a GSD. Their coat color may range from black, tan, dark brown, and with some white markings.

Personality-wise, these dogs are obedient, friendly and highly trainable. These are strong canines with ample energy, which means daily walks and exercise are a must.

30. German Australian Shepherd: German Shepherd + Australian Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@overland_oakley

German Australian Shepherds have a blanket of sable and brown coat for their body and the same pointy ears that GSDs have. Their faces are often covered with black markings, which are typical among purebred German Shepherds. 

Because of their innate sweetness, German Australian Shepherds are perfect for first-time dog owners. They are easy to train and will do everything to please their favorite humans.

29. Shug: German Shepherd + Pug

Image from Instagram:@greendew23

A medium-sized dog with a stocky build, the Shug is an agile, energetic fellow. They have the familiar black face mask that Pugs have and the erect ears of a GSD. These are compact pooches that can fit in a small apartment.

If what you look for is a loyal companion, then the Shug is a great fit for you. They do their best to protect their families, which makes them a reliable guard dog.

28. Dachshund Shepherd: Dachshund + German Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@_shorty.elli_

A hybrid dog whose parents are a Dachshund and a German Shepherd, the Daschund Shepherd is an adorable pooch. They are like mini GSDs but with an oval-shaped, long body. These canines stand up to 22 inches from the shoulder. 

For folks who want to bring home a GSD but restricted by the size of their home, the Dachshund Shepherd is a great alternative. After all, these pooches are compact and space-friendly. Plus, they’re fantastic lap dogs, too!

27. German Anatolian Shepherd: German Shepherd + Anatolian Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@espen2017

A unique-looking pooch, the German Anatolian Shepherd looks more like a GSD than its other parent. As for the body size, they are smaller than an Anatolian but larger than a GSD. So, they would need ample room to play.

These are sweet canines but with a bit of a stubborn streak. Thus, it is best to socialize and train them early on to establish good habits.

26. Shepherdane: German Shepherd + Great Dane Mix

Image from Instagram:@frisco_the_ice_monster

The Shepherdane is a large dog breed – think of it as a bigger Great Dane. In fact, these canines can grow up to 100 lbs and are as tall as 32 inches. They often have coats that are a combination color of both the GSD and the Great Dane, which is brindle, black, fawn, gray, or sable.

These canines are cuddlebugs. They are very affectionate and loyal at the same time. Give them ample attention each day, and these pups are a happy camper!

25. German Pomeranian: German Shepherd + Pomeranian Mix

Image from Instagram:@yuna.little.fluff

Is space an issue at home for a purebred GSD? If so, then a German Pomeranian is a great option for you. They have the face of a GSD but the body size of a Pom-Pom. With an average height of 10 inches, they are definitely space-friendly pups.

Do take note that this German Shepherd mix has a take-charge attitude. So, it is best to train them early to make sure they don’t dominate the house. When well-trained, these pooches are affectionate and easy to be with.

24. Shepkita: German Shepherd + Akita

Image from Instagram:@thor_the_shepkita

With a predominantly brown coat like an Akita and pointy, erect ears like a GSD, the Shepkita is a fantastic family dog. They are friendly canines that do well with young children. Moreover, these pups are known for being fiercely loyal to their owners. Thus, they make amazing guard dogs.

To ensure a well-mannered Shepkita, it is important to train these dogs at an early age. They are a bit stubborn, though, so it is best to be firm and consistent when training these doggos.

23. German Shepherd Chihuahua: German Shepherd + Chihuahua

Image from Instagram:@one.eyed.ray

Smaller than a GSD but larger than a Chihuahua, a German Shepherd Chihuahua is an interesting hybrid of these dog breeds. They may also have a black and brown coat, just like a German Shepherd. Others may have different patterns and color combinations.

This is a great pup breed for those who are fond of GSDs but without ample space in their home to welcome this large canine. After all, German Shepherd Chihuahuas can weigh under 50 lbs, making them excellent lap dogs.

22. Mastiff Shepherd: German Shepherd + Mastiff

Image from Instagram:@daisy_and_lily_eb_mastiffs

If you’ve got your eye on a big pup, then the Mastiff Shepherd is a fine choice for you. They are massive canines that can weigh up to 200 lbs. As for their appearance, they have folded ears like a Mastiff and a robust muzzle like a GSD.

Although they are large dogs, Mastiff Shepherds are actually gentle giants. They are affectionate and docile fellows that are highly trainable. Because they require minimal exercise, these pooches can do well with a small backyard.

21. Labrashepherd: German Shepherd + Labrador

Image from Instagram:@juke.the.labrashepherd

A Labrashepherd has that calm and docile facial expression of a Labrador and the shyness of a German Shepherd. Their coat colors vary and can go from black, dark brown, and gray. These canines have droopy, medium-sized ears like a Lab. 

Even-tempered and intelligent, a Labrashepherd is a good fit for those who don’t have much experience with owning a dog. They are easy to train and with a huge desire to please their owners. So, they should get along well with all types of people.

