Do Dogs Get Jealous?

Such is the bond of dogs with humans that Frederick, King of Prussia, called them man’s best friend! American lawyer, George G. Vest echoed this in his impassioned 1870 Eulogy of the Dog speech, during the protracted litigation to get justice for his client’s tan hound dog that was found dead after being shot. If it is true that dogs are man’s best friend, then can they get jealous as a friend?

Research has shown that canines can act jealous under diverse situations. Bringing home another pet, or showing affection to your partner or kids are just a couple of instances that can bring out the jealous side of your pooch. Sometimes, they exhibit this trait in a crystal clear way, and other times, it takes careful observation to discern.

If you seek to know why your furry friend gets jealous, a facile way is to identify what makes people feel the same way. Jealousy arises from thoughts or feelings of insecurity, fear, and concern over a relative lack of possessions or safety. While this trait has her positive side, it is one that you must repress by all means.

So how do you plan to get along with your furry companion with this trait? This post highlights ways to handle their jealousy syndrome. After all, nothing should cause rancor between two age-long friends.

How Do You Know When Your Dog Is Jealous?

To know if your dog is jealous, you must watch out for behaviors attached to jealousy such as hostility, destructiveness, and several others.

Your pooch is green-eyed if you observe the following behaviors in her.

Increased Hostility

A form this can take is biting or pulling at your cloth for no clear-cut reason. Endeavor not to get mad at your pooch because she only wants you to recognize and acknowledge her presence.

Performing Tricks Without Your Command

With this behavior, you can know for sure that your dog is trying to gain attention from you. It happens when you are giving prolonged attention to something else.

Destructive Tendencies

Clawing on your cushion, rug, and upholsteries is a clear sign that they aren’t in a good mood. Though unwanted, it is a definite way of your doggy begging to be noticed.

Attacks Other Pets Unprovoked

It is not uncommon for dogs to become suddenly intolerant of animals they earlier tolerated. The chances are high that they do not want them sharing the attention you should give them with another.

Excretion In Unusual Places

While they would usually not pee or poop on the rug or bed, sometimes they make an exception to it. You’ll get mad, and these clever canines are aware of that. But that would also win your attention in the end.

Continuous Endearment To You

When your doggie starts and continues to lick your face and rub her body against you, that is an attention-seeking act. 

Barging Into Your Space

When you’re spending some time with your partner or another pet, your four-legged friend can get envious. One way of showing this is to come uninvited between you and your object of affection. It is an indirect way of saying, ‘I want that too.’

Walking Out On You

When your dear Fido isn’t feeling loved, she could walk away from your presence as a protest. What happens is that she has failed to get your attention in several ways. Frustrated and pissed, your doggie turns around and takes a walk.

Refuses To Share Resources

You can notice this when your canine friend refuses to allow any other pet to touch her things such as toys, food, water, and even space. She is clearly stating that she doesn’t want a rival.

Keeping Off Strangers

Strangers in this sense can be humans and animals alike. Aggressive barking and growls when these come around are lucid manifestations of this trait.

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Why Do Dogs Get Jealous When You Pet Another Dog?

When you pet other dogs, your dog feels threatened, substituted, and undervalued, therefore she becomes jealous. She finds it disturbing, and you only need to watch how she reacts to this.

Dogs are very emotional animals. They react in diverse ways when they feel loved, hated, threatened, confused, excited, afraid, and even depressed. The petting of other dogs sends them a signal that you are in love with them.

Yes, they can behave like a jealous spouse. That said, several questions come to mind about their jealousy.

Do Dogs Get Jealous When You Get A New Dog?

The certainty of canines getting jealous when you bring in a new dog is absolute.

No one wants a rival in the house, canines including. Putting it mildly, she begins to imagine that everything she has shared with you will suddenly become divided. If you don’t find a way of allaying her fears, then you are up for some display.

Your four-legged furry friend sees the new dog as a potential rival coming to substitute her, and there is no way she would take this calmly. Watch out for barking, growling, and other mannerisms. Some breeds can even be violent about it.

