Dog Groomers Based In Centennial, Colorado

The word “centennial” was given to commemorate Colorado’s entry into the United States in 1876, the nation’s centennial year. This city has a lot of places where you can wander the natural beauty of its resources, including its mountains, parks, streams, and rainforests. You can also enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine per year, which suggests that you can engage in various outdoor activities all year.

Centennial is known for its natural resources and some of its dog-friendly establishments, such as cafes and shopping malls. As dog owners, it is understandable that you want to take your dog everywhere you go. However, frequent walks with your dog can cause dirt, debris, and mud to accumulate on its coat and skin. Leaving your beloved Fido to the city’s dog groomers is one way to get rid of these particles and maintain their lush coats.

Taking your dog to the groomer to have its coat washed and brushed will improve the quality and condition of its coat. Fortunately, Centennial has some of the best dog groomers who can absolutely help you maintain your dog’s well-being. If you own a dog and are looking for a dog groomer near you, look no further than the list of 7 dog groomers below.

7. A Clip Above Pet Styling

Image from Instagram:@a_clip_above_co
Best forMud bath services for dogs
Physical address8261 S Holly St, Centennial, CO 80122
Phone(303) 771-4330
Opening hoursMonday to Sunday, 8AM–7PM

Lindsay Tornabene, the dog salon’s owner and founder, has worked in the pet industry for more than 20 years. She is extremely knowledgeable in dog psychology and pet behavior, having groomed dogs for over 17 years and training dogs for over 20 years. Lindsay also competes with her dog in a sport called Schutzhund, which tests dogs’ obedience, tracking, and protection abilities.

Nature’s Specialty shampoo and conditioner products are used to maintain a healthy coat and skin on your dog. They also have a variety of dog shampoos and conditioners to relieve various types of skin and coats, including hypoallergenic dog shampoo, oatmeal dog shampoo, and medicated dog shampoo. All of these special dog shampoos are included in their dog grooming services and can be upgraded or changed for free.

They are open daily and accept same-day dog ​​grooming appointments. Aside from full-service dog grooming, they also provide dog spa services, allowing you to pamper your pup with a lavish mud bath. These mud baths are tailored to your dog’s specific needs in order to soothe and nourish its skin and coat. Mud baths for dogs cost $30 to $50 and can be combined with a full dog grooming service.


  • Lindsay Tornabene, the owner and founder, has more than 20 years of experience in the pet industry and has an in-depth knowledge of dog psychology, pet behavior, dog grooming, and dog training.
  • Nature’s Specialty’s dog shampoo and conditioner products are used when bathing dogs to maintain a healthy coat and skin.
  • They offer a variety of dog shampoos and conditioners that soothe different skin and coat types, including hypoallergenic dog shampoos, oatmeal dog shampoos, and medicated dog shampoos.
  • Dog mud baths cost between $30 and $50 and are tailored to your dog’s specific needs to soothe its skin and coat.


  • Grooming Services
    • Lion cut
    • Teddy bear cut
    • Blueberry facial
    • Dog shampoo and conditioner
  • Dog Spa Treatments
    • Mud bath
    • Mud mobility bath
    • Pawdicure
    • De-shedding treatments

6. Ace Grooming By Sara

Image from Ace Grooming by Sara
Best forFull-service dog grooming
Physical address7475 E Arapahoe Road, Suite 18, Centennial, CO 80112
Phone(303) 850-7266
Opening hoursMonday and Tuesday, 10AM–6PM
Wednesday, Closed
Thursday to Saturday, 10AM–6PM
Sunday, 12PM–5PM

Ace Grooming provides a variety of services and products to keep your pooch healthy and happy such as professional dog grooming, a self-service dog wash, and a pet supply store. This dog grooming salon has received over 130 positive Google reviews from dog owners for providing excellent customer service and reasonable prices. Customers also mentioned that Sara does an outstanding job of grooming their dogs on time.

