Guard Dog Naps Through A Mock “Armed Robbery” Training Exercise In Jewelry Store

Guard dogs are supposed to offer protection to their owners and their property. One dog owner, who also owns a jewelry store, was, however, in for a rude shock when his guard dog slept through a staged armed robbery and completely ignored the “armed robber”.

To test how his pet dog, a Husky named Lucky, would react during a robbery, Worawut Lomwanawong decided to stage an armed robbery at the jewelry store, which is located in Chang Ma, Thailand.

CCTV Footage

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During the staged armed robbery on February 21st, 2021, a man carrying a fake gun enters the jewelry store and starts threatening Worawut, asking for money. Worawut complies with the demands of the “robber” and hands him a bag full of “cash”, after which the robber casually walks out into the street.

According to CCTV footage from the store, Lucky did not bat an eyelid during the entire mock robbery. The dog completely ignored the robber and continued enjoying her nap.

Worawut tried looking at his dog, hoping the dog would notice that he was in danger and step in to save the day, but Lucky seemed oblivious of what was going on. In the end, the training exercise ended up being a total failure.

Familiar Intruder

Worawut shared the CCTV footage of the staged armed robbery on the Internet, where it quickly went viral. You can watch the video above.

According to Worawut, Lucky did not react to the mock robbery exercise because the “armed robber” was actually a Thai police officer who is familiar to the dog, and therefore, Lucky did not consider him to be a threat. He also points out to the fact that he did not call out to Lucky to let her know he (Worawut) was under duress. Worawut believes that had it been a real robbery incident, Lucky would have done something to deter the robber.

Worawut and Lucky met when Worawut moved to Chang Ma to start his jewelry business. At the time, Lucky was a stray dog who used to sleep at the convenience store near Worawut’s business. After noticing she was homeless and rarely had food to eat, Worawut took pity on the Husky and decided to adopt her. Ever since, Worawut considers Lucky to be part of his family.

At the time he took Lucky in, the dog was very ill, suffering from venereal granuloma and tick-borne disease. She was also pregnant, so Worawut had to wait for her to give birth to her puppies before she could be treated.

Before Worawut met and adopted Lucky, the dog had gone through a very rough life, and when he took her in, he wanted the next phase of her life to be full of luck. This is why he named the dog Lucky.

When sharing the CCTV footage on the internet, Worawut had no expectations, and was therefore surprised when the video went viral. At the time of publishing this article, the video has been viewed more than a million times.

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