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How Much Do Corgi Puppies Cost?

You know there has to be something special about a dog if the Queen of England has had 30 of them in her lifetime. In addition to being super cute, Corgis are considered the 11th most intelligent working dog breed. With all these perks plus their affectionate temperament, it is not so hard to see why they are so popular with the elite.

For a long time, I thought their association with royalty and their overall pedigree perks would make them super expensive. However, I soon found out that this was not the case.   

Corgi puppies cost between $600 and $2,000 to purchase if you are getting one from a breeder. For this reason, they are considered mid-range dogs and are a fantastic investment for personal companionship or even as family pets. On the other hand, the maintenance cost for corgis ranges between $100 and $300 every month making them arguably among the most high maintenance dog breeds.

Let us take a closer look at what you have to expect from your investment in your very own royal dog. Before that, here is more on the prices and what factors may drive the price tag up or down for you.

What Is The Average Corgi Puppy Price?

The average price of a corgi puppy is $600 to $1,000 with most reputable breeders. However, the price can be as high as $2,000 with prized bloodlines. The higher price tags are also seen with Cardigan corgis. This is because they are considerably rarer. If you are conflicted on which corgi to go with between the Cardigan and Pembroke, the price might help you decide among the many other differences

In general, the main reason why these doggies are so considerably pricey is the fact that they are very easy to live with. With their high intelligence, you will not have a very hard housebreaking your corgi. They are also very affectionate, incredibly loyal, and generally laid back making them fantastic house pets. With all this to look forward to, the investment in a corgi as a new furry member of the family is definitely worth it.

Another reason for the high price tag could be the association with the Queen which is actually used as a marketing point with many breeders and independent sellers.

In fact popularity trends show that these doggies have been steadily growing in popularity over the last couple of decades. Many dog trend specialists believe this has a lot to do with the queen’s long term endorsement of the breed.

If you want the magic without having to pay as much, Corgi mix puppies may be cheaper. When mixed with cheaper breeds you may get a corgi mix for as little as $500 or even less

Where Can I Get Corgi Puppies For Sale?

Image from Instagram:@corgicapital_

Corgis are getting more and more popular in the United States market but they are still a little harder to come by than most old school breeds. If you are interested in getting one, here are a few options on where to start your search.

Dog breeders

This is one of the easiest ways to get your hands on a corgi pup. With their growing demand, several breeders have the best of these pups ready for you to choose from. However, this is also the most expensive option so you may have to compromise on saving money for the sake of convenience.

Facebook groups

These days, Facebook is one of the best places to find dogs and corgis are no different. On platforms like these you will find both breeding businesses and individual sellers. Just make sure to verify the details as much as possible to avoid online scams.

Craigslist and other online ads

You could also get your corgi online by checking for ads. In this case, platforms like craigslist are your best bet to get a corgi. As with Facebook sales, be vigilant for red flags to avoid buying into scams.

Dog forums

General forums like Reddit and other dog-niche specific options could also offer you a lot in your journey to bringing home a corgi. These forums are similar to other online options in that more often than not you will be dealing with regular dog owners looking to offload puppies from new litters.

Rescue shelters

Finally, you could go the good old fashioned route and take your search to a rescue shelter. These are usually super cheap and you could get your corgi for free in free adoption shelters. However, the breed is not very common in stray and rescue situations so you may be searching for a long while before you get a corgi.

Health Problems Of A Corgi That May Break Your Bank

Image from Instagram:@bags_newt_bob

Corgis require about $1,200 to $3,600 or more per year in terms of medical maintenance costs alone.

One of the biggest expenses you may have to deal with are the health issues. Due to their unique build as well as genetics, corgis have a variety of health problems that they live with and that will eat into your maintenance budget. Here are 4 of the main ones:

Hip dysplasia

This is a condition where the hip or shoulder sockets are not formed properly leading to instability in the whole joint. It puts the corgi at risk of arthritis and reduced mobility in general. In addition to the regular skeletal checks, you may have to invest in medication and joint supplements to give your furry bestie a comfortable life.

Intervertebral disc disease

This is another skeletal issue associated with the disproportionately long torso and short legs in corgis. The condition could lead to painful disc prolapse that may be serious enough to cause paralysis.

