French Bulldog โ€“ Your Complete Breed Guide To The French Bully

If you are looking for an affectionate, adaptable and playful fur buddy, the French Bulldog is hard to beat. These charming pups are the second most popular dog breed in the U.S and for good reason. So, what exactly is a French Bulldog?

A French Bulldog is a small dog breed with origins in England where English Bulldogs were crossed with French ratter dogs in the 1800s. French Bulldogs also resemble Miniature English Bulldogs but have a more feisty and playful personality. Frenchies thrive in most environments including homes with children since they are an affable dog breed.

Known as the clowns of the doggie world, French Bullies are charmers that are hard to resist. However, if you are wondering whether it is worth getting a French Bulldog, you can find out everything you need to know about Frenchies in our comprehensive guide.

How Big Do French Bullies Get?

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French Bullies are classified as a small dog breed but just how big do they get? You can expect your French Bulldog to be 11 to 13 inches tall and weigh no more than 28 lbs.

In terms of appearance, this is what you should expect your French Bulldog to look like.

Trademark Features

French Bullies were bred in England in the 1800s by crossing English Bulldogs and Rat Terriers. The result of this was a small-sized breed with the appearance of a Miniature English Bulldog.

French Bulldogs are very unique in appearance which is part of their overall appeal. This breed is born without long tails and has a small compact stature that is complemented by a large expressive face.

The characteristic wrinkled face, prominent eyes, and large bat ears make French Bullies very distinctive in appearance.

Coat Colors

French Bulldogs come in a variety of colors, the most common ones being white, cream, fawn, brindle, or different combinations of these colors. However, some Frenchies can have coats that are blue, lilac, chocolate, or merle which are the rarest colors in French Bulldogs.

The French Bulldogs coat is quite short which makes it low maintenance but this also means that these pups are very sensitive to cold weather. French Bullies shed all year round so they are not considered a hypoallergenic breed.


The small stature of the French Bulldog means that this breed will grow to a height of 13 inches or less. Male Frenchies can weigh up to 28 lbs while females rarely weigh more than 24 lbs.

Like most small-sized breeds, French Bullies can do well even in small apartments which will explain why they are very popular among urban dwellers.

How Long Do French Bullies Live?

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French Bullies live for 10 to 14 years. Proper care and nutrition will ensure that your Frenchie lives a long healthy life but like any other breed, your pup may be susceptible to some health conditions.

The common health issues to watch out for with French Bulldogs are:

Spinal Disorders

The short and muscular stature of the Frenchie is one of its most adorable features but it also makes it prone to spinal problems. Conditions, such as degenerative myelopathy, and intervertebral disk disease, are common in French Bullies.

Brachycephalic Syndrome

Dog breeds with flat noses like the French Bulldog are especially prone to breathing problems caused by an obstructed airway. The brachycephalic syndrome causes difficulty in breathing and you may notice that your pup is prone to retching, snorting, and snoring. This condition can be treated using surgery.

Skin Allergies

The short coat and wrinkly skin of the French Bulldog make this breed prone to skin allergies. Itching and redness of the skin, excessive scratching, and scaly skin are some of the symptoms that point to a skin allergy.

It is important to keep the skin and folds of your French Bulldogs clean and dry, as moist folds can increase the risk of skin conditions.

Flatulence And Digestive Issues

Frenchies are prone to flatulence due to their sensitive stomachs. French Bulldogs are susceptible to food allergies which can lead to digestive issues. A healthy and nutrient-rich diet free of allergens is recommended for this breed to prevent flatulence.

How To Take Care Of Your French Bully?

French Bulldogs are a healthy breed that will thrive in most environments with the proper nutrition and care. If you are wondering how to best take care of a French Bully, here are some tips on nutrition and exercise.

High-Quality Diet

Due to their high stomach sensitivity, French Bullies require a nutrient-dense diet, free of common allergens likeย corn and soy. It is important to look for nutrient-rich formulas likeย Pet Plateย which are grain-free and made from human-grade ingredients.

Pet Plateโ€™s recipes are designed to be suitable even for dogs with stomach sensitivities like French Bullies. They are also rich in protein and healthy nutrients ensuring your pup gets all the nutrition they need.

