Dog Awards Gala At Palm Beach

The American Humane Association held its 11th Annual Hero Dog Awards gala on November 12, 2021, at the Eau Palm Beach Resort in Florida. The top prize and most heroic dog was awarded to Boone, a four-year-old Beagle Hound Mix from Pennsylvania who lost both his back legs as a puppy because of animal cruelty.

The contest began with 400 dogs from across the United States competing for the top prize, with seven dogs being chosen as finalists. The winner was announced on the awards night after tabulating more than a million votes by the American public.

Robert Ganzert of American Humane said, ” We’re here to celebrate American heroes, heroes on both ends of the leash. These are amazing working dogs who really saved lives and inspired us to do better by humanity. It’s amazing that we’re here to celebrate these special dogs.”

The gala awards night was sponsored by philanthropist Lois Pope and hosted by TV personality Carson Kressley. It is attended by other celebrities like actress Vivica Fox, singer Lisa Loeb, country star Naomi Judd and will be broadcast on Hallmark Drama on November 20, 2021.

Top Dog

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Boone first won in the individual category of Therapy Hero Dog of the year before making it to the last round.

The Beagle mix, fondly called Bow Tie Boone because he is known to wear a bow tie, suffered tremendous cruelty when he was just a puppy in Texas. Both his back legs were severed by a previous owner leaving him unable to walk.

Luckily, he was adopted by a Pennsylvania couple, Tanya and Charlie Diable, who have a soft spot for animals with special needs. They fitted him with a special wheelchair to improve Boone’s mobility.

Boone was eventually trained to become a therapy dog for children living with disabilities forming a special affinity with them.

Tanya shared this inspiring story by publishing an illustrated children’s book titled “Bow Tie Boone.” She said, “He has overcome so much and is just an amazing dog. I love that he shows people resilience and love. And no matter what life throws at you, there’s a way to overcome.”

All the proceeds from the book are donated to Joey’s P.A.W., a charity run by the couple, to provide funding for dogs with disabilities. It has helped 700 dogs, so far, with needed prosthetics or wheelchairs.


The other six dogs competing for the top prize were also winners in their individual categories, namely, Shelter, Military, Guide/Hearing, Law Enforcement, and Detection and Search-and-Rescue dogs.

One such dog is a 10-year old Summer, a female Labrador who is now a retired military working dog. She served in Iraq and Afghanistan, where she conducted patrols searching for weapons and explosive devices.

Another is Henna, who has become the eyes and ears of a deaf and blind woman from New Mexico. Henna saved her mom from a potential accident involving an 18-wheeler truck while crossing a road.

All the other dogs share amazing stories of hope and resilience.

Ganzert said, “All seven category winners exemplify what it means to be a hero, and we hope that their stories will inspire people to value our animal friends and recognize how much they do for us every day.”

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