Sara Latourrette has been in charge of this dog grooming store for over 25 years and has more than 34 years of experience in the pet industry. She works with a variety of rescue and geriatric dogs, so her approach to each is unique. Sara can also identify any abnormalities or health issues in your dog that may go unnoticed, allowing her to groom your dog according to its requirements.

The facility is located in the Heritage Place Shopping Center, which houses restaurants, clothing stores, shopping malls, convenience stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, tire stores, and furniture stores, so you can go for a walk and shop while your dog is being groomed. Also, with parking spaces scattered around the property, there’s no need to spend more time looking for a parking lot nearby.


  • Offers full-service dog grooming, self-service dog wash, and a pet supply store so you can have all of your dog’s needs in one convenient location.
  • This dog grooming salon has gained more than 130 positive reviews from dog owners on Google for having excellent customer service and reasonable prices.
  • The owner, Sara Latourrette, has over 34 years of experience in the pet industry and has worked with many rescue and geriatric dogs, so she can identify any health issues that your dog may have.
  • You can stroll around the establishments such as restaurants, clothing stores, shopping malls, convenience stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, tire stores, and furniture stores nearby the facility while waiting for your dog’s grooming session to be done.


  • Grooming Services
    • Nail trimming
    • Furminator shed-less treatment
    • Dog bath
    • Dog haircuts
  • Dog Supplies Shop
    • Dog food
    • Dog treats
    • Dog toys
    • Dog bowls
  • Other Services
    • Self-service dog wash

5. Meggo’s Gentle Grooming

Image from Meggo’s Gentle Grooming
Best forDog grooming services
Physical address8100 S Quebec St, B12, Centennial, CO 80112
Phone(303) 931-0141
Opening hoursMonday to Sunday, 8AM–4:30PM

Gift cards can be purchased online and can be customized with the desired amount to use for their services. This is a perfect gift for fellow dog owners to help them keep their pups healthy and fresh. It also comes in a variety of designs such that you can customize it for any occasion. Gift cards can be sent to you for future use or sent directly to the recipient. 

Dog grooming services range in price from $60 to $220, depending on your dog’s size, breed, coat type, and the add-ons you want. They provide Doodles with special dog grooming services that include a dog shampoo and conditioner, brushing, a breed-specific haircut or the haircut of your choice, nail grinding, ear cleaning, and tooth gel application.

Megan Gerhart, the owner, has been working with dogs since she was 14 years old. She began her career as a bather in a Petsmart grooming salon, where she was quickly tapped to learn how to groom dogs. Meg has been crafting her talents as a dog groomer for more than ten years and makes a specialty of creating fluffy doggy haircuts.


  • Gift cards that can be given as a gift to fellow dog owners can be purchased online and can be used for their services.
  • The cost of dog grooming services ranges from $60 to $220, depending on your dog’s size, breed, coat type, and the extras you want to avail of. 
  • They offer Doodles specialized dog grooming services such as washing them with dog shampoo and conditioner, brushing them, creating a customized haircut, trimming their nails, cleaning their ears, and applying gel on their teeth.
  • Owner Megan Gerhart has been a talented groomer for over ten years, specializing in haircuts for fluffy dogs.


  • Grooming Services
    • Pre-grooming consultation
    • Tooth gel
    • Doodle cut
    • Dog shampoo and conditioner

4. City Bark Centennial

Image from City Bark Centennial
Best forDog grooming services
Physical address6840 S Kenton St., Centennial, CO, 80112
Phone(720) 673-4555
Opening hoursMonday to Sunday, 6:30AM–8PM

City Bark in Centennial provides a wide range of services, such as dog daycare, boarding, grooming, and training, where you can get rewarded with points each time you avail of any of them. For several years, they have been named Best Pet Sitting and Best Pet Boarding by various organizations. Furthermore, all of their locations have received Gold Standard Accreditation from the Colorado Association of Dog Daycares.

