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Dog Breeds That Look Like Foxes

Some dogs can be easily mistaken as foxes… And vice-versa. Bushy tail, pointy muzzles, triangular ears, these dog breeds that look like foxes are one of a kind. Can you tell what these breeds are?

With double coats in red, tan and cream, curly-tailed Shiba Inus are a spitting image of a fox. There’s also the Japanese Spitz that’s easily an arctic fox’s doppelganger, with its snow-white coat and upright ears. And of course, there’s the Alaskan Klee Kai, another foxy pooch with a fluffy curled tail and a narrow, long snout.

There are many more of these dog breeds with fox-like looks… And we’ll highlight them all today! Check out these pups and learn more about their fascinating foxy features.

24. Akita

A spitz breed with a Japanese origin, the Akita is a double-coated pooch with triangular ears that stand upright – lending an air of curiosity and alertness. They also have densely-coated tails and short, rough coats in red, orange, and tan.

Because of their fierce loyalty and protective nature, Akitas make excellent guard dogs. Do take note that these pups have high energy levels, so be sure to give them ample exercise daily.

23. Korean Jindo Dog

Everything about the Korean Jindo dog’s physical features is foxy – their fawn- or red-colored dense coats, pointy ears, and thick tails.

But unlike a fox, these pups are not skittish at all. They are friendly, gentle, and affectionate canines. Thus, they are outstanding pets for folks who like a trainable pooch such as this fellow.

22. Kughsa Dog

Also known as the Amerindian Malamute, this Arctic fox look-alike dog is a beauty. They have lean bodies, tall ears, and fluffy tan-colored fur.

Kughsa dogs possess certain vulpine personalities. This is why their foxy features go beyond their looks. They are quick-witted, intelligent, and alert. Surprisingly, they are predators, too, which makes them less ideal for novice dog owners.

21. Basenji

Fastidious Basenjis are another one of those dog breeds that look like foxes. These pups have erect ears and short, thick coats in shades of fawn, red, and white.

What’s unique about these pups is that they don’t bark like the average dog. Instead, they create a sound that’s a cross between a yodel and a chortle. They also create a high-pitched sound like a shriek – another similarity they share with a fox.

20. Norwegian Elkhound

Both a spitz and a hound breed, the Norwegian Elkhound is another fox-looking pup. They have triangular ears that stay upright and dense coats.

Unlike a fox, however, Norwegian Elkhounds thrive on human companionship. Separation anxiety is common among these dogs when left alone for long periods of time.

19. Keeshond

An excellent companion dog, the Keeshond is alert, protective, and loyal to their owners. They are amazing watch dogs who are always ready to protect their families from harm.

With their erect ears, cunning expression, and heads shaped like a wedge, Keeshonds can be easily mistaken as a fox. These pooches also love to stay active, so regular exercise is a must for these canines.

18. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

There are dog breeds that look like foxes while others are particularly bred to look like these wild creatures, just like the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. These pups have red, thick fur with some white markings and a long and flowing tail.

Clever and confident, they are a great companion for your outdoor adventures. They adore canine sports and romping around. Give them lots of time to play, and they are a happy camper!

17. Long-Haired Chihuahua

Chihuahuas come in different forms but the long-haired ones have striking looks resembling a fennec fox. With their large ears, dense, long coats, and pointed snout, these pups are definitely foxy.

Although they may be tiny, these Chis are always ready to protect their owners from harm. They are loyal, obedient, and alert, which makes them outstanding watch dogs.

16. Pomeranian Spitz

Pomeranian Spitz dogs may come with a miniscule build but they are certainly feisty and nimble. They are much like foxes because of these personality traits, coupled with their abundant fur and upright ears.

If you like a fox-looking dog that comes in a neat and compact package, the Pom is perfect for you. They do bark a lot, though, which means early training is a must to curb their extremely vocal nature.

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15. German Spitz

Double-coated German Spitz dogs are smart and quick pups, just like the nimble fox. They are also energetic fellows, which means daily exercise is a must to keep them healthy.

Covered in a short and dense coat in shades of red, brown, black, and white, the German Spitz is one foxy pooch in many ways. They are also easy to train, so they should be perfect even for novice owners.

14. Pulin

A herding pup that hails from Serbia, the Pulin dog has a fox-like face with a long snout and small eyes with an alert expression. Their coats are also thick and fluffy just like a fox.

They are loving creatures that adore their owners. However, they require daily exercise to overcome negative, destructive behaviors.

13. Finnish Spitz

Another energetic pooch, the Finnish Spitz is often coined the “Barking Bird Dog.” They are great bird hunters and other small game. Their alertness and intelligence enable them to outsmart and catch their prey easily.

As these dogs are quite agile and active, their body also demands hours of exercise and movement each day. Otherwise, they can be quite vocal and bark a lot when their need for exercise is unmet.

