Husky Mixes

Can’t decide between a Husky and a German Shepherd? Or what about a Husky and a Golden Retriever? If you are torn between two different breeds, a Husky mix offers you the best of both worlds! What are the most popular husky mixes, anyway?

Did you know that there are dozens of Husky mixes out there? For instance, there’s a Goberian or a Golden Retriever + Husky, a Huskimo, which is a hybrid mix of an American Eskimo and Husky, and the courageous Gerberian Shepsky or a combo of the German Shepherd and a Husky. The list goes on!

Let’s discover these fascinating Husky mixes and what makes them popular among canine fans. Here are the 31 best Husky mixes that will surely warm your heart!

31. Goberian: Golden Retriever + Husky

Image from Instagram:@husky_and_goberian

A popular Husky mix, the Goberian is what you get by mixing the gorgeous Golden Retriever and the powerful Husky. They are medium-sized dogs with a double coat that tends to shed a lot. Their coat colors vary in shades of gold, gray, white, and tan.

Goberians are versatile canines. They excel in various activities such as search and rescue, agility training, as well as sledding. With their amiable character, they do perfectly well with kids, other dogs, and smaller pets.

30. Huskimo: Husky + American Eskimo

Image from Instagram:@kira_siberian_husky

Docile and mellow, the Huskimo is a great pet for families. This hybrid mix between an American Eskimo and a Husky has a medium-length coat in gray and white colors. Appearance-wise, they look more like a Husky than an American Eskimo.

Daily exercise is very important for this breed. Be sure to train them at an early age to keep their stubborn tendencies in check. When socialized well, they do well with children and strangers.

29. Huskador: Husky + Labrador Retriever

Image from Instagram:@rosieposie.girl

A mix of two adorable breeds, the Husky and the Labrador Retriever, the Siberian Retriever is such a sweetheart. These canines have a large frame just like either parent. Their appearance varies as some may look more like a Husky or a Lab but without the blue eyes.

Because of their inherent sweet disposition, a Huskador is perfect for novice owners. They also do well with children and other pets, so it should be excellent in any type of household.

28. Hussetsky: Husky + Basset Hound

Image from Instagram:@freediajo

Donning that infamous saggy, long ears of a Basset Hound and a Husky’s intense stare, the Hussetsky is a charmer. These pups are mellow and sweet, thanks to the combination of both parents’ mild temperaments. 

They may seem rather laid back but do take note that Hussetskies are pretty active. They need ample space to romp around. Daily exercise can help them thrive, and they would never turn down some outdoor activities with you.

27. Alusky: Alaskan Malamute + Husky

Image from Instagram:@huskysclub

With both parents being Huskies – except one is smaller than the other – the Alusky has the looks, personality, and strength of a Husky. They have thick, waterproof coats and a muscular body. Need someone to pull a sled? The Alusky is your buddy for that!

As for their personality, Aluskies are intelligent, friendly, and slightly stubborn fellows. It requires patience and consistency in training these canines. Thus, they are better off with an experienced owner who is up for a challenging but rewarding task.

26. Siberpoo: Husky + Poodle

Image from Instagram:@therejohn

Lively, agile, and spirited, the Siberpoo is what you get when you mix a Poodle and a Husky. They have a double coat just like both parents, although it is a bit curly as a Poodle’s hair. This dog breed is not your low-maintenance pooch as it requires regular grooming.

Just like a Poodle, Siberpoos are a bit rambunctious and aggressive. It is not advisable to leave this Husky mix with very young kids unless with supervision. When trained well, though, they can be sweet and affectionate.

25. Dusky: Dachshund + Husky

Image from Instagram:@erinwickhamgalvan

Next up, we have the Dusky. A Husky mix that combines a Siberian Husky’s and Dachshund’s genes, the Dusky is a darling. These are medium-sized canines with ears that can be straight and pointy as a Husky’s or floppy as a Dachshund’s.

Early socialization is a must for the Dusky. They are naturally aggressive and suspicious of strangers, two traits typical of both parents, which is why they need to be introduced to your household early on.

