Great Dane Mixes

If you are torn between owning a Great Dane and another breed, why not get yourself a Great Dane mix? You can get the best of both worlds and have a unique-looking pet that you’ve always wanted! So what are your best options for this mixed breed pooch?

How about a boxy and powerful Great Danebull, a cross between an American Pitbull Terrier and a Great Dane? If space is an issue at home, then there’s the Great Dasenji – small and compact like a Basenji with a fascinating Great Dane coat color combo. Then, there’s the fluffy Great Swiss Dane, a hybrid of the Swiss Mountain dog and Great Dane!

No matter which one of these Great Dane mixes you get, you can never lose. They’re some of the best mixed breeds you can ever have, so keep reading to find out why they’ll rock your world!

22. Great Danebull: Great Dane + American Pitbull Terrier

Image from Instagram:@greatdanequickly

An offspring of the powerful Pitbull Terrier and a giant Great Dane, you can just expect amazing things from the Great Danebull. They have a Dane’s long, floppy ears and a Pittie’s muscular and hefty build. Their coats come in different shades such as white and grey, black, deep brown, and tan.

They may be huge but do not be deceived by their massive build – they are actually sweet and affectionate dogs. But they do require early training and socialization by an experienced owner.

21. Great Dasenji: Great Dane + Basenji

Image from Instagram:@svet_lana_turkova

A mere 86-pounder but nonetheless strong, the Great Dasenji is a relatively small Great Dane mix. They have the Basenji’s small frame and a Great Dane’s facial features. Their coats are also quite thick, which requires regular grooming and brushing.

As for their personality, these dogs are independent and smart. They need their daily physical activities and mental stimulation from puzzles and games to maintain good behaviors.

20. The Great Danesky: Great Dane + Husky

Image from Instagram:@nila_danehuskymix

Imagine a Great Dane with bright blue eyes and ears that stick out from its head, and that’s a Great Danesky for you! Depending on which gene is more dominant – the Husky’s or the Great Dane’s – this mixed breed can have a fluffy, medium-length coat or short and coarse.

Thanks to their Husky side, the Great Danesky is a workhorse. They can pull a sled and perform tasks requiring strength and power. But they are not your hyperactive pooch. These dogs are more on the mellow side, taking after their Dane parent.

19. Great Bernard: Great Dane + St. Bernard

Image from Instagram:@keeksmcgeeks

Great Danes are usually lean and leggy pups but when combined with the St. Bernard gene, this Great Dane mix ends up weighing over 120 lbs. They are massive! These are extra large canines with floppy large ears like a Saint but long legs as a Dane.

With their large frame, Great Bernards are better off in a vast space. They need a lot of exercise daily; otherwise, they may develop behavioral problems when cooped up in a small area.

18. Weiler Dane: Rottweiler + Great Dane

Image from Instagram:@pupsofyeg

Weiler Danes have either black and brown coats like a Rottweiler or white with black with patches of white like a Great Dane. But one thing is certain – they are big dogs with long legs and muscular bodies.

As for their personality, Weiler Danes are a mixture of protective and mild-tempered. Their strong protective instincts are from the Rottweiler side of the breed combined with a Great Dane’s affectionate and mellow nature.

17. Great Mastiff: Great Dane + Bullmastiff

Image from Instagram:@championbreedworldwide

This massive dog has the body build of one of the largest, bravest guard dogs you can ever imagine. Great Mastiffs are big fellows weighing up to 280 lbs and with a towering height of 30 inches. They are light shedders with short coats in a wide range of colors such as black, fawn, and patches of white.

Although Mastiffs were originally bred for hunting and fighting, the Great Dane gene makes this mixed breed more mellowed down. This is why as intimidating as the Great Mastiff may seem, these dogs are actually gentle giants.

16. Great Danoodle: Great Dane + Poodle

Image from

The Great Danoodle is a hybrid dog combining the genes of a Great Dane and a Standard Poodle. They have medium-length, wavy hair with colors ranging from white and black, gray and white, or light tan.

These are hypoallergenic dogs that shed quite minimally. But their strongest train is their intelligence. Taking after their Poodle parent, Great Danoodles naturally excel in obedience and agility training. These are great pups for beginners!