It can be difficult to leave your dog in the care of professionals, so they’ve installed live webcams in their facility so you can check in on them whenever you want and get the sense of security you need. From bone-shaped dog pools and full-sized pools to large, air-conditioned spaces, the certified staff will take care to ensure your dogs get the socialization and rest they need.

It’s nice to take a bath after a long day of playing and making new furry friends. To get your dog looking fluffy and clean, their professionally trained dog groomers use only all-natural dog bathing products. Additionally, they have been named by Colorado Community Media as “Best Grooming,” so you can rest assured that your dog will be well-groomed.


  • Offers a rewards program for loyal dog owners who will avail of any service offered in the facility.
  • Has won several awards, including Best Pet Sitting, Best Pet Boarding, and Best Dog Grooming.
  • Provides dogs and their owners around the area with dog daycare, dog grooming, dog boarding, and dog training services.
  • While you are away, you can have access to their live webcams should you need to leave your dog under their care, providing you with a sense of security.


  • Grooming Services
    • Anal gland expression
    • Dog bath
    • Coat brushing
    • Ear cleaning
  • Dog Boarding Services 
    • Dog suites
    • Dog TV
    • Custom pup meals
    • Raised dog beds
  • Dog Daycare Services 
    • Socialization opportunities
    • Swimming pool
    • Indoor play areas
    • Dog playground
  • Dog Training Services 
    • Puppy preschool
    • Private lessons
    • Group classes
    • Tutor sessions

3. Bark N Wash

Image from Bark N Wash
Best forSelf-service dog wash
Physical address15426 E. Orchard Rd., Centennial, CO 80016
Phone(303) 766-1020
Opening hoursMonday, 9AM–5PM
Tuesday, 8AM–7PM
Wednesday, 9AM–5PM
Thursday, 8AM–7PM
Friday and Saturday, 9AM–5PM
Sunday, 10AM–5PM

This dog grooming salon offers both professional dog grooming and self-service dog washing. They welcome new dogs and their owners by offering a $3 discount on any of the two services offered, as well as free upgrades and professional advice and assistance. Professional dog grooming services start at $55, while self-service dog washing services start at $16.

Dog groomers have a combined experience of more than 20 years in the pet industry. Their excellent knowledge of dog grooming was praised by more than 240 dog owners on Google. These owners appreciated how attentive the dog groomers were and how they listened to the requirements closely. They also mentioned that their dogs enjoyed the experience as they had always come out happy and fresh.

The Bark N Wash team is dedicated to more than just dog grooming; they also support their community’s youth through various elementary school and high school fundraisers. They also help and collaborate actively with the Miami Animal Alliance to foster and find homes for animals and have collaborated with Tagawa Gardens to host one of their annual pet adoption events.


  • They have a welcome gift for first-time customers, which is a $3 discount on professional dog grooming as well as self-service dog washing.
  • The rates for professional dog grooming services begin at $55, and the rates for self-service dog wash begin at $16.
  • Dog groomers have over two decades of combined experience in the pet industry, and their knowledge has been praised by over 240 dog owners on Google.
  • The establishment is dedicated to supporting various human and pet charities, like the Miami Animal Alliance and Tagawa Gardens.


  • Grooming Services
    • Brushing
    • Anal gland expression
    • Ear cleaning
    • Dog bath
  • Self-Service Dog Wash
    • Dog soaps
    • Dog shampoo
    • Apron
    • Dog tubs

2. Scenthound

Image from Instagram:@scenthound
Best forRoutine dog grooming services
Physical addressCentennial West: 7529 South University Boulevard, Centennial, CO 80122
Smoky Hill: 20269 E Smoky Hill Road, Centennial, CO 80015
PhoneCentennial West: (720) 575-5142
Smoky Hill: (720) 784-3218
Opening hoursMonday to Saturday, 8AM–5PM
Sunday, 11AM–4PM
WebsiteCentennial West:
Smoky Hill:

There are two Scenthounds in Centennial, one in Centennial West and one in Smoky Hill. There are parking spaces in front of both locations, making them easily accessible to dog owners with private vehicles. Bus stops are also nearby, so dog owners who use public transportation won’t have to walk far to reach both facilities.

