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Best Dog Nail Clippers

The best dog nail clippers is Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer by Boshel.

While dogs normally hack their nails when walking on hard surfaces, the frequency of this process is outweighed by the growing speed.

Spending money on a groomer to do it all the time will add costs up, yet long nails can be painful. Here are some of the best dog nail clippers to do the job yourself at home.

Budget Conscious Pick

Safari 770045 Professional Dog Nail Trimmer

Our Top Pick

Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer by Boshel

Readers Pick

Epica Professional Dog Nail Clipper

01 Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer by Boshel

Used by professionals and vets all around the world, this trimmer from Boshel makes the job easy. It is mostly recommended for medium and large dogs, as well as cats. The design is user-friendly and easy to adjust to, while a small bonus of a mini nail file for nail trimming makes it a package deal.

  • Every pet owner knows how daunting this procedure is, but it is also mandatory. The possibility to trim a nail in one cut while providing some safety makes this clipper a vet's favorite choice. The unit is so easy to use that even first time users will get along with it.

02 Safari 770045 Professional Dog Nail Trimmer

Available in more sizes, the small/medium combo is by far the most popular version of this professional pet nail clipper. It is suitable to both beginners and experienced groomers – hold the paw firmly and cut the nail in one go. Extra attention is required for the quick operation.

  • The value for money is by far the main reason wherefore this pet nail clipper and trimmer is so popular among both amateurs and professionals.

03 Epica Professional Dog Nail Clipper

The small/medium version is the optimal one and may even work on large dogs, yet you should get the medium/large version if you have a giant breed. Blades allow extra precision. Given its sharpness, the operation is less likely to become traumatic for you furry friend. Furthermore, it features a lifetime warranty.

  • The lifetime warranty and the semicircular blades providing precise cuts are by far the main considerations responsible for the popularity of Epica's professional pet nail clipper. It is also used in vet clinics.

04 Gonicc Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer

Designed to provide a full nail clipping experience, Gonicc's unit is designed for home uses with a professional touch – suitable to vets as well. It is backed by a full lifetime warranty. Moreover, handles are made of recycled materials. As for breed recommendations, it is suitable to most dogs apart from very small or giant breeds.

  • The Gonicc nail trimmer is so simple, yet it has all the right features to ensure a good job, including a safety lock as well. The environment-friendly build adds to it, too.

05 Millers Forge Quality Dog Nail Clippers

Although it looks industrial, this nail clipper is sturdy and designed with large pets in mind. It features a spring loaded mechanism for more power while cutting nails – a one stroke operation. In terms of safety, the guard can be moved in the right position to prevent cutting the quick.

  • It is easy to tell what makes Millers Forge's nail clipper so popular among groomers and vets, yet it is so simple to use that even pet owners can do it. Its quality standards make it a front runner, while safety makes the difference.

06 GoPets Dog Nail Clippers

One of the top choices online, this trimmer comes in two sizes, and it sells like hot bread. It features a lifetime warranty and the company shares a part of the profit to nonprofit organizations, animal rescue centers and no kill shelters. Blades are 3.5 mm thick, solid and easy to operate.

  • Whether it is the simplicity, the power or the nail file, this trimmer from GoPets will make your life easier. Blades are also lockable for safe and convenient storage.

07 Shiny Pet Dog Nail Clippers for Small Dogs

Shaped like a classic everyday scissor, this nail clipper from Shiny Pet is excellent for comfortable and risk-free use. It is only available in one size, so it is not suitable for large dogs or cats. Handles are made from 100% recycled plastic, while each product from Shiny Pet comes with a lifetime warranty. Apart from dogs and cats, you can use it for bunnies and birds, too.

  • The compact size of this pet nail clipper makes the experience much easier for a pet owner. Your hands are close to the nails, so you have more control over the blades to prevent accidents efficiently. It is also suitable to more animals for diversity, hence its popularity among groomers.

08 Thunderpaws Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmers

Mostly recommended to medium and large dogs, the nail clipper from Thunderpaws features a 90-day guarantee and a lifetime warranty. It is widely used by groomers and vets due to its durability and ease of use. In terms of value for money, it will probably cost you less than a trip to the local vet.

  • The trimmer will save you a fortune in the long run on vet and groomer bills, even if you have never done such activities before. Using it is fairly simple and can prevent nervousness or potential accidents.

