Best Dog Nail Grinders

The best dog nail grinders is Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool.

Keeping your pup’s nails trimmed is an important part of being a responsible dog owner, but it can be difficult to do with traditional clippers. You might need some help from a friend or family member, which isn’t always available when you need it most.

A convenient method we have found is by using nail grinders, which are also called Dremel tools. These nail grinders use a rotating sanding drum or drill bit to remove the sharp points, smooth out the rough edges, and trim excess nail material. 

We’ve identified the best dog nail grinders on the market today! We’ve looked at all the different features and picked our favorites so that you can get back to playing fetch with your furry companion faster than ever before!

Budget Conscious Pick

Hertzko Electric Dog Nail Grinder

Our Top Pick

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool

Readers Pick

BOSHEL Dog Nail Grinder

01 Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool

The Dremel 7300 Pet Grooming Tool works wonders in trimming your dog's nails without the fear of accidentally cutting the claws. You can even use it on even grumpy or skittish dogs because it is quiet and cordless with two different speed levels.

The Dremel brand is popularly known and professionals at times use "Dremel" as a word in place of a grinder, showing how popular it is. Hence, you can rest assured of its quality. This canine grooming tool is a rotary grinder, enabling you to press it gently against your dog's nails to grind them away slowly.

  • From actual customer reviews of dog owners, they were impressed with the effectiveness of the Dremel Nail Grinder. Also, it is easy and convenient to use because of its cordless feature. What we really liked was that it was fully rechargeable and lasted up to 3 hours of usage in a single charge.

02 Hertzko Electric Dog Nail Grinder

The Hertzko Dog Nail Grinder is versatile as it is ideal for grooming most breeds of dogs - including the larger and smaller dog breeds. If you have a pup that is sensitive to noise, rest assured that they will be comfortable with this nail grinder because it has low vibration and noise.

At $23 (at times, it will even be cheaper, we managed to snag it at $15), it is 25% cheaper than our top pick. 

It is a plastic grinder that is designed to be ergonomic as it is portable, lightweight, and can be utilized outdoors. It is pretty simple to use. You can recharge this nail grinder through the electric cord or USB outlet with an inbuilt battery.

Moreover, this unit performs multiple functions. It grooms, shapes trims, and smoothens the nails of your animal painlessly.

  • This Hertzko Nail Grinder is effective and extremely affordable. It makes grinding of the nails a pleasant experience for your pet pooch with its multiple functionalities.

03 BOSHEL Dog Nail Grinder

According to Boshel, its Dog Nail Grinder is recommended by professionals such as veterinarians, professionals in pet grooming, animal trainers, and by its consumers as the best nail grinder for small and large dogs.

It is ergonomic and designed powerfully to be used in-house. This device is a portable and lightweight one that is comfortable to use and is painless to the dog's paws. The cordless machine features a user-friendly and upgraded single-speed motor that is extremely quiet.

  • It is rechargeable and has an included USB charging cable. Moreover, it is beneficial and can be used for dogs of different sizes. Its noise level is extremely low, causing minimal discomfort to your pet pooch.

04 URPOWER Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

URPOWER Canine Nail Grinder provides you with an excellent combination of effectiveness and affordability. It can be used for trimming the nails of small to medium-sized pets.

With a quiet motor, you can be assured that your pet pooch experiences minimal discomfort from the noise. All that is needed for charging is a normal USB cable. With a single charge, it can last for up to 3 hours.

  • Its super mute motor technology is noteworthy. It gives your canine companion a trimming experience that is stress-free. Also, it has a long-lasting battery.

05 Pecute Dog Nail Grinder

This Pecute nail grinder can trim your dog's nails with ease.

Diamond grinding heads allow you to grind off the nail in small bits instead of messily cutting off the nails in large chunks. So, the chances of cutting and harming your dog's paws are reduced drastically.

Moreover, with a 50-dB motor, this device is ultra-quiet. It provides for a stress-free trimming session with your furry friend.

  • This Pecute dog nail grinder is very comfortable to use. Grinding can be a leisure activity for both you and your dog due to its efficiency. It comes with 2 changeable speed options – quick grinding at 6,800 RPM while precision trimming at 6,000 RPM.

06 Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder

With the best in dog safety, comfort, and convenience, Casfuy's Dog Nail Grinder will be able to handle all your dreaded dog nail grinding needs. The top-of-the-line battery lasts for a whopping 2 hours!

So no more forgetting about charging it—you can use this nail grinder with ease all week long. With low noise and vibration construction, you can comfortably carry on with other tasks without interrupting yourself or the dog.

Also, it features a clever design - an auxiliary charging cable that can plug directly into any USB device, including your phone wall chargers, iPad chargers, or even laptop computers for uninterrupted use.

  • The tool is made from industry-grade materials that ensure durability. It can be used for four hours after charge and suitable for all sizes of dog paws.

