Maltipoo: A Complete Guide To This Adorable Maltese Poodle Mix

If you have a penchant for the cute and adorable, you will love the Maltipoo breed. These delightful fur babies are smart, sassy, and easy-going.

A Maltipoo is a hybrid of the Maltese and Poodle dog breeds. These breeds typically have a wavy or curly coat that is soft and silky to the touch. They come in a variety of colors including white, cream, black, brown, silver, apricot, red, and more. Maltipoos are relatively low-shedding and are considered to be hypoallergenic.

So, before you bring one of these adorable pups home, letโ€™s take a closer look at what you can expect when it comes to:

  • Maltipooโ€™s temperament
  • Caring for your Maltipoo
  • Health issues to watch out for
  • Grooming tips

What Does A Maltipoo Look Like?

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Maltipoos are the embodiment of cuteness, and itโ€™s no wonder that these adorable pups are considered the ultimate companion.

Just like its parent breeds, a Maltipoo is a small-sized dog.

Adult Maltipoos will weigh about 10 to 20 lbs. You can expect your Maltipoo to grow to an average height of 10 to 14 inches.

Maltipoos will retain their cute puppy looks well into adulthood. They have cute fluffy ears, a rounded head, and a small statue.

Your Maltipoo puppy should be fully grown by the age of 10 to 15 months. For Maltipoos bred from Toy Poodles, you can expect your pup to mature by the age of 10 months. Maltipoos bred from Miniature Poodles will mature at the age of 15 months.

Despite their puppy-like appearance, Maltipoos can have puppies. This breed is usually ready to breed from the age of 8-10 months. A typical Maltipoo litter will have 4-6 adorable puppies.

The Poodle is well known for its adorable curly coat, and some Maltipoos inherit this trait. Maltipoos have fluffy thick coats that can either be curly or wavy. This adorable coat will come in a variety of colors with most Maltipoos ranging in color from white, silver, grey, brown, black, or cream.

Crossbreeds like the Maltipoo can inherit more traits from one parent than the other so appearances can vary from one pup to the next. However, these forever young fur babies all have one thing in common; adorable cuddly looks that make for a perfect lap dog.

Do Maltipoos Have Health Problems?

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Healthwise, the Maltipoo gets the best of both worlds. For one, itโ€™s a small-sized dog breed that typically has fewer health issues than larger breeds. Secondly, Maltipoos are crossbred, so they have few genetic illnesses.


So just how long will your delightful fur-buddy live?

The Maltipoo has an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

With proper care, some Maltipoos can live as long as 16 years so you can expect to spend lots of time with your pooch.

Although the Maltipoo is a healthy breed, there are a few conditions common in toy breeds that you need to watch out for.

Eye Problems

Retinal atrophy is one of the conditions that the Maltipoo breed is susceptible to. Regular eye check-ups are recommended for this breed.


Epilepsy and necrotizing meningoencephalitis are some brain disorders that can affect the Maltipoo dog breed. Epilepsy in dogs can be managed and with proper care, a Maltipoo can live a long and healthy life.

Joint Disorders

It is not uncommon for small breeds to suffer from joint problems like patellar luxation. This joint disorder can progress to arthritis, especially in older Maltipoos. Patellar luxation is usually present at birth and will manifest as bowlegs or an awkward gait.

Heart Problems

Heart problems like mitral valve disease are another condition to watch out for with the Maltipoo breed. Some of these conditions may be asymptomatic so having your pup checked regularly is always advisable.

How To Take Care Of A Maltipoo

Maltipoos are easy-going companions that adapt well to most environments. However, to keep your furry pal happy and healthy paying attention to their care is essential.


Despite their small stature, the delightful Maltipoo loves to play and run around. This means your pup needs a healthy protein-rich diet to meet its nutritional needs.

Maltipoos like other toy breeds tend to be prone to food allergies. Make sure that your pup gets high-quality food that is free of artificial flavors or preservatives.

Filler content in dog food, such as corn or soy, is a common allergen. Always check the ingredient label to ensure you are getting your pup a formula that is nutrient-dense and free of allergens.

Grain-free diets like Pet Plate meals are ideal for Maltipoos. Not only are they made from human-grade ingredients, but they are also full of healthy natural ingredients.

It is recommended that you feed your Maltipoo twice a day. Puppies can be fed small meals 3-4 times.

