Dogs That Look Like German Shepherds

You can never mistake a German Shepherd for another dog breed. With its pointy ears, black face mask, rich brown eyes, and long muzzle, this pooch definitely stands out. But did you know that there are dogs that look like German Shepherds? More than a dozen of them!

The most German Shepherd look-alike pup is the Belgian Malinois, which gets some people confused about which one’s the real GSD. There’s also the Bohemian Shepherd with coat color, and texture GSDs are known for. Of course, the Dutch Shepherd makes it on our list with features that make it pass as a GSD doppelganger.

But wait, there’s more! We have 22 of these dogs that look like German Shepherds that you probably didn’t know before! Let’s take a look at these cuties and what makes them pass as a GSDs twin!

22. Tamaskan

Image from Instagram:@thechroniclesofbrigit

Tamaskans are a mixture of many breeds, including the Malamutes, Huskies, and of course, German Shepherds. So, it’s in their DNA to look like a GSD, that’s for sure. With their long snouts, dark brown eyes, and coat colors like a German Shepherd, they definitely deserve a spot on this list.

Aside from their looks, they also possess personality traits similar to those of a GSD. They are energetic, intelligent, alert, and can be a bit stubborn. But they like to please their owners, making them a good fit for novice owners.

21. Northern Inuit Dog

Image from Instagram:@stella_northern_inuit

Another German Shepherd look-alike with wolf-ish features is the Northern Inuit Dog. They are hybrid dogs with genes from a Husky, GSD, and Malamute. Hence, these dogs have fluffy coats and colors similar to a German Shepherd.

They are cute and cuddly but definitely not the best choice for every dog owner. These dogs can challenge your patience because of their high energy level. So, it is best to leave these pups to experienced owners.

20. Alaskan Malamute

Image from Instagram:@lokithemute

A true workhorse in every way, Alaskan Malamutes are muscular and strong, just like a German Shepherd. They also share some resemblance with the latter with their pointy, erect ears, elongated muzzle, and dense coat.

These are sturdy and robust dogs that can handle any type of weather and the heaviest of weight. After all, these pooches were bred to pull heavy loads and power through the frigid Arctic conditions.

19. Chinook Dog

Image from Instagram:@sherdreams_wonalancet

We have to admit – Chinook Dogs don’t look exactly like GSDs in some ways, particularly the ears. They don’t possess the same pointed and tall ears that German Shepherds have. However, they do have similar coat colors and lengths, as well as a long muzzle, which is why they deserve a spot on our list.

Chinooks are some of the sweetest and most affectionate dogs on the planet. But they are a bit high-strung and would need plenty of exercise, just like a GSD. Daily walks and ample playtime are a way to this dog’s heart.

18. Carpathian Shepherd Dog

Image from Instagram:@indietherescueshep

Bred to guard and protect livestock, the Carpathian Dog is a 100-pounder pooch with facial features and build similar to a German Shepherd. They also have dense and straight coats, making them look like GSD’s siblings from another mother!

These pups have coat colors similar to a German Shepherd in shades of pale fawn with dark brown or black overlay. They can also grow as tall as 29 inches, about the same height as a GSD.

17. Shiba Inu

Image from Instagram:@shibainu_kyoshi

Next up, we have the robust Shiba Inu. These are wolf-like dogs, just like a German Shepherd, with triangular, pointed ears and long snouts. When it comes to looks, they are very much like a GSD indeed.

However, Shiba Inus are a bit aloof and shy. They take a bit longer to warm up toward strangers, but with their owners, they are very sweet, affectionate, and devoted.

16. Caucasian Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@whereintheworldisrhaegar

Fearless and protective, the Caucasian Shepherd is a big pooch, just like the GSD, that can grow up to 30 inches tall and weigh nearly 200 lbs. They are also double-coated dogs in shades similar to a GSD’s signature colors – fawn, red, tan, and gray.

For centuries, these dogs have been trained to guard livestock and protect properties. When not busy at work, they are more than happy to spend quality time with their favorite humans.

15. Utonagan

Image from Instagram:@joemittonlife

One of the newest dog breeds, the Utonagan, has only been around in the 1980s but slowly gaining popularity among dog fanciers worldwide. These dogs are a mixture of the Siberian Husky, GSD, and the Malamute.

Just like the German Shepherd, they are intelligent and active dogs. These pups also have the same dense coats in shades of black, tan, and cream.

14. Laekenois

Image from Instagram:@valkkywau_belgians

A strong and robust pooch, Belgian Laekenois is closely related to Belgian herding dogs, including the Tervuren and Malinois, with similarities to the German Shepherd. They have rough coats in shades of fawn and red, often wiry and medium in length.

They are of average build and can weigh up to 80 lbs. Although they may not be bulky, they are strong and fearless pooches always ready to protect their owners.

13. Belgian Tervuren

Image from Instagram:@tervueren.mira

These are sharp and highly trainable dogs. Belgian Tervurens are sensitive dogs that like to be with their owners. They can be prone to boredom, just like the German Shepherd, so it is best to keep them mentally stimulated and physically active.

With dense coats like the GSD, Tervurens require regular grooming. They also shed a lot, so these dogs are not the best choices for folks who have allergies.

12. Yakutian Laika

Image from Instagram:@eevee.yl

Yakutian Laikas are ancient dog breeds relied on for their exquisite hunting and herding skills. They are double-coated dogs just like the German Shepherd and come in shades of black and white. 

