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Florida Man Battles 8-Foot Hungry Alligator To Rescue His Dog

Faced with the tough decision between losing your dog to an alligator, or jumping into the water to fight an 8-foot alligator, most people will let their canine buddy go, rather than risking their lives. This was, however, not an option for McCoy from Florida. When a hungry alligator snatched McCoy’s pet, a chocolate Labrador Retriever named Jake, McCoy did what many wouldn’t have done. He jumped into the pond and fought the alligator until it let go of his dog.

Luckily, both McCoy and Jake got away from the incident with their lives, though they had sustained some minor injuries. Had it not been for McCoy’s courage and swift actions, however, the story would have had a sad ending.

Recounting The Horrific Incident

Tuesday morning, May 11th, 2021, started like any other day for McCoy, who was out walking with his 8-month-old Lab. Their route took them past a pond, and as they walked alongside the pond, Jake wandered near some bushes on the pond’s edge.

Without warning, an 8-foot alligator flung himself from the water, grabbed Jake and pulled him back into the pond. McCoy barely saw the gator emerge from the water, but he heard his dog’s yelps and saw the gator dragging Jake into the pond.

Without any hesitation and thoughts about what he was doing, McCoy jumped into the pond and went after the gator. Only one thing was on his mind – saving his dog.

Dog Saved After Wrestling With The Alligator

Lucky for him, McCoy had previously read up on what to do in cases of alligator attacks, so he had some idea of what he needed to do. McCoy went behind the alligator and gouged him in the eye using his thumbs. He then picked up the alligator out of the water so he wouldn’t be able to swim away with Jake.

Surprised and angered by this new turn of events, the alligator let Jake go and turned his fury onto McCoy, biting him in the hands and arms. Luckily, both McCoy and Jake were able to escape before the alligator could do more harm.

As the fight between McCoy and the alligator unfolded, a school teacher was watching the incident from a nearby middle school. After McCoy and Jake managed to escape from the alligator, a nurse at the school dressed McCoy’s wounds temporarily before they got proper medical attention. Both McCoy and Jake eventually got stitches, but aside from these minor injuries, they are totally healthy and safe.

Following reports of the attack, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission is doing what it can to capture the reptile. Although cases of serious injuries from alligators are not very common in Florida, the commission urges residents of Florida to exercise caution whenever they are in areas that could potentially harbor alligators.

This is not the first time a person has fought an alligator to save their pet’s life. In November 2020, a 74-year-old man from Florida jumped into a pond to save his pup, who had been attacked by an alligator. Just like McCoy, the man managed to save his pup and survived the incident with a few minor injuries.

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