How To Get Dogs Unstuck Especially After Mating

If you’re new to dog breeding, it can be an upsetting experience having to witness two pooches struggling to get unstuck after mating. And one of the questions that’ll most likely play on your mind is how to safely separate the stuck pooches.

So, how can you get dogs unstuck after mating? Sticking together after mating is an entirely natural process, yet one of the most embarrassing moments dog owners can have. It is recommended that you avoid forcefully separating the dogs to prevent injuring your pooch. With time, both pooches will relax their genital muscles, and they can subsequently get unstuck without incident.

It may be difficult to ignore your pooch’s struggles with a mating tie, but generally, dogs getting stuck after mating is nothing to worry about. And if anything, mating ties usually improve the chances of a female pooch getting pregnant and the production of cute, fluffy puppies. Steps on how to proceed when your pooches get stuck after mating are outlined in this article, but before we go into this, let’s take a look at why most dogs will get stuck after mating.

Why Do Dogs Get Stuck After Mating?

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Dogs get stuck while mating to facilitate the mating process and increase the female Fido’s chances of getting pregnant.

The reason for dogs getting stuck after mating, as well as why they do this with their butts facing each other, remains a mystery largely to this date.

Consequently, scientists and researchers have come up with various theories to try and explain why dogs remain glued together after mating. And some of these theories are outlined below:

  • Sticking together after mating prevents semen from spilling out, thereby improving the likelihood of such semen reaching the female Fido’s eggs and impregnating the pooch.
  • Sticking together after mating discourages other male dogs in the vicinity from immediately coming to mate with the female pooch in question, thereby giving semen from the first male dog a chance to reach and fertilize the eggs.
  • Sticking together rear-to-rear could also be a defensive mechanism that enables dogs to scan their environment for threats while mating.

From all the theories that have been put forward, one reason shines clear – locking during or after mating is a mechanism designed to ensure that the female pooch gets pregnant, and this is one of the reasons why this process shouldn’t be disturbed or interfered with.

What Are The Stages Of Mating In Dogs?

To further comprehend why dogs get stuck while mating, we first need to understand the different stages of canine mating.

The first stage of canine mating is the mounting process, which occurs when the male pooch gets on top of the female Fido.

Mounting usually happens as the male dog’s response to flirting attempts by the female pooch, which is, in most cases, the display of the female pooch’s rear ends.

Once the male dog has successfully mounted the female pooch, the next stage of canine mating typically involves the male Fido locating and penetrating the female pooch’s signal.

Experienced male dogs typically have no issues with the penetration of the female dog’s vulva, but pooches mating for the first time may require help from you or the breeder to locate and subsequently penetrate the vulva.

After the male pooch has successfully located the female dog’s vulva and humped several times, the next stage of canine mating involves the release of semen from the male pooch into the female Fido’s vulva; This process is commonly referred to as ejaculation.

It is during the ejaculation process that male pooches typically get stuck to the female pooches. During ejaculation, a portion of the male dog’s penis called the bulbus glandis swells and expanded inside the female Fido’s vulva.

Simultaneously, the female vulva tightens around the male penis. And it is this chain of actions that prevents the male Fido from pulling out.

Is It Painful When Dogs Get Stuck After Mating?

Sticking together after mating can be a painful experience for dogs that have no prior mating experience.

Firstly, the male dog will be experiencing sensations such as the swelling of the bulbus glandis for the first time, and this can lead to the pooch growing anxious and desperately trying to pull out without success. This forceful act of desperation can be super painful for both the male and female Fidos.

However, as previously inexperienced male Fidos mate with more female dogs, they learn to stay calm and handle sticking together after mating better, thereby eliminating pain from their previous struggles to get loose.

Female dogs, however, may continue to feel pain during mating, and this is because they still have to handle the increase in the size of the male dog penis in their vulvas after ejaculation.

Does A Tie Always Result In Pregnancy?

While it is true that a canine tie significantly increases the chances of a female Fido getting pregnant after mating, this is not always the case. And whether or not your dog will get pregnant from its mating activities is totally influenced by the pooch’s heat cycle.

If the tie occurs when the female dog is in the fertile period of its heat cycle, then pregnancy is almost always guaranteed. This fertile period, which usually lasts for a period of five days, typically takes place ten days after the start of the pooch’s heat cycle.

Mating done outside of the fertile period will definitely not result in pregnancy and is just being carried out for recreational purposes.

How Can I Safely Get My Dogs Unstuck After Mating?

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If your dogs get stuck during or after mating, the safest course of action is to avoid trying to forcefully separate the dogs as they will naturally get separated without human interference.

Leave The Dogs Be

If your pooches get stuck after mating, the first and safest option is to leave the dogs be. While the urge to interfere may be understandably strong, getting stuck after mating is a normal occurrence, and with time, the pooches will eventually get unstuck without any external interference.

Naturally, the male dog’s penis will shrink to its normal size while the female pooch’s vagina will relax, and when this happens, both dogs will get unstuck and can proceed in different directions.

However, while both pooches remain stuck, it is only normal for them to struggle and make attempts to get unstuck.

How Long Does It Take For Dogs To Get Unstuck?

The amount of time it will take for any two dogs to get unstuck is totally dependent on factors such as the pooches’ temperament and whether or not the dogs in question are used to each other.

If both dogs are calm and have mated with each other in the past, they can get unstuck from each other within 5 to 15 minutes after mating.

However, if the dogs in question are fairly aggressive and are mating with each other for the first time, their struggles to get loose from each other can complicate the separation process, and as a result, they’ll remain stuck for an extended period.

How Do I Get My Dog Unstuck Faster After Mating?

There’s nothing you can or should do to fasten the process of your pooches getting unstuck after mating. An attempt to forcefully separate both dogs will be extremely painful for the pooches to handle, and it can result in both dogs directing aggression towards you.

Keep Both Dogs Calm

Rather than making attempts to forcefully separate the dogs, you should maintain a calm outlook and also try to keep the female pooch calm.

If you succeed in calming the female pooch, the dog may loosen its vulva walls, which in turn makes it easier for the male dog to withdraw its penis.

When Should You Contact The Vet?

If for one reason or another, both dogs stay stuck together for longer than expected – one hour and above – you should contact and explain the situation at hand to a vet.

Typically, pooches will get unstuck between 5 to 45 minutes after ejaculation, but there are rare instances where this process can take several hours. And if it happens that your pooch is the affected party, then an emergency call to the vet is in order.

How Can I Prevent My Dogs From Getting Stuck After Mating?

Getting stuck while mating among dogs is a completely natural process, and there is little to nothing that can be done to prevent this from happening.

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