Hardest Tricks To Train Dogs

Teaching dogs tricks is a challenging yet rewarding experience. If you are looking to take your pup training sessions to the next level, these hardest tricks to train dogs may be worth a try!

Easy as it may seem, teaching a pooch how to wipe its paws takes some time. The same goes for the “Bang” performance, which is quite entertaining but hard to master. And if you want your pup to play the piano for you, that’s a pretty complex thing to learn – but an amazing trick to show off to your friends!

So, if you’re looking to up your pup’s game and progress from the usual sit, lie down, and stay, to something more difficult, you may want to add these hardest tricks to train dogs to your pet’s repertoire of skills.

27. Bark And Stop Barking

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐾

While it is true that barking is second-nature to dogs, it is not that easy to teach your pooch to bark on cue or to have them stop barking with your command. Also known as “speak,” this trick seems easy but takes time to master.

When starting out, your doggo may simply stare at you when you tell him to bark – or may just keep on barking even if you use the “stop barking” command. Watch the tutorial video above on how to teach your dog this trick the easy and simple way.

26. Spin

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕

Pups look so cute when they spin in the air as though performing a pirouette. It also appears too simple to teach, but it requires the right command and technique that can be complex for the pup to understand right off the bat.

It is a fun trick to teach, without a doubt, but how do you start? Check out the video to know the basics of this entertaining trick for a step-by-step process to get your canine spinning like a pro!

25. Go And Fetch

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐾

Who would not want to play fetch with their furbaby? When you are out in the park and looking to have some fun with your pet, a game of fetch is always worth a try. Plus, you can start with this trick before going to the next level of the fetch command.

If your pup does not seem to get just exactly how “go and fetch” works, the video we have included above should help you out. Soon, you will be playing go and fetch with dear Fido in no time!

24. Wait

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕

It appears similar to the “stay” command, but there is a bit of a difference in terms of the processes that come with it. For instance, the waiting trick involves a 5-step process performed in intervals of 3 to 5 seconds.

Most dogs can take some time to fully get how the wait command works. And basic as it may be, it is most definitely one of the hardest tricks to train dogs. Thankfully, the video above breaks it down in simpler steps to help you teach this advanced trick to your pet.

23. Say Your Prayers

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕

Say your prayers is a cute and entertaining trick to teach your pooch. When your pup is sitting with its head bowed down as if saying a prayer, it’s such a delight to watch, without a doubt!

But obviously, this trick takes time, patience, and the right technique to help your pup master it. The video above shows how to teach this trick that simplifies the entire process.

22. Open The Door

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐾

Imagine having your dog open the door for you when you are carrying loads of things. Quite helpful, isn’t it? Not to mention the fact that this trick will wow your friends when they see your pooch tug and open the door with its paws.

Training a pup to open the door is not very easy – and many factors come into play, such as height, size, and the type of door handle you have. Nevertheless, the video shown above teaches the basics you need to know.

21. Crawl

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐾🐾

Every pup knows how to crawl, especially if your dog wants to grab its favorite toy stuck underneath the bed or sofa. But to have your pooch crawl on command. Now that’s another story!

Also called the “army crawl,” it is a tough trick to train any dog. Some canines struggle to get it, but hopefully, the video above will help to break the process down more simply for your pet.

20. Stand Tall

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐾🐾

Young and nimble pooches may find this trick a breeze to learn. As long as your pet has a lot of stamina and strength, then it should be pretty simple to master. But for senior pups, it can require more work.

So, if you are looking to teach your healthy pup how to stand tall with its hind legs, try this advanced dog trick. Watch the video for some pro tips on how it is done.

19. Dance

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕

When you have a smaller dog breed, teaching him how to dance should be an easier task than it is with bigger, bulkier pups. But either way, any pooch should learn this trick, and it is a fun one to teach, too.

One thing to remember, though, is that the dancing trick is a lot easier for small, lighter dogs. When your pup is a little on the heavy side, its hind legs may not be fully capable of supporting intricate dance moves.

18. Sit Pretty

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐾

A fun spin to the basic “sit” command, the sit pretty is an amusing trick that you may want to teach your pooch. It’s easy to teach this trick to a healthy pup with sturdy legs but can be challenging for senior doggos.

The toughest part about the “sit pretty” trick is having your pup support its weight on the back legs. But with some practice and determination, your pooch should ace this trick!

17. Clean Up

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐾🐾

If you like to have a neat and tidy home, then the “clean up” trick is worth teaching to your pooch. It helps to keep the clutter under control, plus you don’t have to do the job by yourself all the time. 

Do take note that this trick involves a repetitive process. Your pup may also not quickly get how to toss the items in the bin or where they belong. Check out the video for a primer on how to teach the “clean up” trick.

16. Walk Backward

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐾🐾

This is one of the simplest of all the hardest tricks to train dogs because, after all, walking backward is definitely possible no matter what your pup’s age or energy level is. It is just a matter of walking right beside your pooch during the process.

It requires some time and patience to help your doggo to master the trick. But more than that, it’s an excellent bonding activity between you and your canine pal.

15. Handstand

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐾

At first glance, the handstand trick is an impressive one to watch. In fact, not many dogs can do it, especially big and bulky ones. But if you have a small dog breed, such as a chihuahua, then it should be fairly easy because of their build and weight.

To start, you may have to support your pooch with your hand on his belly to help him balance. Once your furry pal gets accustomed to the position, it should not take long until he can get on his front paws by himself!

14. Jump Through A Hoop

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐾

If you are looking to expose your pup to agility training, then teaching him how to jump through a hoop is a fun trick to learn. When he gets to master this trick, you can train him to jump through a few hoops.

