German Shepherd Mastiff Mix โ€“ Your Complete Breed Guide To Mastiff Shepherd

We all love dog hybrids. They have become quite popular in recent times and, over the years, have lived up to their title of โ€œmanโ€™s best friend.โ€ The German Shepherd Mastiff Mix is an incredible example. The question on your mind right now is most likely, โ€œwhat exactly is a German Shepherd Mastiff Mix?โ€

The German Shepherd Mastiff Mix dog is a hybrid made from the cross between a purebred German Shepherd and a purebred Mastiff. This mixed dog is also called the Mastiff Shepherd.

Did you recently get a Mastiff Shepherd and would like to know how to take good care of your pooch? Or are you just looking for more information on this hybrid before bringing it into your home? Well, look no further as, in this article, I have written everything you need to know about the German Shepherd Mastiff Mix dog. So, carry on reading as I take you through this comprehensive guide on taking care of a Mastiff Shepherd.

How Big Do Mastiff German Shepherd Mixes Get?

German Shepherd Mastiff Mixes can get up to 36 inches tall. Nevertheless, their heights can vary, but not to tremendous extents. On average, the lowest height a Mastiff Shepherd dog can grow to is about 24 inches.

These German Shepherd Mastiff Mixes are pretty tall because both parents, the German Shepherd and the Mastiff, are big dogs. How tall your Mastiff Shepherd will get depends mainly on what breed of Mastiff the German Shepherd parent was crossed with.

English Mastiffs and German Shepherds typically tend to produce tall Mastiff Shepherds.


Adult German Shepherd Mastiff Mixes can weigh between 80 to 200 lbs. Of course, the wide range here is because of certain factors, which include:

  • Breed of Mastiff parent
  • Environmental conditions
  • Feeding pattern
  • Illness

But on average, a healthy adult Mastiff Shepherd should weigh about 150 lbs.

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The German Shepherd Mastiff Mix dog typically takes the look of either parent. Therefore, yours can look more like a German Shepherd or can look like a Mastiff.

Nevertheless, these hybrid dogs generally have a big head with a long muzzle. Their noses are usually black, and their eye color is mostly dark brown. They have long ears and stand aloof most of the time and fold like paper edges at the ends. Their abdomens are relatively large too.

Coat Colors

Mastiff Shepherds come in a variety of colors. Some of them include:

  • Black or any of its shades
  • Brown or shades of brown
  • Gray or shades of gray
  • Brindle
  • Shades of red

How Long Do German Shepherd Mastiffs Live?

German Shepherd Mastiff Mixes typically live between 8 to 12 years, depending on how well you take care of them. 

Some factors affect the lifespan of Mastiff Shepherds. They include:

  • Average health condition
  • Feeding pattern
  • Level of risk exposure
  • Vaccination

There are a few illnesses that German Shepherd Mastiffs are highly susceptible to. They include:


Bloat is a condition that occurs in Mastiff Shepherds. It is characterized by abnormal swelling of the stomach of dogs. Hence, it was given the name โ€˜bloat.โ€™

When your dogโ€™s stomach is filled with gases, fluids, or foods, that it doesnโ€™t expel or digest, it is experiencing bloat. This condition is caused by the twisting of your dogโ€™s stomach on both ends. It can lead to death in severe cases.

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Hip Dysplasia

Your Mastiff Shepherd can have hip dysplasia. This is a condition that occurs from the loosening of the hip joint in dogs.

Large dog breeds, like the German Shepherd, are highly susceptible to this condition. And the Mastiff Shepherd is the German Shepherdโ€™s progeny, making it susceptible likewise. This condition is quite painful in some cases and can lead to limb paralysis.


Cataracts are a common illness among dogs. This occurs when a layer of film covers your poochโ€™s eyes, affecting its vision and making it harder to see clearly. It is an age-related condition and mainly occurs gradually as your dog approaches old age. Cataracts can lead to blindness in the long run and are mostly irreversible.

The good thing about these diseases is that you can rectify them if they are diagnosed on time. Therefore, you need to take your dog on visits to the vet regularly and ensure it gets quality healthcare.

How To Take Care Of Your German Shepherd Mastiff Mix?

Taking care of your German Shepherd Mastiff Mix involves settling certain areas of its life as well. Some of these areas include:

  • Feeding
  • Hygiene
  • Exercise


It would certainly help if you gave your Mastiff Shepherd healthy meals, containing essential nutrients it needs to grow well.

For example, feed containing high amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and calcium will enable your dog to grow well. Such feed helps your pooch develop healthy tissues, have enough energy for its daily activities, and grow strong bones and teeth.