09 Bissell Cat & Dog Nail Clippers

This Bissell trimmer leaves no room for mistakes and provides simple, yet straightforward operation even for the least experienced. The guide will teach you how to trim your pet's nails in a stress-free experience. Handles are rubberized, so the clipper will not slip out of your nervous sweaty hands.

  • What makes Bissell even better is the fact that the company donates up to $10 to its pet foundation for each product sold. As for its operation, it feels like the classic scissors used to trim your own nails, so no experience is needed.

10 OmegaPet Dog Nail Clippers

Only available for large dogs, this trimmer ensures a quick and painless cut to your furry friend. Its sharpness puts no pressure on nails, but cuts right through them without stressing your pet. To make things even easier, you will also receive an informative guide on how to use the clipper like a professional.

  • OmegaPet's trimmer is created with safety, ease of use and precision in mind. Instructions are crystal clear, while the extra-long handles add to its capabilities.

11 Pro Pet Works Dog Nail Clippers Trimmer

With a top notch customer service and a money back guarantee, this nail trimmer from Pro Pet Works is available in two different shades of blue. It is manual to prevent putting stress and pressure on your pet. Other than that, it works on both small and large pets and the guide will teach you how to do it.

  • The high standards of safety make this trimmer an excellent choice for beginners who are too scared, as well as professionals who need a reliable tool. In terms of sharpness and durability, there is nothing to be concerned about.

12 Resco Original Dog Nail Clippers

Resco's clippers come in three different sizes – tiny, small/medium and large. The large one is the most popular choice, yet it depends on the size of your pet. Resco is known for developing the first guillotine style clippers and trimmers back in 1937. Today, its dog nail clippers are made to last longer and come with many recommendations and a top notch warranty.

  • Several technologies make Resco's guillotine the perfect tool to trim your pet's nails or claws. Make sure you choose the right size though. It works differently from other units in this segment, but the instructions will teach you how to use it.

Buyers Guide

Dog Nail Clipper Buyer's Guide

At first glance, buying a pet nail clipper looks like an easy job. Top rated dog nail clippers seem similar in appearance and style, yet there are small things that make the difference, and they are not always visible. For example, you can find a cheap non-branded unit for no money, where a branded one that looks the same costs higher. Some aspects become obvious in the long run – blade durability, sharpness, mechanism and so on. From this point of view, it pays off doing your homework upfront.

Types of Dog Nail Clippers

There are a few different types of dog nail clippers out there. In theory, they do the same thing. In reality, results differ. Plus, each type will affect the experience differently because of the operational principles.

Guillotine Clippers

Guillotine clippers are self-explanatory. They work like a classic guillotine; only they are not vertical. They usually work horizontally, yet the principle is the same. They feature a small hole in the middle. Stick the pet's nail in there and squeeze the handles. As you squeeze, a blade will come out from your direction and target the opposite end. The nail will be cut through and end up below the guillotine.

According to most experts, guillotine pet nail clippers are more appropriate for small and medium dogs. While possible to find, large guillotine clippers are not so common in commerce anyway.

Scissor Clippers

Scissor clippers work just like standard scissors. They are available in all kinds of sizes, yet their operating principles are quite similar. However, unlike guillotine clippers, they are more suitable to large dogs. It is easy to understand why – you do not push a small blade to cut through, but you use your force to get the scissors to work. They compile way more force, and they can easily cut through thick nails of big dogs.

You can find them in small sizes for small and medium dogs as well though.

3. Grinding Tools

At first glance, grinding tools may not seem as efficient as actual clippers. However, they do have their pluses and minuses. When it comes to positive parts, they are great for really big dogs. If their nails are too thick, scissors may sometimes be too weak to cut through. On the other hand, some dogs are simply scared of the little shock they get when you clip their nails. It is not painful, but that tick makes them uncomfortable.

Grinding does have a minus though – the grinding sensation might transmit throughout the dog's body. It feels like going to the dentist and getting the grinding tool in your mouth – you feel it everywhere. From this point of view, grinding tools may require some training to get the dog comfortable with it.

Patience is also a must, as grinding takes way more time than clipping.

Common Considerations Regarding Dog Nail Clippers

Pet nail clippers might seem identical, but quality standards will affect their use in the long run. It is imperative to invest in a quality unit that will keep you going for years, without risking to harm your furry friend.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is about the comfort associated with this experience. For instance, there is one thing that most manufacturers do not mention when you shop online – the handle length. It is often overlooked, yet it is extremely important. Some brands mention the overall clipper size, so you can still get a clue about what to expect.