Besides, most dogs are known to show traits of territoriality. They believe that what is theirs must not be shared with any other. Sadly, it includes you because of the bond you share with them.

The onus lies on you to quickly address the situation to avoid a brawl.

What Happens When A Dog Smells Another Canine On You?

When your pooch sniffs out the scent of another on you, she becomes green-eyed. Everyone knows that dogs possess a strong sense of smell. They use this to their advantage by ensuring no one encroaches on their boundary.

Most animals mark their property by rubbing themselves against them, thereby leaving their scents. The same applies to “man’s best friend”. Doggies can prove possessive, so you shouldn’t be surprised that they sniff you to know if their whiff is still on you.

When you have been with another canine, maybe at a friend’s place, your doggy will know. You will find her prancing and casting gazes around in search of another. If she sees none, she tries to dispel this scent with her own by rubbing itself on you.

Additionally, your rover may also seek assurance by asking you to play with her at that instance. A belly rub or finger brushing on her body makes her feel better.

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Why Do Dogs Get Jealous When We Hug?

Canines are acting jealous in a bid to claim back what they think is theirs.

Hugging is a sign of intimacy between humans, but dogs do not know that much. Even though dogs do not fancy a hug, they know when you give special attention to your friend. You would notice that your dog starts to bark or jump between the two of you as a means to cause separation.

There are arguments that these dogs perceive the intimate act as an offensive move against their owners. But many people also report that canines do the same even to their mate. Besides, they often stop the tantrums after successfully stopping the show. That excuses the explanation of the thought of conflict.

Your furry companion would often attack if she indeed feels that you are under threat. So, there are other questions we need to answer. Do dogs get jealous of spouses? Then, why does my dog get jealous when I kiss my partner? We’ll deal with these right away.

Do Dogs Get Jealous Of Spouses?

Without mincing words, the answer is yes! A study undertaken by the NCBI revealed that, like babies, dogs do get jealous.They get jealous because they don’t want anybody to end the social relationship between them and their owners. In this regard, a new partner is a potential threat.

When one of the partners was the owner before meeting the other, it becomes amplified. Most of the attention and devotion to the dog automatically shifts to the spouse, and your furry friend can sense that. Her anxiety level rises, and she can start acting like a jealous partner.

Canines are clever enough to conclude that your spouse is stealing their friend’s attention. On such occasions, they bark at the partner that they perceive as a threat while playing with the other. They could also barge in when both wish to share some moments. That sometimes leads to some spouses hating the dog while the other doesn’t know what’s wrong.

Why Does My Dog Get Jealous When I Kiss My Partner?

Your four-legged buddy gets envious of seeing you kiss your partner because of the fear of being replaced.

While it isn’t all dogs that do these, some are afraid to lose their position in the home. You would notice them acting uncomfortable and restless. The next thing they would do is try to act like a referee splitting two fighters in a boxing contest.

No one likes it when this happens. It’s no secret that dogs can get very obsessive about their keepers. So, what can you do to avoid such scenarios?

You can try occupying the dog with something else when you want to get intimate with your better half. Another option is to order her to some other familiar place.

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Can Dogs Get Jealous Of Babies?

Babies are cute, but your four-legged furry friend won’t see it that way. They take up too much of a parent’s time, and that qualifies them to be their rivals. The jealousy game starts the moment the newborn baby steps into the home.

We all agree that babies change everything about our world. The little ones command and move everyone with their cries. These would prove very uncomfortable to your doggie that had all the time to herself.

So, you can see your canine buddy putting up an aggressive attitude like snarling and pulling on the baby’s wrap clothes. It could be that she chooses the baby’s swaddling clothes to nest or take a drop or a pee. These things are what your furry friend can do to mark out her territory. 

Keeping your baby out of reach to your furry canine friend should be a priority. With time, she would learn to adjust to this new environment. Until then, you should not allow the access of your dog to the child.

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What Dog Breeds Are Jealous?

