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Best Dog Grooming Scissors

The best dog grooming scissors is Kingstar Titanium Professional Dog Grooming Scissors.

The first rule when grooming your dog at home is accepting the fact that you need an appropriate tool – dog grooming scissors. With the accent put on the word dog because dog scissors and human scissors are not the same. Although at first glance they may appear the same, dog grooming scissors are specifically designed to cut through a variety of fur types.

The market offers a vast variety of grooming scissors in terms of types, models, features and prices. With so many choices choosing on the most cost effective product can be confusing. Usually cheaper products are either inefficient or prone to defects, thus resulting to be more expensive in the long run. Here are the top of the best dog grooming scissors for your furry friend. 

Budget Conscious Pick

Pet Magasin Dog Grooming Scissors

Our Top Pick

Kingstar Titanium Professional Dog Grooming Scissors

Readers Pick

Dog Grooming Shears by Dream Reach

01 Kingstar Titanium Professional Dog Grooming Scissors

The Kingstar Titanium Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set is a stylish and well-crafted set of shears designed particularly for first-time dog parents looking to groom their pouches on their own. The set consists of four different pairs of dog grooming shears (straight scissors, thinning scissors, up-curved scissor and down-curved scissor), a cleaning cloth and adjustment key packed in a classical looking storage case.

Made of 6CR stainless steel covered with titanium, the scissors are sharp and remain sharp even after repeated and prolonged usage. The convex arc and light weight design ensure smooth and steady cutting experience. The shears’ round tips ensure safety for both you and your pooch. The tightness of the scissor’s hinges can be modified with the adjustment key. The finger holes are non-adjustable and relatively small so they may not be suitable for large men’s hands.

The Kingstar Titanium Professional Dog Grooming Scissors are available in 4 sleek colors – titanium black, gold, rainbow and purple.

  • Meticulously and expertly crafted with ergonomic handles, sharp and evenly polished blades, this set of shears offers easy, safe and comfortable use as well as durability at a highly affordable price. Simply put, priced for home use, the scissors from this set are of professional grade quality.

02 Pet Magasin Dog Grooming Scissors

The Pet Magasin Grooming Scissors is a complete pet grooming set consisting of two scissors – a shorter and a longer pair. The shorter pair (6-inch) features micro-serrated blades suitable for shaping the coat on the face and paws while the longer pair (6.5-inch) features smooth blades perfect for trimming the body fur. The blade’s edges are fine but powerful enough to cut through thick coats and dense tangles.

To ensure high-quality and durability, both scissors are made of Japanese surgical stainless steel. To ensure safety for both you and your doggo, both scissors have rounded tips. The comfortably molded handles are cushioned with polymer and feature an extra finger rest. The inside rings of the finger holes are additionally cushioned with soft rubber. To make the grooming process smooth and steady, the scissors also have a tension adjustment screw.

With green handles, yellow inner rings and a gold tension adjustment screw, this extra-stylish and flamboyant pair of dog grooming shears comes with a 2-year warranty and a 100% money guarantee. 

  • Lightweight and sharp, the Pet Magasin Grooming Scissors have more than 2000 5-star reviews and over 300 recommendations from professional dog groomers. The scissors are ergonomically designed to ensure comfortable use and powerful enough to cut through dense hair mats and thick coats. Last but not least, they are stylish and good-looking.

03 Dog Grooming Shears by Dream Reach

The Dream Reach’s Grooming Pet Shear is 6.50inch long curved shear designed specifically for grooming cats and small dogs. Made of Japanese Hitachi 440C Stainless Steel, the scissors provide both sharpness and durability. The blade’s convex edges ensure smooth and easy cuts.

The symmetrical craned handle features a high-end finger rest system thus ensuring ergonomic design and extra-comfortable use. The two finger holes are separated with a silent hole that prevents accidental clapping. Moreover, this dog grooming shears feature a tension adjustment system.

In a nutshell, each pair of scissors is handmade and ensures a guaranteed premium quality grooming session.

  • Handmade of cryogenically tempered Japanese Hitachi 440C Stainless Steel, the Grooming Pet Shear by Dream Reach will retain its sharpness even after many years of prolonged use. The meticulously designed, symmetrical handle makes holding the scissors easy and comfortable regardless of the curving direction.

