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The best dog grooming scissors is the Kenchii Grooming Shinobi Dog Grooming Scissors Sets

Everybody needs a good haircut – especially dogs. When your pet’s hair is neatly trimmed and styled, this impacts his appearance while allowing him to move comfortably. This is why every canine owner needs the best dog grooming scissors to do the job right. 

When it comes to the finest shears for grooming your dog, the Kenchii brand remains at the top of professionals’ list. In particular, the Shinobi and Flame Series by Kenchii are a household name for dog grooming shears because of their unparalleled quality and performance. 

But why limit yourself with just 2 options when you can choose from 27 best dog grooming scissors in our list? We have compiled this selection to suit every groomer’s preference – budget, durability, convenience, and performance. Let’s get started!

27. GLADOG Professional Dog Grooming Scissors

GLADOG Premium Dog Grooming Scissors Set, 4 in 1 Pet Grooming Scissors for dogs, Sharp and Durable, Upgraded Pet Grooming Shears for Dogs and Cat
  • Professional Pet Grooming Scissors Kit-The kit includes 1 × 6.5-inch thinning shear, 1 × 6.5-inch curved scissor, 1 × 6.5-inch straight scissor, 1 × pet comb, 1 × cleaning cloth, 1 × black...

The GLADOG grooming scissors kit comes complete with everything you need to keep your canine’s coat nice and trimmed. It’s got a thinning shear, straight and curved scissors, a comb, a cleaning cloth, and all of these neatly stored in a smooth leather case. 

We find it to be one of the best dog grooming scissors because of the high quality material used for this kit. The scissors are stainless steel, so they are ultra-sharp, sturdy, and do not pull your pooch’s hair. There are also rubber bumpers at the handle, which makes every snipping action quiet and not startling for your pet.

26. PURPLEBIRD Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Kit

7 Inch Straight, Downward Curved Dog Grooming Scissors Set Professional Pet Cutting, Chunker Shears Safety Noiseless Blunt Tip Trimming Shearing for Dogs Cats Japanese Stainless Steel Silver
  • FINEST MATERIAL - Top-quality Japanese 440C stainless steel Right Handed Dog Grooming Scissors Kit are tempered with Precise, Convex edge, Hollow-ground Precise cutting thinning blades and...

Tame your beloved pet’s coat and keep it styled neatly with these grooming scissors from PURPLEBIRD. The shears are crafted from Japanese 440C stainless steel, so these are lightweight, razor-sharp, and comfortable to use. As a bonus, the shears are coated with oil to keep them lubricated and prevent them from dulling. 

Need to snip away your canine’s unruly thick hair? Or perhaps dear Fido’s delicate, thin hair has been calling for a trim? These versatile shears can handle any fur thickness perfectly well. It’s hands down one of the finest dog grooming scissors tidily packed in a portable case.

25. TIJERAS Pet Dog Grooming Thinning Scissors Kit

TIJERAS7/8" Pet Dog Grooming Thinning Scissors Kit Cat Dog Grooming Shears Japanese 440C Blade Trimmers Blunt Tip Scissor for Groomer -One Set 4 Pcs
  • Excellent quality :The professional pet grooming set are made of high--carbon stainless steel, coated titanium and cold treatment for hardness, durability, each blade comes with razor sharp edges,...

If quality performance and good looks are what you want in a dog grooming scissors kit, then the TIJERAS will not disappoint. Professionals regard it as the best dog grooming scissors for a number of reasons – titanium coated, carbon stainless steel body, ultra-sharp blade edge, and a smooth finish to keep these shears looking brand new for years.

All shears come with additional inserts for your finger, which adds to your comfort and ease during those long and tedious grooming sessions. Plus, safety-wise, the scissors’ ends all come with square tips to prevent accidents when grooming around delicate areas such as the eyes, nose, and paws.

24. Gimars 4CR Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Scissors Kit

Gimars 4CR Stainless Steel Safety Round Tip Pet Grooming Scissor, Heavy Duty Titanium Coated Pet Grooming Scissor for Dogs, Cats and Other Animals (4 scissors set)
  • 【Craftsmanship Scissors, Safety Round Tip and Sharp Blade】Pet scissors is made of 4CR stainless steel materials, sturdy and rustproof, safety round tip that keep pets safe no Injured facial, not...

