21 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds: Who’s the Cuddliest?

Which dog breed is the cuddliest and most affectionate?

That’s a question that might be difficult to answer, as there are so many adorable dogs out there who love to snuggle.

But we’ve put together a list of 21 of the most affectionate dog breeds, so you can decide for yourself. From Labs and Golden Retrievers to Shih Tzus and Beagles, these furry friends are all waiting to give you lots of love!

21. American Foxhound

Image from Instagram:@lolathefoxhound

Few dogs are as kind, caring, and friendly as the American Foxhound. They get along really well, particularly with children, and tend to be very protective.

Foxhounds have been bred for centuries to work alongside humans in the field, which has helped to create a strong bond between the two species. This close working relationship is likely one of the reasons why American Foxhounds are known for being particularly affectionate dogs.

They are also known for being intelligent and loyal, which further adds to their appeal as companions.

20. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Image from DoggieLawn

There are several reasons why the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is such an affectionate dog breed.

One reason is that they were bred to be companion dogs, which means that they have a natural affinity for being around people and forming close bonds with them.

Another reason is that Cavaliers are very intelligent and easily trainable, which makes them great pets for families with children.

Finally, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have a sweet and gentle disposition, which makes them wonderful companions for people of all ages.

19. Korean Jindo

Image from Majestic Pet Products

The Korean Jindo is one of the most popular dog breeds native to South Korea. These dogs are known for being very loyal and affectionate not only with their human families but also with strangers who treat them kindly.

Their role in changing pet ownership attitudes in Korea from keeping dogs for meat to treating them as companions is also hard to ignore. It really is difficult not to fall for their sweet and snuggly personalities.

18. Irish Wolfhound

Image from Dog.com

It is safe to say that Irish Wolfhound doggies are truly enjoying their retirement lives as companion pets. They were used as far back as ancient Rome for different purposes but mainly as sight hound hunting dogs.

Today, while still athletic and fond of the outdoors they will mostly be found indoors snuggling up to the closest human or pillow. They are probably the best nap buddies on this entire list of affectionate breeds.

17. Old English Sheepdog

Image from Citizen Shipper

The Old English Sheepdog is quite a rare breed. It is actually considered endangered as its popularity and demand around the world plummet.

This is quite a shame really as these doggies are really sweet and affectionate. They are known to form very strong bonds with their human companions.

They are also very social and will get along really well with strangers as well as other pets with just a bit of interaction.

16. American Eskimo Dog

Image from K9Cuisine

These white, little balls of fluff are very affectionate with their close human companions. They love to follow their favorite humans around and will turn down a cuddle invitation.

However, they do not extend this sweetness to just about anyone. They are particularly mistrusting of strangers and tend to act more reserved around unfamiliar individuals.

This makes them awesome watchdogs as they are also quite protective and vocal.

15. Affenpinscher

Image from Instagram:@alphatheaffengirl

There is truly never a dull moment with an Affenpinscher. These doggies are really playful and curious and will need a lot of your attention. They can also be quite stubborn and are known to occasionally throw annoying but endearing tantrums when they are frustrated.

When they do calm down, they are great lapdogs who give the best cuddles. However, do not expect long snuggle sessions as the restless little pooch will be up and about looking for their next adventure in no time.

14. Irish Setter

Image from Embark Vet

The Iris Setter is a fantastic family pet. They get along really well with children and in addition to being affectionate tend to be very protective of the little ones in the family.

They are also very intelligent and easy to train on special skills. This also makes them easier to live with.

Their trainability and affectionate nature are also why Irish Setters are often used as physical and emotional support dogs.

13. English Springer Spaniel

Image from Best Bully Sticks

The English Springer Spaniel is a friendly dog both with its family members and with strangers after a short period. They are also super smart and are considered the 13th most intelligent dog breed.

In addition to their intelligence, English Springer Spaniels are always eager to please and impress their masters. They respond very well to positive reinforcement whether it is praise or treats. As a result, they tend to form the closest bonds with individuals involved in training them.

12. Rough Collie

Image from Embark Vet

No, the rough-in Rough Collie is not an indication of their abrasive personalities. These long, coarse-haired beauties are actually quite sweet, gentle, and protective.

They are giant cuddle bugs and love to take naps with their human companions, especially children that they treat like their own.

However, they can get a bit standoffish when traumatized or when frustrated from not getting enough playtime as they are very active dogs.

11. Yorkshire Terriers

Image from Majestic Pet Products

There is very little not to like about Yorkie Terriers. These little doggies are without a doubt some of the cutest little lap dogs you will ever meet.

They also have a sweet and affectionate personality to match. They have been described as having a Velcro personality where they form particularly close bonds with one specific person who they follow around everywhere like a shadow.

You might have to deal with a lot of noise and attention demands but it is definitely worth it for those warm cuddles.

