Dog Nail Clippers VS Grinders: Whatโ€™s The Difference?

Dogs need their nails clipped on a regular basis, just like humans do. But what’s the best way to go about it – with nail clippers or grinders?

Clippers require you to cut the nails in small sections, which takes longer but allows you to be more precise and careful with your dog’s nails. On the other hand, grinders take off more of the nail at once. Grinders may be necessary if your dog has very thick or hard-to-cut nails, but they can be loud and scary for some dogs

Let’s compare and contrast them both.

Dog Nail Clippers VS Grinders: Comparison

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Nail clippers come in two kinds: guillotine and scissors. The first has a hole through which you need the place the dogโ€™s nail and squeeze the handle to slice down the excess nail. As the blade in guillotine clippers isnโ€™t that strong, this type is suitable for small to medium mutts. The blade also needs to be replaced regularly as theyโ€™re known to wear out quickly.

Scissor clippers, on the other hand, look exactly like scissors, but the blades have small indentations where you need to place your dogโ€™s nail to cut it. As you can virtually exert any amount of force when using scissor clippers, theyโ€™re suitable for larger dogs and breeds.

Nail grinders are basically handheld motors that feature a small rotating piece of material that can be used to โ€“ hey, surprise! โ€“ grind down your dogโ€™s claws by using friction. As Dremel is the leading manufacturer of dog nail grinders, they are often referred to as Dremels.

Pros Of Dog Nail Clippers

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These Tools Are Quiet

Compared to nail grinders, clippers are quiet and donโ€™t make high sounds that can frighten the dog. Itโ€™s worth noting that some dogs may get freaked out by the sound the clippers make at first, but most mutts get over that quickly.

Clipping Is A Quick Process

Clipping your muttโ€™s nail is as fast as placing the claw and squeezing the handle, making clippers quiet the fast tool. Donโ€™t do it too quickly, though, as you may end up pinching your dog or worse, cutting the quick.

Nail Clippers Are Affordable

Dog nail clippers are inexpensive, and they can be found at any local pet store. You shouldnโ€™t skimp on such tools, of course, but you can still manage to get decent clippers without breaking the bank.

Cons Of Dog Nail Clippers

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Using Clippers Can Be Risky For Beginners

You need to be careful when using clippers to trim your dogโ€™s nails as itโ€™s easy to cut the quick, pinch your dog, or even break the claw when doing so. Should any of that happens, it would be hard to get your dog to accept clipping again.

Pros Of Dog Nail Grinders

Grinders Can Produce Smooth Nails

While nail clippers leave sharp-edged claws that can easily catch on carpeting and furniture, grinders produce rounded nails that would keep both you and your furniture safe.

Suitable For Thick Claws

Thick nails can be hard to clip using clippers, but they donโ€™t stand a chance against the grinding power of dog nail grinders.

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Some Dogs Prefer Grinders Over Clippers

Some mutts hate the sound that nail clippers produce as it frightens them โ€“ be it because of the sharp nature of these tools or a past trauma that they had. If thatโ€™s the case for your dog, then using a grinder can be the solution to its nail trimming problem.

Cons Of Dog Nail Grinders

Nail Grinders Are Loud

Dremels are powered up by fast rotating motors, which means that they can produce loud noises when in use, which can be scary for your pooch.

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Using A Grinder Can Also Be Risky For Beginners

Just like clippers, grinders can be a bit dangerous to use for beginners, as you may still end up hitting the quick when using one. Grinders are better in this aspect, though, as you can keep a close eye on the grind while youโ€™re trimming the nail. Just donโ€™t forget to wear your safety glasses when using a grinder.

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