Every grooming session with your pooch becomes more fun and hassle-free, thanks to the Gimars 4CR grooming scissors kit. Their stainless steel shears have titanium-coated blades, which cut hair accurately without pulling it. Even if you deal with thick hair, the precision-quality blades snip it away neatly and quickly.

As for the handle, it comes with a comfortable angle to fit your hand naturally. There are also detachable finger rings tossed in, so you can customize the fit and get a better grip as you trim your canine’s mane.

23. Kingstar Titanium Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set

7.0in Titanium Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set,Straight & Thinning & Curved Scissors 4pcs Set for Dog Grooming (Bright Black)
  • SHARP CONVEX EDGE .The edge line of the blade is evenly polished, using the convex arc design to increase the thrust of scissors,to make the cutting of these dog grooming scissors professional and...

Made of 6CR stainless steel, the Kingstar dog grooming scissors kit never fails to impress every professional and novice groomer. This material keeps the shears crazy sharp, durable, and long-lasting, making it a valuable heirloom.

But what’s most impressive about these dog grooming scissors is the adjusting key. This allows you to vary the scissor’s tightness, depending on how thick or thin your pet’s hair is. The customizability, impeccable aesthetics, and flawless performance of the Kingstar shears set makes it the best dog grooming scissors for the price you pay.

22. LILYS PET Professional Titanium Dog Grooming Scissors

Move over classic-looking shears – the LILYS PET dog grooming scissors add a splash of color and pizzazz to your grooming paraphernalia. This professional dog shears set comes in blue and with the high hardness of 6 CR stainless steel. As if that is not enough for toughness, it also comes with titanium coating for enhanced durability.

The edges are razor sharp, which trims every strand of hair with precision and perfection. And with a finger rest on the handle, this offers better control and comfort when grooming your pooch.

21. Smithking 8.0 inches Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set

8.0 inches Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set Straight & thinning & Curved & chunkers 4pcs in 1 Set (with Comb)
  • SHARP EDGE. The edge line of the blade is evenly polished,which make the scissors durably sharp.With meticulously crafted clear tip of tooth ,the thinning scissors are sharp and do not clip the...

Gone are the days when grooming your pooch is a pain. The Smithking professional grooming scissors are well-designed from the handle to the tips. There is a 25 to 30-degree edge to the curved scissors, which provides comfort and ease. Add in the ergonomics for the handle, and these shears fit perfectly in your hand. 

But best of all, this dog grooming scissors set from Smithking comes with a hassle-free return policy. They offer a 3-month unconditional, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, which is a testament of their confidence in every product they manufacture.

20. Moontay Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set

Moontay Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set, 7 Inch/8 Inch Pet Grooming Scissors Chunkers Shears for Dog, Curved Dog Grooming Scissors, Thinning Shears for Dog with Grooming Comb
  • AFTER-SALES SERVICE - We are a professional dog grooming scissors manufacturer, very confident in the quality of the products, we supply 100% money back with our best service for your no risking...

Not only professional and DIY groomers love the Moontay dog grooming scissors set but pooches approve of it, too! The muffled handles soothe sensitive pets who get scared of loud snipping sounds while the molded finger rest adds comfort to every groomer during long grooming sessions. 

These super sharp, ergonomically-designed shears are excellent for basic daily grooming sessions. There are different styles of scissors for all your needs – curved shears for trimming around delicate areas, chunkers to thin that fluffy fur, and straight scissors to snip away long hair on the body. This set got you covered!

19. Purple Dragon Dog Grooming Scissors Set

These handmade dog grooming scissors from Purple Dragon are a must-have for every pet groomer. Each set contains 3 types of scissors such as the downward curved for trimming hair on the face, chunker for thinning the coat, and straight for hair around the body. It’s a minimalist pack that is all you need – no bells and whistles but works perfectly.

As for the handle, there is a curved finger ring to reduce tension on your hand, elbow and arm. This added feature also offers a better grip of the handle to prevent the shears from accidentally slipping away from your fingers.

18. Dream Reach 8.0 inch Titanium

Dream Reach 8.0'' Titanium Professional Lefty Pet Grooming Scissors Set,Straight & Thinning & Curved Scissors 3pcs Set for Dog Grooming (1 Set)
  • Style:Left-handed professional pet grooming scissors set 3 pieces.This Grooming Kit includes 8.0" Cutting scissor,8.0" Chunker scissor,7.0" Curved scissor point down, Cleaning cloth,and Case that are...

