Least Smelly Dog Breeds

Looking to own a dog but without the doggy smell? If you adore pups minus the stink, then you should consider getting one that fits your criteria. And, surprise, surprise – there are actually a few to choose from!

Poodles are hypoallergenic canines with their unique odor but not at all an offensive doggy smell. The same can be said for Miniature Schnauzers despite their long coats. And then there’s the short-coated Whippet, which is surprisingly odorless.

Let’s round up these least smelly dog breeds that you would love to have in your home. And as a bonus, these are also some of the sweetest and most trainable canines there are!

17. West Highland Terrier

Image from Instagram:@kingstreetwestie

Westies are famous for their short and wiry white coats that give them a teddy bear look. But aside from their apparent cuteness, they are also well-known for being one of the least smelly dog breeds there are.

The secret is in the coat texture and quality. With less fluff to their coats, this helps to keep the smell out. Debris and dirt particles also don’t easily attach to the fur, which prevents nasty smells from building up over time.

16. Yorkshire Terrier

Image from EcoKind Pet Treats

Most dogs have fur but not Yorkies – these pooches got hair. When well-maintained, their hair is not prone to buildup of excessive oil, which is the culprit behind doggy smells. This is why with regular bathing, this helps to keep Yorkies smelling clean and fresh.

Another way to maintain your pup’s doggy smell-free quality is the hair length. Keep it short since longer hair tends to pick up bad odor and dirt from the ground.

15. Havanese

Image from Petmate

Another least smelly dog breed, the Havanese is a breeze to keep nice-smelling. They have silky smooth hair, which does not produce foul odors. These dogs don’t shed much, either, making them a great match for allergy sufferers.

To keep your Havanese odor-free, be sure to brush his hair every day. Not only will this help to keep bad odors at bay but it will also prevent matting and hair clumping that can be stressful to your pooch.

14. Shichon

Image from Best Bully Sticks

A cross between the Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise, the Shichon is another non-stinky canine. After all, both parents belong to this category of least smelly dog breeds!

Shichons are renowned for being easy to maintain and easy on your nose, as well. They have no doggy smell unlike some other breeds. Keep grooming and brushing regular, and stinky smells will be the least of your worries with this pooch.

13. Chinese Crested

Image from PetHonesty

A Chinese Crested comes in two variants: The Hairless and the Powderpuff.

Make sure to keep your Hairless Chinese Crested shaven, and out of the cold (they love the sun, though). Since they do not have much hair, any perspiration will not be trapped and not cause a stench.

Your Powderpuff, on the other hand, will require a weekly brush. This keeps their fur from becoming matted, allows ventilation for perspiration to evaporate properly and prevents undesirable smell from forming.

Both variants of the Chinese Crested need to be bathed regularly.

The Chinese Crested are wonderful family dogs as well. They are very smart, and love to snuggle up next to people in bed. If you enjoy a cuddle, they will make the perfect pet dog for you since they have little to no body odor.

12. Bichon Frise

Image from Majestic Pet Products

The Bichon Frise is a lovable little joker!

They look like dolls, with their pure-white fluffy coats and jet-black eyes.

Ultra-playful and smart, they are great for those who are sensitive to smell and first-time dog lovers. Your Bichon will always want to be the center of attention. Make sure that you play with your Bichon Frise daily – they do get bored.

Grooming is very important if you don’t want to own a smelly Bichon Frise, and hiring a professional groomer is recommended.

11. Maltese

Image from Majestic Pet Products

Such an elegant dog breed, and great for first-timers and apartment owners alike. The Maltese’s long, silky coat falls all the way to the floor – making it look as if they hover across the ground!

The Maltese has no undercoat, and thus sheds very little hair. This is also the reason why it does not smell as bad!

The Maltese is an ancient breed – Aristotle himself wrote about them! Being a people-dog, the Maltese takes well to training and is always friendly.

10. Dachshund

Image from Native Pet

Dachshunds are famous for so many things, and we can add “no doggy odor” as another quality they are known for. In fact, they are among the least smelly dog breeds, which makes them popular among owners in search of this criteria.

When kept healthy and clean, Doxies are unlikely to develop an offensive smell. But do take note that they are living beings, which means they have their own unique smell. Thankfully, it is not at all strong or wince-worthy!

9. Shih Tzu

Image from Native Pet

Shih Tzus were historically bred for royalties in China. In fact, legend has it that Tibetan monks used to breed these canines to give as presents to Chinese emperors. Aside from their evident elegance, they are also fit for a royalty because of their non-smelly hairs.

