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To say that owning a dog is a lot of work would be a gross understatement. Man’s best friend can be very needy whether it is the need for attention, exercise, or even constant grooming. However, there are several breeds out there that are so lazy and generally easy to live with you may even forget that you own a dog.

Top on the list of lazy dog breeds are well known canine couch potatoes like the Chow Chow, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Bichon Frise. You may also be surprised to find breeds like the Bullmastiff, Pekingese, and Japanese Chin leading the pack of lowest maintenance dog breeds. Here are a few more surprising entries.

33. Chow Chow

For the most part, chow chows are low energy dogs. They are comfortable just lounging about in the house and napping all day. However, they may get frustrated from being cooped up indoors for very long.

For the perfect compromise, take the furry pooch out once every other day for some fresh air and moderate exercise. This will not take up too much of your time or energy but it will make the world of a difference in their behavior.

32. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Typically, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a social little pooch that thrives on attention and affection.

However, they can be quite adaptable and independent which comes in very handy if you want to leave them alone during the day or night as you work or run errands.

When it comes to physical activity, they are also very versatile and will go with the flow. If you want them active they will play along. If you can’t get time to play they will be just fine.

31. Bichon Frise

Bichon frise doggies love to lounge around. In fact, if it were never required of them to move they would leave out their lives as couch potatoes.

They are perfect indoor doggies as all they need is about 15 minutes every day or every other day and they will be just fine.

However, they do occasionally have bursts of energy that need to be worked out to avoid mischief out of frustration.

30. Basset Hound

This is easily one of the best known lazy dogs. Very few breeds on our list of lazy pooches can outnap a basset hound. The sweet and gentle little pooches are the perfect lap dogs for dog owners and companions for little children in the home.

However, they have pretty awesome skills including their sharp sense of smell and their devotion to catching prey which makes them pretty fun when you do decide to take them out for playtime.

29. Bolognese Dog

Everything about the Bolognese dog makes it a pooch you can very easily forget you even live with.

Unlike most other doggies on our list, this one is not only lazy but also reserved. They are known for being distant even with their owners much preferring to spend time on their own.

However, they do form bonds with their family members and ultimately do not mind the human company after trust is built.

28. English Bulldog

It is hard to determine what comes first with the English Bulldog. Is it the laziness that makes them so hefty in size? Or is it their naturally large build that makes them among the least energetic dog breeds?

Whatever the case, the English bulldog is perfect if you want a loving pooch that does not need too much in terms of exercise time. They are just fine with a game of fetch in the house and following you around as you do your chores.

27. Pug

For pugs, their laziness is tied heavily to their physical abilities or more accurately, lack thereof.

There is no denying the fact that these little doggies are devastatingly cute with their flat little faces. However, it is this very aesthetic that makes them the least athletic doggies.

The brachycephalic facial structure comes with a bunch of complications including difficulties in breathing and heat regulation which makes exercising nothing short of pure torture for the furry little dogs.

26. Maltese

As far as level of activity goes, maltese doggies are another breed that just goes with the flow. If left to their own devices, they will not do much more than wandering around the house looking for the perfect nap spots.

Something interesting about them is the fact that this is very dependent on their age. Younger doggies under the age of 1 year may be little firecrackers. As they enter adulthood, this playfulness slowly fades away.

25. Pomeranian

Strictly speaking, pom poms are not exactly super lazy. In fact, they can be quite energetic and playful if they are allowed to.

What lands them on our list is their love for sleeping. This is particularly the case with young puppies who can sleep 18 to 20 hours in a single day. However, you can rest assured that the moment they wake up you will have a little ball of energy on your hands.

24. French Bulldog

Frenchies are pretty laid back doggies. They enjoy naps, lounging and staring outdoors, and the occasional play session.

They are perfect for apartment settings as they have very low exercise needs. However, a few days a week outdoors will definitely help keep them super happy although you could get away with missing a few days.

You also have to keep the bright little fur balls mentally stimulated in which case doggy puzzles would be the ideal, passive play time activity.

23. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Yes, Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite pooches have landed a spot on our list. These adorably disproportionate little pooches are technically moderately active. They are, after all, natural herders and lovers of the outdoors.

However, they do not tolerate heat and exhaustion very well and will therefore not need very much time outdoors.

The best part is that in addition to being low maintenance in terms of exercise needs, they are easy to groom and keep entertained.

22. Dachshund

When it comes to laziness, doxies fall somewhere in the middle of the scale. They have their moments where all they want to do is eat and nap. Then they have high energy burst days where they can be quite destructive if their energy is not adequately redirected.

