21 Dog Breeds That Can Be Left Alone (Sorry, Rottweilers)

Dogs are known as “man’s best friend” for a reason. They are loyal and always there to provide comfort and love. But what about when you can’t be there for your dog?

Are all breeds created equal when it comes to being left alone?

Here is a list of 21 dog breeds that can be left alone without too much worry. (Note: this list is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather provides an overview of some common dog breeds that can handle being left alone). Happy reading!

21. Italian Greyhound

Image from Wolf Spring

These tiny creatures are well suited for busy people who harbor a love for pets in their hearts. Italian greyhounds require minimal maintenance and won’t disrupt your tight schedule. 

They would love to sit in your lap, and have some fun, but aren’t that much into it. Italian greyhounds can be left alone while you’re running your errands.

Their resilient fur is velvety to touch and glossy in color giving them a distinctive look. You’ll definitely love to spend time with a greyhound whenever you’re free.

20. Whippet

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

Talk about their activity, whippets can be kept home alone for a whole day without having to worry about them at your work.

You might even find your whippet right where you kept them when you left for work. Their short-lengthed body coat doesn’t need much grooming, thus saving your scarce time. 

They are a friendly personalities allowing them to become a family’s favorite dog within no time. Whippets harbor elegant coat colors granting them entry into almost every pet lover’s heart.

19. Border Terrier

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

Border Terriers are easily trainable and will be able to follow your schedule as soon as they get a hold of it. They’re very friendly, affectionate, and playable. 

You won’t need to worry about their well-being while you’re at work because border terriers are known for being very dynamic in adapting to city life.

One thing you need to make sure about border terriers is that they get an ample dose of daily exercise for their physical well-being.

18. Tibetan Spaniel

Image from K9Cuisine

Tibetan Spaniels are very playful and they know how to keep themselves engaged when you’re away from home. 

They’ll head outside for a walk once in a while on their own, and it’s totally fine. As far as maintenance of a Tibetan Spaniel goes, combing the coat once a week will do the trick. 

Although, you should take a Tibetan Spaniel out for a walk at least once a day and try to spend time with your canine buddy once in a while.

17. Drever

Image from Instagram:@la_componeurostera

Drevers just go with the flow! They’ll cherish a soulful walk in the morning with you and patiently wait for you to come home. Their supple body coat doesn’t require much maintenance. 

Drevers will have no problem in getting along with your family members when you have got absolutely no time for them.

Being energetically active, you’d want to own a Drever only if your house accompanies a yard for your pet’s playtime.

16. American Staffordshire Terrier

Image from Pet Plate

American Staffordshire Terriers are easy-going and wouldn’t mind you engaging them in a joyful, fun-packed weekend. They’re good at playing frisbee and other pet-friendly sports activities.

The best part about American Staffordshire Terriers is that they don’t take it to the heart that easily, thus they’ll be ok with you giving them less time occasionally.

Staffordshire Terriers being very intelligent, require mental stimulation to stay engaged. So, don’t shy away from buying your Terrier some creative pet toys.

15. Tosa

Image from CBD ReThink

Tosa, the gatekeeper! They’re capable of warding off trespassers just by their looks. Their sturdy bodies and keen-looking demeanor make people think twice before trespassing. 

Yet, Tosa is a very friendly, polite, and obedient dog by nature. They don’t require any maintenance other than a daily brisk walk.

Tosa will listen and respond to your commands very attentively but make sure not to yell at him. This guy can sense the tone of your voice!

14. Rat Terrier

Image from Citizen Shipper

Rat Terriers make cute, compact, and sensitive pets that you’d love to have around you. They’re good learners so you can teach your Rat Terrier to do her daily chores while you’re doing yours.

We’d say Rat Terrier is one of those dog breeds that can be left alone while you’re running your errands.

Rat Terriers are kid-friendly, sensitive, and friendly towards its owner as well as strangers. These qualities make them very suitable for apartment living.

13. Broholmer

Image from House Carers

Broholmers do it all! These furry friends require minimum maintenance and can be left alone at home. They’re party animals whenever you want them to be.

Broholmers tend to get along very well with large families and won’t mind the extra company. 

With that being said, Broholmer is a champ when it comes to outdoor activities. We’d prefer you to go for this dog breed only if your house has an ample-sized yard.

12. Doberman Pinscher

Image from Instagram:@euro_achilles

You should only think of owning a Doberman Pinscher if you’re a person who’s into physical fitness. 

Although they’re very low maintenance, pinschers need daily exercise to stay fit. Initially, you’ll need to train this fella at a lot but later on manage on their own. 

You’ll hardly find another dog breed that is as loyal as Doberman Pinscher. Muscular, fast, and powerful are the words that best describe this dog breed.

11. Dachshund

Image from K9Cuisine

Dachshunds are happy souls by their temperament. They’ll take part in any game you want them to enjoy.

Dachshunds are an ideal choice for busy dog lovers who’d love their pet to accompany them to work once in a while. 

Normal daily exercise such as running around in the house or a walk in the evening keeps a Dachshund in shape. However, you should never underestimate the physical strength and agility of this dog breed.

10. Manchester Terrier

Image from Instagram:@cooper_forshaw

Manchester Terrier dog breed is a go-to for busy dog lovers who don’t have enough time to either play with their pets or give them an elaborate grooming session. 