However, keep in mind that this is one of the hardest tricks to train dogs. It can be quite challenging to start, so more patience and regular practice are a must.

13. Salute

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐾

A dog saluting is always a fun one to watch – and it’s sure to bring in plenty of smiles from your pet’s adoring fans. So, you should definitely include this trick in your dog’s list of skills.

The video above shows the steps on how to teach your pup this trick. Some dogs may find it easier to learn, while others may take longer. Just be patient and consistent during the training process, and we are certain that your doggo will get it.

12. Peek-A-Boo

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐾

When your pup has completed basic training in flying colors, then he is ready to move on to the next level and try out this advanced trick. The Peek-A-Boo trick is a complex one to learn that requires more time and patience from both the trainer and the trainee.

Check out the video above to know the basics of this trick. With plenty of practice, your pup should be peek-a-boo-ing in no time at all.

11. Fetch A Drink (From The Fridge)

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐾

How would you like to just sit back and relax while your pup fetches you a drink from the fridge? It’s an amusing thing to watch while at the same time boosting your pet’s confidence when he masters this trick.

Fetching a drink from a fridge that has a lot of yummy foods and distracting items can be a tricky skill to learn, though. Some self-control, discipline, and loads of practice are important to get this trick right.

10. Kiss

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐾🐾

Whether you have the most affectionate pup or not, teaching your dog to kiss is a fun add-on to his skills. It’s basically teaching your pup to touch your cheek with his nose, just like giving you a peck on the cheek, but on command.

With this trick, you would want to teach your pup to simply use his nose to touch your cheek – no licking involved. Watch the video above for the step-by-step process of teaching this trick.

9. Bring You Things

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐾🐾

If you want your pooch to bring you things when commanded, such as his leash, toy, or anything, then you need to teach it this trick. It is not exactly the easiest command to teach. In addition to giving the command, hand gestures and offering a treat – and lots of repetition are involved.

And to make things more complex, you want to make sure that your pup does not drop the object. The video above shows how this trick is done, so you can start teaching it to your pooch.

8. Skateboard

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐾

Pups are naturally adventurous and fun-loving creatures. This is why it is not surprising that skateboarding is part of our list of hardest tricks to train dogs. It’s all about balance and getting used to the experience of being on the board.

If you love to skateboard and would want to have your pooch as a skateboarding buddy, then you have to teach this trick to dear Fido. Just be sure to start slow so as not to overwhelm your pet.

7. Play Soccer

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐾🐾

It is easy to assume that some pups are naturally sporty and will simply kick any ball without waiting for your prompt or command. But there are some dogs that need the training to get how it’s done.

Try the simple tips in the video to start a game of soccer with your pooch. It may take some time for your pup to understand how it works, but it’s definitely worth it.

6. Sing

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐾

If you love to sing and want a singing buddy to belt out those tunes with you, then this trick is a must-try for your pooch. It’s not very easy to do, though, since you need to find the perfect song that your furry pal would want to sing.

Naturally vocal pooches can easily learn this trick, but quiet ones require more time and patience. We hope the video we have included above can give you some tips on how to bring out the songbird in your doggo.

5. Use The Toilet

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕

Teaching a pup how to use the toilet is most definitely doable and tricky! But once your pooch masters it, you’ll think it’s worth a try, especially when you have mobility issues and can’t take the pup out to pee.

Watch the video to get your pooch started with using the toilet. It takes some time and patience, but you will find it quite rewarding once your dog gets it.

4. Watch Me

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐾

Focus and concentration are two important things that your dog needs to have to learn tricks. And when you teach your pup how to watch you – and you alone – then it takes focus onto another level.

Hand motions and commands are essential to help your dog understand what exactly you want him to do. Plus, it helps to improve a short attention span, which is essential when teaching other skills to your doggo.

3. Play The Piano

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕

Having a piano-playing pup is not only impressive but entertaining at the same time. You can also take it to the next level while playing the piano with your pooch!

Start with teaching your dog to press a key or two, then lengthen each session each time until he gets the hang of it. Pretty soon, your pet will be playing a longer piece, just like in the video above!

2. Bang Performance

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕

This dog trick that has gone viral on YouTube is a must-try. It’s a bit more complex than you think, though, as it is a combination of several tricks such as crawl, play dead, and limp. Once your pooch has mastered these basic tricks, then the “Bang” performance should be fairly easy.

Try the steps in the video and get your pups started with this cool and amusing trick. Once he has learned how it’s done, it can be very fun to watch and do over and over again!

1. Wipe Your Paws

Our difficulty rating: 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕

Depending on your pup’s temperament, the wipe your paws trick may be easy or tricky. Plus, it requires using the right mat with a favorable texture that will encourage your pooch to wipe his paws.

If you’re ready to get started with teaching this trick to your pet, check out the video above to learn more. It’s a fun trick and a useful one when you want your home to be mud-free (in case your pup loves to walk around in the dirt!).

What Tricks Should All Dogs Know? All dogs should know the basics of the critical and essential tricks, such as sit, come, stay, down, and drop. With the right training techniques and lots of repetition and practice, your pup should be able to learn these tricks with ease.

What’s The Easiest Trick To Teach A Dog? The easiest trick to teach a dog is “shake hands” or “high five,” since dogs naturally like to reach out and raise their paw as they ask for a treat.

How Many Tricks Can A Dog Learn? There is no exact number as to how many tricks a dog can learn. But the average dog knows about 3 to 6 tricks while others can learn more. It is all up to how much time and energy you put into your pup’s training sessions.

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