Wrinkly Dog Breeds

Loose skin and rolls around the body, furrows on the forehead… These are some of the delightful things about wrinkly dog breeds. Humans may not be crazy about their own wrinkles but they sure add to any canine’s cuteness!

Famous for their abundant rolls and folds, Shar-Peis are certainly rocking their wrinkly bodies. The same goes for the English Bulldog and Pug, who are well-known for their adorable furrowed and scrunched up faces – a distinctive feature they get even as young pups.

Get to know more about these wrinkly dog breeds, what makes them special, and some special care tips for their well-loved rolls.

12. Shar Pei

Image from Instagram:@sharpeisaroundtheworld

This list of wrinkly dog breeds will never be complete without the wrinkle-rich Shar Pei. As young pups, they often have an abundance of loose skin that tightens as they get older. Nevertheless, they still retain their rolls and wrinkles during adulthood!

Attractive as these wrinkles may be, they tend to be quite high-maintenance. Wiping them down daily with mild soap is essential to keep their skin healthy and odor-free.

11. English Bulldog

Image from PetHonesty

Tough and fierce-looking, English Bulldogs, or British Bulldogs, are actually some of the sweetest pups there are. They have their trademark loose skin around the mouth (and their bodies) and deep furrows all over their faces to soften their intimidating appearance.

Cleaning a Bulldog’s wrinkles is quite easy with the right tools. A damp washcloth, soft towel, and some wrinkle ointment such as shea butter and rosemary oil can ward off bacteria and keep your pup smelling fresh.

10. Basset Hound

Image from Instagram:@basset.community

Hanging low to the ground, their long ears drooping, and with an abundance of loose skin all over their body, a Basset Hound is impossible to miss. They are one of the few wrinkly dog breeds that have a significant amount of folds and rolls all over.

Their wrinkles aren’t just for aesthetics, though. These folds collect small particles in the air and enhance their nose power. But as with other wrinkly dog breeds, these rolls tend to chaf and get some build-ups. So be sure to clean these areas well with a washcloth a couple of times a week.

9. Bone-Mouth

Image from Instagram:@narlasbigadventure

Bone-Mouth Shar Peis are not as fluffy as their Meat-Mouth Shar Pei cousins. They are also not as wrinkly, although there are some folds around the neck, forehead and shoulder.

Cleaning around individual wrinkle should be easier with a Bone-Mouth because they don’t have a ton of it. Just make sure to dry these folds well, so they don’t become a breeding ground for infection-causing bacteria.

8. Bullmastiff

Image from Instagram:@dogmom_bella

Strong, powerful, and covered with a weather-proof short coat, Bullmastiffs are solid pups. But their wrinkled necks and faces soften their rather intimidating stature.

Speaking of folds, these areas are commonly afflicted with infection and irritation when dirt and moisture get trapped and bacteria set in. Check your pup’s wrinkles daily and keep them clean and dry to prevent inflammation and unpleasant odors.

7. Neapolitan Mastiff

Image from Instagram:@allmastiffs_daily

Roaming the planet for centuries, the massive Neapolitan Mastiffs were originally bred as fighting dogs. They have a massive frame with a giant head to match, which is covered with voluminous folds and loose skin.

A common issue with wrinkly dog breeds such as the Neapolitan Mastiff is skin infection around their wrinkles. Wiping the folds down with mild dog soap and water, then drying them thoroughly can help prevent skin concerns.

6. Bloodhound

Image from Instagram:@happyhollyhound

Highly regarded for their impeccable tracking abilities and amazing nose work, Bloodhounds are a hunter’s BFF. These pups have droopy skin and deep folds right around their neck and head.

As part of daily wrinkle maintenance, make it a habit to wipe these rolls down with a moist washcloth. Be sure not to miss the flews after each meal, which are also prone to inflammation due to bacterial infection.

5. Dogue De Bordeaux

Image from Instagram:@moosejames.doguedebordeaux

With its muscular build and innate strength, the Dogue de Bordeaux is a favorite among farmers, hunters, and soldiers. They may appear intimidating but one look at their wrinkled faces and soulful eyes, and these are enough to melt one’s heart.

When bathing your pup, be sure to use a mild facial wash to clean around the wrinkles. These areas are susceptible to excess odor caused by dirt, so it’s important to keep them nice and dry all the time.

4. Pug

Image from Instagram:@omochi_pino

If what you look for is a low-maintenance wrinkly dog breed, Pugs are for you! These pups are noted for their large eyes and wrinkled faces, making them appear to be perpetually worried, yet curious at the same time.

At a minimum, make it a point to clean these pups’ wrinkles thrice a week or even daily, especially after meals. This way, you can prevent them from developing nasty odors and infections.

3. Pekingese

Image from Instagram:@canillatstardogs

A compact wrinkly dog breed, the Pekingese is one lovable lap dog. They have a short muzzle, which is accentuated by deep furrows on their faces. Combined with its long mane and fluffy coat, these pups look like a little lion.

Pekingese pups tend to be prone to skin infection on their faces because of their wrinkles. Thus, it is best to wipe their facial furrows with a damp clean cloth and dry the area well to ward off bacteria and fungus.

2. Fila Brasileiro

Image from Instagram:@drakkar_wolfdog_and_friends

The mighty Fila Brasileiro, also known as Brazilian Mastiff, is one giant dog with a smooth and short coat in shades of black, fawn, or brindle. They also have furrows on their foreheads and loose skin on their necks. Sometimes, they may even sport a black mask.

To care for Fila Brasileiro’s wrinkles, simply wipe the area with a washcloth. Apply a small amount of dog shampoo on these folds and swab clean to rinse until there is no residue left. Finish off by drying the wrinkles gently to prevent bacterial growth due to moisture.

1. French Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@vixbull

Muscular and compact, the petite French Bulldog is a strong and sturdy pup. They are actually jolly fellows, despite how their wrinkled faces make them look like they’re having the blues all the time!

Frenchies have a fair amount of wrinkles around their mouths and foreheads while the rest of their body has zero-folds. Be sure to run a moist washcloth between wrinkles to lift away stuck debris and dirt. Then, dry it with a soft towel, and your pooch is good to go.

Why Is My Puppy So Wrinkly? All dogs have loose skin around the neck, although some have more than the rest. In the case of wrinkly dog breeds, they have an HAS2 gene that increases the body’s production of hyaluronic acid that causes the skin to wrinkle.

Do Dogs Get Wrinkles As They Age? Dogs don’t get wrinkles as they age as these furrows are more of a condition caused by a certain gene. However, there are signs of aging in dogs such as thinner and duller coatsgray hair around the eyes and muzzle, and more delicate skin that’s prone to injury.

What Is Skin Fold Dermatitis In Dogs? Skin fold dermatitis is a condition in which the pockets between their wrinkles become inflamed or infected. As these areas are moist and warmyeast and bacteria tend to grow and reproduce. Itchingredness, and foul odor in these pockets are signs of an infection.

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