20. Euro Mountain Sheparnese: German Shepherd + Bernese Mountain Dog

Image from

Floppy ears and a coat of black and brown – this is how a typical Euro Mountain Sherparnese looks like. This is a hybrid dog whose parents are the GSD and the Bernese Mountain Dog. They may have short to medium hair that sheds minimally in certain times of the year.

They are absolutely adorable creatures but here’s the kicker – they can be a bit tricky to train. These pups are slightly stubborn, so be sure to be firm when training them. And yes, it’s best to start sooner than later.

19. Shepnees: German Shepherd + Great Pyrenees

Image from Instagram:@eva_the_shepnees

Imagine the smooth and fluffy white/light-colored coat of the Great Pyrenees and the brown eyes of a GSD, and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous Shepnees. This German Shepherd mix is rather large and can tip the scale at 50 to 70 lbs.

Shepnees are excellent watch dogs. They are alert and loyal canines, which is why they are always ready to protect their families from danger. Got a spacious backyard? Perfect. These dogs love to roam and play!

18. Beagle Shepherd: Beagle + German Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@_mylifeasjuniper

Combine the floppy, large ears with a dark muzzle and brown eyes, and there’s the Beagle Shepherd for you. This designer pooch is a cross between a – you guessed it – a Beagle and a German Shepherd. They are small dogs that barely go over 70 lbs and 24 inches tall.

Just like a purebred Beagle, this GSD mix is a howler. They let out an adorable howl that is quite entertaining, yet may be a bit too much for the neighbors!

17. Golden Shepherd: German Shepherd + Golden Retriever

Image from Instagram:@nala_thegoldenshepherd

A Golden beauty, this GSD mix is a sight to behold. They have the soulful eyes of a German Shepherd and a golden, long hair of a Golden Retriever. As a pet, they simply want to offer you so much love and affection.

Golden Shepherds are your four-legged sweethearts. They thrive in a home that can give them the attention they crave, and you can expect to receive all that lovin’ these pooches are known for!

16. German Doberman: German Shepherd + Doberman

Image from Instagram:@keelialiptakjay

Featuring the luxurious sable coat of a Doberman mixed with the GSD’s brown markings on the chest and the face, the German Doberman is one attractive pooch. They have erect ears and a long body, which is the perfect mix of features that these two breeds possess.

If you prefer a pooch that has superb guarding instincts, the German Doberman is your pup. They are trainable, intelligent, and alert, which keeps them on their toes when danger is detected.

15. Malinois German Shepherd: Belgian Malinois + German Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@k9abbie

This breed is fairly new, which is why there is not a lot of information about this German Shepherd mix just yet. However, in terms of appearance, they have short coats in black and brown and pointy ears like a GSD. They are also tall and can grow up to 26 inches just like a Belgian Malinois. 

The Malinois German Shepherd is an intelligent canine. They are great watch dogs and can be very protective of their families.

14. New Shep: German Shepherd + Newfoundland

Image from Instagram:@chroniclesofshadow

Quite an interesting German Shepherd mix, the New Shep has the rounded, floppy ears as a Newfoundland and soulful, expressive eyes as a GSD. They are LARGE dogs, yet quite gentle. This is why New Sheps are excellent with children and first-time dog owners.

These dogs do not require much training as they are inherently obedient. Nevertheless, it won’t hurt to socialize them early in life to strengthen a mild demeanor and positive habits.

13. Siberian Shepherd or Gerberian Shepsky: German Shepherd + Siberian Husky

Image from Instagram:@jacksonthehuskyshepherd

Siberian Shepherds have those piercing baby blue eyes of a Siberian Husky and a GSD’s erect ears. These canines have medium-sized coats in black, gray, and white, just like a Husky. As for their build, they are sturdy and muscular pups.

Another thing about the Siberian Shepherd – they are hardworking dogs. After all, they are part Huskies that are known for their resiliency in the field and the snow.

12. Sheptese: German Shepherd + Maltese

Image from Instagram:@rio_germanmaltese

Combine a toy dog as a Maltese and a large, German Shepherd, and you’ve got a robust and compact Sheptese. These pups look like a small GSD with medium-length wavy hair like a Maltese. 

As for their temperament, these pooches are caring and affectionate creatures. They get along well with children and other pets in the home.

11. Greyhound Shepherd: German Shepherd + Greyhound

Image from Instagram:@raisingfaith

A leggy, intelligent fellow is what you get when you mix a German Shepherd with a speedy Greyhound. They’re mostly lean canines, thanks to the low body fat ratio of the Greyhound. As for their coat color, it varies from sable, fawn, and tan with some black markings all around. 

Greyhound Shepherds don’t need a ton of activity. However, they would require mental stimulation as they have a tendency to become bored. Overall, it’s an obedient, loving pooch that is a joy to have around.

