Medium Dog Breeds

Perfectly compact and never short of cute – these adorable medium dog breeds fit the bill for a not-so-bulky pet. They’re just the right size when you want to own a pooch that doesn’t take up much space in the house. Can you guess what breeds make it on our list?

At just 50 lbs, the Australian Shepherd is definitely a medium by all means. These brainy and agile pups are great for equally active owners. There’s also the Bulldog, looks bulky but actually quite compact and a mellow fellow. And of course, how can we forget the English Springer Spaniel, an agreeable 45-pounder that’s ready to give who a whole lot of love!

Whether you want an energetic and playful canine or one that’s curious and brainy, these medium dog breeds should be suitable for a modest-sized space you’ve got. Let’s round them up!

28. Australian Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@texasaussieposse

Average Weight: 50 lbs

And topping our list of medium dog breeds is the Australian Shepherd. These keen workers are always on-the-go and ready for exciting adventures. They are natural herders that can herd just about anything – dogs, birds, cattle… Even kids!

With this in mind, they have a tendency to nip, so it is best to train them at a young age. As these are brainy pups, training the Aussie Shepherd should be easy-peasy – even if you’ve never owned a dog before.

27. Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@hey_its_chester_the_bulldog

Average Weight: 50 lbs

With their trademark wrinkled faces, hanging chops and folds around their bodies, there’s definitely no other dog out there like a Bulldog. These 50-pounder dogs are not exactly small, yet they enjoy curling up on your lap.

If you decide to keep a Bulldog, it is best to maintain an optimal ambient temperature in your home. Otherwise, they are susceptible to breathing problems because of their naturally short muzzles and pushed in faces.

26. Appenzeller Sennenhund

Image from Instagram:@emma_the_swissy

Average Weight: 48 lbs

The adorable Appenzeller Sennenhund or Appenzell Cattle Dog is a medium-sized pooch with a passion for farm work. They are historically trained as herders, thanks to their versatility and obedience.

These tricolor pups are high-spirited and courageous. With these qualities, they do well as watchdogs and can deter intruders even if they are under 50 lbs!

25. Barbet

Image from Instagram:@barbets_flynn_and_tux

Average Weight: 35 lbs

At first glance, one can easily see the Barbet’s resemblance to a Muppet with his dense and shaggy coat that easily covers his eyes. These 35 pounders often come in shades of fawn, brown, gray, or black with random white markings.

Solid and strong, this medium dog breed is an excellent hunter. They can also swim well, which makes them great for retrieving game in the water. As a pet, they are highly affectionate and loyal to their owners.

24. American Water Spaniel

Image from Instagram:@cranbrookoaks_aws

Average Weight: 30 lbs

Another one of our medium dog breeds on the list is the American Water Spaniel. They may not be the biggest guy around at 30 lbs, but they can handle tough jobs. These pups were bred to swim the icy waters, all because of their waterproof coat and webbed toes.

Always seeking adventure, the AWS is well-suited to an active owner. Give them the daily exercise and playtime they need, and these pups are a happy camper.

23. German Shorthaired Pointer

Image from Instagram:@potsons_gsp

Average Weight: 55 lbs

Agile and powerful, the German Shorthaired Pointer takes their job very seriously. They are bred as hunters, with their keen eyes and impressive speed. It also helps that they aren’t bulky at all, which allows them to move swiftly each time.

Among the GSP’s favorite activities are swimming and running. As long as it burns their excess energy, they should be able to maintain their calm and pleasant demeanor.

22. American Staffordshire Terrier

Image from Instagram:@sky.the.staffi

Average Weight: 55 lbs

Sure, they may appear stocky, but the American Staffordshire Terrier still fits the medium dog breed category because of its average weight of 55 lbs. These pups are famous for their broad head and well-defined jaws, adding to their intimidating appearance.

But once well-trained, AmStaffs are quite lovable and sweet. They are also enthusiastic about almost anything – games, outdoor adventures, or even snuggling up with you on the couch.

21. Bearded Collie

Image from Instagram:@bouncebarkrun

Average Weight: 45 lbs

At a modest weight of 45 lbs, the Bearded Collie is a medium dog breed by all means. These fluffy pups look a tad like the Old English Sheepdog but only a leaner version. And if you part their abundant facial hair in the middle, you’ll see their beautiful eyes with a constantly kind expression.

Do take note that the Bearded Collie is a bit rambunctious and energetic. They do well with active folks who lead an uptempo, preferably outdoorsy lifestyle. Need a loyal sidekick for your adventures? This pooch is the right match for you.

20. Sheltie

Image from Instagram:@diosiesdream

Average Weight: 15 lbs

A smaller version of the Collie, the Sheltie is an energetic herding dog weighing an average of 15 lbs. These pups have a long exterior coat that’s straight and rough but with a softer dense undercoat. Their typical coat colors are sable, merle, blue, and black.