15. Great Pyredane: Great Dane + Pyrenees

Image from Instagram:@gordy.the.great

Great Pyredanes are another one of your large dogs with a strong, bulky build. They have shorter hair than the purebred Pyrenees, and their coats often come in black and white just like a Great Dane. 

These pups are independent canines. If you have an 8 to 5 job and need to be away from home for most parts of the day, Great Pyredanes would not mind having some alone time. But they are affectionate cuddle bugs who would shower you with kisses when you get home.

14. Weimar Dane: Weimaraner + Great Dane

Image from Instagram:@freepapercuts

Coming from both hunter parents, the Weimar Dane is a leggy, strong, and intelligent pooch. They have long droopy ears like a Weimaraner and a Great Dane’s long and lean legs. These are fast runners, making them a great exercise companion.

Their athletic build means one thing – these dogs thrive on physical activity. They need about an hour of exercise a day, as well as mental stimulation to prevent boredom and restlessness.

13. American Foxy Dane: American Fox Hound + Great Dane

Image from Instagram:@l_doctorbruce_l

The American Foxy Dane looks more like a Fox Hound than a Great Dane. These canines have brown and white short coats and floppy ears. But they are much taller than the American Fox Hound, thanks to its Great Dane parent.

Just as most hound dogs, American Foxy Danes like to stay active. Their idea of a perfect day is to run and spend time outdoors. But they also like to snuggle up with their favorite humans at the end of the day.

12. American Bull Dane: American Bulldog + Great Dane

Image from Instagram:@henry_the_bulldane

Think of a taller version of a bulldog and that’s what an American Bull Dane looks like. This is a Great Dane mix that weighs up to 190 lbs with the familiar flat face Bulldogs have. Their coat colors come in diverse shades such as brown and white, black and white, and gray.

American Bull Danes love adventure. This is the kind of pooch who will love to go fishing, hiking, or boating with you. But they usually possess the breathing issues of a purebred American bulldog. Thus, great care is needed when heading out with your pooch in the sun.

11. Irish Dane: Irish Wolfhound + Great Dane

Image from Instagram:@marciabenway

Irish Danes are hybrid dogs that combine a Great Dane and Irish Wolfhound’s genes. These are tall, sturdy, and powerful dogs with short- to medium-length hairs in gray, black, white, and brown. And yes, they are big dogs. Healthy Irish Danes can grow up to 200 lbs!

But don’t be misled by their massive build – these Great Dane mixes are actually gentle. They adore young children and people of all ages. These are your family dogs who are always ready to express their love for their owners.

10. Plush Danois: Great Dane + Anatolian Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@indyruerue

A massive Great Dane mix, the Plush Danois is a cross between an Anatolian Shepherd and a Great Dane. This 100-pounder (or so) pooch is pretty leggy at 30 inches tall. They have a Dane’s short hair but quite dense like an Anatolians. So, expect a lot of shedding from this big boy.

Experienced dog owners are more suited for the Plush Danois. They require firm training and plenty of exercise. Early socialization is also a must for this mixed breed.

9. Labradane: Labrador + Great Dane

Image from Instagram:@slashiepoo

Labradanes come in a variety of appearances depending on which gene is more dominant. But one thing is certain – these are not your tiny dogs. They have a muscular build as a Lab and the long, lean legs of a Dane. These canines also shed heavily, thanks to the Labrador side of the parent.

Overall, Labradanes are easy-going dogs. They get along quickly with all humans and pets in the house as they are so eager to please. First-time owners should have no problem dealing with this pooch.

8. Corgi Great Dane: Corgi + Great Dane

Image from Instagram:@mixedbreeddogs

What happens when you mix a stubby-legged Corgi with a tall and lean Great Dane? You get a Corgi Great Dane, of course! This pooch is quite small, yet with an elongated, oval-shaped body as a Corgi, yet with the facial features of a Great Dane.

They are lovable fellows who enjoy romping around and being the center of people’s attention. As both parents are active breeds, the Corgi Great Dane require ample exercise to prevent destructive behaviors.