07 Razoo Dog Nail Grinder

The Razoo Dog Nail Grinder is the best nail grinder from Razoo. With 40 dB of sound and a powerful motor, it's perfect for your dog's nails.

It also has a rechargeable 2200mAh Li battery that lasts up to five hours on a full charge, so you're free to go on with your day without worrying about running out of juice - no more paperweight! It comes with a superior diamond bit grinder, so you don't have to worry about size or strength limits.

Equipped with an extremely silent motor, it operates without much noise at all (<50 dB). Because it runs off of battery power, the grinder doesn't make any loud popping or clicking sounds like most other manual methods used for nail grinding do.

And even if your dog's nails are extra thick—most grinders would just get bogged down by these types of nails—the Razoo Dog Nail Grinder is powerful enough to go after troublesome claws too. 

  • The Razoo Dog Nail Grinder is suitable for heavy duty trimming, grooming, smoothening and shaping the paws of your dog without any pain.

08 Oster Gentle Paws Dog Nail Grinder

If you are familiar with dog nail grinders, you may have already heard of this Oster brand. The Oster Gentle Paws Dog Nail Grinder is designed for grinding down your dog's nails no matter how hard the nails are. You are assured of top-notch quality with this grinder.

  • It can be used in trimming both your dog and cat. Moreover, it has been tested on various breeds of dogs and cats. Its adjustable safety ensures a pain-free experience for your pet pooch.

09 Wahl Professional Dog Nail Grinder

The Wahl Professional Dog Nail Grinder is the perfect nail grinder for any dog owner, professional or novice. The ergonomic design and finger grips make a long grooming session go quicker.

With its variable speed of up to 13,000 RPM, it has never been easier to get your pup's nails trimmed! This powerful pet trimmer also features an Automatic Safety-Stop feature that helps prevent accidental hair winding and pulling while sharpening the nails.

Complete with 11 attachments and safety measures, this Do-It-Yourself is perfect for dog owners with a higher budget and looking for more safety features in their dog nail grinders.

  • With an 13,000 RPM motor, it is a heavy duty dog nail grinder that can file away even the toughest of nails. It is designed to be very user-friendly.

10 Rexipets Dog Nail Grinder

Rexipets Dog Nail Grinder is a cost-effective and perfect solution to the goal of promoting healthy, beautiful dog nails. This cordless nail grinders’ bit head is designed with diamond, and it has two speeds for more flexibility when grinding your pup’s nails.

The entire machine weighs 6 lbs which means that it is both lightweight and portable; its ergonomic design also ensures that you can get into tight spots without much difficulty or discomfort.

What sets this nail grinder apart from others on the market, however, are its three differently sized ports - 2 mm (thickness), 3 mm (medium thickness), and 5 mm (coarse). With these three settings, no matter what breed our furry friends might be, this nail grinder is suitable for them all.

  • This grinder makes trimming the paws of your pet pooch a pain-free experience for both of you. You do not have to worry about the cord because it operates cordlessly.

11 Bell + Howell PAWPERFECT Pet Nail Rotating File

This tool is the last item on our list.

This PAWPERFECT rotating file is designed after the conventional nail trimmer, but it is made to be far more powerful and safer. It has enough power to suit your needs, varying from the low mode to the high mode.

However, do take note that this is a battery-powered nail grinder (three AA batteries required) and not rechargeable. So, over time, the cost of getting new AA batteries could add up, making this a not-so-economical option compared to the rechargeable options.

  • This product combines all that you need in a grinder, making it a paw-perfect tool. It offers ultimate safety and efficiency. The design is not compromised either.

Buyers Guide

Dog Nail Grinder Buyer's guide

As a dog parent, you know that owning a pet pooch comes with many different responsibilities. One of them is helping them to keep their nails short and trim.

According to the American Kennel Club, long and overgrown nails could cause pain and irreversible damage to your canine companion.

So, keeping the nails of your dog trimmed continuously is essential. It helps with your pooch's overall well-being and reduces the damage to your expensive upholstery and carpets.

There are various ways to keep your dog's nails short, but one of the safest and probably the easiest methods is with a nail grinder. It works through a "sandpapering" process of grinding down your dog's nail.

We understand that it can be difficult to choose the right nail grinder for your canine companion, that's why we came up with this buyer's guide to help you to make your choice better.

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Dog Nail Clippers Or Dog Nail Grinders?

By now, you should be aware of the importance of trimming the nails of your furry friend regularly. So, you ought to check your pooch paws from time to time to ensure that their nails are not extending out of their footpad.

As a general guide, you need to trim your dog's nails once every 1 to 2 months.

Another way of knowing when it is time to trim is when you hear the sound of your dog's nails clacking when it walks through hard surfaces.

When it is time to trim, you must decide between nail clippers and nail grinders for your dog.

Which is the better option?

