Gollie Border Collie Golden Retriever Mix

Ever wondered what it’ll be like to cross two of the most lovable and intelligent dog breeds in the world? Look no further, such a dog exists, and it is none other than the Border Collie Golden Retriever mix. Now, what is a Border Collie Golden Retriever Mix?

The Border Collie Golden Retriever mix is an intelligent, loving, and obedient cross of two popular dog breeds, the Golden Retriever and the Border Collie. The Border Collie Golden Retriever mix is popular for its friendly, energetic nature and high levels of intelligence!

Also known as a Gollie or Golden Collie, this dog cross breed will make for a wonderful addition to any family, and information on its other temperaments, general health status, and feeding and exercise requirements are contained in this article. But before we go into that, let’s have a look at the physical characteristics of a typical Golden Retriever Border Collie mix.

How Big Will A Golden Retriever Border Collie Mix Get?

The Golden Retriever Border Collie Mix can be classified as a medium-sized dog. And when fully grown, both male and female Gollies typically weigh between 50 to 75 lbs, with the females usually weighing slightly less than the males.

The Gollie also stands between 22 to 26 inches tall, but being a mixed breed, exact size standards may vary greatly.

Physical Appearance

As expected of a mixed breed, the Gollie’s appearance is greatly influenced by that of both the parent Golden Retriever and Border Collie breeds. In most cases, however, Gollies tend to take the physical structure of the Border Collie and the Golden Retriever’s coat, but the reverse can also be the case.

The Golden Border Retriever’s proportionate head sports a long, tapered muzzle, with high-set, widely spaced eyes. This head is supported by a shortthick neck and a sturdy body.

Long, hanging ears also contribute to the Gollie’s distinct appearance, and its almond-shaped eyes are commonly brown or amber in color. The Gollie’s coat comprises medium-length fur that is dense and wavy.

Coat Colors

Border Collie Golden Retriever mixes typically come in coat colors of blackbrown and gold, but it also isn’t uncommon to come across white, fawn or red Gollies.

Most times, a Gollie’s coat will consist of one solid shade all over, and in the same vein, its coat can also be a combination of two or three different colors. It is also possible for a Gollie to have special markings on its face, chest or feet.

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How Long Do Golden Retriever Collie Mix Live?

Barring the occurrence of any terminal health conditions, a Golden Retriever Collie mix is expected to live for between 12 to 15 years.

Common Health Issues

The Gollie, like most other mixed pooches, was partly bred to counter health issues commonly found in the parent breed dogs, and it is safe to say that this has been achieved to a reasonable extent.

However, this is not to say that the Golden Retriever Border Collie mix isn’t without its own health challenges. And poor living conditions combined with an inadequate diet and a host of other factors can make this pooch really sick.

That said, some of the health challenges that the Gollie is predisposed to include:

Hip Dysplasia

The Gollie, being a medium-sized dog, is predisposed to hip dysplasia, a painful condition in which the ball and socket in the pooch’s hip joint don’t develop or fit well

Hip dysplasia is mostly a genetic condition, but inappropriate exercisingexcessive weight gain and an imbalanced diet can trigger its occurrence in Gollies.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Both the Border Collie and Golden Retriever are prone to suffering from Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and the Gollie, unfortunately, is susceptible to this condition as well.

PRA in Gollies occurs when nerve cells responsible for sight in the pooch’s eyes gradually die, thereby leading to the dog’s partial or permanent blindness. Unfortunately, there is no treatment available for this condition in pooches, but Gollies suffering from this condition typically adapt well to the loss of sight.

Canine Epilepsy

Canine epilepsy is one of the most commonly reported neurological disorders in dogs, and the Gollie is on a long list of pooches that are susceptible to this condition.

A Gollie is said to be epileptic if it suffers repeated episodes of seizures that impair normal brain function. Epilepsy in Gollies is typically inherited, but it can also be caused by brain traumabrain tumors, or kidney failure.

Other Health Issues

A Gollie is also prone to suffering from health conditions such as:

  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Bloat
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Allergies
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How To Take Care Of Border Collie Golden Retriever Mixes?

Dietary Requirements

To keep up with the Gollie’s high energy, this pooch should be fed high-quality dry food that is rich in protein to keep it fuelled. The exact amount you’ll need to feed a Gollie is dependent on factors such as age and health, but this pooch will generally do well on 2.5 to 3 cups of dry food per day.

To ensure that your Gollie gets the proteins it needs for healthy growth and development, one diet plan I’ll recommend is the Pet Plate.

The Pet Plate’s combination of healthy and tasty food ingredients is both appealing and beneficial to the Gollie. And given the uncertainties in how a particular Golden Retriever Border Collie mix will turn out to be, you’ll find the Pet Plate’s option for customizable meal plans most helpful.

The Gollie is also prone to weight issues like the parent breeds, hence, feeding should be done in moderation. Additionally, easy and constant access to clean, fresh water is a must for a Gollie.