04 Gimars Dog Grooming Scissors Kit

The Gimars Grooming Scissors Kit is a high-quality and versatile grooming set that includes two pairs of differently sized straight dog grooming shears, curved scissors, thinning scissors, a metal comb and a cleaning cloth. The pieces are well packed in a storage case.

Each scissor from this set features rounded tips for extra safety, adjustable screw for tension modification, removable rubber protection on the inside of the finger holes and a buffer between the finger holes to prevent accidental clapping. All pieces from the set are made of highly-durable stainless steel. The finger holes are not very big but their size can be increased by removing the protective rings made of pink rubber.

  • The Gimars Grooming Scissors Kit is expertly crafted with one goal – to ensure smooth, stable and safe grooming. The ergonomic design ensures comfort while the stainless steel and sharp blades ensure durability and quality.

05 Hashimoto Curved Scissors for Dog Grooming

The Hashimoto Curved Scissors for Dog Grooming are carefully made by hand and with features and materials that ensure smooth cuts and highest levels of quality and durability. The 6.5-inch long scissors feature ultra sharp and curved blades made from cryogenically tempered Japanese Hitachi 440C stainless steel.

The symmetrical craned handle features special finger rest extensions and is ergonomically designed to allow easy and comfortable use. Due to its symmetrical design the scissors are suitable for both right and left handed users. The finger holes are separated with a silencer thus ensuring noise-free grooming session.

  • The Hashimoto brand designs and crafts each pair of scissors with three basic elements at mind – tradition, elegance and innovation. These symmetrical and high-quality scissors are made of fortified stainless steel capable of withstanding years of prolonged use.

06 Freewindo Dog Grooming Scissors Kit

The Freewindo Dog Grooming Scissors Kit is a complete set that includes one 6.5-inch straight scissor, one 6.5-inch curved scissor, one 6.5-inch thinning scissor, one comb, one nail clipper, one nail file and one cleaning cloth conveniently packed in a black, leather case.

Made of heavy duty stainless steel, the dog grooming scissors feature rounded tips to ensure safety for both the groomer and the dog.

The nail clipper features stainless steel blades that are powerful enough to cut the nails with just one cut. To prevent over-clipping, the nail clippers have a specifically designed protective guard. Both the nail clipper and file have rubber handles for more comfortable grip.

  • The Freewindo Dog Grooming Scissors Kit is a multipurpose grooming set suitable not only for cutting hairs but also for trimming, thinning and nail clipping. Safe and extremely easy to use, this grooming kit is budget friendly and trustworthy.

07 Moontay Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Kit

The Moontay Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Kit is a premium grooming set consisting of one 7-inch straight cutting shear, one 7-inch downward curved shear, one 7-inch thinning shear with 17 powerful chunking teeth, a pet comb and a cleaning cloth stored in ultra-stylish, black, leather case. Including a variety of different dog grooming scissors, this set will definitely cover your dog’s everyday grooming needs.

Crafted from high-quality Japanese 440C steel, these ultra-durable scissors ensure Razor sharp performance. Featuring a special silencer between the handles, the scissors are perfect for noise sensitive dogs that get easily agitated.

  • With more than 30 years of experience, the Moontay brand focuses specifically on grooming scissors. Its professional and experienced craftsman team double tests each pair of scissors regarding two main features – sharpness and quality.

Buyers Guide

Dog Grooming Scissors Buyer’s Guide

Visiting professional groomers on a regular basis is not only controversial, but also a quite expensive habit. Some pet owners consider it a luxury, while for others it is an essential necessity. However, although it is true that we love spoiling our canine furry friends it is also true that regular visits to professional grooming studios are quite costly.

Ultimately, making a compromise sounds like the best option. The compromise would be to occasionally have your dog groomed and pampered by a professional and in the between periods to groom at home.

It is important to mention that dogs of all breeds need grooming. The only differences between different breeds are the time period between two grooming sessions and the time that needs to be invested in the grooming session. 

