26 Funny Pug Gifts For Pug Lovers!

Okay, pug owners. You know you’re the best kind of people.

Why? Because you love pugs!

And if there’s one thing that all pug lovers have in common, it’s a sense of humor. So we’ve put together this list of the 26 funniest pug gifts out there. From t-shirts and hats to games and treats, we’ve got something for everyone on your list (even if that someone is you!). Check it out and get ready to laugh!

26. Pug Funny Pet Portrait

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Introducing the Custom Pug Pet Portrait! This is the perfect way to immortalize your furry friend or to give it as a one-of-a-kind gift.

Each portrait is hand-painted with love and care, ensuring that your pet’s personality shines through. Whether they’re playful or laid-back, their artists will capture their essence perfectly.

The Custom Pug Pet Portrait is the perfect way to show how much you love your pug.

25. Funny Pug Sign

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The perfect gift for the dog lover in your life – the Funny Pug Sign! This quality aluminum sign is available in three sizes and features a witty pug-themed phrase that is sure to delight any pug owner or fan.

A great addition to any pug-themed decor, this sign makes a wonderful gift for anyone who loves these adorable dogs.

24. Sky Pug-Opoly

Pugs are known for their heat intolerance, but they are just as troubled when it comes to maintaining heat during cold weather. A sweater is a great gift both for the aesthetic and for the function of keeping the pug warm.

23. Pooping Pug Figurine

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Looking for a unique way to add some personality to your home or office?

Check out these one-of-a-kind rainbow pooping pug figurines! These colorful statues are sure to elicit a smile from anyone who sees them, especially pug lovers.

Each pug is different, so you’re guaranteed to get a one-of-a-kind piece. Made from silk PLA filament, they measure approximately 3.5″ x 3″. Please note that colors and shapes will vary.

22. Funny Pug Space Apron

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Looking for a novelty apron that will make everyone smile? Look no further than this funny baking apron featuring a space pug!

This high-quality apron is perfect for any cooking enthusiast, whether you’re whipping up a family feast or hosting a BBQ. It also makes a great gift for anyone who loves to cook.

These aprons are made from durable materials and are machine-washable, so you can always look your best in the kitchen.

21. Pug 3D Night Lamp

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Add a cute touch to children’s bedrooms with this adorable pug dog night lamp. It comes with 16 color modes that can be controlled with a touch button or remote control. Also, it provides a soft glow for your Pug to enjoy a comforting sleep at night.

20. Zampa Portable Play Pen

A playpen is a fantastic way to monitor a pug and keep them from getting too active for its own good. Just set it up where you can see them either indoors or outdoors and fill it with the pug’s favorite toy.

19. Outward Hound Slow Feeding Bowl

Pugs love to eat, and they eat very fast. To prevent issues like bloating and obesity, a slow-feeding bowl would be perfect as it forces the pooch to slow down and only eat what is necessary. This one is especially good for their facial structures.

18. Nylabone Flexible Chew Toy

Teething can be a very troubling part of growing up for a pug. This silicone chew toy helps a lot by relieving the discomfort of teething pain as well as giving them a fun distraction.

17. Pugs Goggles

This is a fantastic gift to help protect the unusually large and exposed eyes that Pugs have. Your pug lover friend can now take their pooch out for drives, hikes, or even runs.

16. Petstep Foldable Pool Ramp

Once they get over their fear, pugs almost always fall in love with the water. A pool dock is awesome as a way to help the little pooch get in and out without struggling.

15. Unicreate Dog Travel Bag

This is ideal for a pug parent who travels a lot with their pooch as it allows them to store a number of accessories. With all the storage space available, they can carry everything from treats and poop bags to toys and the pug’s favorite blanket.

14. Rabbitgoo No-Choke Dog Harness

A no-choke harness is essential for pugs due to their inherent breathing difficulties. The last thing any pug lover wants is a tragedy from what should have been a fun day out. This is, therefore, an awesome gift, especially for first-time pug owners.

13. Little Pug Kitchen Towel Holder

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Be it in the kitchen, dining, or office pantry, this attention-getter decorative kitchen towel holder will surely add character to any space. It has just the right size that can put a smile on everyone’s face.

12. Chew King Fetch Balls

Pugs are not the most active of dogs. However, a little activity, even indoors, with a toy like this will do wonders both for their physical and mental health.

11. Peppermint Essential Oil

Essential oils do wonders for pugs due to their breathing difficulties. Peppermint, in particular, is awesome for aromatherapy for pugs with allergies or general breathing issues.

10. Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix For Pugs

Treat your friend’s Pug to a delightful ice cream dessert that is available in 6 delectable flavors. No worries because this easy-to-prepare ice cream powder mix is made from lactose-free whole milk, simply perfect for lactose-intolerant Pugs.

9. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog Brush

Pugs are generally not heavy shedders. However, regular grooming is compulsory. In this case, you can make your pug-loving friend’s life easier by getting them this self-cleaning brush.

8. Pugs – The Owner’s Guide from Puppy to Old Age

Pugs are very special dogs with very special needs, and this is an excellent book to help pug owners understand exactly what they are getting themselves into.

7. Anti-Anxiety Dog Blanket

Now there is an easy way to calm down the anxiety of Pugs through this weighted blanket. No amount of fireworks, thunderstorms, or even trips to the vet can cause uncontrollable shaking because of the comforting effects of this blanket.

6. PetWell Back And Neck Handheld Pet Massager

This is one way to bond with a pug that is calming not only for the pooch but also for their owner as they get to see their four-legged friends in perfect peace and comfort.

5. Jasonwell Foldable Doggy Pool

If your pug parent friend does not have their own pool, this portable and foldable unit will come in very handy. It is a fun place for the pooch to hang out while also cooling down when it gets too hot.

4. Zippy Paws Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

This plush toy is super soft to the touch and, therefore, a good option for sensory stimulation of the pug. It is also very durable and will definitely handle any chewing or scratching.

3. Midwest Homes For Pets Dog Crate

Crate training is crucial for dogs with anxiety, like pugs. This crate is built for the pooch’s comfort as well as for the convenience of the dog’s caretaker.

2. Amazon Basics Gravity Water Dispenser

Pugs have a bit of a hard time regulating heat, especially when they are active or when the weather is hot. A water dispenser is a fantastic way to help keep the pooch nice and cool.

1. Aquapaw Lick Mat For Pugs

When it comes to shopping for a pug lover, you can never really go wrong with a pug-branded t-shirt. That way, whether they are out running errands or hanging with their furry friends, their love for pugs is known to the world.

What Do Pugs Love The Most?

Pugs really enjoy playing indoors with their human companions. They are not really picky about the activity and just want to feel engaged. However, they are not very tolerant of extreme exercise and easily overheat and get exhausted. Therefore, playtime should be in short but frequent sessions.

What Do I Need For A Pug?

Above all else, you need a comfortable home for a pug. This includes providing them with food, a safe and comfortable place to sleep, and a lot of love. Remember that these are fragile little doggies that need as much help as possible to make it through life and the world.

What Is Poisonous To Pugs?

Pugs are intolerant to most things that other dog breeds are, including avocados, garlic, onions, alcohol, and chocolate, just to name a few. Some of these cause immediate reactions with signs like vomiting and diarrhea, while others have more long-term and silent effects on systems like the liver and the kidney.

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