Multivitamins can also be beneficial to a Gollie’s health, but these shouldn’t be administered without a vet’s directions.

Exercise Needs

The Golden Border Retriever mix’s exercise needs depend greatly on the dominant parent breed genes. But, generally, this pooch requires, at least, one hour of exercise and outdoor playtime per day.

If your Gollie is more Golden Retriever than Border Collie, you should be prepared for a pooch that will need lots of medium-paced exercising. And this includes games such as fetch and catch or regular walks and hiking trips.

However, if your Gollie is predominantly a Border Collie, the pooch will mostly love to run and jump; hence, provisions should be made for high-intensityagility training exercises.

The Gollie is also quite intelligent; hence you should incorporate a considerable amount of brain-tasking exercises and puzzle games to keep this pooch mentally stimulated.

Are Golden Retriever Border Collie Mixes Good Family Dogs? Temperaments Of Gollies

The Golden Retriever Border Collie mix is a great family dog that is known for its happy naturekindnesseagerness to please, and displays of affection towards everyone!

The Gollie demands constant attention, and is not a pooch to be left alone all day; Hence, if you lead a relatively busy life, you may want to consider another dog breed. Additionally, the Gollie is highly energetic and will rather spend most of its day outdoors rather than lazily lounging on a couch.

The Gollie has a reputation for being playful, and will get along well with childrenPeaceful coexistence with other pets is also possible with the Gollie; Regardless, early and proper socialization of this pooch, coupled with close supervision of interactions between the Gollie and other pets, is needed to prevent bad blood.


Border Collies and Golden Retrievers are very intelligent dogs, and this is one trait that is inherited by the Gollie. Consequently, the Gollie, due to its high level of intelligence and its nature to want to please people, can be easily trained to obey various commands and carry out dog tricks and activities that’ll become part of its daily routine.

To make the training process even easier, it is recommended that you incorporate the use of positive reinforcement, as the Gollie is one pooch that constantly seeks its owner’s validation.


Just like the Border Collie, the Gollie is very alert and attentive, and it has natural watchdog tendencies.

However, the fact that the Gollie is quite friendly and welcoming of strangers and visitors, coupled with a reluctance to bark, mean it may not be the most suitable pooch to watch over your home.

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Do Gollies Shed? Grooming Tips For Border Collie Golden Retriever Mixes

The Gollie is, by no means, a hypoallergenic dog. And this pooch also sheds a significant amount of hair, regardless of which of the parent breeds it ends up resembling the most.


The Golden Retriever Border Collie mix is a relatively high-maintenance dog breed, no thanks to its thick, long fur. And to prevent the Gollie’s hair from taking over your home and furniture, regular grooming with a high-quality brushing tool like the Furminator Undercoat Tool, on a weekly basis, is needed.

The Furminator Brush has a blade that can conveniently reach beneath a Gollie’s top coat to shave undergrowth, and the brush’s skin guard ensures you don’t mistakenly nick your pooch.


Thanks to long fur and the fact that it spends a lot of time outdoors, the Gollie has a tendency to smell; Hence, you may need to bathe this pooch, at least, once or twice a month to get rid of unsavory smells.

When bathing the Gollie, or any dog for that matter, it is recommended that you do so with dog-friendly shampoo products like the Mighty Petz 2-In-1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo And Conditioner.

The Mighty Petz shampoo’s all-natural formulation is quite effective at keeping a Gollie’s skin moistened, and its pleasant lavender fragrance makes it possible for you to cuddle this pooch without having to deal with bad smells.

Other Grooming Tips

Apart from regular brushing and bathing a Goldie, you should endeavor to:

  • Regularly brush the pooch’s mouth and teeth to maintain impeccable oral hygiene.
  • Frequently clip the dog’s nails, provided they are not naturally worn down.
  • Check the canine’s ears for signs of infection and inflammation.
  • Check the dog’s paws and nails for signs of damage and injury.

Should I Get A Border Collie Or A Golden Retriever? The choice between a Border Collie or a Golden Retriever is mostly down to personal preference and lifestyle patterns. If you lead an active, social life and you are a first-time dog owner, the friendly Golden Retriever is an ideal choice. And for more experienced dog owners who lead relatively quieter lives, the Border Collie will make a great companion.

How Much Do Golden Collies Cost? The Golden Collie is a fairly popular designer dog mix; hence it’ll cost you an amount between $300 to $800 to buy one of these adorable pups. The final amount you’ll spend to buy a Gollie, however, depends on the breeder you’re buying from, the pooch’s age, and overall health status.

Do Border Collies Shed More Than Golden Retrievers? Both the Border Collie and the Golden Retriever are moderately shedding dogs. However, due to the Golden Retriever’s larger size compared to the Border Collie, and its more noticeable coat colors, it will indeed seem like the Golden Retriever is the heavier shedding dog.

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