These are medium-build dogs with an average weight of 55 lbs. They can also grow up to 17 inches and with defined muscles and an abundance of fur.

11. Corgi

Image from Instagram:@wanditathecorgi

Sure, they may be small and stubby-legged, unlike the German Shepherd. However, Corgis share some similarities with the GSD when it comes to other features, such as the long snout, tall ears, and dark brown eyes. They also have the coat color of a GSD.

Corgis are active dogs that love to run around and make their owners laugh with silly antics. But they can also be quite mellow and won’t pass up the chance to snuggle up with their favorite humans.

10. Panda Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@fez_the_panda

They may come with a different name, but Panda Shepherds are full-bred GSD, yet with a unique and rare mutation. This explains the similar coat color and texture with the addition of tan and black spots like a panda.

Panda Shepherds are fearless dogs that make them excellent for military work and service training. They can grow up to 26 inches tall and tip the scale at over 100 lbs.

9. Groenendael

Image from Instagram:@karmadesignfordogs

Groenendaels, or Belgian Sheepdogs, are timid and shy pups that are amazing family dogs. They resemble GSDs in terms of appearance as they also possess a double layer of coat in shades of brown or black.

They are fluffy pooches with triangular ears that always stand upright, like a GSD. Their eyes are also rich brown in color, with an alert expression that shows their curiosity and intelligence.

8. Shiloh Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@shilohshepherd

Another mixed breed with the GSD’s and Malamute’s DNA, the Shiloh Shepherd, is a working dog. These pups have the same black and tan coat colors as a German Shepherd and tall, upright ears.

They are easy to train because of their high intelligence level and inherent obedience to their owners. These dogs perform well in search and rescue, police work, as well as specialized training of all kinds.

7. White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Image from Instagram:@bohemian_bluemoon

Although they may not have the same coat colors as the German Shepherd, they share some similarities in terms of appearance. They have triangular, erect ears and a long muzzle, just like a GSD.

In addition to looks, the White Swiss Shepherd Dog also possesses the personality traits of a GSD. This dog breed is intelligent and sensitive, and it behaves better than a German Shepherd.

6. Byelorussian Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@sun.of.the.south

The Byelorussian Shepherd or East European Shepherd dog hails from Russia. They are a mixture of the GSD and Laika dog, the latter being a native Russian dog breed. These pups are sturdy creatures and are very protective of their properties and owners.

Similar to the GSD, Byelorussians have medium-length coats in shades of black and red or black and tan. They weigh over 100 lbs and are about 30 inches in height.

5. King Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@huntley_the_gsd

True to their name, King Shepherds are big dogs standing up to 30 inches and weighing as much as 150 lbs. They are a little bit like a GSD in terms of coat color, such as black, tan, and red. These dogs are a mixture of the Pyr and Malamute, hence the density of their coat.

They may be big and tough-looking, but they are actually gentle giants. King Shepherds are easy to train and intelligent, making them excellent guard dogs.

4. Border Collie

Image from Instagram:@rascabes

Border Collies may be smaller and lighter than German Shepherd, but they are similar in some ways. For instance, they have the same long coat as a GSD, dark brown eyes, and a long muzzle.

As for their colors, they are often in shades of black and white. Some may have tan coats, but it is not common. They are also intelligent and obedient like the GSD, which adds to their similarities.

3. Dutch Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@malinois_akira

Covered in brindle coat patterns, the Dutch Shepherd is also a heavy shedder like the GSD. This is why regular grooming is a must if you wish to bring one home. They are also energetic and alert, so it is important to give them plenty of exercise.

Although they may not be as popular as the GSD, they are definitely becoming more and more common nowadays. These dogs are easy to train with a strong desire to please their owners – much like a German Shepherd.

2. Bohemian Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@reybohemianshepherd

Next up, this black-and-tan coated dog is one of the most GSD-looking breeds on our list. They have black and tan coats that are dense, long, and straight. Their build is a bit smaller, yet they have the same long snout and dark eyes as a German Shepherd.

Bohemian Shepherds were historically bred as working dogs. But they also make amazing watchdogs like the GSD because of their intelligence and alertness.

1. Belgian Malinois

Image from Instagram:@bs_tierfotografie

This list of dogs that look like German Shepherds will not be complete without the Belgian Malinois. These dogs have the same black face mask and double coat in shades of black, tan, and red, just like a GSD’s trademark colors.

However, these dogs are a bit smaller in terms of size and weight. But they are just as fearless, loyal, and obedient as a German Shepherd. Hence, you can count on them as watchdogs and guard dogs at the same time.

Do You Have To Train A German Shepherd In German? This is not necessarily true. German Shepherds respond well to training no matter what language you use to teach them basic commands. So whether it is English, German, or any other language, it should not matter.

Why Do German Shepherds Make Good Police Dogs? German Shepherds make good police dogs because they are obedient, intelligent, sensitive, and fearless dogs. They can easily learn commands, which allows them to excel in police work.

Are Belgian Malinois Replacing German Shepherds? Yes, Belgian Malinois are indeed replacing German Shepherds, especially in law enforcement. Belgian Malinois have a higher energy level, and they are more aggressive than German Shepherds. Hence, they are more suitable for police work because of these inherent personality traits.

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