The different types of dog grooming scissors

Not only there are different brands of dog grooming scissors but there also different types. Each type has its own purpose and if planning to perform the grooming sessions entirely at home it is advisable to purchase at least one pair of each type.

Straight scissors

This is the most universal or all-around type of dog grooming shears. If you want to purchase only one pair of dog grooming shears, you should definitely invest in straight scissors. These are considered multipurpose because if properly handled they can be used to make curved cuts. On the other hand, curved scissors can never be used to make straight cuts. The straight scissors can be used on all parts of your dog’s body.

Thinning scissors

Commonly known as chunkers or blending shears, they are used to create a better blended or smoother appearance. They are also suitable for trimming the feathers, for removing small fur mats, blending skirt lines and removing bulks. You should definitely invest in a thinning scissors if you are parenting a Cocker Spaniel, a Golden Retriever, a Pomeranian or a Westie.

Curved scissors

They usually have rounded tips and are used to shape the dog’s coat on the face and feet.

Choosing the best dog grooming scissor

When on a shopping spree for the best dog grooming scissors you need to take into consideration several important factors and features:


High-quality scissors are made entirely of stainless steel or can even be covered with titanium. Dog grooming scissors of lower quality usually feature plastic handles.


The size of the dog grooming shears should correspond with the dog’s size. If using small dog grooming shears on a big dog the time spent on the grooming session will be significantly increased. On the other hand, using long ones on a small dog is unwieldy.

Tension adjuster

Dog grooming shears with high tensions are hard to handle and maneuver. Loose ones are also inefficient because they offer decreased cutting capacity and poor preciseness. The tension adjuster allows modifying the tension based on your hand’s grip and your dog’s coat thickness.

Removable finger rings

This feature allows adjusting the finger fit. If the finger holes are small and the rings are non-removable, you will feel cramped. Therefore, the removable finger rings ensure better finger fit and a more comfortable use of the dog grooming shears.

How to use the dog grooming scissors

If going for success, every activity requires careful planning. When deciding to groom your dog at home and use dog grooming scissors for that purpose you need to:

  1. Do a little research and find about your dog’s breed standards. Following at least the basic breed’s standards is important for all dogs, not just show dogs. The breed’s standards are not randomly set. They indicate the appropriate grooming for your dog’s health, comfort and lifestyle.
  2. Consult or if possible observe a professional. Veterinarians, groomers, breeders and trainers are more experienced when it comes to clipping. If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask for help. If they happen to share some ,,tricks of the trade’’ that is a bonus. Watching how a professional groomer works with your dog can be more helpful than you can imagine. It will give you an idea of what to expect and how to overcome potential issues.
  3. Get yourself and your dog familiar with the tool. Before using the dog grooming clippers on your dog it is important to read the safety instructions provided with the dog grooming scissors and find your most comfortable grip of the scissors by holding them. Your dog also needs to get used and desensitized to the scissors.
  4. Prepare the grooming environment. The ideal grooming environment should be safe and free from distractions. When preparing the environment it is also important to keep all needed tools within your reach.
  5. Wash, brush and dry your dog. Bathing and brushing prior to cutting helps get rid of tangles and mates that not only make the grooming harder, but also more painful. Additionally, before using the dog grooming scissors make sure your dog is completely dry.
  6. Start the hair cutting process. When you start the actual cutting part of the grooming, it is of imperative importance to establish a pattern so your dog will get used to the whole concept. For example, if you start with the head, continue with the legs and end up with the belly, make sure you follow that order every time. Do not forget to give your dog a treat for being a good boy/girl during the grooming session.

When faced with the challenge of grooming your beloved canine baby at home, the Kingstar Titanium Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set is our choice number one. The quality of this dog grooming scissors set and the simplicity of its usage will definitely exceed your expectations.

Moreover, it offers everything you need to ensure a perfect dog grooming session. The blade of the straight scissors has an evenly polished edge line that ensures smooth cutting. The thinning scissors have teeth with clear tips that reduce the volume of coat without clipping the hairs. The curved scissors are expertly crafted to ensure extra sharpness. All in all, this set has it all – extra quality, comfortable use and affordable price, making it the best dog grooming scissors we would recommend.

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