Left-handed folks could use the customized design of the Dream Reach titanium grooming scissors. These shears offer precision control, thanks to the ergonomic design. You can easily trim your pet’s hair while keeping your elbow pointed downward. So, this minimizes stress on your wrist, hand, and body.

Another thing we love about these shears is the adjustable tension screw. This feature keeps the blades more stable and capable of resisting wear. Plus, this reduces the need for frequent resharpening.

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17. AKITZ Soft Touch pet Grooming Shear Set

The AKITZ shear set is complete with different types of scissors and additional items you need to start grooming your pet’s hair – and achieve professional results. It comes with a curved shear, thinning and cutting scissors for your canine’s grooming needs. These are all stainless steel-made for maximum durability.

We also like the balanced weight design for the shears. This helps to maintain the highest precision when cutting your pet’s hair, so grooming sessions are quicker and more enjoyable for you and your pooch.

16. Freelander 8 inch Professional Dog Hair Grooming Scissors

Styling and grooming your pooch is more fun and easy with the Freelander grooming scissors. It also works perfect for thick or thin coats, which makes it versatile for any dog breed. Plus, it’s sleek and smooth, so there are no risks of pulling your dog’s delicate hair.

With a wear-resistant and balanced design, this is the kind of grooming scissors you will love to have for a long time. It is comfortable in your hand, and it reduces fatigue for hassle-free grooming sessions.

15. ShearsDirect 3 Piece 26-Tooth Titanium Dog Grooming Scissors

The ShearsDirect dog grooming scissors set is more than just cute looks. It works amazingly well, too! These blue, Titanium-coated, paw print-designed shears come in 3 pieces per set – a curved shear, straight scissors, and a texturizer housed in a deluxe quality case.

We love the lightweight feel of these shears. There are also tension adjusters for better customization and greater ease when snipping away Fido’s hair.

14. Geib GE4252 3 Piece Entree Dog Grooming Shear Kit

Geib GE4252 03 3 Piece Entree Shear Kit
  • Ideal for all-around everyday grooming and finishing work

In need of an all-around, basic grooming kit for your pooch? The Geib 3-Piece Entree dog grooming kit is for you. It is perfect for everyday grooming and making some finishing touches to your canine’s new ‘do. 

The shears are all stainless steel and proudly bearing a rating of 58 for hardness. There are thumb rings and finger rings, which provide comfort to your hand. From the looks, feel, and the performance of these shears, this is without a doubt the best dog grooming scissors kit for the buck.

13. Kenchii Scorpion Dog Grooming Scissors

Kenchii Scorpion Grooming Shears 9 in. Dog Grooming Set Straight, Curved and Thinning Scissors Included with Premium Faux Leather Case (9.0" 3 Piece Set)
  • Kenchii Scorpion 9" Set includes free animal-friendly KEL5 black faux leather 5-shear case, Level 1 Scorpion 9.0" straight shear, 9.0" curved shear, and 46-tooth 7.0" thinner.

Affordability and superior quality are the primary selling points of the Kenchii Scorpion grooming scissors kit. This set of thinners and shears are ideal for budget-conscious beginners and DIY groomers. There are 3 types of shears per pack and these are pretty much everything you need to keep your pooch stylin’ in minutes.

Don’t get us wrong – it may not be dirt-cheap like your $20 cheap clippers set. But for a reasonable price tag, it goes above and beyond quality. The blade stays sharp for a long time, the build is solid, and these shears are comfortable in your hand, too.

12. Kenchii Five Star Even Handle Dog Grooming Scissors

Kenchii Five Star Even Handle Dog Grooming Shears (8.5" 3 Piece Set)
  • Set includes free animal-friendly KEL5 black faux leather 5-shear case, Level 2 molybdenum Five Star even handled 8.5" straight shear, even handled 8.5" curved shear, and even handled 38-tooth 6.0"...

Perfect for day to day grooming needs, the Kenchii Five Star definitely deserves five stars! It is your go-to for basic grooming as it offers outstanding results each time. Comfort, control, and precision are what you can expect from this bad boy.

