36 Unique Gifts For Boston Terrier Dog Lovers Who Have Everything!

Think your friend who owns a Boston Terrier has everything?

You might be surprised! Check out this list of 36 unique gifts for the Boston Terrier lover in your life.

From festive sweaters to indestructible toys, there’s something for everyone on this list. So what are you waiting for? Surprise your Bostie-loving friend with a gift they’ll love!

36. Boston Terrier Kitchen Towels

Boston Terrier Kitchen Towels make the perfect gift for any dog lover.

These whimsical towels feature a colorful design of a Boston Terrier, with the words “All You Need Is Love and Boston Terrier” printed across it.

They’re made of 100% cotton and are machine washable, making them perfect for everyday use.

35. Eyeglasses Holder Stand

Boston Terrier eyeglasses holder stand – the perfect gift for any dog lover.

This little guy is made of metal and is the perfect size to hold your reading or sunglasses. It’s also weighted, so it won’t tip over. You’ll love how cute it is on your desk or counter.

34. Pillowcase

Looking for a way to show off your love for your Boston Terrier?

Look no further than this amazing pillowcase. Made from extremely durable and safe fabric, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to add a bit of personality to their home décor.

Plus, the breathable fabric won’t overheat you during those long summer nights. And since it’s only a pillow cover, you can easily insert your own pillow inside. So go ahead and show off your Boston Terrier pride in style.

33. Boston Terrier Plush Blanket

Looking for a cozy way to show off your Boston Terrier pride?

This ultra-soft and cuddly blanket is perfect for snuggling up with on chilly evenings.

Made from 100% polyester fleece, it features a printed flannel design on one side while a white sherpa lining on the reverse side. It’s available in four sizes to fit any bed, so you can keep your furry friend close by even when you’re not at home.

32. Coaster

Another fun idea for gifts to Boston Terrier lovers is a set of absorbent ceramic coasters. These drink coasters are a stylish and very useful addition to any home.

31. Statue

Displaying this beautiful statue outdoors is considered an artistic homage to your favorite dog breed. Giving one as a gift will greatly be appreciated by any Boston Terrier lover.

30. Painting

This exquisite piece of hand-painted Boston Terrier art will add a burst of color in your house or anywhere you please. A heartfelt tribute to your pet done artistically!

29. Shower Curtain

Make bath time more exciting with this colorful and vibrant polyester shower curtain. It is waterproof, making it ideal for splashing sessions when bathing your Boston Terrier.

28. Window Decal

This window decal is a quirky take on the usual baby-on-board stickers on car windows. As a Boston Terrier parent, this one is for your special fur baby.

27. Keychain

A big bag full of things makes it challenging to locate the keys amongst other contents. Avoid the hassle by getting a Boston Terrier keychain and save your time.

26. Bobblehead

At 4 inches tall and 2 inches wide, Boston Terrier Bobbleheads are the perfect car accessories. Plant it on your car dashboard to have a fun drive to work.

25. Stainless Steel Flask

Walking your Boston Terrier can sometimes make you thirsty. Quench your thirst with this stainless steel flask that provides on-the-go refreshment for a dog lover like yourself.

24. Wall Clock

A Boston Terrier wall clock will make you feel you are under the watchful eye of your clingy pet. Upgrade any blank walls with this must-have home decor.

23. Mug

This mug was made to remind Boston Terrier lovers of the long-lasting relationship they have with their pets. It’s made of quality materials that will surely last long too.

22. Bottle Stopper

Looking for a unique gift for yourself or another Boston Terrier parent? Get something both fun and useful to make it memorable. This bottle stopper is definitely both.

21. Sweater

The embroidery of a Boston Terrier on this cotton and polyester blend sweater says it all. You are a certified Boston Terrier lover and a stylish one at that.

20. Scarf

As a Boston Terrier owner, we know your love for your dog is infinite. Double down on the idea with this elegant infinity scarf. It’s casual yet also practical.