24. Husky Jack: Husky + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@milo_theminihusky

With thick coats varying in shades of gray, black, and white just like a Husky or red, white and light cream like a Jack Russell, the Husky Jack is a darling. They have a compact body and a long torso.

Husky Jacks are lively, thanks to the inherent merry personality of the two breeds combined. Interestingly, these pooches have a lifespan of over 16 years. It is all because of the generally healthy bloodline of both parents.

23. Maskiff: Mastiff + Husky

Image from Instagram:@thesassypack_

Maskiffs are massive and high-strung Husky mixes. After all, what can you expect when you mix a gigantic Mastiff with a powerful, agile Siberian Husky? They can weigh up to 110 lbs and as tall as nearly 30 inches.

They may be giants but they are quite gentle. Like a Mastiff, this Husky mix is a bit too shy towards strangers. They have a strong desire to protect their families and may see outsiders as a threat. Early socialization is a necessity to ensure a mild-tempered Maskiff.

22. Horgi: Husky + Corgi

Image from Instagram:@willowthehorgi

Imagine a Husky’s adorable gray and white coat and those stunning baby blues combined with a low and long body as a Corgi’s… And there’s your Horgi! These pooches are medium-sized fellows with tiny legs and a big personality. They may weigh up to 50 lbs.

Thanks to their background as a herder (Corgi) and a sledding (Husky), the Horgi is an energetic creature. They are friendly and merry, and these canines are always up for fun and games with their owners.

21. Sharberian Husky: Shar Pei + Husky

Image from Instagram:@_summer_sonnet_

Sharberian Huskies are a designer dog that’s the offspring of a Siberian Husky and Shar-Pei. They have dense double coats, which may be a bit of a challenge when it comes to grooming and maintaining their abundant hair.

This Husky mix is a great family dog. However, they do tend to be stubborn as a Husky and strong-willed as a Shar Pei. Firm training is important to ensure a favorable disposition in this pooch.

20. Sibercaan: Husky + Canaan Dog

Image from Instagram:@onebruce_onebetty

Now this is an interesting Husky mix with roots dating back to 4000 years ago! A mix of the Canaan dog and a Siberian Husky, this dog breed is pretty ancient. They are noted for their abundant, long hair and a large body, which is from both parents.

Sibercaans are intelligent and easy to train canines. They respond well to firm training, as long as you toss in some gentleness along the way. These are excellent family dogs but a bit wary of strangers.

19. Boxsky: Boxer + Husky

Image from Instagram:@bigearsblueeyes

With a compact body of a Boxer and a Husky’s long snout, the Boxsky is a fascinating mix. These are active pups always up for games and fun. Their prey drive is so strong, thanks to the Boxer’s genes, so it would be worth taking this fellow to your hunting trips.

Speaking of prey drive, the Boxsky would require a roomy area to romp around. However, be sure it is fenced since they love to chase small animals.

18. Siberian Boston: Husky + Boston Terrier

Image from Instagram:@skye.thesiberianboston

Elegant and friendly, the Siberian Boston is quite a beautiful Husky mix. They have a short to medium coat and an average-sized body. Their coat colors vary from black and white to shades of sable and gray.

Siberian Bostons are relatively low-maintenance pooches. They are easy to groom since their coat is quite manageable. These canines also do not require a lot of exercise except daily walks. But do note that they can be prone to separation anxiety, and it is not advisable to leave them alone for long periods of time.

17. Beasky: Beagle + Husky

Image from Instagram:@leothebeasky

Expect to get lots of love and affection from a Beasky. A hybrid mix whose parents are a Beagle and a Husky, Beaskies are loving pups. They are mellow and laid-back as a Beagle, so they make great family pets.

Beaskies usually have floppy ears, which is a Beagle’s hallmark. They may also have a Husky’s blue eyes while some may have darker eyes. Overall, this Husky mix is a fun pooch to be around with!

16. Pomsky: Pomeranian + Husky

Image from Instagram:@pomsky__bear

Pomskies are interesting Husky mixes as they are small as a Pomeranian with a Husky’s face and coat color. Adult Pomskies can weigh up to 30 lbs, which makes them ideal for apartment living.