Another unique feature of the Kenchii Five Star is the even handle design. This offers versatility to the shears, making them suitable for left- or right-handed folks. And with a lifetime warranty, this item is a risk-free purchase that’s right for the price.

11. Maltese Obsession Cosette Styling Dog Shears

Toy dogs deserve a special set of grooming kit – and the Maltese Obsession got you covered. This specialized set of styling dog shears are custom-made for shorter hairs of delicate pooches. There is a 30-degree curve to the curved shears instead, which offers maximum control.

Made of 440c Japanese stainless steel, these shears have a high hardness that make them last for a long time. And as a bonus, the 3-set  pack comes with a free comb for your dog styling needs.

10. Kenchii Grooming Spider Shears

Kenchii Grooming Spider Shears Right Hand - Choose Straight, Curved, Thinner, or Set - Bonus 6 Pack Finger Inserts Included (8.0 Right Hand Set)
  • Kenchii Spider (8.0 Set) shears are Serrated to Minimize Slippage and Enhance Cutting Performance. The Spider Line is geared towards the working groomer to cut consistently and effortlessly with the...

Experience precision cutting performance with the Kenchii Spider grooming shears. These scissors are serrated, which reduces chances of slippage while ensuring the accuracy of cut. Whether you are dealing with thin or thick and tough coats, these shears can handle them all.

Another feature that has earned these shears some serious bragging rights is the ergonomic design. The handles are extremely comfortable in your hands. And with the Click Dial tension system, you can loosen or tighten the shears in seconds.

9. ShearsDirect Japanese 440 Carbon Dog Grooming Scissors Set

Cheap, yet high-performance, the Shears Direct grooming scissors kit never fails to impress budget-conscious groomers. It comes in a 4-piece set, which includes a thinner, chunker, curved, and straight shears. These all come with a ball-bearing tension mechanism for enhanced efficiency.

As for the material, we can tell it is quite solid. The 440C Japanese stainless steel promotes the long lifespan of these shears, so you can count on these to last for a long time.

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8. Kenchii Flipper Dog Grooming Scissors

Kenchii Flipper Dog Grooming Shears and Scissors for Professional Groomers (8.0", 3 Shear Set)
  • Set includes free animal-friendly KEL5Z black faux leather 5-shear case, Level 2 molybdenum Flipper 8.0" straight shear, Level 3 8.0" curved shear, and Level 3 46-tooth 6.5" thinner. The Flipper...

When you want the finest finishing performance at a reasonable price point, the Kenchii Flipper is a sure bet. The Flipper series includes a straight and curved shear, as well as a thinner. The convex design provides a smooth and flawless cut for professional results.

These grooming scissors are perfect for left- or right-handed groomers. It is versatile and comfortable to use, so this reduces strain on your wrist as you do some finishing touches on your dog’s hair.

7. Chris Christensen Classic Series Shears

Chris Christensen Classic Series Shear (Set of All 4 Shears)
  • AFFORDABLE PRICE. A Chris Christensen Classic Set of shears brings you the high quality standards of Chris Christensen with a unbeatable price.

Both seasoned and beginner groomers will love the Chris Christensen Classic shears series. It is a high-quality grooming set made of 440C Japanese steel with a convex beveled edge for the smoothest finish. No matter what grooming style you create, you can expect these shears to deliver.

A key feature of these shears is the reversible handle design. This ensures comfort in your hand while the studs provide an extra-grippy structure to eliminate chances of slippage.

6. Kenchii T Series Professional Scissors Set

Kenchii T Series Professional Line of Dog Grooming Shears and Thinners (8.0", 3 Shear Set)
  • Set includes free animal-friendly KEL5Z faux leather 5-shear case ($39 MSRP), Level 2 molybdenum T-Series 8.0-inch straight shear, 8.0-inch curved shear, and 48-tooth 6.5-inch thinner. Kenchii...

Great for finishing, the Kenchii T Series scissors set includes a 3-piece shear kit for grooming your canine’s hair. It includes a straight shear, curved shear, and a thinner – all crafted from level 2 alloy for optimum durability.

But the highlight of this product is the “True Convex Edge.” It offers the smoothest and most precise cut, making this product one of the best dog grooming scissors trusted by professionals. With its flawless performance, every cut requires very minimal finishing touches to cut down the grooming time in half!