Von Willebrand disease

This is a genetic bleeding disease common in corgis that prevents effective clotting in cases of injury. For the most part, this will only cost you extra in case your dog needs any type of surgery. This is because special measures must be taken including transfusion.

Progressive retinal atrophy

This is a progressive disease where the dog loses sight in both eyes simultaneously. With susceptible dogs like corgis, it is advisable to get regular vision testing to catch it early. That way measures to slow down the diseases can be taken in addition to training the dog how to adapt to the new circumstances. 

Are Corgi Dogs High Maintenance? Grooming Considerations Before Getting A Corgi

Image from Instagram:@bhadnikki_

Due to their high yearly upkeep costs, there is a common misconception out there that corgis are high maintenance in terms of grooming. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, corgis are low maintenance dogs when it comes to grooming and only need regular brushing and inspection as well as occasional baths and you are good to go.

When it comes to brushing, a schedule of 3 to 4 brushings per week should be good enough. This is because corgis shed moderately. However, you may have to invest in trimming and up your brushing frequency during spring and autumn. This is because corgis experience seasons of heavy shedding during these months.

When it comes to baths, you could give your pooch one every 1 to 2 months depending on how active they are and how dirty they tend to get. Washing too much will strip their natural moisture and oil leading to dryness and itchiness. Failure to wash enough, on the other hand, may leave them stinky which happens when dirt, sweat, and grime accumulate in the thick coat.

Corgis also need a lot of help with dental health. They are prone to oral and dental issues including halitosis, gingivitis, dental cavities, and tar buildup. The best way to deal with this is ensuring that they brush their teeth in one way or another.

You could invest in actual dental products including dental water additives and dog toothbrushes. However, hard kibble and chew toys may be more than sufficient for the job.

How To Take Care Of A Corgi?

Taking care of a corgi is about a lot more than just brushing their hair and cutting their nails. It is an all-rounded process that should take care of everything from their mental stimulation to their physical health. Here are a few tips that should help you give your best buddy the best home possible.

Go for high quality food

With their dwarfish breed, a corgi’s skeleton needs as much help as possible supporting body weight and activity in general. A good diet plays a huge role in ensuring that the dog has a fantastic life in this case. We recommend Heed Foods for an organic option with real protein sources for stronger muscles. The superfood ingredients in the dog food also promote immunity and digestive health.

Check out Heed Foods by clicking on the image above!

Invest in health supplements from a young age

In addition to a good diet, your corgi will need supplements to deal with specific conditions. The skeletal issues in particular can make the doggy’s life unnecessarily uncomfortable. Try Doggie Dailies Supplements with compounds like glucosamine to promote joint health, functioning and healing. This will come in handy for conditions like intervertebral disk disease and arthritis from hip and shoulder dysplasia.

Doggie Dailies Glucosamine for Dogs, 225 Soft Chews, Advanced Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid and CoQ10, Premium Dog Glucosamine (Peanut Butter)
  • 225 Soft Chews, Ingredients You Can Trust, Taste Your Dog Will Love: We've carefully crafted a delicious joint supplement for dogs that helps provide ingredients that your dog needs for maintaining...

Keep the dog active

Corgis are prone to obesity mainly as a result of their high appetite and mobility impairments due to musculoskeletal issues. Keeping them active through regular playtime is therefore necessary for the corgis to remain within a healthy weight.

Take time to bond with your corgi

Corgis are incredibly affectionate and can be very needy. They are very easily frustrated by lack of attention and love. So to keep your pooch happy make sure to set time aside to just hang out with your 4 legged best friend. 

Related Questions

Do corgis bark a lot? With their background as herding dogs, Corgis tend to bark a lot even without any provocation. You will therefore have to start socialization as well as bark control training as early as possible to spare yourself the noise. Fortunately, they are smart therefore very quick to pick up on skill during training.

Do corgis stink? When it comes to dog odor, corgis are considered average stinkers. This happens mainly with accumulation of debris under their very thick coats. If your corgi starts to stink, it usually means they need a bath. However, it could also be as a result of health issues including halitosis, inflamed anal glands, or even pest infestation.

Are corgis smart dogs? Corgis are very intelligent dogs and are actually ranked 11th in Stanley Coren’s “The Intelligence of Dogs”. This makes them very easy to house train and generally comfortable to live with. They also have a very high emotional quotient and are affectionate not only with their human owners but also children and other pets.

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