3ยฝ cups of this feed per day should keep your Mastiff Shepherd well-fed and in good shape.

There are also other nutrients your dog needs, such as essential vitamins and minerals. Sometimes, even combining some homemade meals may not provide these. This deficiency is why adding multivitamins to homemade feed once in a while is very beneficial to your pooch.

Nevertheless, there is the possibility of you not even having the time or the right ingredients to cook up something nutritious for your canine buddy. Luckily, Pet Plate addresses this deficiency as each meal is freshly prepared and made with high-quality human-grade ingredients.


Also, periodontitis is a significant issue for dogs in general. It is caused by plaque buildup and can eventually lead to tooth decay. Therefore, it will be best if you invest in dental water additives and put some in your poochโ€™s water to protect its teeth from rotting.


Your Mastiff Shepherd needs at least 60 minutes of intense activity each day to keep in good shape and reduce its risk of cardiovascular disease. Walking your dog or playing games, like fetch, with it every day will help it reach its daily recommended activity levels.

Are German Shepherd Mastiffs Aggressive? Temperaments Of German Shepherd Mastiff Mixes

German Shepherd Mastiff Mixes are not aggressive towards their owners, but they can be unwelcoming to strangers and unfamiliar dogs.

Generally, the Mastiff Shepherd is a gentle dog that will play with you as often as it can. It is very friendly towards kids and will go to great extents to protect them from any danger it perceives.

Nevertheless, your Mastiff Shepherd can be relatively aggressive. This can be because of:

  • The poor temperament of either parent
  • Inadequate training from pet center
  • Negative experience with the previous owner
  • Inadequate training from your end
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German Shepherd Mastiff Mixes are relatively easy to train. They respond well to instructions and always like to carry them out. If you give your commands regularly and reward them with treats for each successful performance, they will pick up what you teach fairly quickly.

This hybrid has a very keen memory, so it is improbable that it will forget anything you teach it. Nevertheless, it would be best if you kept telling it what to do, such as โ€œrolloverโ€ or โ€œsit upโ€ once in a while when itโ€™s fully acquainted with them.


Yes, Mastiff Shepherds do like to cuddle. They do not object to a warm, lovely hug from you or any of your kids. They may even walk up to you for more. But most times, they appreciate a good rub on the head and a rewarding โ€œgood boyโ€ from you.

They also like to play a lot, as aforementioned. A good game of โ€œfetchโ€ goes a long way to solidify your relationship with your pooch.

Do Shepherd Mastiffs Shed? Grooming Tips For German Shepherd Mastiff Mixes

German Shepherd Mastiff Mixes typically shed minimally and have negligible amounts of fur. Nevertheless, they can cause allergies from their dander, and hence this hybrid mix is not considered to be hypoallergenic.

Dander, flakes of skin from your dogโ€™s body, is a significant allergen. Mastiff Shepherds can produce dander in relatively large amounts. This can be a terrible thing if you are allergic to dander.

Dander Reduction

Therefore, it would be best if you brushed your canine friendโ€™s fur once a week to remove any loose fur on its body. Using the FURminator Undercoat Tool, you can do this very quickly without fear of hurting your pooch.

Well, there are some other ways to reduce dander in Mastiff Shepherds. They include

  • Cleaning your house daily.
  • De-shedding your dog regularly.
  • Bathing your dog.


You should bathe your Mastiff Shepherd at least once every three weeks with a non-acidic shampoo for bathing. Sometimes, bathing your dog regularly with shampoo containing strong chemicals can increase the amount of dander it releases.

Luckily, with Pro Pet Works All Natural 5 In 1 Oatmeal Shampoo, you can bathe your dog without worrying about its skin being damaged. This shampoo is made from the natural oatmeal ingredient that keeps your dogโ€™s skin nourished and healthy.

How Much Is A German Shepherd Mastiff Mix Puppy? A German Shepherd Mastiff Mix puppy costs between $350 and $1,100. Generally, Mastiff Shepherds with purebred English Mastiff, Tibetan Mastiff, or French Mastiff parents tend to be more expensive.

Can German Shepherd Mastiff Mixes Swim? Yes, German Shepherd Mastiff Mixes can swim. Nevertheless, you should never leave your canine buddy to swim unsupervised as it can drown accidentally or when it gets tired. Always ensure you have a lifebuoy when swimming in deeper waters to keep your dog safe.

Do German Shepherds Get Along With Mastiffs? Yes, German Shepherds get along quite well with Mastiffs. Due to the size differences, the smaller German Shepherd can display some form of aggression when seeing the Mastiff. But with time and early socialization training, the German Shepherd can become great friends with the Mastiff.

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