5. Kenchii Rose Gold Deluxe Dog Grooming Scissors Set

Kenchii Rose Gold Deluxe Grooming Shears Great Grooming Shears for All Breeds (8.0" 4 Piece Set)
  • Please Note that the Color Case May Vary. Kenchii Rose Gold Complete Set | The Rosé 4-piece set includes Rosé straight and curved shears, the 25-tooth blender and the 54-tooth thinner, and an...

Chic and classy, the Kenchii Rose combines performance and great looks in this deluxe quality grooming scissors set. The shears feature the semi-convex micro-serrated edge, which prevents slippage of fine or coarse hair. This also improves the cutting performance for greater efficiency.

In addition to the shears, thinner, and blender, this set also comes with a ring insert and an oiler. It is definitely a great value that is worth the price you pay.

4. Geib Black Pearl Dog Grooming Scissors Set

If a budget-friendly, all-day grooming shears set is what you want, then the Geib Black Pearl absolutely fits the bill. It’s a top-quality shear kit that provides unparalleled value to professional and newbie groomers alike. And with a rounded edge, it is safe to use even for small dog breeds.

Each shear is crafted from a Japanese cobalt alloy material with a hardness rating of 60. It also comes with a titanium coating that adds to its sleek and elegant appearance. Plus, with a tension adjuster, you can customize the fit for maximum control and comfort.

3. Kenchii Sue Watson Signature Dog Grooming Scissors Series

Kenchii Sue Watson Signature Series Dog Grooming Shears for Professional Groomers (3 Shear Set)
  • The Sue Watson Set includes free animal-friendly KEL5Z black faux leather 5-shear case, Level 3 molybdenum Sue Watson 8.0" straight shear, 8.0" curved shear, 44-tooth 6.0" thinner. Sue Watson...

The Kenchii Sue Watson Signature Series is the ultimate choice by many master groomers. Made of level 3 molybdenum, these shears are one of the sturdiest and most durable in the market today. This is the kind of dog grooming kit you can pass on from generation to generation. 

Comfort-wise, the Kenchii Sue Watson shears are easy on your hand. There is an offset handle that comes with a finger rest to maintain a comfortable hand positioning from start to finish.

2. Kenchii Grooming Flame 8 Inch Dog Grooming Scissors Set

Two things that the Kenchii Grooming Flame 8 are famous for are exceptional control and fatigue reduction. This grooming shears kit is perfect for finishing and day to day grooming work. It comes with a curved and a straight shear – both 8 inches long.

When you want a grooming shear that can cut clean effortlessly, this has to be the best choice you’ve got. And since this set comes with chunker shears instead of toothed thinners, the result is always impeccable.

1. Kenchii Grooming Shinobi Dog Grooming Scissors Sets

Kenchii Grooming Shinobi Shear Sets for Professional Dog Groomers (8.0" Poodle 4 Shear Kit)
  • Set includes free animal-friendly KEL5Z faux leather 5-shear case ($39 MSRP), Level 3 Shinobi 8.0" straight shear, 8.0" curved shear, 36-tooth thinner, 21-tooth blender, and 2 grooming brushes....

If you can buy just one set of grooming shears that will last for decades, the Kenchii Shinobi has to be the item of choice. This line of grooming scissors is crafted from premium materials and bearing a semi-convex edge to remain razor-sharp for years.

Moreover, it is comfortable to use. There is a permanent finger rest for ease and stability, as well as an offset handle that promotes the best hand positioning during every grooming session. With all these key features added in, grooming your pooch is fast, easy, and convenient.

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Why Do Dog Groomers Use Curved Scissors? Curved scissors are perfect for trimming hair around delicate areas such as the feet and paws. This design is also safer since the tip is often rounded, which prevents the likelihood of poking your dog’s eyes or ears while grooming.

Should You Cut Dog’s Hair Wet Or Dry? When cutting your dog’s hair, it is best to start with a clean and dry coat. This will make it much easier for you to simply let the clipper glide smoothly on your canine’s hair, thus making the job easier for you.

Do Dogs Get Sad When You Cut Their Hair? It is common for dogs to get sad after a haircut. While they feel significantly lighter after a cut, they may also feel strange to have the hair around their eyes and body shorter than before.

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