Mini Husky Mixes

Currently ranked as the AKC’s 14th most popular dog breed in the United States, the Siberian Husky is a fine choice for canine lovers. And for those who prefer a compact Husky, there’s even a mini version. To make things even more interesting there are mini Husky mixes, too!

Adorable Horgis are hybrid dogs that are a combination of a Husky and a Corgi. Short, long, and low, there’s simply a lot to love about them. Internet sensation Pomskies (Pomeranian + Husky) and the huggable Hug (Husky + Pug) are also some of the well-loved small Husky hybrid pups out there.

Care to know more about these mini Husky mixes? Check out these gorgeous pooches that are sure to make your little heart skip a beat!

13. Horgi: Husky + Corgi

Image from Instagram:@thedogumentor

Stumpy-legged Corgi meets fluffy Husky in this fascinating designer dog breed called the Horgi. They can grow up to 15 feet tall and weigh as much as 20 lbs. Need a lap dog with natural comedic skills? The Horgi ticks both boxes.

Since both parents are from the working dog category, expect this mix to love their exercise. Daily walks and some playtime sessions should suffice for their regular physical activity requirement.

12. Pomsky: Pomeranian + Husky

Image from Instagram:@pomsky.bailey

Back in 2011, the Pomsky became an internet sensation when cute videos of these pups proliferated the online world. Now, their popularity remains, which is why they rightfully belong in our top two!

A beautiful mix of a Pomeranian’s beady eyes and small stature and a Husky’s typical color scheme, the Pomsky is a little darling. These 20-pounder pups are quite playful fellows, so be sure to keep up with their rambunctious charm.

11. Hussetsky: Husky + Basset Hound

Image from Instagram:@jennylc17

Featuring a Basset Hound’s low-hung ears and a Husky’s signature black and white coat color, the Hussetsky is another one of those mini Husky mixes you’ll easily fall in love with.

Unlike a purebred Husky, this mix is a bit more mellow and mild-tempered. They are also more affectionate, so be prepared for lots of cuddle time with this fellow.

10. Huskimo: Husky + American Eskimo Dog

Image from Instagram:@annemomom

A mix between a Husky and an American Eskimo, the Huskimo is one fluffy pooch. They often have bright blue eyes like a Husky and an Eskie’s dense double coat. So they are not quite suitable for allergy-sufferers.

Training this mixed breed at an early age is key to helping it develop a positive behavior. But just a heads up – they can be a tad stubborn, so more patience and firmness are required to reel them in.

8. Siberpoo: Husky + Mini Poodle

Image from Instagram:@therejohn

Weighing under 20 lbs, the SiberPoo is a gorgeous offspring of a Mini Poodle and a Husky. They have a Poodle’s typical curls but in shades of gray and white, which are a Husky’s hallmark. 

They do better with older children as they can be slightly aggressive when handled poorly. But when treated gently, SiberPoos can be gentle, affectionate dogs that would always love to be by your side.

7. Shiba Inusky: Shiba Inu + Husky

Image from Instagram:@banfield_beaverton

Think of a wolf and a fox combined and that’s what a Shiba Inusky looks like. After all, its parents are wolf-like as a Husky and with an Inu’s foxy appearance. They are around 18 lbs light and barely a foot tall.

Because both roots are independent and aloof by nature, you can’t expect the Shiba Inusky to be a needy or clingy pup. But they do love your occasional attention and quality time doing fun activities, especially in the snow!

6. Boxsky: Boxer + Husky

Image from Instagram:@bigearsblueeyes

Another unique mini Husky mix on our list, the Boxsky is an active fellow. They have short coats like a Boxer and sometimes with a Husky’s baby blue eyes.

Novice dog owners may find these dogs a handful because of their high energy level. But with firm and consistent training, you can easily curb these pups’ rather stubborn and strong-willed nature.

5. Siberian Boston: Husky + Boston Terrier

Image from Instagram:@breezy_1030

If you’ve never owned a dog before, you’ll find the Siberian Boston a great first pup to welcome into your home. Thanks to a Boston’s low-maintenance coat, this mixed breed should give you a bit of a break from all your shedding woes.

Interestingly, the Siberian Boston is a one-person type of dog. They get close to one person quickly and can be rather needy. Thus, it is best to never leave them alone for long hours to prevent separation anxiety.

4. Beasky: Beagle + Husky

Image from Instagram:@squeak_the_beaski

Beaskies can either look like their Husky parent or the Beagle, or sometimes a combination of both! But more often than not, they have a Beagle’s floppy ears and a Husky’s black and white color. 

Intelligent like a Husky and mellow as a Beagle, the Beasky is a delightful companion dog. They are always game to join you for outdoor adventures but won’t pass up an opportunity for a good cuddle.

3. Hug: Husky + Pug

Image from Instagram:@elsa.saur

Cross a Pug with a Husky, and you’ve got a charming Hug. And yes, these affectionate pups love getting their hugs! It is not a surprise considering its Pug parent’s super affectionate nature.

Hugs have a Pug’s squashed face and compact build combined with a Husky’s markings, which you can see mainly on the head or all over the body. Their eye color varies, as well, but can be a Husky’s baby blue or a Pug’s deep brown hue.

2. Siberian Cocker: Husky + American Cocker Spaniel

Image from Instagram:@kingzswa

With an average build like a Cocker Spaniel and a Husky’s black and white color combination, the Siberian Cocker is a charming little pooch. They roughly weigh 25 lbs and stand up between 15 to 20 inches tall.

These are moderately energetic pups with a fancy for fun and games. Because of their compact sizes, they can easily fit in a modest-sized home. Got kids? These pups can keep up with a child’s high energy!

1. Husky Jack: Husky + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@remy_rudy_bleu

Husky Jacks have been around since the 1900s but their popularity does not wane. And even if they’re yet to become AKC-recognized, those who have owned these sweet pups don’t need its approval to be welcomed in their homes.

With short legs like a Jack Russell and coat colors of both a Husky and Jack, this lovely mix is a reflection of its beautiful roots. These pups may have a Husky’s baby blue eyes or a Jack’s brown peppers… Or even a combination of the two!

Do Miniature Huskies Shed? Just like the larger version of this dog breed, Mini Huskies do shed twice a year. Their shedding seasons are in the fall and the spring. With that in mind, regular brushing specifically during those seasons is essential to keep their fur under control.

Are Mini Huskies Dangerous? By nature, Huskies are not an aggressive breed at all. Thus, mini Huskies are just as mellow-natured. This is why they don’t do well as guard dogs since they are not a fan of barking. Plus, they are not territorial creatures just like their ancestors.

How Long Do Mini Huskies Live? Mini Huskies, when well-taken care of, are generally healthy and can live up to 15 years. This breed is susceptible to cancer and many Huskies die from this ailment. Hence, early detection and prevention are crucial to a Husky’s long lifespan.

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