On top of that, consider adding multivitamins supplements to strengthen their immune system. Giving them glucosamine supplements, for example, can boost their bone and joint health and prevent common joint problems, like patellar luxation as mentioned, from plaguing their senior life.

Maltipoos typically poop twice a day. However, this can vary depending on how many times you feed them and the type of food.


Maltipoos may be perfect for apartment living but they still need daily exercise. Ensure your Maltipoo gets at least 15 to 20 minutes of exercise daily.

A Maltipoo can walk for 20 minutes or more depending on its stamina. Just be sure to let your pup build up its stamina gradually. Do not force your dog to walk long distances if it starts showing signs of discomfort or fatigue.

Dogs that have too much pent-up energy end up developing destructive tendencies to expend their energy. Daily exercise is, therefore, necessary to keep your pooch well-behaved.

Are Maltipoos Barkers? Temperament Of A Maltipoo

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So, is the Maltipoo a good match for your home? Here are some traits of the Maltipoo that you need to know about.


Maltipoos are an affectionate and social dog breed. They get on well with pretty much everyone; strangers, children, and other pets.

These adorable fur babies are friendly and have a mild temperament that makes them great family dogs.

Maltipoos are not aggressive but it is always best to socialize your dog early to prevent any behavioral problems.

Loving And Gentle

The Maltipoo is an excellent therapy dog due to its loving nature. These gentle fur babies are great companions for the elderly and even children.

Maltipoos should not be left alone for extended periods as they are prone to separation anxiety.


The Maltipoo is an intelligent dog breed that learns quickly and picks up tricks easily. These pups are great for first-time pet parents since they are obedient and fast learners.

However, Maltipoos have a sassy side that makes them a bit willful and stubborn. This means you may need to use treats when training them to keep them motivated.

It will take about 3 to 6 months to potty train your Maltipoo. This will vary depending on your technique and your pup. Patience and positive reinforcement will come in handy when potty training your pooch.


Maltipoos can be yappy especially when they are left alone. These small pups tend to be vocal and will need to be trained to avoid excessive barking.

Most yappy dogs bark mostly out of boredom so keeping your Maltipoo occupied with toys and playtime is important.

Why Do Maltipoo Stink? Grooming tips Of A Maltipoo

Doggy odor is not something you want to have in your home, but sometimes your furry friend can get stinky. A Maltipoo may stink due to the build-up of oils on the skin or skin problems. Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this; proper grooming.


You should bathe your Maltipoo at least once every three weeks to keep them healthy and clean. A high-quality shampoo will help get rid of bad odor and keep your pup smelling great.

Shampoos specifically designed to combat odor, like the Paws & Pals 6-In-1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo, are the best choice if your Maltipoo is stinky. They help to control doggy odor while detangling your pupโ€™s coat leaving it clean and easy to brush.

In some cases, Maltipoos may stink due to a bad diet. In such cases, bathing alone will not fix the problem. Change your pupsโ€™ diet if regular baths do not fix the doggy odor.

Donโ€™t forget to trim your Maltipooโ€™s nails after their bath.

Brushing Your Maltipoo

Maltipoos are a hypoallergenic breed that sheds little. This makes it a great choice if you have allergies. However, a good brushing routine is important to minimize shedding.

The adorable coat of your Maltipoo should be brushed at least twice a week. This will help to get rid of mats and tangles.

A wide-tooth comb and a de-shedding tool, like the FURminator,ย are ideal for grooming your Maltipoo. The FURminator is gentle enough on your Maltipoosโ€™ skin but also removes tangles efficiently.

How Much Do Maltipoos Usually Cost?

Maltipoos cost between $500 to $2,500. The cost of a Maltipoo will vary from breeder to breeder. Apart from breeders, you can also adopt a Maltipoo from a rescue shelter. Maltipoos from rescue shelters will generally be cheaper and will usually cost between $100 and $600.

Can Maltipoos Swim? Maltipoos can swim. 

Due to its Poodle lineage, the Maltipoos have webbing on their feet that enables them to swim. However, since the Maltipoo is a crossbreed between the Poodle and the Maltese, it may not be as accomplished as a swimmer as the Poodle does and may require training.

Is A Boy Or Girl Maltipoo Better?

Male Maltipoos are better if you are looking for an affectionate companion. While both male and female Maltipoos are loving, male Maltipoos tend to be more affectionate than females. Female Maltipoos are more independent than boy Maltipoos so they are generally less clingy.

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