12. American Eskimo

An Arctic fox look-alike, the American Eskimo is one protective and fun-loving pooch. They have double coats in a combination of biscuit and white color. Their ears are upright, and they often have a curious expression.

But what’s not so foxy about these pups is their affectionate nature. They love human companionship and would rather be with their families than to be alone.

11. Canaan Dog

Weighing as much as 55 lbs, these bushy-tailed pooches are fox-like in many ways. They have pointed ears and almond-shaped eyes with a curious expression just like a fox.

Canaan Dogs may have a wild background but they are some of the most trainable dog breeds out there. No wonder they are excellent messengers and service dogs, especially during World War II.

10. Dhole

The Red Fox Dog or Dhole is an Indian wild canine. They are often found in Asia, yet they are slowly becoming an endangered species.

True to their name, the Red Fox dog is one wild creature. They are fearless predators with an impressive running speed at 34 miles per hour. As for their physical features, they are reminiscent of an Arabian or Indian fox with their thick red double coats and bushy tails.

9. Schipperke

Schipperkes are a black fox’s doppelganger with their tall ears, black double coat, and some random white markings on their fur.

These spunky and loyal creatures thrive on physical activity. They love the outdoors, which makes them a great hiking companion. Just be sure to keep them on a leash when out and about as they love to chase small animals!

8. Samoyed

A spitz dog breed from the Arctic region, the Samoyed is one strong creature. These canines are sturdy sled dogs, particularly during polar expeditions in history.

Just like an Arctic fox, Samoyeds have fluffy white coats and erect ears. They also have a constant smile on their mouths, which adds to their endearing qualities.

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7. Indian Spitz

One of the smartest dog breeds that look like foxes, the Indian Spitz is an active and agile creature. They share similarities with the German Spitz, with their thick coats and tall ears. These are the same features that make them look like a fox, as well.

Bright and obedient, these pups enjoy the company of their families. However, they don’t do well with other household pets, as they prefer to have your sole attention.

6. Volpino Italiano

The name itself speaks volumes of this dog’s appearance – elongated bodies, pointy ears, and a long muzzle just like a vulpine.

Unfortunately, these dogs are slowly dwindling in number. They nearly became extinct in the mid-1960s, which is why breeding projects were initiated to revive this dog breed and allow it to thrive on the planet once more.

5. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Corgis are unique-looking pups with their oval bodies that hang low to the ground, upright ears, and refined muzzles. They also have a permanent smile on their face, which adds to their charm.

And quite similar to a fox, Corgis have a dense and short coat in red or tan shades. While they don’t have bushy tails as vulpines do, their agile and curious personalities make them fox-like, anyway!

4. Icelandic Sheepdog

Bred originally as herding dogs and farm dogs, Icelandic Sheepdogs are hard working pups. They watched over their owners’ sheep and cattle, which was the beginning of their domestication.

Some of their vulpine-like traits include upright ears, narrow faces and long, thick coats with a rough texture. They are also energetic animals with stamina that can last for hours.

3. Alaskan Klee Kai

Fluffy Alaskan Klee Kais resemble a smaller Husky but with faces like a Red Fox. They do come in different colors including the foxy red and white color combination.

In addition to their dense fur, Klee Kais are fox-like because of their triangular ears that always stand upright. Their snouts are also long and narrow, and their tails are thick and curled as vulpines.

2. Japanese Spitz

Friendly, docile, and affectionate, the Japanese Spitz is one fun-loving pooch. They are much like Arctic foxes with their immaculate white long coats and triangular, erect ears.

These pups are adventurous creatures. They love to explore, romp around, and spend quality time outdoors with their favorite humans.

1. Shiba Inu

This list of dog breeds that look like foxes will never be complete without the Shiba Inu. These spitz breed dogs have a curled, fluffy tail and double coat that make them quite foxy. Their coats are also dense and rough, often in shades of cream, red, and tan.

One thing you must know about Shiba Inus is that they are possessive creatures. They don’t get along well with other pets, which means they would want your full attention. Other than that, they are amazing canines with a zest for life and adventure.

Related Questions

Can A Fox Breed With A Dog? No, foxes cannot breed with dogs. There is no such thing as a dog and fox hybrid because of the difference in the number of chromosomes these two unique species have. They are simply not compatible for breeding purposes.

Are Foxes Smarter Than Dogs? Foxes are smart creatures as they are able to figure out ways to survive in tough climates and evade predators. However, not all foxes are smarter than some dogs that are known for their wits and skills.

Can You Raise A Baby Fox As A Pet? It is possible to raise a baby fox as a pet, but only if the fox has been tamed and domesticated in a controlled environment for several generations. The kits or young foxes must also be hand-raised, trained, and socialized well since vulpines by nature are not domesticated creatures like dogs and cats.

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