Including multivitamins in your dogโ€™s diet is also important to boost their well-being. Since Frenchies are prone to skin allergies, omega-3 supplements that promote healthy coats are essential. Chondroitin and glucosamine are also great supplements for healthy bones, especially for older pups

Regular Exercise

Frenchies might be playful in nature but this breed can be prone to laziness. Ensure that your French Bulldog gets 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day.

Walks and playtime are easy ways to exercise your Frenchie but avoid strenuous activity since French Bulldogs can easily develop breathing difficulties due to brachycephalic syndrome.

Use Dental Water Additives

Dental health is important for your pooch and dental water additives are a simple way to ensure this. Dental additives break down plaque and tartar leaving your dogโ€™s teeth clean and healthy. Simply add the additives to your Frenchieโ€™s water bowl.

Are Frenchies Good Family Dogs? Temperaments Of French Bullies

Frenchies are great family dogs owing to their affable and affectionate nature. This popular breed gets along well with children and other animals. Here is everything you need to know about the temperament of French Bullies.

Affectionate And Playful

The French Bully loves being around people. This breed is playful and affectionate which makes it a delightful companion for both individuals and families.

Frenchies are very cuddly pups and love to give and receive attention. However, due to their social nature, you should not leave a French Bulldog alone for extended periods, beyond 6 hours.

Compared to their male counterparts, female Frenchies are less rambunctious so they can be the better option if you want a more docile pooch. Male Frenchies may also take longer to housetrain due to their playful nature.

Loyal And Territorial

The Frenchie is a loyal breed that bonds quickly with family members. These dogs can also be territorial but French Bullies are generally not a dangerous breed. However, proper socialization is important to ensure that your Frenchie does not develop aggressive tendencies.

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Quiet And Alert

Frenchies make great apartment dogs because they do not bark a lot. These pups are also very alert and have strong protective instincts meaning they can make excellent watchdogs.

Intelligent And Stubborn

The charming French Bulldog is a very smart breed that can pick up tricks easily. However, since this breed is very stubborn, new dog parents can find it especially difficult to train. 

Positive reinforcement works well with Frenchies but overall, it takes plenty of patience and consistency to train this breed.

Are Frenchies High Maintenance? Grooming Tips For French Bullies

Frenchies are not high-maintenance dogs. They have short coats that shed minimally all year round. Hence, Frenchies are not considered to be hypoallergenic.

These grooming tips will help you to keep your French Bulldogs clean and healthy.

Brushing Weekly

The short, shiny coat of the French Bulldog is not prone to matting but it is important to brush your Frenchie at least once a week. Look for a brush like the Furminator Undercoat Tool which helps to minimize shedding by targeting loose hairs in the undercoat.


Frenchies can be bathed every 6 weeks although you can increase the frequency based on their activity levels.

French Bulldogs are prone to skin allergies so it is important to use organic shampoos formulated for dogs with sensitive skin like the Pro Pet Works All Natural 5 In 1 Oatmeal Shampoo. This shampoo cleanses gently without stripping oils from the skin leaving your dogโ€™s coat clean and healthy.

Always dry your Frenchieโ€™s coat completely after a bath paying special attention to the skin folds and wrinkles. In some cases, French Bulldogs can stink since their skin folds can easily trap moisture and dirt if not properly cleaned and dried.

The big adorable ears of the French Bully can make this breed prone to ear infections so it is important to clean the ears regularly. You can use a damp cloth to gently wipe around the ear canal but never stick objects into your dogโ€™s ear.

Always ensure that you dry your Frenchie completely after a bath to minimize the risk of skin infections.

How Much Is A French Bully? A French Bulldog can cost between $1,500 and $3,000 depending on the breeder and other factors such as age. French Bulldogs are expensive because they are one of the most popular dog breeds and they are always in high demand.

Why Can French Bulldogs Not Swim? French Bulldogs canโ€™t swim because the brachycephalic shape of their nose and mouth makes it difficult for them to keep water from getting into their noses. Apart from the short muzzle, French Bulldogs have short legs that cannot adequately support their stocky stature in water.

TWhat Color French Bulldog Is Most Expensive? Blue or lilac-colored French Bulldogs are the most expensive because these are the rarest colors in Frenchies. French Bulldogs with common colors, such as white and brown, are less costly since they are easier to find.

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