A longer handle will give you more leverage. Cutting nails gets much easier as you can stroke it comfortably. It does not mean that you should get clippers the size of those gardening scissors though. Just make sure their size makes it comfortable for you.

The easier it is for you to hold the clippers, the more strength you have in holding your dog for this operation.


Comfort can also go in a few different directions. The best pet nail clippers on the market come with rubberized handles. They are covered in rubber because it is more comfortable than a thin piece of metal. At the same time, rubber handles have a non-slip surface. You do not have to squeeze the handles too tightly to prevent slipping and injuring your friend.

Comfort is directly proportional to the size, too. Some large units might be hard to operate with one hand only, so you might need another family member to help holding the dog.


Blades come in the same sizes and standards. Most of them are made of stainless steel, with different levels of reinforcement or sharpness. However, stainless steel is quite diversified. Certain types of steel are better than others. They will last longer, but they will also sharpen in no time or maintain their razor sharpness for ages.

The blade quality is more important for the actual pet and not necessarily for you. If the blade gets dull too often, you will need constant replacements. You will have to pay attention to the pet's reactions and see if it experiences any pain – nobody wants to hurt their pet.

Furthermore, trying to clip with a dull blade will not cut the nail, but crush it eventually – another painful episode for your dog.

The more such episodes occur (even one can be a problem), the harder it will be to get your dog calm before clipping nails.

Blade quality affects your finances as well. It is more cost efficient to buy a quality pet nail clipper with a quality blade that would last for ages, rather than spending money on a new blade every few weeks.

Safety Features

Safety is critical when dealing with sharp objects. While cutting nails may not be such a big problem for you, pets have a different construction. Both dogs and cats have quicks – some blood vessels that end in the nails. If you cut the nails too close to their paws, you risk cutting the quicks as well. It is not only extremely painful for them, but they will also bleed and run away whenever you try to do it again.

Some units come with a quick guard, which does not let you get too close to the paw. This way, you are less likely to cut the quick.

You always have to double check. Different pets – even from the same breed – have different quick lengths. The good news is you can see the quick if you look closely. Use the guard for stability, but always double check because no manufacturer can ever come up with a quick guard that protects every single pet out there.

Getting Ready to Clip Nails as a Beginner

Having the best pet nail clipper on the market is not everything, as you also need to get both yourself and the dog in the mood to do it. So, what are the best ideas to ensure a good job without too much stress?

Preparing the Environment

Ideally, the dog should be familiar with this process while still a puppy. Dogs accept things easier when young if trained correctly. You can still do it with adult dogs; only it will be a bit harder. The general idea is relatively simple – make nail clipping look like a routine cleaning procedure and not a traumatizing experience.

There are a few steps to get your dog calmer before proceeding with the actual clipping.

  • Get the dog used to touching their feet. Do it when you play, when about to sleep or just out of nowhere. Conduct some small inspections around. They will be curious, but they will soon realize that you are not doing anything wrong.
  • Clippers or trimmers must be introduced in a friendly way. Bring them into play, but in a closed position. Just place them around while you check their feet. They will smell the new tool, but they will not be worried about it.
  • If everything goes alright whenever you perform these steps, give your furry friend a small treat for being good.
  • After a few days of standard procedures, you can start opening and closing the clippers in a friendly way to avoid scaring your dog. Some dogs might be a bit nervous. If they keep calm or end up relaxing, pull out a little treat.
  • The next step implies clipping. However, there is no rush. You want both you and the dog to feel calm and confident about it. Here's a great nail clipping scheduling guide provided by the American Kennel Club.

Finding the Quick First

Whether you have a quick guard or not, you want to know where the quick is for extra safety, as well as your peace of mind that you are not hurting your dog. Do it every single time before clipping. After a few times, you will get used to the optimal nail length though. If the nails are lightly colored, finding the quick is a piece of cake. You can see it from the outside – get closer and look.

If nails are dark, the quick is not visible, so you will need to perform a few little tricks and still give yourself a few millimeters just in case. First, you can flex the paw. You will spot the underside – that is where the vein becomes visible.

Second, check the paw from the profile. The vein is located where the nail goes thicker.


Bottom line, nail clipping should not be so complicated if you follow some simple steps and you get the right tool. While any of the tools mentioned above will get the job done (and they all come from reliable manufacturers), the Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer by Boshel is the ideal choice. It doesn't only have all the basics you need to get the job done, but the quality standards are superior.

If you ask dog owners and groomers around, chances are many of them rely on this model.

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