While lazy dachshund dogs are easy to take care of, there is the risk that they may develop obesity. This is due to a combination of other factors including their ravenous appetite and low metabolism.

21. Havanese

The Havanese dog is a relatively active pooch that does not mind lazing about every now and then. They are also quite gentle and affectionate which makes them perfect lap dogs for doggy parents who love the indoors.

However, this is a pooch whose presence in the home is quite hard to ignore. This is because they are very vocal whether it is whining in the middle of the night or excessively barking when scared or excited.

20. Tibetan Spaniel

This doggy may hurt your feelings at first with their aloof nature. They take their time getting used to new people and spaces including the owners who bring them home.

Even when they do eventually form a bond with you, their affection is very subtle. They love to keep to themselves and are generally very independent. All these traits make them the perfect doggies for busy pet parents who still want the companionship.

19. Clumber Spaniel

A lot of spaniels, including the Clumber spaniel from the UK, are known for their hunting prowess. It may therefore come as a bit of a surprise that a dog with such an impressive hunting history is on our list of laziest doggies.

In a nutshell, their size has everything to do with this. Clumber spaniels are the largest in this dog family. This makes them less athletic and agile.

Additionally, years of being kept as companion dogs as opposed to hunting aids has just made them less active.

18. Newfoundland

At 120 to 180 lbs in weight and 26 to 28 inches in height, the Newfoundland dog breed is one of the largest not only on our list but in the world.

It is not very difficult to find the connection between these dog’s massive build and their lazy predisposition. While they were built to thrive in the outdoors, these doggies are quite comfortable spending most of their time indoors.

With their gentle personality to boot, they are some of the easiest dogs to take care of when they are kept happy.

17. Yorkshire Terrier

When many dog enthusiasts hear about the yorkie terrier the first things that come to mind are probably adjectives like yappy, needy, naughty, and others like it.

There is no denying that the yorkie terrier can be quite a handful especially when they are younger and full of energy.

Despite their firecracker start, Yorkshire terriers often settle into a calmer and lazier personality as they grow older. They may still be very vocal but they will not be as playful.

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16. Beagle

To be honest, beagles are not very lazy. In fact, they are quite active and love to spend time playing with their owners or exploring the outdoors.

However, they do deserve a spot on this list for their overall low maintenance nature.

These furry little buddies are very independent and know how to keep themselves occupied. They are also not very needy which makes leaving them alone as you do chores, run errands, or even work very easy for you.

15. St. Bernard

St. Bernards have quite a noble history of use as rescue dogs in mountainous regions in Europe.

This is a far cry to the lazy but lovable gentle giants they have become today. As with most other dogs on this list, the St. Bernard would be more than happy to spend all day indoors napping.

However, they grow very fast and are at serious risk of bone and joint issues if they do not exercise adequately.

14. Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso is quite a low maintenance little pooch.

Their exercise needs are quite low as they often keep themselves active by wandering around the home to satisfy their curious little minds. They are also a bit reserved and are perfect if you do not want to deal with a super needy doggy.

In addition to all this, these dogs are hypoallergenic with minimally shedding fur that makes grooming an absolute breeze.

13. Broholmer

This Danish breed is not lazy in the typical “do nothing” kind of way. If anything, they are quite energetic and active which when combined with their confidence and intimidating build makes them fantastic guard dogs.

What lands them a spot on our list is their sleeping habits. When they are not guarding your home, these furry best friends can knock back 12 to 14 hours of sleep at any age but mostly when puppies and when elderly.

12. Chinese Crested

The Chinese crested dog is another low energy needs doggy that gets these traits mainly through upbringing.

Naturally, they can be very active and energetic. However, most are raised as indoor pooches with limited play time which they eventually learn to be very comfortable with.

Other features like their sweet personalities and hairlessness further makes them very easy to not only take care of but also live with on a busy schedule.

11. Papillon

The papillon dog is adorable in every way from their unique aesthetic to their super sweet and friendly personalities.

For the most part, they love to laze about and are fantastic lap dogs. However, they are quite alert and will very easily get worked up by things like noise and unfamiliar guests in the home.

Papillons are also known for being quite vocal which has a lot to do with their watchdog history. So much as you may not have to do much to keep them occupied, you will definitely be very aware of their presence.

10. Miniature Schnauzer

Like their giant and standard counterparts, mini schnauzers are quite independent. Whether or not you are home, this doggy will not really require much from you to keep them content.

