Does Your Cat Love You? Ways Cats Show Love

Cats are affectionate and sweet creatures. And when they really love you, they don’t hesitate to show you. How can you tell if your kitty loves you?

When your feline bumps its head on you, that’s a sure sign that you’re loved. Or perhaps you get an occasional kneading from your four-legged masseuse. Cats also tend to purr more around that person whom they love the most. The list goes on!

Read all of these subtle cues that express how much your kitty loves you. If you see any of these signs, be sure to send love right back at your adoring feline.

26. Love Biting

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How can biting be a sign of love, you may ask. Well, for cats, bites come in two types – a playful, love bite and a really aggressive bite. As the one being bitten, we’re pretty sure you can easily tell the difference.

Love biting does not hurt as it does not dig deep into your skin. Consider it a smooch your feline gives you, and it is a simple way of showing you their affection.

25. Bringing Presents

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As odd as it may seem, cats bring their favorite humans “presents” to show how much they love them. It may be a dead mouse or some small animal they caught. But as strange as it does appear, it is their means of expressing love to you.

Thankfully, other kitties don’t necessarily stick to dead animals as their love offering. Others may give you a leaf, a piece of paper… Anything they find that they want to share with you!

24. Greeting

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You just came home from work, and you see your fluffy feline waiting for you at the door. It is as if your pet has been eagerly anticipating your arrival.

If this sign does not show a cat’s love, we don’t know what is! Your little baby is happy to see you, so be sure to let them know you are just as glad to be with each other again.

23. Napping With You

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Does your fluffy baby like to nap with you? Sure, dear kitty has its own bed but still, it chooses to nap with mom or with dad. 

The fact that your cat would rather be next to you instead of alone in its own space is a sign of love. It is your feline’s way of wanting to be cuddle buddies with you because they care about you.

22. Waking You Up

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Who needs an alarm clock when your kitty is just as good at waking you up? Each time you leave the bedroom door open, your pet jumps up on your bed and walks all over you to get your attention.

Or, they may be meowing constantly until you get up and open the door for them. Either way, your cat loves you and misses you already!

21. Collapsing In Your Arms

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Not all cats like to cuddle with their owners… Even if they love them so much. But for some cuddlebug kitties, they like to get wrapped around in your arms when they love you.

Maybe you are sitting on the couch and your kitty jumps up to find its way in your arms. Or you hold them and they don’t resist being held. When your cat’s in your arms, it is their way of hugging you.

20. Getting Jealous

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After a long day of work, you just want to curl up and read a good book. But just before you could get to the next page, your cat sticks out its paws to block it. What gives?

This is a sign that your kitty is jealous because it wants your 100% attention. When they love you, they want you to make them feel you love them back. So, maybe you can give that book a break for a bit and cuddle up with your baby instead.

19. Showing Their Belly

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Cats consider their belly as one of their most vulnerable parts. When they show it to you, this puts them in a defenseless position. And this is something they only do when they feel safe and loved by you.

But it does not end there. Felines that show their belly simply means they want you to give it a good rubbing. Give them what they need, and your feline is a happy camper.

18. Approaching You

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This one is plain and simple – when cats are scared of you, they do not go anywhere near you. But if they love you, they approach you… All the time.

If your feline likes to go towards you, this means that you matter to them. They do not find you as a threat; instead you are actually one of their favorite humans.

17. Tail Twitching

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Cats twitch their tails for a number of reasons. Maybe they are excited or absolutely delighted with something or even someone!

When your four-legged pal’s tail twitches as it sees you, then it is your pet’s way of saying “I love you.” They want to spend time with you, so do give them the attention they seek.

16. Asking To Be Petted

Image from Instagram:@marble820

There are different ways that cats show they want you to pet them. Some may meow sweetly at you while others tap your hand gently. Others even stretch their arms up, just like in the photo above!

Did you know that cats don’t necessarily like to be carried? So, if your darling feline begs to be petted or feels okay with being carried by you, then you are definitely loved.

15. Sleeping Next To You

Image from Instagram:@bengalyumi

Felines are independent fellows. Many of them prefer to sleep by themselves and even dislike having another creature breathing right next to them.

However, this is not the case with cats who love you. When they want to share the bed with you, they are clearly seeking a sense of security and warmth from someone they love and trust.

14. Keeping Their Tail Up In The Air

Image from Instagram:@dashtheorangetabby

Do you often see your cat walking towards you with its tail high up in the air? But then at some point, you see them with their tails pointed downward when they don’t see you?

A cat whose tail is up in the air simply shows how much it loves to be with you. When we translate this feline language, it is a sign that says they are thrilled to be around you!

13. Sitting On Your Lap

Image from Instagram:@oldfashionedmamma

Cats have different personalities. Some are okay being on your lap while others are not quite crazy about it.