19. Bag

The “it” bag among Boston Terrier lovers, this compact crossbody bag is a versatile piece. It is made of synthetic leather and can conveniently fit all your everyday items.

18. Sneakers

You can never go wrong by wearing your Boston Terrier sneakers all day. It’s not only stylish but so comfortable, you can wear these at home or around town.

17. Rug

A rug made for the Boston Terrier lover. It may be black and white against a plain background but it’s guaranteed to brighten up any corner of your house!

16. Plushie

Considered an ultimate must-have for any Boston Terrier lover, this soft plushie is the best choice. This toy is made for you and your pooch to snuggle to.

15. Shower Cap

Shower in style and keep your hair up in your Boston Terrier shower caps. Made of reusable 100% polyester with an inner lining, it’s soft, skin-friendly, and breathable.

14. Sleepwear

It doesn’t matter how your day went, but you will gear up for sleeping with the Boston Terrier sleepwear. This outfit for bed is a Boston Terrier lover’s therapy.

13. Earrings

This pair of bejeweled Boston Terrier earrings is a beautiful accent that can spice up your outfit. Made from quality cubic zirconia, these earrings feel luxurious on the ears.

12. Pendant

Keep your pet close to your heart, figuratively and literally, by wearing this cute Boston Terrier pendant in sterling silver chain. It can be worn with any outfit too.

11. Brooch

If there is a Boston Terrier lovers club, official members will probably be given this Boston Terrier brooch. It’s a cute way of declaring love for the dog breed.

10. Notebook

What’s a Boston Terrier lover without his or her own terrier-themed notebook? Getting one is perfect for writing down and keeping your dog’s records or for jotting random notes.

9. Metal Hanging Rack

This hanging rack is essential for every Boston Terrier lover. It’s a modern take on the usual hook to place their dog’s leash, collar, and other items.

8. Duvet

Once a Boston Terrier decides to conquer your bed, it’s not yours to enjoy alone anymore. So why not just cover your bed with a duvet with their faces?

7. Lampshade

Having pets can light up anyone’s life. As a Boston Terrier lover, you will definitely love seeing your dog’s face light up your room with this custom-printed bedside lampshade.

6. Popsocket Grip

PopSockets make a fun and practical gift. It’s also a great tribute to your Boston Terrier. The collapsible grip allows a secure hold for easier texting, calling, and more.

5. Phone Case

You never leave home without your phone while your dog has to stay behind. This Boston Terrier case will remind you that there’s a cutie awaiting your return.

4. Desktop Mobile Phone Holder

This is one of the cutest office desk accessories for any Boston Terrier lover. Not only is it functional, but it can also be a wonderful decor too.

3. Bracelet Charm

Adding this Boston Terrier charm to your bracelet shows your love for your pet in a stylish way. This can also be added to necklaces or even keychains!

2. Chew Toy

A chew toy is absolutely one of the most appreciated gifts for any Boston Terrier lover. It shows you are thoughtful about buying your pets the must-have toy.

1. Dog Bed

As Boston Terriers age, they become prone to having joint problems. As an owner, make sure to secure one because a comfortable dog bed is an indisputable essential.

What Do Boston Terriers Love?

Boston Terriers love quality playtime outdoors, like playing fetch. Although they show a range of energy based on the activity levels of their humans, they prefer a more active lifestyle. When left alone for long periods of time, these dogs will tend to become frustrated and develop undesirable behaviors.

Do Boston Terriers Need Another Dog? 

No, Boston Terriers do not need another dog. Even though they love being around other dogs, they do tolerate being left alone better than many dog breeds. They like playing with their toys, so it’s important to leave a few toys out to keep them occupied when they are alone.

Do Boston Terriers Shed A Lot? 

No, Boston Terriers do not shed a lot. These dogs are not double-coated, which means they do not possess the layer of fur that is normally shed off during the breed’s shedding season. They are known as infrequent shedders, and when they do, they only shed very lightly.

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