Always eager to learn and please their owners, these dogs excel in agility and obedience training. They are, however, barkers, which doesn’t make them great apartment pets.

19. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Image from Instagram:@mochabearcorgi

Average Weight: 30 lbs

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is your 30-pounder pup that’s got a big personality. They may have short, stumpy legs, but they’re quite fast-moving and agile fellows. Their ears are always upright, giving them an impression of being alert and curious.

As they are bred to do herding and guarding tasks, Corgis are responsible and energetic canines. They take their tasks seriously but at the end of the day, it’s typical to have some comic relief from these natural entertainers!

18. Dalmatian

Image from Instagram:@fredandfreya

Average Weight: 45 lbs

They may be tall pups but Dalmatians are actually medium-sized dogs. Well-known for their black or liver spots mixed in with their short white coats, they’re certainly unique-looking. They have long, muscular legs that allow them to run fast and almost effortless.

Dals have strong protective instincts. After all, they were bred to guard coaches and horses. This is why they are amazing watch dogs, combined with their intimidating appearance.

17. Airedale Terrier

Image from Instagram:@mollietheairedale

Average Weight: 50 lbs

Towering over the other Terrier breeds, the Airedale Terrier weighs roughly 50 lbs and stands up to 23 inches tall. These pooches have wiry coats in tan with a few black markings. They also have thick beards and an abundant mustache, which match their dense coats.

Airedales are patient and mellow dogs. They do well with kids and other pets in the household. But they won’t turn down some fun and games – they can be energetic and are amazing adventure buddies.

16. Whippet

Image from Instagram:@whippet_ins

Average Weight: 25 lbs

Weighing about 25 lbs, Whippets are like a smaller Greyhound. They may be tinier but definitely fast and agile creatures. An ideal place for these dogs would be a fenced yard where they can run around and play. 

Great news for apartment dwellers – Whippets are quiet dogs. They hardly bark, so your neighbors will easily love these pups as much as you do!

15. Bull Terrier

Image from Instagram:@hp_bulls

Average Weight: 50 lbs

Robust and muscular, Bull Terriers are big-boned pups exuding an air of power and energy. They have an egg-shaped head and pointy ears, which give them an alert expression. 

At 50 lbs, these dogs fit perfectly on our list of medium dog breeds. They are powerful yet compact and active yet affectionate. If you want a loyal and sweet pooch that will fit right into your apartment, a Bull Terrier ticks all the boxes for sure.

14. Portuguese Water Dog

Image from Instagram:@winstonandwagyu

Average Weight: 42 lbs

The Portuguese Water Dog is your smart, obedient, and trainable 42-pounder pup that only desires one thing – to be his owner’s best friend. These canines have dense coats in black, and can be groomed in either the retriever or the lion clip.

With their obedient nature and clever brains, these dogs are a good pet for first-time owners. They can also get along easily with all members of the family – bipeds and quadrupeds alike.

13. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Image from Instagram:@whiskey_the_wheaten

Average Weight: 35 lbs

Most Terriers have wiry coats but not the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. These dogs have silky, smooth coats in gentle waves of shimmering cold to pale beige.

At 35 lbs, these dogs are most certainly a happy medium. They are sturdy creatures with a knack for movement and adventure, so they won’t pass up any opportunity for an outdoor exploration.

12. English Cocker Spaniel

Image from Instagram:@the_life_of_rosa

Average Weight: 28 lbs

A compact, elegant pup, the English Cocker Spaniel weighs about 28 lbs. One of their stunning hallmarks is their soft and lush ears that seem to demand attention. These are your balanced and mellow dogs that want nothing but to please their owners.

Although they may seem high-maintenance, English Cocker Spaniels are actually quite rugged dogs. They are always game for some adventure and do a great job at retrieving.

11. Basset Hound

Image from Instagram:@themanyfacetsofbassets

Average Weight: 40 lbs

Depicting an image of a sad clown – wrinkled brows, soulful eyes, and domed head – the Basset Hound is an endearing pooch. They typically tip the scale at 40 lbs, so they are not your large or small dog.

While they are not exactly the fastest dog in town, they have the endurance to maintain their energy level. These canines also have excellent nose power, so they can easily track game or perform search-and-rescue tasks very well.

10. Brittany

Image from Instagram:@i_need_a_vacation

Average Weight: 30 lbs

When it comes to build and size, the Brittany is taller than a Spaniel but smaller than a SEtter. They weigh 30 lbs and stand 20 inches on average. These graceful pups are covered in a blanket of reddish-brown fur with white markings.

Hunters rely on a Brittany’s amazing sense of smell, agility, and eagerness. They go well with folks who love the outdoors whether it’s hunting, hiking, or camping.