They are relatively active and do enjoy spending time outdoors. However, they also love to nap especially when they are outside under the warm sun after a nice meal and playtime.

In general, these are fantastic doggies if you want the best of both worlds with a lazy pooch that has an active side.

9. Labrador Retriever

This is probably a dog breed that you might not have expected to find on the list of laziest dog breeds. But if you have had or been around a Labrador Retriever then you know better than anyone else how worthy they are of this spot.

These doggies have it all going for them as far as being low maintenance is concerned. They are calm, independent, and highly intelligent which makes it very easy to leave them alone with no worries.

8. Great Dane

Great danes are often referred to as gentle giants but they should probably be renamed to sleeping giants because it seems like their favorite pastime activities.

Despite their massive size, these dogs have no problem finding creative ways to fit into the weirdest sleeping spots. It could be anything from a tiny space under a table to that cushion corner left unoccupied when you take the couch.

So if you were looking for a napping buddy, these big fellas should be perfect for the job.

7. Chihuahua

With their yappy and spirited personalities, chihuahuas are another breed many people do not associate with being lazy.

However, the fact that they are loud and energetic does not mean that they are necessarily active. If anything, chihuahuas have small bursts of energy every now and then followed by long periods of calmness and relaxation.

The problem is that these energy bursts can be full of destructiveness so make sure to find them positive ways to redirect their angst.

6. Miniature Pinscher

Min pins are more often than not quite active. However, they tend to take after the vibes in the home and how they are raised and can actually be quite lazy if allowed to get there.

This works because the generally calm breed will rarely throw tantrums unlike other dogs that do so when not adequately stimulated. Instead, the miniature pinscher will get comfortable with low energy activities like napping and simply lounging.

5. Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the shortest lived dogs with a lifespan of about 7 years. This is largely due to conditions like cancer but could also be due to lifestyle issues associated with their moderate to low activity lifestyle.

The Bernese Mountain Dog can be quite lazy. They are large and not very agile and therefore often prefer to spend most of their time relaxing.

However, with their health on the line, this is definitely something to be discouraged.

4. Greyhound

Greyhounds are probably the last dogs you expected to find on a list of lazy pooches. It is definitely something you wouldn’t expect from one of the fastest and generally most athletic dog breeds there are.

For the most part, greyhounds bred and kept for dog sports are far from lazy. However, those kept indoors as primarily companion pets tend to be quite inactive. They get their joy from meal times, cuddles, and naps.

3. Japanese Chin

The Japanese chin is a spaniel type of dog whose laziness can be traced back to its history as a companion dog.

They were popular in ancient kingdoms in both Asia and Europe where they lived as spoiled lapdogs for nobility in those days.

Not much has changed in terms of these doggies’ lifestyles as they are every bit as lazy and often just as spoiled as their ancestors. But they are stinking cute and very sweet and easily get away with it.

2. Pekingese

Like the pug, the Pekingese has a flat face which causes issues with breathing and temperature regulation. In turn, this makes them naturally averted to intense exercises which could lead them to becoming quickly exhausted.

They are also typically lazy and quite stubborn which makes it very difficult to get them to do anything without using treats for bribery. And even then, the opinionated little pooches may not get off their little furry behinds.

1. Bullmastiff

Bullmastiffs are generally quite misunderstood. Despite being quite formidable in their appearance, they are actually very docile and affectionate especially with their family members and people who approach non-threateningly.

These doggies are also minimally active when they can get away with it. I guess they deserve it given how good they are at guarding and how hard they work at protecting their loved ones when the need arises. This is yet another awesome breed for perfect balance between active and lazy.

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Which Dog Can Be Left Alone The Longest? The basset hound is one of the dog breeds that can be left alone the longest. It is super independent and very comfortable keeping itself entertained indoors. They are also known for their love for taking very long naps. All you need to leave them happy is food, water, and a comfortable nap spot.

What Breed Of Dog Is Quiet And Calm? The pug is one of the quietest and calmest dog breeds. They love to cuddle and hang out with their owners but rarely require a lot in terms of exercise and playtime. The Basenji is a close contender holding the title of the quietest dog breed. However, they are a little more lively and playful and may need a bit more attention.

How Do I Get My Dog To Not Be Lazy? The easiest way to get your dog to stop being lazy is by encouraging activity and rewarding them as motivation. Dogs are suckers for a tasty snack so use this to get them off the couch or pet bed. Start small by having them stand up for the treat. You could gradually increase the intensity to more energy-consuming activities.

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