Dog Saves Owner’s Life During Seizure By Stopping Traffic

Without immediate medical attention, seizures can easily turn fatal, and for Haley Moore, this was an all-too-real possibility, had it not been for the quick action of her dog, Clover. In the incident captured on a video dated March 21st, 2021, happened in Ottawa, Canada, Moore was out for her usual mid-morning walk with her dog. Somewhere along the way, however, the unexpected happened. Moore collapsed on the side of the road and started seizing.

In a surprising yet pleasant turn of events, however, her dog sprang into action, seemingly knowing what needed to be done in the situation, like a trained seizure alert dog. The dog quickly stopped the traffic passing along the street and got people to help her owner.

Saved In Time

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In a video footage captured by a security camera, Moore was seen walking alongside her Marema mix before she suddenly fell on the sidewalk. Immediately after Moore collapsed to the ground, Clover rushed to check on her, and then stood over her, as if to shield her.

Seeming to realize that Moore needed help, the dog then started backing onto the street to block the passing traffic, all while keeping her eyes on Moore, who was still lying down on a driveway.

Blocked by the large dog, one driver, Dryden Oatway stopped his truck and went to check on Moore. As he checked on Moore, Clover maintained a distance, but kept an eye on her the whole time. While Oatway was attending to Moore, Clover stopped a second car, and the driver, Danielle Pilon also came over to attend to Moore.

Seeing that her owner was in good hands, Clover then ran home to alert Moore’s parents that their daughter was in trouble. The pup caused a commotion at home that prompted Moore’s parents to follow her to the street where Moore had collapsed.

Appreciative And Gratitude

Speaking to the press, Dryden Oatway said that the dog’s actions were really impressive, since he wouldn’t have otherwise known that there was someone on the street who needed his help.

Moore’s parents were also very proud of the dog’s actions. Moore and her family saved Clover’s life by adopting her from a rescue center, and through her actions last week, Clover got to return the favor by saving Moore’s life.

After experiencing the seizure and collapsing, Moore was not aware of anything, including what Clover did to save her life. She just remembered waking up in an ambulance and getting really confused as to what had happened and why she was in the ambulance.

However, after getting a narration of what happened and what Clover did, Moore was really glad that she had the pup with her when she experienced the seizure. Moore was treated at the hospital and is already feeling better, and even though she doesn’t know what triggered the seizure, she’s not scared of the same happening again, because she knows Clover will always be by her side looking out for her.

For her efforts in saving Haley Moore’s life, Clover was rewarded with delicious steaks.

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