9. Siberian Husky

Image from Instagram:@dolzola

Average Weight: 45 lbs

Siberian Huskies are your elegant, graceful dogs famous for their baby blue or hazel eyes. Their ears are set on high, conveying an alert expression. Compact, yet powerful, these dogs can pull heavy loads – sometimes even heavier than their 45-pound bodies!

As these are your typical pack dogs, they don’t bark too much. This is why they are not exactly the best watchdog. But they are great companion dogs and will love to spend more time with their owners and families.

8. Labrador Retriever

Image from Instagram:@oliverschronicles

Average Weight: 60 lbs

Weighing an average of 60 lbs, the Labrador Retriever is the biggest of our medium dog breeds on the list. They have short coats in shades of chocolate, cream, or black. Their tails are thick and tapered, depicting an eager appearance.

As pets, Labradors are one of the most agreeable and friendliest pups. They easily get along with anyone, which is also why they are commonly trained as service or therapy dogs. Be sure to give this pup plenty of exercise to cater to his need for physical activity.

7. Beagle

Image from Instagram:@beaglesoyh

Average Weight: 25 lbs

Always pleasant and merry, the Beagle wants nothing but to please their owners. These adorable canines come in popular shades of red and white or sometimes, tricolor. But their greatest feature is their face – perfectly balanced and with those cute, puppy dog eyes.

Just like your typical hound, the Beagle is bred to hunt. They love adventure and feel most at home when they are out exploring and discovering new things.

6. Border Collie

Image from Instagram:@instapatch.bc

Average Weight: 30 lbs

Athletic and intelligent, these are the two striking traits of the 30-pounder Border Collie. As born herders, they love to take on tasks assigned by their owners. They are also easy to train because of their obedience and wits.

Because they love to move a lot, it is best to give them ample exercise daily. This way, you can eliminate risks of destructive behaviors that tend to arise with bored and anxious Border Collies.

5. Poodle

Image from Instagram:@duke_thepoodle

Average Weight: 55 lbs

The Standard Poodle stands at 15 inches tall and weighs around 55 lbs. They are your medium-sized dog with long legs and a well-balanced body build. Their tight curls come in different colors – black, chocolate, and gray, to name a few.

Contrary to popular opinions, Poodles are not your sissy, high-maintenance dogs. They are actually quite rugged and athletic. Whether it’s sports, retrieving, or agility training, these canines always complete tasks in flying colors.

4. Australian Cattle Dog

Average Weight: 35 lbs

Born with immaculate white coats that eventually turn red or bluish-gray, the Australian Cattle Dog is another medium dog breed. Later in life, mottling on their coats appear, which adds to their unique features.

Just like your typical farm dog, the Aussie Cattle loves to do their job well. But they can become prone to mischief when they get bored or anxious. Thus, regular exercise and mentally-stimulating activities are ideal for this pooch.

3. English Springer Spaniel

Image from Instagram:@skye.and.ted

Average Weight: 50 lbs

The English Springer Spaniel has a lot of stamina, which allows him to carry out long days in the vast outdoors. They weigh about 50 lbs, with muscular bodies and long legs. Need a hunting companion? These keen and smart pups are ready to join you on a hunting trip!

Springers are people-pleasers with a knack for learning tricks easily. They always long to be a part of their family’s activities whether it is sports, games, or camping.

2. American Foxhound

Image from Instagram:@rorythecoonhound

Average Weight: 65 lbs

American Foxhounds are famous for their endurance and speed. They have long legs and a moderate-sized body, and they usually tip the scale at 65 lbs.

But with their love for movement and activity, the Foxhound requires plenty of exercise daily. Otherwise, they can become prone to boredom and depression, which leads to some destructive habits.

1. Alaskan Klee Kai

Image from Instagram:@mjolnir.kleekai

Average Weight: 22 lbs

A spitting image of the Siberian Husky, the Alaskan Klee Kai is just a tad small at 22 lbs. These companion pups are energetic and alert, just like their Husky cousins. But with strangers, these fluff balls tend to be more reserved.

Famous for their contrasting body markings, narrow muzzle and unique facial mask, the AKK are beautiful dogs. They are easy to train, making them ideal for first-time owners.

How Long Do Medium Dogs Live? The average lifespan of a medium dog breed is between 10 and 13 years. They live longer than large dogs but a tad shorter than smaller dogs. But their lifespan still depends on many factors including genetics, health, and lifestyle.

Is My Dog Small Or Medium? A dog is considered to be small when it weighs 20 lbs or under. However, a large dog starts at 60 lbs and above. Canines that are typically between 20 and 60 lbs, however, are classified as medium dog breeds.

What Is The Best Medium Sized Dog For A Family? When it comes to level of maintenance, temperament, and popularity with families, the Australian Shepherd is the best medium dog breed for a family. These dogs are easy to train, have a mellow personality, and do well with kids and adults alike. However, they do have long coats that shed quite often, so it is best to keep them groomed regularly.

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