Most dogs show the jealousy trait. Meanwhile, among some, it reaches an entirely different height. The Labrador Retriever, Australian shepherd, and French Bulldog are dog species with an intense trait of jealousy.

Temperament and utilization affect the level of envy doggies are prone to display. While some are guard dogs, others are bred for companionship. These among others affect how they relate to dogs and humans alike.

We believe from experiences and consensus from various sources that the aforementioned breeds exhibit jealousy on a higher level.

Labrador Retriever

Many call this species the ideal dog, and it is unarguably the most famous American breed. They are lively, friendly, and energetic. This adorable breed makes the perfect companion and loves to participate in many activities. That is why they share a strong bond with their owners as they take them out for several activities.

You can only imagine what happens when they feel that you are not giving them enough attention because of a partner or pet. When around a pet or human they see as competitors, they begin to growl and prance, desiring you to join in the fun.

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Australian Shepherd

The social attention requirement of Aussies is high. They require some quality exercise time with the owners daily. Sharing a close bond with their keepers, they love to take a stroll with them for as long as two hours

Unsurprisingly, Aussies are protective and possessive. They would resist intruders in every way. You shouldn’t be surprised when you see them coming in between you and your partner when you’re taking a walk together.

It doesn’t matter if you have spent much time with them earlier on. Aussies don’t want someone else taking their position, and there’s no hiding it.

By temperament, they can be very touchy when upset. When you notice these breeds being nervous and depressed, know that these are clear signs of jealousy.

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French Bulldog

According to the American Kennel Club, the temperament of the French bulldog is summed up as adaptable, playful, and clever. They look like the regular bulldog, but with bat-like ears. They require regular checks and exercise to keep them healthy.

Frenchies are usually calm but can lose it the moment they feel threatened by a stranger’s presence. Their breed is basically for companionship. As a result, they are very dependable and quick to react to whatever seems to be a threat to their space.

You can’t help but notice their incessant barking and jumping whenever you are hanging out with a friend, cuddling a baby, and so on.

Like every other, this dog can learn to overcome this syndrome with the appropriate training.

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How Do I Stop My Dog From Being Jealous?

You can stop your dog from being jealous by applying some training and making some adjustments.

Acts of jealousy can be unpleasant, and the means of curing your kennel of this unhealthy emotion is highlighted below.

Be Observant

It is pertinent to take note of when you started seeing these signs. A diary would be handy to write down your doggie’s behavior at such a time that you think she is acting jealous. A vet doctor can also help you decipher if they are sure signs of jealousy.

Equity Is Crucial

If you have more than one pet, you should do all you can to spend time with both as their health requires. One must not take preference over another. With time, your dog will know that she has her own time.

Feed Pets Separately

If you have multiple dogs and pets, avoid feeding all of them in the same spot, time, and from the same container. Let your dogs and pets each have their own platter. If you must, then label what belongs to each of them to avoid a mix-up.

Allow your dogs and pets to feel comfortable playing on their own. They should enjoy their time out as much as they enjoy playtime with you. Do not allow them to become possessive of you.

Train Your Dog To Obey

Making dogs heed your commands is an effective way of nipping jealousy in the bud. Whenever they are manifesting such attitudes, you order them to sit. Not responding approvingly shows your canine friend that you don’t approve of her behavior. A warning here is that you must never punish the dog for her actions.

Use The Routine Method

Schedule times for walks, feeding, and other interactions with your four-legged furry companion. You will discover that she would adjust to those times and barge less into other businesses of yours.

Ignore The Jealous Display

When you bring in a new pet, you need to allow your old buddy to understand that the new pet is there as a friend. You cannot allow her to keep putting off the newcomer. Pull them together and stroke them at the same time.

You can gradually begin to let them eat together. A word of caution is that you should ensure that you’re with them in their initial bonding time to prevent any brawl.

Let Your Partner Help

Ask your partner, whom your beloved pooch is jealous of, to show affection to the dog as well. In this way, your canine buddy will not be left out and should see your significant other as friendly, there won’t be any harassment from her anymore.

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