Their minimal, resilient, and carefree fur doesn’t require much maintenance. You can limit your relationship with your Manchester Terrier to a bare minimum. 

A brisk walk every day is all it takes to own a Manchester Terrier. Among all the Terriers, Manchester Terrier is titled the most well-mannered and responsive one.

9. Chihuahua

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

Chihuahuas are compact-sized, short to medium-coated playful creatures that’d make you fall in love at first sight with them.

Only regular brushing is required to keep the body coat of a Chihuahua in order. Their overall demeanor and temperament showcase them as a pet owner’s favorite choice for travel. 

The most interesting fact about the Chihuahua dog breed is that they’ve made it in the list of top 10 watchdogs recommended by the experts.

8. Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier is the true definition of being a social animal. These pups cherish the company of their owners wherever they’re blessed with it.

Taking them on a walk twice a day and some indoor fun will keep these pups in good shape. Boston Terriers get along pretty well with singles as well as large families.

They can just be left alone in an apartment until you’re back from your daily hustle. The tuxedo-like markings on the fur of Boston Terriers have made them popular as “American Gentleman”.

7. Clumber Spaniel

Image from Instagram:@clumber.spaniel.rose

This breed of dog is well-known for being very playful and affectionate. To keep Clumber Spaniels in shape, taking them out once a day will do the job, as they don’t require much exercise to stay fit.

You’ll find Clumber Spaniels having fun with other animals and large families as well. Their snow-white coat makes them look very adorable.

These canines can adapt well to apartment living. However, they’re a sport to watch if you ever find time to take a Clumber Spaniel outside.

6. West Highland White Terrier

Image from ChomChom Roller

West Highland White Terriers will fulfill your requirement of wanting to own a small to a medium-sized furry little friend. They come with a rock-solid immune system, can be trained easily, and don’t require too much maintenance.

Their fur requires regular brushing and that’s it. Being easy-going in nature, West Highland White Terrier will make a great companion for a busy dog lover. 

Remember to engage your westie in plenty of play sessions and head out with your canine buddy for a regular walk in the evening.

5. Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Image from Canine Sciences

With the demeanor of a noble saint, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi dog breed is the epitome of loyalty. These are short-legged canines with medium body size and a bushy tail. 

They’re pretty low maintenance when it comes to regular care. However, taking them for a walk every day is a must in order to prevent Cardigan Welsh Corgi from getting obese. 

Cardigan Welsh Corgis possess middle-sized coats that can have multiple color patterns such as red, brindle, blue merle, and black, with white markings.

4. Golden Retriever

Image from Canine Sciences

A Golden Retriever is inherently born to be a family dog. Being very intelligent and pleasing, they’ll leave no chance to earn your praise.

Their ideal size, physical capabilities, loyalty, and intelligence make Golden Retrievers suitable for multiple roles in a busy household. They like to have fun with children as well as adults.  

Golden retrievers have a strong sense of smell which makes them excellent sniffers. They can do very well in pet athletics such as agility, competitive obedience, etc.

3. Basset Hound

Image from Canna Pet

Owning a Basset Hound comes with no strings attached. A basset hound can be left alone at home for long periods without any worries, thus a favorable choice for busy dog lovers. 

Basset Hounds have a short body coat that requires minimum maintenance. They don’t require heavy physical exercise to stay in shape, a short walk, a couple of times a day is enough. 

A Basset hound would make an ideal pet for novice pet owners. Moderate level exercise is needed to keep them in a good physique.

2. Maltese

Image from Big Lu

With their level of energy, the best a Maltese can do at home alone is roam around the house and look for cozy places to doze off. 

During the early stages of their life, Maltese dogs can be very playful but with time their level of activity goes down to a bare minimum.

Maltese dogs do very well as therapy dogs and are a preferred choice for novice pet owners and apartment residents.

1. Lhasa Apso

Image from Fuzzy

The sturdy history of Lhasa Apso makes it the most suitable dog breed that can be left alone for busy dog lovers. They’re medium-sized furry canines that have got the capacity to enjoy solitude.

These furry friends require minimum maintenance and moderate physical activity to stay fit. They may seem compact by looks but Lhasa is a dog known for nobility and as a protector. 

Lhasa Apsos are independent dogs that don’t require staying in touch with their owners. Though remember to train a Lhasa regularly for optimal behavior.

Does Having 2 Dogs Help With Separation Anxiety? 

Having 2 dogs somewhat alleviates the ill effects of separation anxiety. So, besides getting another dog, appropriate measures have to be taken so as to help the 1st dog in overcoming separation anxiety. Its symptoms can reappear anytime unless your dog permanently overcomes it.

Do Dogs Grow Out Of Separation Anxiety? 

There’s no instant magic pill that’ll make your dog grow out of separation anxiety. However, long-term measures like crate training, exercises, etc. can help your dog slowly get rid of it. Separation anxiety has a very high tendency to reappear anytime, that’s why you’ll need to be very patient while dealing with it.

Is Leaving A Dog Alone Animal Cruelty?

Leaving your dog alone for more than a day is cruel but it’s not animal cruelty. The maximum span of time that a dog can stay alone at home varies from one dog breed to another. Some dog breeds are able to stay alone for even 8 hours. However, most of the canine friends would want you to be home in 4-6 hours.

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