For some Shih Tzus who do smell, poor health and hygiene are culprits. Keep their ears clean, brush their teeth regularly, and make sure they don’t have any skin issues that contribute to the foul smell.

8. Affenpinscher

Image from Instagram:@queenjosephinejoanne

Although they have fluffy coats, you will be amazed to know that Affenpinschers are actually not smelly. They are also low-shedding, which makes them ideal for folks with allergies. 

As with every least smelly dog, one way to keep them fresh and clean is with regular grooming. Make sure their coats are under control and not left to mat or knotted up. This will prevent dirt and debris from getting stuck, which are among the main reasons behind the stink.

7. Silky Terrier

Image from Instagram:@rockythesilky_official

A bold and tough breed, even if they are small. Silkies are very adaptable, as long as they get plenty of exercise throughout the day. A very loyal canine buddy, it’s best if they are not left alone for too long.

Despite their long and silky coat, they don’t need that much upkeep. Surprisingly, they do not stink as much too. However, that will require proper grooming care nonetheless. Make sure to brush your silky Terrier 2 to 3 times a week, with one bath a month, and you’re both good to go.

6. Brussels Griffon

Image from Best Bully Sticks

The Brussels Griffon are small doggies that are known for two things – their adorable grumpy faces and their non-stinky bodies. They don’t have the wet doggy smell like other breeds.

Moreover, these diminutive canines produce a very minimal amount of dander. These are your low-shedding, not smelly dogs. So, they are perfect for allergy sufferers and folks who can’t stand the stink in pups.

5. Coton de Tulear

Image from Instagram:@coton_lav

With hair that is soft as cotton, the Coton de Tulear is a dream for canine enthusiasts. They do not shed much and hardly ever stink, too. When bathed and groomed regularly, this breed has no nasty odors.

Sweet and affectionate – and without any stink – Cotons are simply made for cuddles. These are charming lap dogs whom you will love to have in your home.

4. Papillon

Image from Best Bully Sticks

Papillons have smooth and soft coats that do not have a tendency to mat or end up in knots. Thus, their coat does not hold bad odor or becomes prone to oil build-ups.

Thanks to this lack of a doggy odor, it should be fine to bathe your pooch only as needed. This makes the Papillon a low-maintenance pet for busy fur parents.

3. Whippet

Image from Embark Vet

Sleek and friendly, the Whippet is elegant in every single way. They have very short coats, which are not prone to bad odor. As a bonus, they don’t shed, either.

Whippets are cuddle bugs, so be sure to give them plenty of love and affection. It should not be difficult to love them because they are naturally sweet. Plus, it helps that they don’t stink, which makes cuddling them easy on your nose!

2. Miniature Schnauzer

Image from House Carers

Miniature Schnauzers are your adorable canines that enjoy a balance of cuddling time and romping around. Although they have double coats, they do not shed or stink. In fact, this breed is one of the least smelly dog breeds.

Keep their coats groomed a couple of times a week and bathe them regularly. These are great practices to maintain their non-smelly qualities and keep skin diseases at bay.

1. Poodle

Image from House Carers

Topping our list of least smelly dogs is the graceful Poodle. Not only are they void of that familiar doggy smells in other canines but they are hypoallergenic, as well. No wonder they are a constant favorite by allergy sufferers.

Poodles are low-shedding breeds, as well. This makes it relatively easy to maintain these dogs and just regular bathing should suffice to keep them clean, healthy, and fresh-smelling.

Related Questions

Do All Dogs Stink? Not all breeds of dog are smelly. While all mammals do have odor, that does not mean that your dog will stink. Common reasons for a dog to reek are infections, bad breath and simple gas. Dogs also have anal glands. While these glands do not always reek, they can become impacted.

How Do You Cure A Stinky Dog? Eliminate common iffy dog smells with proper hygiene, good diet and regular vet visits. Pungent smell from the ears usually means the ear is infected, so clean it with an earbud. If the smell from the ear is severe, visit your vet. Often brushing your buddy’s coat and bathing it is a must.

What Is The Least Smelly Pet? If you want a pet without any odor, there are a few options. Basenjis seem to smell the least out of all dogs. Their smooth, short coats do not absorb odors. Pets more suited to apartments, while not stinking, would be chinchillas and geckos. This is remarkable: The Fancy Rat is also an odorless and clean pet for you to keep.

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