Embark Dog DNA Test Kit Review: Is It Worth It?

If you have a canine buddy whose parentage youโ€™re not certain about, the most reliable way of finding out their ancestry is to use a dog DNA test kit.

There are dozens of dog DNA test kits to choose from in the market, but we have found the Embark Dog DNA test kit to be the most reliable and most accurate dog DNA test kit. Below, letโ€™s check out the features that make the Embark Dog DNA test the highest-rated dog DNA test on the market.

High Accuracy Levels

The Embark Dog DNA test compares the DNA sample from your furry buddy against a database of over 350 dog breed types and varieties, including the gray wolf, the dingo, the coyote, and some street dogs. To determine the breed match, the Embark Dog DNA test analyzes over 200,000 genetic markers using a technique known as microarray technology.

With such an extensive database to compare against and over 200,000 genetic markers analyzed, you can be certain of a high level of accuracy. If thereโ€™s even as little as 5% of a breed in your dog, the Embark Dog DNA will identify the breed.

Family Tree Reconstruction

Aside from identifying the breeds that make up your four-legged buddy, the Embark Dog DNA test also gives you a breed breakdown of your dogโ€™s family tree, stretching back to the great grandparents. The Embark Dog DNA test uses algorithms to reconstruct this family tree, so it is not 100% accurate. Instead, it is the best prediction based on your dogโ€™s DNA.

Health Profile

Some dog breeds are highly prone to some genetic diseases, but this doesnโ€™t mean that all dogs from these breeds will develop these conditions. The Embark Dog DNA test analyzes your dogโ€™s DNA for over 200 genetic health risks and gives you an accurate health profile of your pooch, including the genetic health conditions that your dog could potentially develop.

The Embark health screening test looks at health conditions affecting areas like the brain, heart, immune system, blood, skeletal system, eyes, spinal cord, bladder, kidneys, and several other areas.

The health screening test also provides you with information about the genetic diversity of your beloved fido, as well as the coefficient of inbreeding, which is a measure of the level of inbreeding.

In case the test detects health variants that could be potentially problematic, the results report will explain what this means for your dog and their offspring, and what action you can take to reduce the risk of your dog developing this problem.

Simple To Use

One of the things we loved about the Embark Dog DNA test is how simple it is to test your dog. The test kit comes with a simple cheek swab for collecting your dogโ€™s DNA sample. Simply put this swab in your dogโ€™s cheek pouch and under the tongue and mop it around for 30 seconds and youโ€™re done.

After collecting the DNA sample, simply mail the sample bark to Embark Dog (the package comes with prepaid postage) and wait for the results. Results are generally available online in 2 to 4 weeks‘ time.

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Pete Decker