It really depends. Both the dog nail grinders and the nail clippers have their own advantages. However, our observation seems to indicate that most groomers, dog owners, and veterinarians prefer using a nail grinder.

This is because grinding the nails of your pooch is a safer option. There is no risk of you mistakenly cutting into the cuticle bed of your dog and causing an injury. The process of clipping nails requires a fair amount of pressure to be placed on the dog's nail. This can be a discomforting process for your pooch. Also, clipping can leave behind nail splinters or jagged edges, which are not as smooth as a trimmed nail.

In general, your furry 4-legged friends will find it easier to sit for grinding because it is a gentler and gradual process. As with any other dog accessories, you still must introduce the grinder gradually to your pooch to let them get used to it.

When used correctly, dog nail grinders are extremely safe and dog-friendly.

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What To Look Out For?

Now that you are convinced about getting a canine nail grinder, we have listed a few factors to consider before making that purchase.

Not all dog nail grinders are not created equal, so you have to be aware of the different features. This will help you to find one that best suits your needs.

Speed Or Power Of Nail Grinder

Similar to humans, your dog's nails are made from a tough protein known as Keratin. The key difference is that our nails only have 1 layer, but your dog's nails have 2 distinct layers.

With 2 layers, you need a nail grinder that has enough power to get the job done. Our recommendation is to choose one that has a powerful motor to give it enough speed and strength to deal with the toughest of nails.

Image from HealthyBud

Power Source

Dog nail grinders that need electricity as their power source can be uncomfortable to use especially when you have a skittish canine companion.

This requires the dog nail grinder to be connected to the power source through a cable, thus restricting the range of your movement to the length of your cable.

As a result, you have only a small area to go about your nail trimming process on your beloved dog. Keeping your pooch within this area could be a challenging task.

On the other hand, a trimmer that operates with batteries frees you from such limitations. There’s a catch though. Dog nail grinders with rechargeable batteries tend to be costlier, so be prepared to pay a premium for this convenience. But the good thing is that if it’s rechargeable, you don’t have to worry about always replacing batteries.

Ease Of Using

A grinder should be lightweight and easy to hold in the hands. If it is heavy and difficult to handle, grinding away the nails of your pet pooch will be a much harder and more challenging process.

We recommend visiting your local retailer or pet store to have a touch and feel of how the grinder will be.

How Durable It Is?

Everyone wants a tool that is made to last.

It’s the same for a canine nail grinder too. It should be manufactured from solid, high-quality materials such as plastic of high density. Keep a lookout for a diamond bit nail grinder – they tend to last longer.

Noise And Vibration

As much as possible, do get a canine nail grinder that has the least amount of noise and vibration.


Especially with dogs that are not yet accustomed to the nail grinding process, the noise and vibration can create an uncomfortable environment for your furry companion.

Image from Embark Vet

Customizable Speed

With a nervous pooch, it’s better to get a nail grinder that has multiple speed options. Start with the slowest speed to let your pooch get used to the sound, vibration, and the process of grinding its nail.

Once they are more comfortable with this process, work your way up the speed levels. Always remember to use positive reinforcement and prepare a few treats along the way.

Furthermore, dog nail grinders with variable speeds allow you to grind away the outer nail quickly and slow down the speed as you get closer to the claw. Hence, the chance of injury is reduced.

Read Customers Reviews

We have provided a list of nail grinders that we think are the best in the market. But you should do your own research too. Ask around your friends and family to see if they might have any recommendations.

Also, you can check out online retailers such as Amazon to read actual customer reviews of their canine nail grinders.

How To Use A Nail Grinder?

The steps of using a canine nail grinder are generally similar across the different models. However, there might be slight differences in how they are operated. So be sure to read their user manual before using it on your pooch.

Here are some basic facts that you need to be aware of:

  • You need to have a full understanding of your dog’s nail anatomy, especially the pink quick. This is so that while grinding, avoid getting too close to the blood vessels which can hurt your pooch.
  • If it is your first time grinding, you must start very slow and take much care while grinding until you become more familiar with the process. Here’s an instructive 2-minute video that shows you the proper steps of grinding nails.
  • Decide on which nail you need to trim before you start the grinding process.
  • Try making your pooch aware of the grinder before you start. Let your pooch know and associate the nail grinder with positive reinforcement such as treats. This helps to make your furry friend less jittery.
  • If you find that your nail grinder heats up easily, be sure to take breaks of 10 to 20 seconds to let it cool down. Overheating of the grinder could scald your skin and we wouldn’t want that to happen.

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Start young to accustom your pooch to nail grinding!

Nail grinding is an easy process if you follow the right procedure and get the best tool for the job.

From our research, we think that the Dremel 7300-PT Dog Nail Grinder is the best model available in the market right now. It is not only manufactured by an established brand but also offers superior features as compared to its peers. With its rechargeable battery, it's really convenient to bring around and use the Dremel grinder effortlessly.

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