But be prepared for some challenges with training – Pomskies are a bit stubborn just like their parents. This is why these canines are more well-suited to experienced owners who can provide firm training.

15. Husky Inu: Husky + Shiba Inu

Image from Instagram:@simba.husky.inu

When it comes to appearance, Husky Inus tend to lean toward a fox just like an Inu and a Husky’s wolf-like features. This Husky mix is a good-looking canine that is definitely a head-turner. They have an athletic build and weight up to 30 lbs.

However, Husky Inus can be quite temperamental when left alone for too long. They may be independent fellows like a Husky but they enjoy the company of their family members. This is the kind of pooch to include in all your outdoor adventures.

14. Rottsky: Rottweiler + Husky

Image from Instagram:@pawsome.foursome4

A Rottsky is a fascinating mix of a Rottweiler and a Siberian Husky. Their coats are short as a Rottie but a bit fleecy. As for their eyes, they may either have the icy blue peepers of a Husky or different eye colors.

Rottskies are huge pups, though. They can grow up to 100 lbs, so be sure to have ample space at home to welcome this massive fellow. These pooches are versatile and will be more than eager to join you for adventures or a laid-back time at home.

13. Hugsky: Husky + Pug

Image from Instagram:@angelamcclure13

Combine a Husky’s baby blue eyes with a Pug’s squashed face, and you’ve got a Hugsky! This small Husky mix can vary in size, with some reaching up to 14 lbs while others may be as big as 60 lbs.

Just like both parents, Hugskies are quite active. They need daily exercises to keep them stimulated both physically and mentally. Moreover, they tend to be mischievous when bored, so be sure to keep them active with stimulating toys and games.

12. Belusky: Belgian Malinois + Husky

Image from Instagram:@lola_blue_rennt

A gorgeous Husky mix, the Belusky is a medium-sized pooch with a Malinois’ compact frame and short coat combined with a Husky’s athletic build. They are spirited fellows that thrive on physical activities and the kind of pup you can take hunting or hiking.

With their innate intelligence, Beluskies are relatively easy to train. When properly trained, they can make great working dogs and guardians of your properties.

11. Siberian Pinscher: Husky + Dobermann

Image from Instagram:@dexthedobsky

Close your eyes and picture a brow and white-coated Dobermann, and that’s what this Husky mix looks like! The Siberian Pinscher has the face and demeanor of a Dobermann – courageous and balanced, but with a hint of a Husky’s mischief.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys lots of physical activity, then this pup is for you. They are all about physical activity, which would mean keeping them in a big (fenced) yard to romp around and exercise each day.

10. Samusky: Samoyed + Husky

Image from Instagram:@mayasamusky

While both parents are already fluffy, the Samusky is much fluffier. This Samoyed and Husky hybrid dog has an abundant long coat, which would mean regular grooming for its owner. They may have blue eyes while others have darker eyes.

Thanks to both parents, Samuskies are friendly and easy-going. They are not a challenge to train, which is great news for novice owners. Got kids in the house? No worries. This Husky mix gets along well with humans of all shapes and sizes.

9. Bernese Husky: Bernese Mountain Dog + Husky

Image from Instagram:@milo.thebernesehusky

The Bernese Husky is an elegant and good-looking pooch with a dense double coat and baby blue eyes. They may inherit the Bernese’s trademark coat colors, which come in shades of orange, black, and white. 

Considering their thick coats, owners need to brace themselves for some serious shedding. This is particularly true during shedding seasons or “blowing coat”, which happens a couple of times or so a year.

8. Huskita: Husky + Akita

Image from Instagram:@sockethedogg

A darling giant Husky mix breed, the Huskita is a combination of the Akita and Husky. This hybrid mix is massive and can grow up to 120 lbs. They have a medium-length coat and a compact body, which leans closer to an Akita’s features.

As this pooch is a natural protector and hunter, they would require a firm pack leader to train them. When well-adjusted, they can be quite playful and pleasant to be with. These dogs make amazing family pets.

7. Dalmatian Husky: Dalmatian + Husky

Image from Instagram:@dog.section

The name gives away what this hybrid mix is all about – a spotty coat as a Dalmatian’s and a Husky’s light eyes. Some may have brown or black eyes, though. In addition, there are some Dalmatian Huskies with a thick double coat while others are shorter in length.