10. Chow Shepherd: German Shepherd + Chow Chow

Image from Instagram:@_daisy_pooh_

If you’re a sucker for fluffy canines, then the Chow Shepherd is a great match for you. These adorable fellows are a ball of brown fluff, thanks to the thick coat that Chows are known for. They have a GSD’s slightly pointy ears and round eyes.

Chow Shepherds are active dogs. They love to get their daily exercise and play time. But at the end of the day, these canines don’t say no to some cuddle time with their favorite humans.

9. Shepweiler or Rottweiler Shepherd: German Shepherd + Rottweiler

Image from Instagram:@sakketheshepweiler

Featuring a Rottweiler’s infamous frown and a GSD’s black muzzle, the Shepweiler is one, beautiful canine. These are well-muscled companion dogs that are always ready to protect their owners.

But don’t get us wrong – these pups love to relax and be goofy, too! They are playful and active creatures that you would love to be by your side on adventures.

8. German Shar Pei: German Shepherd + Chinese Shar Pei

Image from Instagram:@princeofarizona

German Shar Peis are known for their fluffy tails and upright ears like a GSD and wrinkles on the shoulders, face and head… Like a purebred Chinese Shar Pei. These are sturdy canines with a long torso and strong muscles.

But beyond all that cuteness, the German Shar Pei has a bit of a stubborn streak. So, they are more suitable for experienced owners who can provide them with firm training.

7. German Ridgeback: German Shepherd + Rhodesian Ridgeback

Image from Instagram:@raidenbestbud

Another tall pooch, the German Ridgeback has the soulful eyes of a GSD and the long torso of a Rhodesian Ridgeback. They are hardworking dogs that are fiercely loyal and devoted to their owners.

This is the kind of pet that will always love to shower their favorite humans with love and affection. And in return, they expect to get the same treatment back. Thus, they are not ideal for folks who like to leave their pets home alone for extended hours.

6. Shollie: German Shepherd + Collie

Image from Instagram:@ace_shepherdcollie

The Shollies is quite an exquisite dog with the long hair of a Collie and erect ears of a GSD. They are even-tempered fellows that can be trained easily.

Speaking of long hair, though, this is not your low-maintenance pup. Shollies require regular grooming to keep their coat under control.

5. Shepherd Bulldog: German Shepherd + Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@gramwithbam

This medium-sized canine is one strong creature. They have brindle or black coats with some white patches all around. Thanks to the Bulldog genes, these pups have shorter hair, which means they don’t require daily grooming. 

Shepherd Bulldogs are highly protective of their owners. They are intelligent and courageous fellows who are relatively easy to train.

4. Blue Heeler German Shepherd: Australian Cattle Dog + German Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@hugotheblueshepherd

As the name implies, the Blue Heeler GSD has a dark coat with a bluish hue. Their coats are medium length and they have brown eyes like a GSD. They are strong and robust working dogs that love to play and get active. 

Thanks to the inherent intelligence of this breed, they are easy to train. Thus, first-time pooch owners should not have a hard time with the training.

3. Shepadoodle: German Shepherd + Poodle

Image from Instagram:@ellieryan18

The Shepadoodle is a fluffy-coated pooch with the face of a GSD. Their coats are curly, which is due to the dominant Poodle gene of this German Shepherd mix.

Owners would love having this sweet and devoted canine around. They require your attention and constant companionship, which makes them a joy to own. And yes, cuddle times are a must for these affectionate creatures.

2. German Sheppit: German Shepherd + Pitbull

Image from Instagram:@arabpintogirl

Imagine a German Shepherd’s build and a Pitbull’s facial features, and there you have a German Sheppit! These canines have a short coat, often in tan with some white markings on the chest.

Vibrant and energetic, the Sheppit is a delight to own. However, they are more suitable for owners who can give them a firm and consistent training as these dogs can be quite powerful and a bit on the stubborn side at times.

1. Wolf Shepherd: German Shepherd + Wolf

Image from Instagram:@odinthewolfdog

A cross between a Wolf and a German Shepherd, the Wolf Shepherd is one intimidating, yet amazingly sweet pooch. They have the coat color of a wolf and a German Shepherd’s face. Overall, a unique and striking doggo without a doubt.

The Wolf Shepherd is an excellent guard dog because of its outstanding sense of hearing or smell. But these canines are natural hunters, so it would be best to keep small pets away from these dogs.

Related Questions

Are German Shepherd Mixes Good Dogs? German Shepherd mixes are great dogs because they are healthier than purebred canines. You can also get the best of both worlds by crossing a GSD with another breed, resulting in an interesting appearance and personality.

Do German Shepherd Mixes Shed? It depends on the other breed it is mixed with. Purebred GSDs are shedders but when mixed with a low-shedding breed, you can reduce this issue with excessive shedding.

Do Shepherd Mixes Bark A Lot? German Shepherds and their mixes bark a lot, especially when not socialized or trained early on. They are vocal creatures, which explains the excessive barking tendencies.

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