But when your feline does sit on your lap, it is a clear sign of its love and affection for you. Your sweet baby considers your lap as a secure and comfortable place, and that’s mainly because it trusts you so much.

12. Staring

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When cats stare, they really stare… Without breaking eye contact. It may seem intimidating, or you may find it strange. But did you know it’s a clear sign that your kitty loves you?

Cats don’t simply stare at anyone. If you are their favorite person, expect to see frequent stares from your feline.

11. Moving Paws As If Kneading

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Sometimes, you may be a few feet away from your cat, yet you notice it moving its paws as if kneading in the air. You are probably wondering what this gesture actually means.

Well, in the kitty language, this motion translates to love. It is an affectionate act that shows how much they value you. It is quite similar to when young kitties perform the same gesture when they see their mother. It only makes sense since to your felines, you are their bipedal mama!

10. Rubbing Against Your Ankle

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Earlier, we mentioned that some cats like to be picked up and carried by you. But others are not too hot about this idea, so they rub up against your ankle instead. It is their way of saying they love you, yet they do not want you to carry them.

So, when your precious kitty does this, reach down and pet your affectionate baby. This is all they want – nothing more, nothing less.

9. Yawning At You

Image from Darwin’s Pet

You may be confused as to how a cat’s yawn can be a sign of love. Well, felines stretch and yawn after a nap. And if your pet yawns when they see you, they are simply saying that they have just woken up and are greeting you.

If you did not matter, they would not even acknowledge your presence. So when they do, you are absolutely special to your little baby.

8. Following You Around

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Does your pet follow you around even if you are not holding its favorite treats? Or you simply have just entered the room and are not doing anything out of the ordinary?

Cats that follow you around means they want your attention. They cannot get enough of being around you, so they want to be as close to you as possible.

7. Standing By The Door Before You Go Out

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Felines are smart creatures. They know when you are about to leave the house, and when it is someone as precious as you, they make sure to be around before you disappear.

The main entrance is a portal where you appear and disappear, at least that is what your pet thinks. Thus, they hang around before you go because they want to say, “See you soon and I’ll miss you!”

6. Chirping At You

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When kitties chirp, it is just the cutest thing ever. But this is not just them being cute and adorable. They chirp when they want to be near something whether it is a bird they see while standing at the window or anything else.

If your feline chirps at you, it only means one thing – they love you and want to be around you.

5. Licking

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Dogs are not the only pets that lick their owners. Even cats do it occasionally, too. They do lick themselves when grooming, and perhaps you are wondering if they like to groom you, too?

Licking is a sign of affection. Felines also lick to mark their territory and claim you as their special humans.

4. Blinking Slowly

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Have you ever noticed your cat blinking slowly and gently? It is the cat version of someone blowing kisses in the air.

Cats that blink slowly to humans show how they trust, care, and love them. Why not do the same to your pet and let it know that the feeling’s mutual?

3. Purring

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Nothing can be as sweet and tender as a cat’s purring. So, when your kitty purrs while you are around, it is a sign that you are loved.

Purring is an act of contentment and happiness. Cats feel good and relaxed each time they purr, which means they experience all of these things when you are with them.

2. Kneading

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When a feline presses its paws on your lap or your arm, it is a sign of love and affection. They tend to do this to their mother, which is a display of contentment.

But if kneading causes you pain because of the sharp claws or the hard pressure, you can simply put a blanket between you and your cat’s paws. Then, you can enjoy this kneading action without any discomfort and simply bask in the love you are getting from your pet!

1. Head Bumping

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Interestingly, a cat’s neck and face have special glands that release pheromones. When they bump their head on you, they are simply saying that you’re one of them. And that they love you.

So, do your best to express how you appreciate the gesture by petting your kitty. They love you, and they want nothing more than to be loved back.

Do Cats Feel Love When You Kiss Them? There are some cats that like being kissed or pecked on the head by humans. But others do not quite seem to understand what this gesture means. If your feline purrs and bumps its head on you while you kiss its head, it is likely that your kitty understands it is a sign of affection.

What Is The Best Way To Show Your Cat You Love Them? You can show your cat how much you love them by doing the same things they do to you – blink your eye slowly, snuggle up with your feline, pet and rub its belly. Also, give your cat a comfortable space to sleep and a few cool toys to play with. Shower your pet with love each day and never ever shout at them or treat them harshly.

What Is The Best Way To Show Your Cat You Love Them? You can show your cat how much you love them by doing the same things they do to you – blink your eye slowly, snuggle up with your feline, pet and rub its belly. Also, give your cat a comfortable space to sleep and a few cool toys to play with. Shower your pet with love each day and never ever shout at them or treat them harshly.

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