These dogs are a bit on the active side. They can be very playful, yet may be a bit too high-strung for smaller children. Thus, it is not advisable to leave them with toddlers and small animals without supervision.

6. Siberian Cocker: Husky + American Cocker Spaniel

Image from Instagram:@charlie_the_siberian_cocker

Flaunting a Cocker Spaniel’s rounded, long ears and a Husky’s long snout, the Siberian Cocker is an interesting Husky mix. They may grow up to 40 lbs while others are lighter at 26 lbs. 

Siberian Cockers are mellow and gentle. Their energy level is moderate, which means they should do well with younger kids. If you have a modest-sized home, this pooch should fit right in, as well, as they do not require too much exercise.

5. Siberian Pyrenees: Husky + Great Pyrenees

Image from Instagram:@danielle._.nichol

Majestic and powerful, the Siberian Pyrenees are your all-around working dog. They have thick, white coats and perhaps some markings on their body just like a Husky. Shedding can be a concern with these dogs because of their abundant double coat.

Proper stimulation is a must for the Siberian Pyr. They are also a tad stubborn, which can be a concern for first-time dog owners. Hence, they are not advisable for those without previous canine experience because of these dogs’ rebellious nature.

4. Chusky: Chow Chow + Husky

Image from Instagram:@brewandporter

Think of a fluffy Chow Chow with a Husky’s compact body, and there’s your Chusky! This Husky mix is a hunter by nature. They are also very strong, which means they are suitable for various tasks including sledding, herding, and guarding.

But there is one caveat – Chuskies are strong-willed creatures. They can be tricky to train and will require an experienced owner’s expertise to keep this pooch in line. With proper training and socialization, they should be able to develop positive habits.

3. Gerberian Shepsky: German Shepherd + Husky

Image from Instagram:@themisadventuresofrocoandbleu

A Gerberian Shepsky is a strong and mellow Husky mix. They look a bit like a wolf, which they inherit from a Husky’s facial features. As for their personality, these canines are courageous and protective as a German Shepherd.

The best environment for this pooch is one that offers ample opportunities for physical and mental stimulation. This way, they can become a well-rounded pooch that is obedient to its owner and caring for its family.

2. Pitsky: American Pitbull Terrier + Husky

Image from Instagram:@mackwithlove

Combine a Husky with a Pitbull, and you’ve got a Pitsky. This adorable pup has a medium-sized body while some can grow quite large. They are good-natured and friendly, just like a Husky, but can be aggressive as a Pittie. 

At first glance, it can be hard to tell who this hybrid dog’s parents are simply because it’s so unique-looking. But they do have the icy stare of a Husky and a Pittie’s bulky and muscular body.

1. Ausky: Australian Cattle Dog + Husky

Image from Instagram:@_kenai_pup_

A medium sized Husky mix, the Ausky is the offspring of an Australian Cattle dog and a Husky. This pooch has a double coat, which it inherits from both parents. Appearance-wise, Auskies resemble a Husky’s face more but with a coat color of an Aussie Cattle dog.

Just like a purebred Husky, Auskies are talkers. They love to howl and whine, especially when encouraged. Because of their tendency to talk too much, they are not quite ideal in apartments or dorms.

Related Questions

Are Husky Mixes Good Dogs? Husky mixes are great dogs for a number of reasons. They inherit both physical features of their parents, which makes them look unique and interesting at the same time. Moreover, Husky mixes are generally healthy because they usually do not inherit genetic diseases that purebreds have.

How Big Do Husky Mixes Get? These mixed breeds vary in shapes and sizes. There are Husky mixes, like the Huskita that can grow up to 120 lbs, while others like the Horgi are as small as 20 lbs. It all depends on how big either parent gets.

Do Lab Husky Mixes Shed? Yes, Lab Husky Mixes do shed. They have double coats as a Husky, which is notorious for shedding. This is why regular grooming is essential for Lab Mixes to keep shedding issues under control. Moreover, they are not ideal for folks who suffer from allergies.

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