10. Labrador Retriever

Image from Bissell

The Labrador Retriever was 2019’s most popular dog breed according to the American Kennel Club. This is a position that the breed has held for several years now and with its incredible levels of intelligence, affectionate nature, and loyalty, it is not so hard to see why.

Lab retrievers are the perfect balance between independence and neediness which makes it such a hit among dog owners of all types.

9. Chihuahua

Image from Dog.com

Chihuahuas are another group of dogs you probably did not expect on this list. They are widely considered aloof and stubborn and meant only for the strongest wills among dog owners.

It is safe to say that these doggies are actually misunderstood. Once you break through that icy exterior, the chihuahua is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever deal with. The only thing that sets them apart from our other cuddle bugs on this list is that they make you earn their affection. 

8. Bichon Frise

Image from Dog.com

Bichon Frise doggies are super cute and they seem to know it with their feisty little personalities. These spirited little doggies are ideal for dog parents with a lot of time on their hands as they require a lot of attention and engagement.

However, this investment of your time and energy always pays off as these doggies are very affectionate with people who take the time to bond with them.

7. Coton de Tulear

Image from Instagram:@konathecoton

The Coton de Tulear is one of the rarest dog breeds on our list. It is often confused for the Maltese which has a wider head and long ears.

Though not as popular as similar-looking lapdog breeds, the Coton de Tulear has a lot to offer with its playful and affectionate nature.

These doggies are also very energetic and need a lot of playtimes to avoid frustrations and subsequent stubborn tantrums.

6. Bulldog

Image from Paw.com

The Bulldog is another often misunderstood and misjudged dog breed on our list. Due to its resemblance to aggressive breeds like the Pitbull and Staffordshire Terrier, the bulldog is assumed to also be as volatile.

This could not be further from the truth.

In fact, these docile little pooches rarely show aggression even when provoked. They are instead loving little doggies that want nothing more than attention and affection from their human buddies.

5. Greyhound

Image from Majestic Pet Products

At speeds of up to 72 kmph, the Greyhound is one of the fastest and most athletic dog breeds. The sighthound was very popular as a hunting dog but is today mostly kept for dog sports and as a companion pet.

With the later application, Greyhounds’ behavior is a far cry from their athletic history. They can actually be very lazy and love to cuddle and nap with their human friends. However, this does not mean that they do not need their outdoor time every once in a while.

4. Great Dane

Image from K9Cuisine

The Great Dane is the very definition of a gentle giant. At first glance, these towering beasts can be quite intimidating. This comes in very handy when training them for use as guarding dogs.

However, their natural personality is more docile and affectionate. They tend to get along very well even with strangers especially when socialized at an early age. They are also very gentle with children and smaller pets but supervision to avoid accidents is still necessary.

3. Golden Retriever

Image from Pet Plate

Golden Retrievers are the perfect embodiment of the “man’s best friend” title that we gave to dogs. These kind little pooches are not only affectionate but also super loyal and very protective.

They are also quite intelligent and adaptable which makes them ideal for a variety of uses from hunting and companionship to service as aid dogs.

These furry little buddies generally get along well with everybody and form especially strong bonds with the family members that they get to spend the most time with.

2. Griffon Bruxellois

Image from Instagram:@shigriff_griffons

The Griffon Bruxellois is the kind of dog that is low-key affectionate but may not seem that way to people who have not gotten to interact at great lengths with the pooch.

This is because these doggies tend to be aloof and reserved especially with strangers. They may also be standoffish with you as the owner especially as they get to know you better.

However, once you earn your trust you will have a hard time finding a moment of peace and privacy away from the clingy pooches.

1. American Pit Bull Terrier

Image from Best Bully Sticks

The American Pit Bull Terrier has quite the reputation as being the most aggressive dog breed out there. While there is no discounting all the statistics on violent incidents, there is also no denying that they have a sweet side.

In fact, one of their most dominant personality traits is their affectionate nature. They just need to be treated kindly, socialized early, and trained firmly and you will avoid any incidents.

Which Is The Happiest Dog Breed? 

The beagle is easily the happiest dog breed out there. These little bundles of joy love nothing more than to be with their human companions and simply spending time with them could be all you need to keep them in a great mood. The best part is that even with their high spirits, they are even-tempered and rarely have mood swings.

Why Do Dogs Like To Sleep With Their Owners? 

Most dogs love to sleep with their owners as a way of bonding. This is how they show you that they love you as they do not want to be away from you even in their sleep. It could also be a sign of psychological issues like separation anxiety especially if the pooch suffered some trauma in the past.

Do Male Dogs Prefer Male Or Female Owners? 

Dogs generally do not have gender preferences in their owners. One pooch may be more drawn to its male human companions while another much prefers the company of females. It is really all about how you treat the dog and your investment in bonding with the pooch that determines who the dog will prefer.

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