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Top Pet Names For 2022 Released

A mixture of the traditional and the offbeat made it to the top names of dogs and cats in Roverโ€™s annual Top Pet Names Report, released November 15, 2022. In its tenth annual report, Rover listed the names, separated into males and females, analyzed from a database of millions of submissions from pet parents who adopted new dogs and cats throughout the United States this year. The list also included the top names by state and also by breed.

Senior Shelter Dogs Flown To Oregon On A Charity Flight

The Los Angeles nonprofit organization Pet Rescue Pilots (PRP) flew 23 senior dogs from overcrowded rural shelters in California to Oregon on November 5, 2022, cooperating with the Grey Muzzle organization. The charity flight, which coincides with Novemberโ€™s National Adopt A Senior Pet Month, was part of the organizationโ€™s celebration of reaching the milestone 125th flight and helping 2,500 shelter pets find new homes since their operation began.

Fine Dining Restaurant For Dogs Opens In San Francisco

Care to reward your furry pets with treats prepared on a whole new level? Well, a newly opened restaurant in San Francisco serves gourmet-style food exclusively for your furry pets. Opened on September 25, 2022, Dogue is gaining popularity among dog lovers in the cityโ€™s trendy Mission District for offering a doggie three-course meal that starts at a whopping $75.