7. Doberdane: Dobermann + Great Dane

Image from Instagram:@skylaguigou

Tough-looking, muscular, and with erect ears as a Dobermann, yet leggy like a Great Dane, the Doberdane is one handsome mixed breed. They are huge canines, and it is their towering build that makes them a little intimidating to those around them.

Considering their high prey drive and excessive energy level, this Great Dane mix is ideal for experienced dog owners. Although generally mellow, they are not to be left with kids without adult supervision.

6. Great Hound: Great Dane + Bloodhound

Image from Instagram:@tnsimone21

Those floppy ears and rectangular face shape give away the Bloodhound side of this mixed breed, yet they still possess the Great Dane’s warm brown eyes. That’s the Great Hound for you – a friendly giant that adores its family fiercely.

Do take note that as loving as they may be, this pooch does have a stubborn streak. They need early and consistent training to develop positive behaviors.

5. Great Border Collie: Great Dane + Border Collie

Image from Instagram:@pennydapups

An uncommon Great Dane mix, the Great Border Collie is a combo of the Great Dane and Border Collie genes. Some may have a Dane’s short coat while others may be fluffy as a Border Collie. But either way, they always possess the high intelligence of these two breeds.

Physical and mental stimulation are key to a happy Great Border Collie. They need regular exercise and attention from their owners to keep them in their best selves.

4. Great Shepherd: Great Dane + German Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@genothegremlin

Coming from both huge and powerful parents, the Great Shepherd is a giant pooch. They have a large head and a muscular body as a German Shepherd and a Great Dane’s short coat. If you like a GSD minus the shedding, the Great Shepherd is for you because they don’t shed as much.

With their strong protective instincts, this Great Dane mix is a fantastic guard dog. They will risk their lives for the welfare of their family, so you can rest assured that you have a loyal friend in this 100-pounder canine.

3. Great Swiss Dane: Great Dane + Swiss Mountain Dog

Image from Instagram:@billy_the_swiss

The Great Swiss Dane looks more like a Swiss Mountain dog with a hint of Great Dane (as far as the floppy ears go). They have medium-length coats, warm brown eyes, and a huge build. They are a bit on the bulky side just as a Swiss Mountain dog.

This is without a doubt a powerful pooch. They are capable of hauling heavy things – after all, one parent was historically bred as a working dog!

2. Great Retriever: Great Dane + Golden Retriever

Image from Instagram:@chelsea.wolske

A fascinating Great Dane mix, the Great Retriever has a Dane’s facial features… But with a golden coat. These crossbreeds vary in sizes, with some weighing up to 60 lbs while others can go as heavy as 190 lbs.

Great Retrievers have a ton of energy. They are better suited for active families or those who are willing to provide ample playtime and exercise to this pooch.

1. Boxane: Boxer + Great Dane

Image from Instagram:@oliver.boxane

Stocky and compact Boxane has the muscular build of a Boxer and a Great Dane’s deep-set eyes. Weighing as much as 150 lbs, this pooch is one powerful big boy. They’re pretty massive, so a big space is a necessity for these canines.

Boxanes tend to be a bit on the stubborn side. However, they are eager to please their owners, so it should not be difficult to train them. Patience and consistency are key to bringing out the best in these dogs.

Related Questions

Do Great Dane Mixes Live Longer? For the most part, Great Dane mixes live long but not significantly longer than a purebred. Many of these mixes are large dogs unless one parent is a small breed. Generally, larger dogs do not live as long as smaller ones. However, do take note that a canine’s lifespan depends on various factors such as diet, lifestyle, exercise, and hereditary ailments.

How Big Do Great Dane Mixes Get? Great Dane mixes come in different sizes and shapes. There are massive ones such as the 280-pound Great Mastiff, the 120-pound Great Bernard, and the 150-pound Boxane, as both parents are huge. However, there are also smaller Great Dane mixes just under 100 lbs such as the Great Dasenji and Corgi Great Dane.

What Is A Great Dane A Mix Of? The Great Dane were believed to be a mix of various breeds such as the English Mastiff, the Irish Greyhound or the Irish Wolfhound. In fact, this breed was known for its impeccable ability to hunt bears, giving them the monicker, “Boar Hound”.

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