They concentrate on the five major areas in which all dogs require attention: skin, coat, ears, nails, and teeth. The Basic Hygiene package for dogs includes a bath, ear cleaning, nail clipping, and teeth brushing, as well as a variety of add-ons such as anal gland expression and de-shedding.

By joining their Monthly Care Club, they can help you manage your dog’s monthly care. The membership plans are created to address your dog’s routine care needs, with services bundled such that you only pay for what your pooch requires. You will also receive a 25% off on all extra services, 24-hour virtual vet access, a 25% off on take-home remedies, and access to all Scenthound locations.


  • Has 2 locations in Centennial; one is in Centennial West, and the other is in Smoky Hill.
  • The facilities both have parking spaces in the front and bus stops nearby, making it accessible to all dog owners around the area.
  • Their dog grooming service package includes a bath, ear cleaning, nail clipping, and teeth brushing, as well as a number of additional services such as anal gland expression and de-shedding.
  • Joining their Monthly Care Club entitles you to a variety of benefits, including a 25% discount on all add-on services, 24-hour virtual vet access, a 25% discount on take-home remedies, and access to all Scenthound locations.


  • Grooming Services
    • Teeth brushing
    • Nail trimming
    • Ear cleaning
    • Dog bath

1. K9 Specialty Services

Image from K9 Specialty Services
Best forMobile dog grooming services
Physical addressServing Centennial and its surrounding areas
Phone(720) 400-2784
Opening hoursMonday to Friday, 9AM–7PM
Saturday, 9AM–3:30PM
Sunday, Closed

Jonathan Gegerson, the owner, has been serving pets and their owners in their community for over five years by working at animal shelters and private vet clinics as a veterinary technician. He has Power Pack and Udemy certifications in the following areas: Dog Grooming, Dog Training, Drug Toxicology in Animals, and Animal Nutrition.

K9 Specialty Services was founded in 2021 and has already received over 20 positive reviews on Google and Yelp from dog owners who were extremely pleased with the services he provided. They also stated that the prices were very reasonable and that Jonathan was really knowledgeable in providing advice on proper dog grooming maintenance.

You can book an appointment by calling their phone number, and the mobile dog grooming van will come right to your driveway for your convenience. Mobile dog grooming services start at $75 for short-haired dogs weighing 20 lbs or less. Anesthesia-free dental cleanings begin at $225 and are designed to clean your dog’s outer teeth surfaces.


  • The owner, Jonathan Gegerson, has been in the pet industry for more than five years, serving pets and pet parents in their area.
  • Has earned more than 20 positive Google and Yelp reviews from dog owners who were highly satisfied with the services provided.
  • A mobile dog grooming van will come right up to your driveway to make your dog’s grooming experience more convenient.
  • Dental cleanings without the need for anesthesia start at $225 and are intended to clean your dog’s outer teeth surfaces.


  • Grooming Services
    • Dental cleanings
    • Doodle cuts
    • Nail trimming
    • Doggy haircut
  • Pet Store
    • Dog breath and teeth spray
    • Pet cologne

What Is A Level 3 Dog Groomer? A Level 3 Dog Groomer possesses the practical skills and knowledge required to work as a professional dog groomer. These dog groomers understand how to work with various types of dogs and create trims for different breed standards.

How Long Does A Full Groom For A Dog Take? It is impossible to estimate how long it would take to fully groom a dog. Depending on your dog’s breed, size, coat type, and the additional services you can choose, a dog grooming appointment can typically last from 2 to 4 hours.

Is It Worth Taking Your Dog To The Groomer? You can leave everything to a dog groomer, and you will not have to worry about the time and inconveniences of grooming your pooch on your own. Dog groomers can also advise you if they observe any skin or coat issues, allowing you to immediately follow up with your vet and ensure your pooch receives the care it requires.

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